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Gaea Cluster

Gaea is a 60-node CPU/GPU hybrid cluster running Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.x operating system. Each compute node is an HP SL380s G7 equipped with:

  • 2 x Intel X5650 2.66 GHz 6-core processors
  • 144 GB RAM, 4 x 500 GB 2.5" SATA disk drives in RAID10 configuration (i.e., 1 TB each node)
  • 2 x NVIDIA TESLA P4 GPU, Pascal architecture, 8 GB RAM each card
  • All 60 nodes are connected via Full 1:1 non-blocking Infiniband and Ethernet switch connectors.

The cluster also has two storage servers, each an HP Proliant DL380G7 server, and an HP P2000 disk storage array with 192 TB of effective storage space (i.e., after RAID6). The storage array is connected to the storage servers via 6 Gigabit per second SAS connections.

NICADD Cluster

NICADD is a 700 processor slots (1.8-2.6 GHz) cluster under the HT CONDOR batch system running Scientific Linux 7.x OS. This facility also provides three interactive nodes with instant access to CERN, FERMILAB and OSG software libraries.  The cluster is operated by the Northen Illinois Center for Accelerator and Detector Development.  For access and documentation please consult with pages at

METIS Cluster

METIS (expected in January, 2023) cluster is based on high-performance AMD Epyc processors, NVIDIA A100 graphics cards, 200 Gbit internal network, and a one Petabyte parallel disk system. METIS is designed to serve a wide range of CPU and memory intense NIU research projects, including those currently utilizing the GAEA cluster. Detailed specifications of the system can be found here:


Gaea Cluster Assembly
Gaea Cluster Assembly.

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