Message from the Dean

Welcome to the Northern Illinois University College of Law. I am delighted to introduce you to our law school and encourage you to spend some time browsing this website to learn as much as you can about our programs, our faculty and our community. 

Here at the NIU College of Law our charter is simple and clear. We provide our students with a high-quality and affordable legal education.   

Long recognized for delivering a tremendous value in legal education, NIU Law offers students the tools and opportunities to build a proven pathway to career and to life success. 

In my over 30 years at NIU Law, I have had the extremely rewarding role of identifying and educating students who through their efforts, and our guidance, have succeeded in law school, passed the bar exam, and become very effective, ethical lawyers.   

In today’s tightly competitive legal marketplace, our process of candidate selection, holistic training and academic excellence continues to deliver talented and skilled graduates to the corporate world, to private practice, and to the public domain. We stress rigor in the classroom, provide excellent skills training, and make available numerous “hands-on” learning opportunities.

In fact, our clinical and externship opportunities have nearly doubled in the past five years, many of which serve communities with vulnerable populations that have only limited access to legal representation and justice.

As the only public law school in the Chicago area, the NIU College of Law is particularly proud to have been named a top law school nationally for diversity, value, and careers in public interest and government service. Our class sizes are geared to promote closer connections between students, faculty and administrators. This size also enables us to spend more time on mentorship, expanding our student connections to alumni and legal practitioners in Illinois and across the nation. 

It’s an exciting time to serve as dean. I hope you enjoy browsing our website and please follow us on Facebook. Of course, we would greatly enjoy having you visit us on our campus in DeKalb. While there, you can talk to our faculty, staff and students and see firsthand everything NIU Law has to offer.     

I look forward to meeting you,

Mark Cordes 
Interim Dean
Northern Illinois University College of Law
Phone: 815-753-0380