Future Telling: Science + Fiction Webinars

NIU’s Future Telling Webinars

Every great leap forward starts with a burst of creativity. Someone sees the world as it is, dreams of what it could be, and then works to make the dream a reality. This is future telling, something that writers, innovators, and STEM experts do every day to imagine and create a better world.

Join us for fun, fast-paced webinars that include panel discussions and Q&As with authors and experts about hot topics in researching and writing science fiction. Our goal is to introduce writers to bleeding-edge concepts, to invigorate STEM experts with mind-bending views of the future, and to celebrate the connections between STEM and storytelling.

Who Should Attend?

  • Aspiring and established writers who want to hone their craft, add more science to their fiction, and network with other professionals 
  • STEM experts interested in sharing knowledge, writing or contributing to a book, or serving as a subject matter expert 
  • Teachers and librarians looking for creative new ways to engage students and readers in writing and STEM 
  • Anyone interested in bringing about a brighter future in science, writing, and society 


Northern Illinois University Libraries and STEM Read are teaming up with the Division of Research and Innovation Partnerships to bring together university experts and professionals for this unique webinars experience. Collaborating partners include Argonne National LaboratoryFermiLab, the Science Fiction Writers of America, Division of Research and Innovation Partnerships, the Friends of the NIU Libraries, and several major publishing houses.


Argonne National LaboratoryFermilabFriends of the NIU Libraries
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