Undergraduate Academic Options


The NIU Communiversity Gardens provides opportunities for internships in the fall, spring and summer semesters. Open to all majors, the possibilities for a gardens internship are endless.

ENVS 210: Introduction to Sustainable Food Systems

This course allows students to learn about local food systems, gardening, project management and more. The class consists of weekly lectures and laboratory work in the Communiversity Gardens. The gardens are used to explore soil science, food justice, local food, public health and environmental issues.

Certificate of Undergraduate Study

The Certificate of Undergraduate Study in Sustainable Food Systems provides students with a solid foundation for work in sustainable food and farming. This is an excellent option for someone interested in sustainability and gardening with fewer academic credits required. The certificate will explore topics like agriculture and sustainability, food and health, and social and cultural change.

The certificate is open to students of all majors pursuing degree or non-degree study at NIU. The required courses can also be applied to satisfy requirements for B.A. and B.S. degrees.

Bachelor of Science: Environmental Studies

Major in environmental studies and choose an emphasis on sustainable food systems to learn about sustainable food and farming. Several areas of study will be presented such as agriculture and food; entrepreneurship and economics; plant and water sciences; health and nutrition; and social and cultural change.