The following trainings are available to help you understand how to safely perform your work or studies, avoid the risk of injury and help protect campus property. By completing safety training, you help ensure your department's compliance with safety and health regulations, as well as the NIU Health and Safety Policy.

To determine which training you need, check the Safety Training Matrix below. Additional safety training that is not listed may be required. You can complete training online or you can contact us via email, phone or our Request for EHS Services form to find out more about our training schedule.

Students, graduate students and teaching assistants should contact the Office of Research Compliance, Integrity and Safety to learn more about participating in required laboratory safety training.

Environmental Health and Safety staff are able to provide awareness-level training on most topics listed in the matrix. We can also provide classroom instruction for those classes offered online. We also partner with the National Safety Education Center to offer classes that require demonstration of competency in the field.

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