Frequently Asked Questions


Who should attend?

Aspiring and established writers who want to hone their craft, add more science to their fiction, and network with other professionals. STEM experts interested in sharing knowledge, writing or contributing to a book, or serving as a subject matter expert. Teachers and librarians looking for creative new ways to engage students and readers in writing and STEM.

Why should I attend?

STEM experts and writers are highly creative and productive in their own spaces, but they rarely have the opportunity to meet up and engage with each other in meaningful ways. Our goal is to bring these communities together to collaborate, share ideas, and build transformative relationships that will spur innovations in STEM and improve the quality of STEM’s representation in fiction.

What happened to the Future Telling Conference?

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we have decided to transition the Future Telling Conference from a face-to-face event to a series of monthly webinars. The first three webinars are now open for registration. Based on your feedback, we plan to continue bringing great speakers from the worlds of STEM and writing to share knowledge, foster collaboration, and spark great ideas for the future. We hope to reschedule the full face-to-face conference when the real world doesn't seem like some of our favorite dystopian novels.

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