About the Cellular Stipend Request Form

Employee Stipend Plans are administered wholly by the sponsoring department via the Additional Pay Form (APF) (XLS) and the Department of Human Resources - Payroll. Request or renew stipends with your supervisor per the Cellular Service Stipend Policy (Section 6.0.3).

When completing the APF, be aware of the following:

  • The APF does not have the required drop-down selection for “Reason for Additional Compensation.”
    You must manually enter TEC in the space provided after the form is printed.
  • The APF for a cellular stipend request should have an Effective End Date of June 30.
  • Ongoing stipends must be renewed each fiscal year.

By submitting an APF for a Cellular Stipend, you are agreeing to both of the following:

  • You understand and agree that your personal phone may be subject to NIU Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests:
    • Illinois Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) provides public access to government documents and records.
    • As a state university, NIU is subject to the Illinois FOIA.
    • Texts, e-mails, files, etc. used in the “transaction of public business” are subject to FOIA requests, regardless of who owns the device used.
    • If you send texts or emails, make phone calls for work, or use NIU applications like PeopleSoft on your private or NIU managed cell phone, those records and data are subject to FOIA requests.
  • You will provide a cell phone number to the sponsoring department.
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