Obtaining account

A prospective Project Investigator (PI) should first get approval for a new project by submitting a ticket through the HelpDesk application or via e-mail to crcdhelpdesk@niu.edu (consultations and/or new group approval request).

Please provide the following information:

  • your full name, title (faculty, staff, collaborator, e.t.c) and e-mail
  • a preferred account (login) name at Gaea
  • items (1) and (2) for each prospective project member
  • a short project name (to be used as the group name for the requested accounts; for example xraylab)
  • a short project description
  • an estimation of the required resources (disk space, CPU hours, access to specific hardware or software, e.t.c.)

After approval, you will receive a welcome message with account information and cluster access instructions.
For established projects, a prospective should ask a PI to request adding an account to the PI’s project, again with a ticket through the HelpDesk app.

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