Frequently Asked Questions

Three-day Mail Delivery

Which departments will receive mail five-days per week?

Departments that receive a higher volume of mail than most and/or are critical to operations, recruitment or revenue will continue to have mail delivery/pick up five days a week. That includes departments housed in:

  • AD Adams Hall
  • AL Altgeld Hall
  • FO Founders Library
  • HR Human Resources
  • IA Illinois Association of School Business Officials/Public Administration
  • LH Lowden Hall
  • SR Monat
  • NE Neptune
  • SP Swen Parson
  • WI Williston Hall
Which departments will receive mail three days per week?
  • AB Visual Arts Building
  • AC Faculty Development and Instructional Design Center
  • AH Arndt House, 105 Normal Rd
  • AN Anderson Hall
  • AV Barsema Alumni and Visitors Center
  • BC Broadcast Center, 801 N First St
  • BH Barsema Hall
  • CB Center for Black Studies
  • CC Child Care Center
  • CF Center for the Study of Family Violence and Sexual Assault
  • CL Campus Life
  • CV Convocation Center
  • DC New Residence Hall Community Center
  • DH Davis Hall
  • DU DuSable Hall
  • EB Engineering Bldg
  • EF Evans Field House
  • FR Faraday Hall
  • FW LaTourette Hall (formerly Faraday West)
  • GA Gabel Hall
  • GD Gilbert Hall
  • GH Graham Hall
  • GN Grant Towers North
  • GO Grounds
  • HC Holmes Student Center
  • HS Health Service Center
  • LC Latino Center
  • LW Labs for Wellness, 2280 Bethany Rd.
  • MB Music Building
  • MO Montgomery Hall
  • NC Neptune Central
  • NS Nursing School
  • NV Northern View Community
  • PK Parking, 121 Normal Rd
  • PM Psychology/Computer Science
  • PP Physical Plant
  • PS Public Safety
  • PT Pottenger House, 520 College View Ct
  • RC Recreation Center
  • RE New Residence Hall East
  • RH Reavis Hall
  • RWNew Residence Hall West
  • SB Stevens Building
  • SG Still Gym
  • SH Still Hall
  • SI Building Services
  • SN Stevenson Towers North
  • SS Stevenson Towers South
  • ST Huskie Stadium
  • TS Telephone and Security Building
  • TV Television Center
  • WH Watson Hall
  • WLWellness/Literacy
  • WZ Wirtz Hall
  • YC Yordon Academic and Athletic Performance Center
  • ZH Zulauf Hall
What if I am expecting Express Mail or Certified Mail?

Express Mail and Certified Mail will still be delivered to all departments, daily.

Why is Campus Mail Services making this change?

The progressive increase in electronic mail has led to a drastic reduction in the amount of mail the institution receives from the U.S. Postal Service.

How much has mail declined over the years?

The Campus Mail Services has seen a 62 percent decline in mail volume over the past four years. Over the past 15 years we’ve seen an overall 78 percent reduction in mail volume. Priority and express packages have declined 43 percent over the past several years.

How does the change in service help the university?

The transition will allow the Materials Management team to streamline delivery services, and free up time to assist with other duties such as delivering freight and assisting with surplus deliveries and pick-ups.

What if we are expecting an important letter or package on a non-delivery day?

Call our office at 753-1183 or 753-6286 during our normal business hours (Monday – Friday; 8 a.m. –4:30 p.m.) and we can check your mailbox to see if what you are looking for has arrived. It would be especially helpful if you have a tracking number for your mail/package as well. You can then come to our office to pick it up that day or you can look for it to be delivered on the following day.

What if our department needs to get something sent out on a non-delivery day?

Outgoing mail can be dropped off at Campus Mail Services in the Dorland Building Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. Departments may also contact Campus Mail Services in advance to arrange pick-up for large mailings.