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As of July 1, 2024, the web team will no longer remediate and/or upload inaccessible PDFs to NIU websites (exceptions may apply). The web team will also no longer create, manage or host forms in Formsite.

Your website is our focus.

The NIU web team strives to maintain a well-designed, consistent and up-to-date online presence for the university. Since our website is often the first way people encounter NIU, providing a positive user experience is key to building trust with our visitors. By providing opportunities for continued engagement with the site and the university, we contribute to NIU’s mission of promoting both personal growth and community engagement.

We also focus on making NIU websites accessible to the widest possible audience, allowing us to increase the reach of the knowledge and artistry generated at the university. This not only reflects NIU’s value of service and stewardship, but also highlights the important role the website has in recruitment efforts.

Experience and Innovation

We’re a team of skilled professionals with a deep understanding of website strategy and industry best practices. Our team members have experience and/or advanced degrees in higher education, graphic design, marketing, data analysis and journalism. We’re committed to applying our knowledge to support the enrollment and retention of students at NIU.

We stay current with the latest technologies, tools and best practices regarding web development, user experience and accessibility by attending conferences, joining professional listservs and resource groups, and exploring the latest research in the industry. By adapting to the rapidly evolving digital landscape, we help position NIU for future growth and success.

Collaboration and Consistency

The web team collaborates with other departments and stakeholders to align website objectives with organizational strategies. We provide technical support, training and guidance to internal users, enabling them to leverage their websites effectively. Our collaboration and support enhance overall productivity and efficiency, while our expertise and familiarity with NIU goals and operations enable efficient resource allocation and optimization.

By collaborating with each other and employees in other units, web team members help promote consistent branding, increased compliance and effective navigation across NIU websites. It also enables us to spread awareness of the range of marketing and communication tools available to NIU offices and departments, helping amplify the important work of Huskies across campus.

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