THE CIRCLE. A woman gives birth to a baby girl. Little does she know but she and her daughter are already unwanted. Three women are released from prison and their need for money leads them to take desperate measures. 2000. Color. 1 hr. 31 min. Farsi/Farsi with English subtitles. Special features include: Trailers, weblinks, and DVD-ROM essay. DVD. [AR 3]

EXPERIENCE MOROCCO. Zoom on a Harley down an ancient caravan trail, hitch a ride on a farm truck, climb 14,000 feet, barter with masters, experience Morocco. Color. 47 min. English. VHS. [AR 2]

THE SILENCES OF THE PALACE. Set in Tunisia in the 1950s in the shimmering reflection of royal life before any revolution. This is a powerful film about the silence imposed on women in the Arab-Muslim world. 1996. Color. 2 hr. 7 min. Arabic with English subtitles. VHS. [AR 1]

THE WIND WILL CARRY US. A filmmaker from Tehran travels to a remote mountain village secretly planning to record a local ritual ceremony surrounding an old dying woman. 1999. Color. 1 hr. 58 min. Farsi with optional English subtitles. DVD. [AR 4]



BEIJING ROCKS. Wondering through the Great Wall, the Imperial Palace, the Tienanmen Square as well as the chic embassy districts are our three main characters: Yang Yin, a starry-eyed dance girl in search of love; Ping Lu, an impetuous Beijing Rock and Roll singer in search of recognition; and Michael, a Hong Kong-born and overseas-educated composer in search of himself. 2001. Color. 1 hr. 45 min. Mandarin/Mandarin with Traditional Chinese/Simplified Chinese/English subtitles. Special features include: Alternate ending, making of, cast, and credits. DVD. [CH 7]

BLUE KITE, THE. This film is the most acclaimed and controversial of all the films to come out of the new Chinese Cinema. Told from the perspective of a young boy, Tietou, it traces the fate of a Beijing family as it experiences the political and social upheavals in the 1950s and 1960s China. Tietou’s parents, both loyal communist party members, soon learn that even the most innocent criticisms can be interpreted by the Party as imperialist propaganda. 1993. Color. 2 hr. 18 min. Mandarin with English subtitles. DVD. [CH 12]

CELESTIAL EMPIRE: PATH OF THE DRAGON, THE. Family and social life in China. This revealing look at how the Chinese relate to each other on a daily basis evaluates to what extent the Confucian ideal of family life really exists. Color. 26 min. English. VHS. [CH 1]

CHINA & THE FORBIDDEN CITY. The first Westerner, man or woman, to film inside Communist China was Lucy Jarvis. Her unique blend of journalism and filmmaking brings us a very special insider's look at the mystery, opulence, and grandeur of one of mankind's greatest treasure. 1987. Color. 1 hr. English. VHS. [CH 4]

CHINA LIJIANG. As famous historic and cultural city in China, Lijiang has claimed to be the world cultural heritage. Its old city epitomizes the unique climate of humanitarian, local history, cultural and ethos typical of Naxi nationality whose profound civilization serve as valuable materials for those studying the history of the city building and phylogeny. It claims to be the cultural heritage of the whole world as well as China. DVD. [CH 14]

CHINA TIBET. The content of this program covers all aspects of Tibetan society over a 700 hundred year period. On the basis of history and facts, with informative documents and objective narration, this program is a rare textbook for people who want to know Tibet. DVD. Part 1 & 2 [CH 15]

CHINESE CUISINE. CHINESE TEA. Chinese Cuisine: enjoys a wide popularity throughout the world. This documentary introduces 8 major cuisines of completely different tastes, focusing on the materials they use, the slice skill and their typical cooking requirements, through which you will enjoy a good view of the dishes in attractive color, vivid shape and appealing taste. This program also recommends you some special snacks and flour food which enjoy great popularity in China. Chinese Tea: China is the origin of the plant and production of tea. This documentary demonstrates the particular value of Chinese tea culture by showing you the appealing scenery of Chinese famous mountains where Chinese tea is produced, tea shop, tea ceremony, and conversations on Buddhism over tea. DVD. [CH 16]

CHINESE PAPER-CUTS. CHINESE KITES. Chinese Paper-Cuts: This documentary shows you the history and development of Chinese Paper-cuts. All those pieces of paper-cut patterns in this documentary reveal to you the ingenuity, emotion and psychology on the part of Chinese female. Chinese paper-cuts are originally created by Chinese people. In 2002, UNESCO acknowledged Chinese paper-cuts to be World Cultural Heritage. Chinese Kites: This documentary shows you how Chinese kites come into being. By revealing the difference of kites in Nan Tong, Beijing and Wei Fang and the workmanship[ of the kites, this documentary will help you get to know more about historical literary quiotation about Chinese kites and variety of Chinese kites in the south and north of China respectively. DVD. [CH 17]

DUNHUANG MY DREAM. DVD. The story set in Dunhuang, China, portrays a young painter named Mo Gao, who pursues the best art and a girl named Yue Ya, who breaks through the feudal barriers to pursue her love. Crazy about the mural paintings in Dunhuang Caves, Mo Gao wades across the desert through critically ill, and is fortunately rescued by Yue Ya. They fall in love but are opposed by Yue Ya’s father. Under her father’s threats, Yue Ya gives up her life for human equality and true love. Through sorrow-stricken, Mo Gao finishes his artistic and poetic masterpiece. [CH 18]

FLOWERS OF SHANGHAI. The elegant brothels of 19th century Shanghai provide the setting for Hou Hsiao-hsien's mesmerizing examination of a time and place where rituals shaped the destinies of the beautiful "flower girls" as they tried to find security with their wealthy callers. 1998. Color. 2 hr. 5 min. Mandarin/Mandarin with English subtitles. Special features include: Filmographies, trailers, and weblinks. DVD. [CH 9]

THE GUANGXI ZHUANG AUTONOMOUS REGION. THE INNER MONGOLIA AUTONOMOUS REGION. Guangxi Region: Located in the southwest of China, Guangxi has rich natural resources. Its water resources and marine resources rank the first among all the provinces in southern China. The progress of border trade and the foreign investment give an impetus to the economic development of Guangxi. Furthermore, the brilliant local Zhuang ethnic-group culture and the picturesque landscape of Guilin appeal deeply to the tourists. Inner Mongolia Region: Inner Mongolia covers the northeast, north and the northwest of China, spanning 2,000 kilometers. The area abounds in resources such as forests in the east, iron in the west, grain in the south, prairies in the north and coal everywhere. The geographic advantage of bordering on Russia and Mongolia lends wings to Inner Mongolia for its future development. An ancient poem depicts the beautiful scenery here: “When the winds blow and grass bends low, the sheep and cattle will emerge.” The boundless prairies have helped breed the nomadic culture, are still nourishing the nomads and will do so in the generations to come. DVD. [CH 28]

HaFaLa: THE WONDERFUL CHINESE HANZI FROM THE NATURE-ANIMALS. Chinese characters (Hanzi) are fun and easy to learn! Most of them were from the Nature with which we are all familiar. Here we present to you the wonderful “Hanzi” and strokes which were from the Earth, Plants, Animals, etc. DVD. [CH 19A-I]




HaFaLa: THE WONDERFUL CHINESE HANZI FROM THE NATURE-ANIMALS. Chinese characters (Hanzi) are fun and easy to learn! Most of them were from the Nature with which we are all familiar. Here we present to you the wonderful “Hanzi” and strokes which were from the Earth, Plants, Animals, etc. DVD. [CH 19B-I]




IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE [HUA YANG NIAN HUA]. Criterion Collection Production. A short film by Wong Kar-wai. Chow Mo-wan and Su Li-zhen move into neighboring apartments on the same day. Their encounters are polite and formal-until a discovery about their respective spouses sparks an intimate bond. 2000. Color. 1 hr. 38 min. Cantonese and Shanghainese with optional English subtitles. I. Feature Presentation. (Includes booklet with scene summaries). II. Special Feature Disc includes: Wong Kar-wai’s documentary of the making of the film, interviews, Toronto International Film Festival press conference, essay by film scholar, trailers, deleted scenes, TV spots, photo gallery and biography of key cast and crew.DVD. [CH 3]

JIUZHAIGOU. MOUNT HENG. MOUNT LU. Jiuzhaigou: is located in Ah Bai autonomous region of a Qiang minority, Sichuan Province. It is a marvelous valley where over one hundred colorful lakes of different sizes are scattered. The natives call the “Haizi”, meaning the sons of sea. Among the dense primitive forests and colorful lakes, there lie nine fenced villages for which Jiuzhaigou is taken its name. Lakes, waterfalls, forests, colorful ponds and more are fascinating spots. Mount Heng: is located in the area of Shanzi province. It is credited to be the King of all mountains in the north for its loftiness and majesty. The mountain’s outline and relief make it stand out remarkably among any other mountains. Those natural landscapes such as “sunset cliff”, Mount Heng pine trees and the Suspending Temple are acclaimed as the peak of perfection. Mount Lu: walking along Yangtse River, we will approach a well-known Chinese Mount Lu. Su Dongpo, an eminent writer in Northern Song dynasty, ever wrote a famous poem which cast a mysterious mask upon the mount. In this documentary, the natural landscapes of the waterfalls, villas and the unusual phenomenon of six religions co-existing on the same mount are described in detail.DVD. [CH 20]

JU DOU. The erotic thriller that China didn't want you to see. An exquisitely photographed and smartly performed drama of secret love and hidden faces. Trouble closely follows passion when a beautiful young bride is drawn to the handsome, strong nephew of her new husband, an ancient and disagreeable owner of an isolated dye factory. 1989. Color. 1 hr. 38 min. Mandarin/Mandarin with English subtitles. DVD. [CH 8]

LIJIANG RIVER. MOUNT E MEI. MOUNT TAI. MOUNT WUYI. Lijiang River: is located in the area of Zhuang minority Autonomous Region, Guangxi. It is considered as the most beautiful and particular water area of Chinese landscapes. On both sides of the wandering more than 100-kilometer-long river, there are stretching peaks with different outlines, the largest-scale and the most beautiful karst landform in the world, and the typical local folkway which combine to create a natural Chinese landscape painting. For thousands of years, Lijiang River is well-known for its water and mountains. Mount E Mei: located in the southwest of Sichuan province, is one of the Four Buddhist Holy Mountains in China. It is famous for its beautiful landscapes, unique landform, abundant resources of animals and plants and long history of Buddhist culture. Of all ages, Mount e Mei is the ideal place where people observe the ceremony of Buddhism, sight-see, undertake scientific expeditions and live for health-care. Four thousands of years, the Buddhist incense has been keeping burning and the tourist come one after another. In 1996, Mount E Mei was acknowledged by UNESCO to be Natural and cultural World Heritage. Mount Tai: stands loftily in the middle part of Shandong province. Its main peak is called Yuhuangfeng with an altitude of 1, 545 meters. Since ancient times, Mount Tai is invariably proud of being “the seat of five famous mountains” in China. It serves as an epitome of Chinese civilization for thousands of years because of its rich natural and cultural landscapes. In 1987, Mount Tai was officially acknowledged by UNESCO to be the cultural and natural heritage in the list of World Heritage. Mount Wuyi: located in Minnan area, southeast of China, covers an area of 70 square kilometers. It is famous for its “Danzia” landform in the world. Besides, its attracting natural landscapes such as Jiuquzi Stream, 36 peaks, 72 caves, 99 rocks contribute to its reputation as the number one beauty in the southeast of china. Not only the place where plants typically of southeast of China is well protected, but also the best habitat of many endangered animals. In 1999, Mount Wuyi was acknowledged by UNESCO to be the natural heritage as well as the cultural heritage as shown in the list of World Heritage.DVD. [CH 21]

LOVERS LOST. Lovers Lost tells the poignant love story between a twenty-nine-year-old woman, who has once been a prostitute but is now the mistress of a wealthy merchant, and a nineteen-year-old college student. 1982. Color. 2 hr. 3 min. Chinese/Chinese with Chinese/English subtitles. Special features include: Director's biography and filmography and collectible handbill with in-depth production notes. DVD. [CH 11]

MOUNT HUA. QINGAI LAKE. LIJIANG. Mount Hua: located in Huayin city, Shaanxi province, is famous for its steepness and dangerousness. Mount Hua is proud of its beautiful landscape. Besides, as a Toaist Holy Mountain, it is also considered as the number one steep mountain. It consists of five minor mountains. Seen in the distance, Mount Hua looks like a stoned lotus breaking into the clouds. Around the main peaks, there are more than 70 minor peaks, which look like the petals of the lotus. Mount Hua is proud of its history. Human and natural landscape can be seen everywhere. To probe into the relics of Chinese civilizations, Yellow River is the starting point, while Mount Hua is guiding clue. Qingai Lake: located in the northeast of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau which is credited to be the roof of the world, is the biggest enclosed lake and salt-water lake. Qinghai Lake, stretching over a vast area, provides a beautiful landscape. In 1994, it was acknowledged to be the key scenic resort and historic site in China. In 1997, it was acknowledged to be a national nature reserve area. Lijiang: located on the verge of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and in the area of Yunnan province, covers an area of 26 square kilometers. The landform of Lijiang is complicated and diversified, such as mountains, level lands and river valley. The difference of altitude can reach 4,581 meters. The whole area enjoys three kinds of climates typical of semitropical areas, temperate latitudes and the intemperate zonas. There are beautiful landscapes, profound and particular Naxi nationality folkway, and long history of Dongba civilization that greatly attract to people.DVD. [CH 22]

QINGHAI PROVINCE. THE NINGXIA HUI AUTONOMOUS REGION. Qinghai Province: located in the northeast of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, Qinghai is an important corridor linking up the country’s inland areas and Tibet. It is considered the “Home of the Mountains”. It has the richest resources of glacier in China. It is the origin of the country’s most important rivers the Yangtze River and the Yellow River. The province boasts rich water, oil, natural gas and non-ferrous metal resources. Qinghai is a province where multiple ethnic groups dwell and has the glorious culture of Tibetan-Seet Buddhism. The Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region: located on the upper-middle reaches of the Yellow River, Ningxia is noted for its advantageous natural conditions. It is one of the origins of Chinese Civilization and also the only Hui ethnic group autonomous region. It is where the Yellow River culture, Islamic culture and Western Xia Culture have integrated with each other. It claims to be a bright pearl of the Yellow River. DVD. [CH 23]

ROAD HOME, THE. When his father dies, Luo Yusheng returns from the city to his childhood village where his father was the much-revered local teacher. But what begins as a short trip to bury his father becomes much more when he learns his mother wants a traditional burial for her beloved husband. 2000. Color. 1 hr. 29 min. Mandarin/French with optional English/French subtitles. Special features include: trailers and filmographies. DVD. [CH 5]

SHAANXI PROVINCE. GANSU PROVINCE. Shaanxi Province: is the best place where you can seek the heritages from Tan and Han dynasties. As the political, cultural, and economic center of the Zhou, Qin, Han, and Tang dynasties, Shaanxi was the cradle of the mainstream Chinese culture. The Memorial Mausoleum of Legendary Emperor Huangdi, the Temple of Legendary God of Farming is medium through which generations of Chinese over the last millennia have identified their ancestry with the forefathers in the remote antiquity. The Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses of the Qin Dynasty have witnessed the experience of china as a great country. Nowadays, in the struggle against the sand, the Shaanxi people are marching along the road they choose and the revival of this ancient as will certainly come. Gansu Province: Located on the ancient Silk Road that conducted exchanges between china and the Central Asian countries and those farther west, Gansu Province covers a vast area, boasts natural beauty, boundless Gobi desert, primitive loess plateau and crystal glacier. Its rich cultural heritage, represented by Dunhuang grottoes, still appeals to people. In the process of the western development, the glory and prosperity of the ancient Silk Road era will be revived in Gansu. DVD. [CH 24]

SHANGAI. Though Shanghai is an energetic international big city full of skyscrapers and noises; there are many other types of unexpected and joyful sceneries. Shanghai Series will take you to travel oriental pearl—Shanghai, enjoying the picturesque garden and the renowned historical landmarks.2 Disc DVD. [CH 26]

SHAOLIN IN THE WIND. Shaolin in the Wind tells the legend of a military monk in the Shaolin Temple, Tian Yuan, a scholar, and his lover, Su Shui, encounter bandits, who take Su Shui away by force. Tian Yuan the goes to the Shaolin Temple to learn martial arts. Several years later the bandits intrude the Central Plains again. Knowing that Su Shui has been cruelly killed, Tian Yuan is also wrathful, and he leads other military minks to fight against the evil bandits. It is a truggle between justice and evil, and a touching yet tragic love story. DVD. [CH 25]

SICHUAN PROVINCE. THE CHONGQING MUNICIPALITY. Sichuan Province: “the Land of Abundance,” has a past of developed agriculture in ancient times. The province boasts rich natural resources. It is also noted for liquors, Sichuan-style cuisine, embroidery and bamboo craftworks. There are numerous natural landscapes and cultural sites such as Jiuzhaigou, Mount Emei and Mount Qingcheng. Some of these are listed as the world’s cultural or natural heritage. Sichuan occupies an important position in the country’s western region development strategy, playing an exemplary role for other provinces and autonomous regions in this vast area. The Chongqing Municipality: played an important role in the War of resistance Against Japan and also in thye period shortly after the area was liberated by the People’s Liberation Army in 1949. As one of the major old industrial bases in China, it has an industrial system leaning heavily towards heavy industry. It is the first major city where comprehensive economic structure reform was launched in the context of reform and opening up which were introduced in China in the late 1970s. As a port city on the golden waterway along the Yangtze River, Chongqing plays an essential role in the inland navigation. The city is poised to develop faster in the future. DVD. [CH 27]

TEMPTRESS MOON. A lush, lyrical parable about the modernization of China, Temptress Moon is the story of Zhongliang (Leslie Cheung), a Shanghai gangster raised on the sumptuous rural estate of the powerful, opium-addled Pang family. As a boy, Zhongliang, promised the life of a student, becomes instead a servant for his sister and her drug-addicted husband and a playmate for Ruyi (Gong Li), the female heir to the Pang dynasty. A permanent outsider, Zhongliang escapes the painful decadence of the Pang household and becomes a smooth-talking mobster, seducing women in the jazz-saturated clubs of 1920s Shanghai, but he is forced to face his past when hired to seduce and abduct Ruyi in a criminal attempt to gain control over the now vulnerable Pang estate. What begins as a routine seduction becomes more complicated when Zhongliang finds himself unable to escape his true feelings for Ruyi and crippling memories of his painful childhood. 2002. Color. 1 hr. 55 min. Chinese/Chinese with English/Spanish subtitles. Special features include: Trailer. DVD. [CH 10]

WHAT TIME IS IT THERE? The story of Hsiao Kang who sells watched in the streets of Taipei for a living. A few days after his fathers death, he meets Shiang- chyi, a young woman who leaves for Paris the very next day. 2001. Color. 1 hr. 56 min. Mandarin/Taiwanese/French with optional English subtitles. Special features include: Filmographies, trailers, weblinks, and director's notes. DVD. [CH 6]

THE XINJIANG UYGUR AUTONOMOUS REGION. As strategic barrier in the northwest of China, Xinjiang was an important corridor on the ancient Silk Road. It was abundant resources of water, land, solar energy and geothermal energy. So, it has a promising future for development. Zits natural landscapes are picturesque and unique. There are snow-capped peaks as well as basins, blue lakes and oasis. The cultural resources are abundant, such as the Site of the ancient Goachang city, the Ruins of Loulan and the ancient tomb sites. The culture of the ethnic minority groups is well preserved. For example, the epic “Jianggar” and the music “Twelve Mukams” are widely acclaimed as art masterpieces. DVD. [CH 29]

YI YI. This film follows the lives of NJ Jain, his wife, Min-Min, and their two kids who share their Taipei apartment with Min-Min's elderly mother. 1999. Color. 2 hr. 53 min. Mandarin/Mandarin with English subtitles. Special features include: Production credits, filmographies, trailer, audio commentary by the director, and weblinks. DVD. [CH 2]


Classical Mythology

APOLLO: Light and Harmony. (In the Paths of the Gods series.) They called him Phoebus, which means brilliant, also the one who is perpetually reborn and the one who shoots darts from afar—all different characteristics of the radiant sun. We learn of Apollo’s mother Leto, his birth on the island of Delos, his twin sister Artemis, Python and Pythia, the oracle of Delphi, why no one believed Cassandra when she predicted the fall of Troy, Apollo and the concept of spiritual cleansing, Apollo and the lyre, and the stories of Apollo and Daphne, Hyacinthus, Marsyas, Asclepius, and the centaur Chiron. Color. 26 min. English. DVD. [CM 10]

ATHENA AND APHRODITE: WISDOM AND LOVE. (In the Paths of the Gods series.) In this study in contrasts and rivalry, we discover that Athene sprang full grown and fully armed from Zeus’s head; Aphrodite emerged from the sea where the physical evidence had landed of Cronus’ castration of Uranus. The stories of Aphrodite are love stories; the myths of Neritis, Anchises, Pygmalion and Galatea, of the contest for the most beautiful woman in the world (and the resulting Trojan War), of Ares and of Adonis. Athene gave mortals the olive tree and became patroness of Attica; she also gave the city her name, and was thanked at the Great Panathenaea, as the Parthenon friezes show. Destined to remain a virgin, Athene invented the chariot, the potter’s wheel and the plow. In the Trojan War, Aphrodite favored the Trojans, while Athene used her wisdom to help the Greeks; Zeus had to mediate between the goddess of wisdom and the goddess of love. Color. 26 min. English. DVD. [CM 8]

CIRCE THE SORCERESS. (The Perilous Voyage: Homer’s “Odyssey” series.) Having escaped from the Cyclops, the Greeks are made welcome by Aeolus, King of the Winds, who gives Odysseus a bag of winds that would otherwise blow him off course. Within sight of Ithaca and overcome by distrust, his men open the bag to see what treasures Odysseus is hiding. The ensuing storm takes them to the Island of Circe, the sorceress who drugs men and turns them into swine. Through the intervention of Hermes, messenger of the gods, Odysseus is able to withstand the spell, free his men, and learn that, before he can reach home, he must visit Tiresias in the Land of the Dead. Color. 15 min. English. DVD. [CM 3]

CLASSICAL METHOLOGY ITS ORIGINS AND IMPACT. In this illuminating program, renowned classicists including Sir Hugh Lloyd Jones, of Oxford University, and Gregory Nagy, of Harvard University, explore the origins of classical mythology and its relationship with other aspects of Greek culture, tracing subsequent influences on Western civilization. Topics discussed include, cultural transmission among the Mediterranean peoples of the 8th century BC, the derivation of texts attributed of Homer and Hesiod, interpretations of the myths of Phaeton and Callisto, the connections between Greek myth and tragedy, the Roman use of myths and applications of modern critical theory to mythology. Color. 1 hr. 29 min. English. DVD. [CM 1]

THE COUNRTY OF THE DEAD. (The Perilous Voyage: Homer’s “Odyssey” series.) Arriving in Hades, Odysseus consults Tiresias, the soothsayer of Thebes, to ascertain the cause of his many misfortunes and learns that Poseidon is the father of the Cyclops. Meeting the shade of Agamemnon, he inquires after the cause of the Argive’s death and is in turn warned about the fickleness of women. Arriving next on the Island of the Cattle of the Sun, Odysseus’ men disregard the warnings not to eat Apollo’s cattle; disobeying, they incur the wrath of the god and further delay their homecoming. Color. 15 min. English. DVD. [CM 5]

DEMETER: MIRACLE OF FERTILITY. (In the Paths of the Gods series.) The earth is the foundation of all Greek mythology, for it was the abundance of the earth that caused the birth of the sky, whence the origin of the universe followed. This program begins in Eleusis, one of the oldest sanctuaries dedicated to Demeter and site of the Eleusinian Mysteries, and learn about Triptolemus, who taught mortals the art of agriculture. Thessaly is home to the myth of Deucalion and Pyrrha—the Greek version of Noah’s Ark—while there are various entrances to the underworld These lead us to stories about Charon as well as Persephone, who was reunited with her mother at Eleusis—whose stones are the last witnesses to the ancient rites of spring and the orgies of autumn. Color. 26 min. English. DVD. [CM 9]

THE HOMECOMING. (The Perilous Voyage: Homer’s “Odyssey” series.) After seven years, Odysseus the much-enduring leaves Calypso and is shipwrecked once again this time to be tossed ashore in the Land of the Phoecians, where Nausicäa provides the hospitality the gods require of all mortals and Odysseus tells the story of his adventures to King Alcinoüs. Landing finally in Ithaca, he is greeted by the goddess Athene disguised as a beggar, who advises him on the strategy for regaining his palace and his wife. Color. 15 min. English. DVD. [CM 6]

JASON AND THE ARGONAUTS. (Ancient Greek Heroes: Myth and Modern Vision series.) A contemporary interpretation of Jason’s quest for the Golden Fleece, this beautifully crafted program scrutinizes what is colloquially referred to as the battle of the sexes. Color. 51 min. English. DVD. [CM 11]

THE ONE-EYE CYCLOPS. (The Perilous Voyage: Homer’s “Odyssey” series.) A quick retelling of the Fall of Troy (showing the wooden horse), and a visit to the Land of the Lotus-Eaters, where the desire to dream sweet dreams overcomes many of the Greeks until Odysseus has them forcibly brought aboard his boats again. Crossing the wine-dark sea, they come to the Land of the Cyclops, the murderous giant who disobeys a law of the gods to be hospitable to strangers. Only the cunning of Odysseus saves the Greeks, and as the rosy-fingered dawn approaches, they escape. Color. 15 min. English. DVD. [CM 2]

SCYLLA AND CHARYBDIS. (The Perilous Voyage: Homer’s “Odyssey” series.) Forewarned by Circe, Odysseus has his men plug their ears with wax so they will not hear the Sirens’ song and has himself lashed to the mast. Thus restrained from responding to the lure of promised wisdom Odysseus navigates between the monstrous man-devouring beast Scylla and the wandering ship-shattering rocks of Charybdis. Bemoaning the loss of yet more of his men, Odysseus progresses to the next stage of his journey. Color. 15 min. English. DVD. [CM 4]

THE SLAYING OF THE SUITORS. (The Perilous Voyage: Homer’s “Odyssey” series.) Odysseus and Telemachus are reunited, and their plan almost undone by the old nurse who washes the feet of Odysseus—disguised as a beggar—and recognizes the scar on his foot. Penelope is nearly at the end of her ability to put off the suitors, her nightly unraveling of the robe she is supposed to be weaving for her marriage having finally been betrayed. In the contest to see who can bend the mighty bow of Odysseus, the suitors are slain and Odysseus is reunited with his faithful Penelope. Color. 15 min. English. DVD. [CM 7]


400 BLOWS, THE (CRITERION COLLECTION). François Truffaut's first feature is also his most personal. Told through the eyes of Truffaut's cinematic counterpart, Antoine Doinel (Jean-Pierre Léaud), The 400 Blows sensitively re-creates the trials of Truffaut's own difficult childhood, unsentimentally portraying aloof parents, oppressive teachers, and petty crime. The film marks Truffaut's passage from leading critic of the French New Wave to his emergence as one of Europe's most brilliant auteurs. 1959. Black and White. 1hr. 39min. French with English subtitles. DVD. Special Features include rare newsreel footage, audio commentaries, audition footage, and interviews. [FR 37B]

400 BLOWS, THE. Thirteen-year-old Antoine is receiving more than his share of hard knocks from selfish, unloving parents and harsh schoolteachers. Is Antoine a lost cause, or will his indomitable spirit prevail? With sensitivity, humor, and poignancy, Truffaut explores the pain and joy of childhood. 1959. B&W. 1 hr. 39 min. French with English subtitles. VHS. [FR 37A]

A PAIN IN THE A**. When a hired killer crosses paths with a suicidal shirt salesman, the resulting calamity makes for one of the funniest, most original films you'll ever see. Ralph has come to Montpellier to fulfill a "contract" that a powerful crime organization has placed on Tandoni, who is about to testify against the mob at an important trial. As Ralph awaits Randoni in his hotel room, gun in hand, he watches something very strange going on next door: Pignon, a cuckholded, unhappy salesman, tries to hang himself, but fails — ridiculously! Ralph finds himself compelled to protect Pignon from his hapless attempts at self-destruction to avoid attracting the attention of the police. What develops is one odd friendship you'll never forget! 1973. Color. 1 hr. 30 min. French with English subtitles. VHS. [FR 71]

A SELF MADE HERO. At once a feeble slave to his mother's madness, history will remember Albert's captivating rise to heroism as a leader of the French Resistance. As brilliantly as de Gaulle eludes his nation's collaboration with the Nazis, so will Albert shed his life of mediocrity in favor of one more fantastical. Restricted from service, Albert can only watch as the war ends without him. He desperately resolves to flee to Paris where his inspired gift of deception and trickery will lead to a tenaciously drawn plan reinventing a new and heroic identity for himself. 1997. Color. 1 hr. 45 min. French with English subtitles. VHS. [FR 121]

A SUNDAY IN THE COUNTRY. This movie is a lovingly photographed and exquisitely acted portrait of French family life on the brink of World War I. Monsieur Ladmiral, an Impressionist painter by trade, awakens happily on Sunday to meet his son's family for their weekly visit to his Parisian countryside home. Before long, however, a sense of sadness and regret infect the day. Ladmiral is a widower in his twilight years, and the push of time is beginning to strain family relations. 1984. Color. 1 hr. 34 min. French/French with English subtitles. DVD. [FR 70]

A YEAR IN PROVENCE. Based on the best-selling book by the same name, the 4 part film tells the story of Peter and Annie Mayle, two Britons who move from the hustle and bustle of London to the rustic French town of Provence. Each tape tells the story of one season of their year in the town, which is filled with both comical and charming events and characters. 1993. Color. French with English subtitles. Each VHS tape is 1 hr. 30 min. = 6 hr. total. (Four tapes.) (Part 1 of 4. "Winter"/ Part 2 of 4. "Spring"/ Part 3 of 4. "Summer"/ Part 4 of 4. "Fall"). VHS. [FR 198]

ABC. L'ÉCONOMIE. Color. 1 hr. French. VHS. [FR 20]

AGRONOMIST, THE. Academy Award winning director Jonathan Demme presents the story of Haitian national hero, journalist, and freedom fighter Jean Dominique. The film was sparked by Dominique’s still unsolved assassination in 2000, which prompted Demme to compile the footage he captured during Dominique’s days as owner of his nation’s oldest free radio station and his fight against the oppressive Haitian government during the 80s and 90s. 2005. 1hr. 31 min. English and French. English/French/Spanish subtitles available. DVD. [FR 197]

ALBERT CAMUS. Color. 21 min. English. VHS. [FR 57]

ALIAS BETTY. French-Canadian melodrama about a novelist who enters a deep depression after her young son dies. In a misguided attempt to help, her mentally unstable mother kidnaps another child as a replacement. Based on Ruth Rendell's novel Tree of Hands. 2001. Color. 1 hr. 41 min. French/French with English subtitles. Special features include: Making of featurette, trailer, gallery, filmographies, and weblink. DVD. [FR 184]

ALL'S "FAIRE." Faire idioms are frequently used expressions. Learn the conjugation of this irregular verb and see how it is used in scores of frequently used idiomatic expressions while you enjoy scenes of French life. 1998. Color. 34 min. total. English introduction and review of the verb faire. (Two VHS tapes: Part 1 & 2.) [FR 137]

AMÉLIE. A painfully shy waitress working at a tiny Paris cafe, Amelie makes a surprising discovery and sees her life drastically changed for the better. From then on, Amelie dedicates herself to helping others find the most delightfully unexpected ways. But will she have the courage to do for herself what she has done for others? 2001. Color. 2 hr. French/French with English/Spanish subtitles. Special features include: The look of Amelie, fantasies of Audrey Tautou, question and answer with director and cast, storyboard comparison, TV spots, and much more. DVD. (Two-disc set: Disc 1-Feature Film/Disc 2-Bonus Material.) [FR 139]

ANOTHER PLANET. Young Cassandra Jones signs up for an exchange program in order to learn more about her cultural heritage, but she must first work at a pig farm in Quebec before leaving for Africa. Director Christene Browne uses the plethora of humorous and heartwarming situations that Cassandra faces on the farm to address issues regarding race relations, religion, nationality and sexual politics. 1999. Color. 1 hr. 33 min. French/English with optional English subtitles. DVD. [FR 163]

ANTILLES: GUADELOUPE-MARTINIQUE. Typical travel log with some historical background. Color. 54 min. French. VHS. [FR 144]

ASTÉRIX ET LA SURPRISE DE CESAR. Two young Gails are captured by Roman centurions. To help them escape, Astérix and Obelisk enlist in the Roman Army. We follow their adventures in Rome as they help their friends. 1985. Color. 1 hr. 19 min. French. VHS. [FR 142]

ASTERIX LE GAULOIS. This inventive program charts the amazing tales of Asterix. Cartoon. Color. 1 hr. 7 min. French with English subtitles. VHS. [FR 3]

AU REVOIR LES ENFANTS. From acclaimed filmmaker Louis Malle (Atlantic City) comes this moving autobiographical account of a boy’s first friendship – and his discovery of the real world. Set in a Catholic boarding school during the German occupation of France, this is the powerful story of Julien Quentin, a sensitive, headstrong 12-year-old boy who befriends the new student in his class. The boy – Jean Bonnet – seems different from the others. But Julien is intrigued and the two begin a shaky friendship that grows as they share common experiences. Then one day, by accident, Julien makes a frightening discovery about his new-found friend. He learns of the secret surrounding his identity. A secret that will soon be revealed t the Gestapo and will change the young boys’ lives forever. Say goodbye to innocence… and prepare yourself for one of the post poignant and powerful films of our times. VHS. [FR 206]

BAJAZET DE RACINE. In 1635 Bazajet is held a prisoner in Constantinople on order of his brother the King. 1957. Color. 1 hr. 37 min. French. VHS. [FR 14]

BASTILE DAY IN PARIS. Bastille Day, the national holiday of France, brings much celebration. Colorful parades, fireworks, and much more can be seen on this day that began the French Revolution in 1789. 1998. Color. 15 min. English. VHS. [FR 134]

BEAU TRAVAIL. This simple tale, distilled to the essence of a ballad or poem, is drenched with male eroticism and cast in the form of a languorous tropical dream. Set against the stunning East African enclave of Dijibouti, Beau Travail follows a troupe of men in a small French Foreign Legion outpost. 1999. Color. 1 hr. 30 min. French/French with English subtitles. Special features include: Trailer. DVD. [FR 147]

BEAUMARCHAIS THE SCOUNDREL. An artist whose work influenced the like of Mozart and Rossini, Beaumarchais the Scoundrel was one of history's most extraordinary figures: inventor, playwright, diplomat, playboy, Royal spy for King Louis XV, and emissary of the colonial attacks against Britain during the American Revolution. 1997. Color. 1 hr. 40 min. French with English subtitles. VHS. [FR 111]

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. Jean Cocteau’s classic version of the age-old tale of magic and true love is seen here in a newly restored version. This newly-remastered high-definition digital transfer brings back to life the stunning and innovative vision of master filmmaker Jean Cocteau like only the Criterion Collection can. Chocked full of special features including commentaries by film historians and interviews with the cast and crew, rare behind the scenes stills, footage of the film restoration process, and much more. 1946. 1hr 33min. French with newly translated English subtitles. Black and White. DVD. [FR 46B]

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. Once upon a time, in a world of magic and wonder, the true love of a beautiful girl finally dispelled the torment of a feral but gentle-hearted beast. 1946. B&W. 1 hr. 33 min. French/French with English subtitles. Special features include: Original opera written for the film, documentary featuring interviews with cast and crew, interview with cinematographer Henri Alekan, two commentary tracks, rare behind-the-scenes and publicity stills, original trailer, film restoration demonstration trailer, reprint of the fable translated from French, and much more. DVD. [FR 46C]

BIZARRE, BIZARRE. A farce of intrigue, murder, romance and doublecrosses. 1939. B&W. 1 hr. 30 min. French with English subtitles. VHS. [FR 143]

BLUE IS THE WARMEST COLOR. Adèle's life is changed when she meets Emma, a young woman with blue hair, who will allow her to discover desire and to assert herself as a woman and as an adult. In front of others, Adèle grows, seeks herself, loses herself, and ultimately finds herself through love and loss. DVD. [FR 226]

BON VOYAGE. A larger-than-life romantic comedy, about a motley group of Parisians who head south to escape the imminent German occupation. Among them is an undercover Nazi spy who's intent on stealing a top-secret formula from a pretty physics student, who has her eye on a handsome murder suspect, who is hot on the trail of the real killer, a celebrated mistress of a spineless government minister. Upon Arrival in Bordeaux, they all check into the glamorous Hotel Splendide, where they soon become hopelessly entangled in a madcap misadventure filled with intrigue, mystery, romance and suspense. 2003. Color. 1 hr. 55 min. French/French with English/Portuguese/Spanish subtitles. Special features include: Director's commentary and previews. DVD. [FR 188]

BOUDU SAUVE DES EAUX. Renoir's fifth talking film, and although not a raging success upon its release, has come to be more appreciated over the years. The story of an anarchistic tramp, who decides to commit suicide by throwing himself into the Seine after losing his only friend, his dog, Black. 1932. B& W. 1 hr. 27 min. French with English subtitles. VHS. [FR 4A]

BOUDU SAVED FROM DROWNING. Michel Simon gives one of the most memorable performances in screen history as Boudu, a Parisian tramp who takes a suicidal plunge into the Seine and is rescued by a well-to-do bookseller, Edouard Lestingois (Charles Granval). The Lestingois family decides to take in the irrepressible bum, and he shows his gratitude by shaking the household to its foundations. With Boudu Saved from Drowning (Boudu sauvé des eaux), legendary director Jean Renoir takes advantage of a host of Parisian locations and the anarchic charms of his lead actor to create an effervescent satire of the bourgeoisie. 1932. Black and White. 1 hr. 24 min. French with English subtitles. Special features include: Archival introduction by Jean Renoir; New video interview with filmmaker Jean-Pierre Gorin; Excerpt from a 1967 Cinéastes de notre temps program, featuring Renoir and Michel Simon; French television conversation between director Eric Rohmer and critic Jean Couchet; Interactive map of 1930's Paris, highlighting the film’s locations; A new essay by Renoir scholar Christopher Faulkner. DVD. [FR 4B]

BOYFRIENDS AND GIRLFRIENDS. A romantic tale of relationship musical chairs that occurs between a group of friends. 1987. Color. 1 hr. 42 min. French with English subtitles. VHS. [FR 120]

BREATHLESS [A BOUT DE SOUFFLE]. A playful car thief accidentally shoots a pursuing policeman. He hides out in Paris with a hip American girl trying to hustle enough cash for a getaway. Hoping to get him out of her apartment, she betrays him to the law, but he refuses to flee, facing his fate with an absurd stoicism modeled on his hero, Humphrey Bogart. 1960. B&W. 1 hr. 30 min. French with English subtitles. Copy 1 — VHS. [FR 33A]

BREATHLESS. Copy 2 — VHS. [FR 33B]

BREATHLESS. DVD. (Two-Disc Set). Criterion Collection Production. 2007. (Disc I) Feature Film. New, restored high-definition digital transfer, archival interviews with the director and actors, French theatrical trailer, and improved English subtitle translation. 1960. French with optional English subtitles. Black and White. 1hr. 33 min. (Disc II) New video interviews with Coutard, assistant director Pierre Rissient, and filmmaker D. A Pennebaker. New Video essays, 80-minute French documentary about the making of Breathless, and includes Charlotte et son Jules, a short film by Godard, starring Belmondo. [FR 33C]

BYE BYE. A realistic slice of urban teen life in modern-day France. Bye bye is a serious yet sensitive tale of two young French Arab brothers dealing with the clash of cultures and generations in Marseilles. After a family tragedy, Ismael and Mouloud leave Paris and end up on the door step of their uncle and his family. Once there, the two brothers are pulled apart as one is seduced by the streets and its life of drugs and crime, while the other desperately seeds to rescue him without falling to its temptations. 1997. Color. 1 hr. 47 min. French with English subtitles. VHS. [FR 108]

C’EST LA VIE. In the summer of 1958 in sunny Brittany, two mischievous sister, 13-year-old Frédérique and 8-year-old Sophie, overwhelm their inexperienced governess with spirited antics — from feeding laxatives to goldfish to igniting a class war with an exclusive beach club. 1990. 1 hr. 38 min. French/French with English/French/Spanish subtitles. Special features include: Trailer. DVD. [FR 158]

CAMILLE CLAUDEL. An Academy Award nominated film on two fronts (Best Foreign Language Film, and Best Actress), the film follows the passionate romance of artistic prodigy Camille Claudel and famous sculptor Rodin. The film has been heralded as both a historically accurate account and a stunningly vivid portrayal of an obsession and passion between two artists, both for art itself and for each other. Starring Oscar-nominated Isabelle Adjani and acclaimed actor Gérard Depardieu. 1989. 2hr. 39min. French with English, French, and Spanish subtitles. Color. DVD. [FR 201]

CAMP DE THIAROYE. Little Nicholas is a journey into childhood that will delight the whole family. It is an invitation to rediscover the child that we were, and the child that we are. 1987. Color. 2 hr. 32 min. Wolof and French with English subtitles. DVD. [FR 224]

CELEBRATING CAJUN CULTURE. This film exemplifies the exuberant spirit of the Cajuns of southern Louisiana, whose French heritage adds a bit of spice to America's multi-cultural mix. Color. 20 min. French. VHS. [FR 41]

CÉSAR. Copy 2 — DVD. [FR 62B]

CÉSAR. The third installment of Marcel Pagnol's trilogy about wandering sailor Marius, his lady love Fanny, and their child Cesario. When Marius deserted the pregnant Fanny to answer the call of the sea, she married the older, more stable Panisse, whom she came to love. Panisse raised Cesario as if the boy were his own, never revealing the truth about his parentage. When Panisse dies, Cesario finally learns about his real father. He then embarks on a quest to confront Marius, an act that leads to reunions, recriminations, and reconciliations. 1936. B&W. 1 hr. 14 min. French with English subtitles. Copy 1 — VHS. [FR 62A]

CHACUN CHERCHE SON CHAT [WHEN THE CAT’S AWAY]. Chloé (Garance Clavel) desperately wants to go on vacation but needs to find a caretaker for her cat, Gris-Gris. After her flamboyant roommate, Michel (Olivier Py), declines to help, Chloé entrusts her cat to Madame Reneé (Renée Le Calm). When she returns from her trip, Chloé learns Gris-Gris has disappeared without a trace. Determined to find her precious cat, Chloé turns to, among others, Djamel (Zinedine Soualem), a shy Arab, and a hard-drinking musician (Romain Duris) for help. DVD. [FR 218]


CHARLEMAGNE AND THE HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE. The program covers the antecedents and the life of Charlemagne, shows life at the court, life of the courtiers and of the peasants, recounts the battle of Roncevaux, and the counterpoints the glories of the Carolingian Renaissance with the everyday realities of hunger, plague, and constant violence. The program concludes with the first of Europe's major confrontations between Empire and Church, in thei instance between Henry IV and Gregory VII. 1989. Color. 52 min. English. Copy 1— VHS. [FR 64A]

CHARLES DE GAULLE. Leader of the one and only successful French counter-attack against the Germans before the Liberation, who escaped to London and issued the clarion call, "France has lost a battle, she has not lost the war." Charles de Gaulle badgered and bullied his way through the war years, demanding a larger role for France than Churchill and Roosevelt were willing to give a country that had barely lifted a finger against Hitler. From the time he landed on the Normandy beaches in June of 1944, he was in and out of power in France: heading the triumphant entry of Allied troops into Paris, heading the provisional French government, retiring from political life and then, because of the problems in Algeria, returning as President of the Fifth Republic. As President, he pursued a policy infuriating to the U.S. among other former allies: testing a French atomic bomb, keeping Britain out of the European Common Market, and encouraging Quebec's separatist movement. This program follows these events through the Sorbonne siege of 1968, which effectively proved that de Gaulle was out of date, to his resignation, and his death. Color. 14 min. English narration. VHS. [FR 19]


CHATEAUX OF THE LOIRE, THE. From Amboise to Blois to Chenonceaux to Chambord, this tour of the châteaux of the Loire serves up a fascinating mix of political and architectural history, scandal, poetry, and local color. The program shows how French architecture made superb use of Italian Renaissance style while maintaining a distinctly French character. As well as examining the buildings themselves, the program offers an overview of the times in which these châteaux were being built, showing the role played by war and peace, famine and recovery, politics and jealousy in the lives of the châteaux and the people who built and inhabited them. In the process we see how Louis XII, François I, Henry II, François II, and Catherine de Medici and others left their marks on this valley. 1993. Color. 1 hr. French. Copy 1 — VHS. [FR 18A]

CHILDREN OF PARADISE [LES ENFANTS DU PARADIS]. Set in the theater district of early 19th-century Paris, this film recreates a glittering world of backstage life. Garance, a stunning and elusive courtesan, is loved by four men — the mime Debureau, the ambitious actor Lemaitre, the nihilistic villain Lacenaire, and the snobbish aristocrat Monteray. (Two VHS tapes.) (Part 1 of 2.) 1943-1945. B&W. 1 hr. 41 min. French with English subtitles. (Part 2 of 2.) 1943-1945. B&W. 1 hr. 29 min. French with English subtitles. [FR 34]

CHOCOLAT. Curious and observant seven-year-old France spends her days amidst the paradise of her family's estate, a remote colonial outpost in the middle of the vast, isolated plains of Cameroon. But behind the household's exterior beauty lies growing hostility brought on by France's always-traveling father, her bored, frustrated mother — and Protee, the noble, intelligent house "boy" who suffers the indignities of his status in silence. But when a plane makes an emergency landing nearby bringing a disparate collection of characters to the house — the heavenly facade begins to unravel. And as buried tensions are suddenly exposed, a shocking explosion of rage, racism and forbidden passions may tear the family apart forever. Color. 1 hr. 46 min. French with English subtitles. VHS. [FR 96]

CLASS, THE. At a tough inner-city middle school in Paris, a dedicated teacher named Mr. Marin (François Bégaudeau) begins the new term. Taking on a class comprised of a melting pot of modern-day French society, he pushes and prods his pupils while striving to gain their respect. And as each side challenges the other over issues both academic and personal, Mr. Marin and his students are about to get an education they'll never forget. 2008. Color. 2hr.10 min. French, English & Spanish with English & Spanish subtitles. DVD. [FR 210]

CLAUDE MONET. In his garden at Giverny, Monet created a vast canvas to research his landscape paintings. He had a Japanese bridge built over the pond, which he covered with water lilies. Anxious to render every variation of light over the bridge, water, foliage, and glowers consistent with the season and time of day, Monet worked simultaneously on several canvases and returns to them again and again. This program explores the 54 versions of Water Lilies from various viewpoints and harmonies of light. We see that behind the apparent spontaneity lies a very sophisticated work of composition. Color. 32 min. French. VHS. [FR 88]

CLÉO FROM 5 TO 7. Visionary of the French New Wave, Agnès Varda captures the atmosphere of Paris in the ’60s with this portrait of a singer searching for answers as she awaits test results from a biopsy. A chronicle of two crucial hours in one woman’s life, Cléo from 5 to 7 is a spirited mix of vivid vérité and melodrama. The film features a score by Michel Legrand (Umbrellas of Cherbourg) and cameos by Legrand, Jean-Luc Godard, and Anna Karina. 1962. Black and White, with a color sequence monaural. 1 hr. 30 min. French with English subtitles. DVD. [FR 216]

CLOCKMAKER, THE. When a police car pulls up outside his little shop, watchmaker Michel Descombes knows that something awful has happened to his son. His son and an accomplice, a girl, murdered a factory foreman. Before making their getaway, the couple robbed the victim and set fire to his car. 1975. Color. 1 hr. 45 min. French with English subtitles. VHS. [FR 60]


CODE UNKNOWN. On a bustling street corner, four separate lives intersect. As their divergent stories gradually unfold, the seemingly unrelated lives prove to have very much in common, as they struggle for love and acceptance in a society of locked doors and cold stares. 2000. Color. 1 hr. 53 min. French/French with English subtitles. DVD. [FR 149]

CONFIDENTIALLY YOURS. Fanny Ardant sparkles in François Truffaut's affectionate double tribute to the film noir and Alfred Hitchcock. 1983. B&W. 1 hr. 50 min. VHS. [FR 27]

CONTEMPT. A young French dramatist living in Rome accepts an assignment to write a screenplay for an American film producer. Suddenly, and for seemingly no reason, his wife begins to regard him with utter contempt. He pleads for an explanation, but one is not given. Declaring simply that she no longer loves him. They are invited to stay at the producer's villa in Capri during the filming of the movie. Once there, the film's director and the writer immediately disagree on the approach to the epic, romantic adventure...or and intimate psychological drama drawing from the legend of Ulysses' Penelope and Penelope's suitors — paralleling the couples conflict. An affair ensues between the producer and the writer's wife; and when the outraged husband confronts her, she admits she stopped loving him because she felt he was pushing her into the affair to further his own career...he was no longer a man! She decides to leave her husband and return to Rome with the producer, but something quite unexpected happens. 1964. Color. 1 hr. 42 min. English. VHS. [FR 35]

COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO, THE. The dramatic story of Edmond Dantès, a young French sailor who is falsely denounced as a political traitor and unjustly imprisoned for eighteen years without a trial. 1999. Color. French with English subtitles. Each VHS tape is 2 hr. = 8 hr. total. (Four VHS tapes: Parts 1-4.) [FR 131]

CRIME OF MONSIEUR LANGE, THE. The story of the creation and demise of a utopian society. When Batala, the owner of a small publishing company, disappears with the firms capital, the employees band together to take it over. 1935. B&W. 1 hr. 30 min. French with English subtitles. VHS. [FR 159]

CRIMSON RIVERS, THE. Niemans is sent to Guernon to investigate a bizarre murder near a legendary private school isolated in the Alps. And it's no ordinary murder; the killer has been very methodical, leaving twisted inexplicable clues to his motive. Complicating matters are the university administrators who are uncooperative and somewhat defiant to Niemans' questioning. Meanwhile Max Kerkerian, an impetuous young cop and former car thief, arrives at a desecrated graveyard 180 miles away. These two seemingly random events are about to collide as the separate investigations lead the detectives right to one another. 2000. Color. 1 hr. 45 min. English/French with optional English/French subtitles. Special features include: Director and cast commentary, "The Investigation" documentary, post mortem featurettes, filmographies, production notes, and trailer. DVD. [FR 176]

CROSS MY HEART. A French comedy which became a cult hit. Martin conceals his mother's death to avoid the soulless French social services or anonymous orphanage. His classmates enter into a pact to withhold the information from the authorities and tension is established through their intricate efforts to preserve all signs of normalcy. 1990. Color. 1 hr. 45 min. French with English subtitles. VHS. [FR 52]

CYRANO DE BERGERAC. One of the most famous romances of all time comes to brilliant life in this dazzling film based on the world famous play. Gerard Depardieu plays Cyrano De Bergerac, the 17th-century soldier-adventurer who is secretly in love with the beautiful, young Roxane. Believing he is too ugly because of his grotesque nose to ever win Roxane, the eloquent Cyrano helps Christiand a tongue-tied soldier, to woo her with love letters. After many years Cyrano starts to tell Roxane the truth. But Christian is killed in battle and Cyrano feels compelled to keep his secret. Years later, Roxan, living in a convent, still faithful to her husband Christian, is visited by her mortally wounded friend Cyrano. It is then that Roxane reallizes that it was Cyrano that she had loved all the time. 1990. Color. 2 hr. 18 min. French with English subtitles. Copy 1— VHS. [FR 48A]

CYRANO DE BERGERAC. Special features include: Original theatrical trailer. Copy 2 — DVD. [FR 48B]

DAILY LIFE AT THE COURT OF VERSAILLES. This is the story of France and French culture as reflected in Versailles from its construction by Louis XIV, its decline under Louis XV, and its abandonment by Louis XVI during the French Revolution. 1993. Color. 1 hr. French with English narration. VHS. [FR 80]


DANTON. Gerard Depardieu stars as one of the architects of the French Revolution in this literate and captivating feature that follows Danton's fate during the Reign of Terror. 1987. 2 hr. 16 min. French with English subtitles. VHS. [FR 2]

DARK PORTALS: THE CHRONICLE OF VIDOCQ. Paris, 1830, in the heart of the town, Vidocq, a famous detective, inexplicably disappears. His archenemy, the Alchemist, is the main suspect and his young biographer, Etienne Boisset, takes the case into his own hands. DVD. [FR 219]

DERRIDA. The story exposes on the "father of deconstruction," 20th century French author and philosopher Jacques Derrida, whose rethinking of the founding principles of Western metaphysics profoundly influenced the fields of literature, philosophy, ethics, architecture and law. Filmmakers Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering Kofman delve deep into Derrida's complex life and work, with interviews and commentaries by Derrida and his contemporaries. 2002. Color. 1 hr. 25 min. English/French with English subtitles. Special features include: Audio commentary by the filmmakers, never-before-seen interviews with Jacques Derrida, deleted scenes with filmmaker commentary, and a Q&A with Derrida. DVD. [FR 185]

DÉSIRÉ. The "Countess" Madeline is an embezzler of a small fortune in pearls. Car trouble foils her getaway until a young tourist helps her escape. Once safely away she promptly dumps him, only to realize he has something she desperately wants — the pearls. A comedy in three acts. 1936. Color. French. VHS. [FR 78]

DIABOLIQUE. The sadistic headmaster of a boy school is murdered by his tremulous wife and vengeful mistress in this classic French thriller. They dump the body, but suddenly the deceased appears in a recent school photograph. The suspense builds to an explosive climax. 1954. B&W. 1 hr. 56 min. French/French with English subtitles. DVD. [FR 183]

DINNER GAME, THE. Pierre and his snobbish friends have a standing date for dinner. Every week, they compete to see who can bring the biggest "idiot" to the party. Pierre is sure he's found a winner in the unsuspecting François, a ministry accountant whose hobby is making matchstick models of famous monuments. But when circumstances trap Pierre in his apartment with François, the tables are turned and everyone gets their just desserts. 1998. Color. 1 hr. 21 min. Special features include: Trailer. DVD. [FR 103]

DIVA. A seductive fast-paced romantic thriller, that mixes music, comedy, love, and murder as only a French film can. Shot on location in Paris, the city's new high tech, pop art and disco flavors are blended beautifully with its timeless monuments, and the effect is heightened by a haunting sensuous score. Cynthia Hawkins is the operatic superstar whose refusal to make a recording frustrates her adoring public. An impassioned young fan names Jules makes a secret tape and is stalked by thugs who plan to blackmail the diva. The tension mounts as two hired killers learn that Jules has also accidentally acquired a second tape on which the ex-mistress of a top mobster sings about his role in an international sex and drug ring. Pursued through Paris in some of the most dizzying chase scenes on film, Jules is aided by an eccentric godfather whose fast cars, high tech genius, and sexy Vietnamese playmate propel the film towards its wildly exciting climax. 1982. Color. 2 hr. French with English subtitles. VHS. [FR 67A]

DOM JUAN. A notorious lothario, Dom Juan is the despair of his longsuffering servant, Sganarelle. He carries on his many seductions without a care, deceiving and leaving woman after woman — including the noble Elvire, whose brothers promptly swear vengeance against him. After successfully eluding them, Dom Juan mockingly invites to dinner the statue of a man he had recently killed. When the statue’s arrival prompts him to fake a repentant change of heart, an overtaxed Providence cuts the scene short by opening a flaming abyss at his feet and dropping him into Hell. 2001. Color. 2 hr. 20 min. French. DVD. (Two-disc set.) [FR 171]

DONKEY SKIN. Writer and director Marjane Satrapi draws a poignant story about a young girl in Iran during the Islamic Revolutions, when people’s hopes were dashed as fundamentalists took power. DVD. [FR 208]

DREYFUS AFFAIR, THE. The Dreyfus Affair brought to the surface the contradictions and tensions which had been a permanent feature of French society for several decades. The case in 1894 was insignificant in itself it was one of a number of treason trails; and, if it involved a miscarriage of justice, such mischances were statistically inevitable in the life of a large, modern, bureaucratic state. It was only when the case turned into the Affair that it became part of history and a reminder for generations to come of the parameters of the continuing political debate. (Booklet available on CD.) 1983. Color. 35 min. English. VHS. [FR 181]

DU FESTIVAL DE CAFÉ THEATRE. Plaisirs d'humour. 55 min. French. VHS. [FR 16]

EDITH AND MARCEL. They were the two greatest celebrities of their time: Edith Piaf, who sang of love and heartbreak with more intensity than anyone before or since, and Marcel Cerdan, welterweight boxing champion of the world. 1983. Color. 2 hr. 20 min. French with English subtitles. VHS. [FR 69]

EDITH PIAF, LA VIE EN ROSE. This program, updated in 1998, pays tribute to Piaf by examining her life through archival footage, photos, and the personal commentary of Piaf historian Raquel Britton. 1998. B&W. 1 hr. English. VHS. [FR 105]

EIGHT EASY PIECES. Eight selected segments from the original ABCs of Economics series have been selected to provide a motivating introduction to business for courses in French. Color. 1 hr. French. VHS. Segments include: It's All Part of the Economy; The Market and Markets; The Secret of Money; Insurance: Sharing the Risks; Employment: Working, Earning, Buying; Rents, Interest, Profits, Wages — Income; Selling and Marketing; Inflation: When the Prices Learn to Run. [FR 21]

ELENA AND HER MEN [ELÉNA ET LES HOMMES]. About a beautiful but impoverished Polish Princess in the turn-of-the-century Paris. Having sold her last pearl to pay rent, Princess Elena is forced to accept marriage proposal from a wealthy suitor. 1956. Color. 1 hr. 38 min. French with English subtitles. VHS. [FR 154]

EUROPE: A MODERN PROFILE. FRANCE. This interestingly filmed program modern France as a product of its main parts: food, wine, revolution, politics, and love. Topics include the French Revolution;French isolationism; anti-Semitism; anti-immigration policies; Paris as an icon of French culture; cultivation of the romantic French rural image; and the societal erosion of joie de vivre. 2003. Color. 31 min. Some English subtitles. DVD. [FR 170]

EYES WITHOUT A FACE. Due to his reckless driving, a brilliant plastic surgeon, Dr. Genessier, is responsible for disfiguring his beautiful daughter Christiane. Guilt-ridden, he resolves to confer a new face on his daughter by grafting skin tissue from unsuspecting female patients with similar molecular structure. 1959. B&W. 1 hr. 28 min. French with English subtitles. VHS. [FR 157]

FAMOUS FRENCH WOMEN WRITERS. Color. 45 min. French with English subtitles. VHS. [FR 24]

FANNY. Copy 2 — DVD. [FR 61B]

FANNY. The second installment of Marcel Pagnol's trilogy about wandering sailor Marius, his lady love Fanny, and their child Cesario. Unable to resist the call of the sea, Marius abandons the pregnant Fanny, forcing her to marry the much older Panisse. She then finds herself in the middle of a custody battle as Panisse, Marius' father Cesar, and Marius himself all assert their rights to little Cesario. 1932. B&W. 2 hr. 5 min. French with English subtitles. Copy 1 — VHS. [FR 61A]

FOUR ADVENTURES OF REINETTE AND MIRABELLE. Is a sophisticated variation on the country-mouse/city-mouse theme. The film centers on the relationship between two young women: Reinette, a naïve but talented painter from the provinces, and Mirabelle, a worldly Parisian student. 1986. Color. 1 hr. 35 min. French with English subtitles. VHS. [FR 114]

FRANCE: HISTORY, GEOGRAPHY, AND COMMERCE. This program highlights the major names and events in France.s history, including Charlemagne, the Bourbon dynasty, the French Revolution, Napoleon, the world wars, and Charles de Gaulle. It explores the geography of France and discusses the commercial aspects of modern French society, considering the position of the French language in world commerce. 1995. Color. 35 min. English. DVD. [FR 182]

FRANÇOIS MITTERRAND: A TALE OF POWER. Fueled by an unflagging determination, François Mitterrand succeeded in revitalizing France’s political left and then holding the nation’s highest office for fourteen pivotal years. 2003. Color. 56 min. French. DVD. [FR 169]

FRANÇOIS PREMIER. A richly documented biography of the king who spurred the artistic and literary Renaissance of France. 1993. Color. 22 min. English. VHS. [FR 44]

FRENCH BUSINESS CULTURE. (Resource binder with workbook available in file cabinet in media room). Color. 1 hr. 10 min. English with French situations. VHS. [FR 90]

FRENCH CANCAN. This film is about the exciting backstage world of the music halls of Montmarte, focusing on the grand opening of the Moulin Rouge. The story revolves around Danglard an aging impresario with a talent for transforming common working girls into dance hall sensations. Complications arise when he is captivated by Nini, a beautiful laundress, and decides to make her the star of his new show. 1954. Color. 1 hr. 45 min. French with English subtitles. VHS. [FR 153]


FRENCH CUISINE. Eating good food is very important to the people of France. In fact, French cuisine is considered to be an art. Find out h ow and why this fascination with food developed. 1999. Color. 22 min. English. VHS. [FR 135]

FRENCH FRIED VACATION. Africa, a vacation haven for unattached, consenting adults. A side-splitting take off of the "club-Med" as it started out, when having a good time depended on how many partners you had, no matter who they were. 1978. Color. 1 hr. 30 min. French with English subtitles. VHS. [FR 117]

FULL MOON IN PARIS [LES NUITS DE LA PLEINE LUNE]. A headstrong young woman moves out on her devoted lover and takes her own appartment in the city "to experience lonliness." Instead, she juggles various lovers, platonic male friends and one-night stands, finding that her desire for social liberation leads to complication and heartbreak. 1984. Color. 1 hr. 41 min. French with English subtitles. VHS. [FR 36]

GALLIC WARS, THE. The great conqueror Julius Caesar led the mighty Roman legions in their victory over Gaul. Initially prompted by concerns for Roman security, the campaign soon turned from one of protection to one of conquest, providing Caesar with lasting fame and glory. As a result of the Gallic wars, Caesar enjoyed great wealth, a highly trained loyal army, and enormous popularity. 1997. Color. 50 min. English. VHS. [FR 55]

GAMES OF LOVE AND CHANCE. A sensitive, daringly original and deeply human portrait of a group of teenagers living in the projects outside Paris and surviving in a world marginalized by society. Set during preparation for school production, it captures their affections, quarrels and jealousies as well as the budding romance between shy Krimo and Lydia, the fiery blonde star. Krimo, a pre-thug with great, big dreams forms a tight crew with his friends that carries its weight around their dangerous ‘hood. Confident and sassy, Lydia is a romantic, stunning beauty driven by passion. Friends throughout their lives, as they move into adolescence, Krimo realizes he has fallen in love. Using the show as a way to get closer to Lydia, Krimo persuades his friend, Rachid, to five up the lead role. Krimo wants Lydia and he’s far too smitten to be scared of looking ridiculous in front of his crew. Rejections, seductions, betrayal, and love are the heart of this universal coming-of-=age story. DVD. [FR 205]

GEORGES SEURAT. In 1886, at the last impressionist Exhibition in Paris, an unknown painter, Geoges Seurat, exhibited a large canvas which caused a scandal for its technical daring and lack of concern for the accepted conventions of painting. 1998. Color. 32 min. French. VHS. [FR 89]

GERMINAL (based on the novel of Émile Zola). The story of a miners' strike which destroys one family, yet plants the seeds of change for future generations. (Two tapes.) Part 1 of 2: 1993. Color. 1 hr. 27 min. French with English subtitles/ Part 2 of 2: 1993. Color. 1 hr. 17 min. French with English subtitles. VHS. [FR 56]

GERVAISE. Gervaise is a young woman whose husband becomes an alcoholic after an accident. B&W. 3 hr. French with English subtitles. VHS. [FR 8]

GIRL FROM PARIS, THE. Sandrine, a woman in her thirties gets tired of life in Paris and decides to leave her work in computers and become a farmer. She takes the required practice for two years, and after that she buys an isolated farm from Adrien, an old farmer who decides it's time to retire. However, Adrien wants to stay a few more months before moving away from the farm, and the rough winter finds them together 2004. Color. 1hr.43min. French with English subtitles. DVD. [FR 211]

GLEANERS AND I, THE. Beginning with the famous Jean-François Millet painting of women gathering wheat left over from a harvest, she focuses her ever-seeking eye on gleaners: Those who scour the already-reaped fields for the odd potato or turnip. Her investigation leads us from forgotten corners of the French countryside to off-hourse at the green markets of Paris, following those who insist on finding a use for that which society has cast off, whether out of necessity or activism. 2000. Color. 1 hr. French/French with English subtitles. Special features include: Exclusive follow-up film, production notes, and filmography. DVD. [FR 148]

GRAND ILLUSION. One of the very first escape movies, two French solders are held in a World War I German prison camp. 1938. B&W. 1 hr. 54 min. French with optional English subtitles. Special features include: Rare theatrical trailer, audio essay by film historian Peter Cowie, archival radio presentation, and press book excerpts. DVD. [FR 12]

HATE [LA HAINE]. 1995. 1 hr. 35 min. French/French with optional English subtitles. Copy 2 — DVD. [FR 138B]

HATE [LA HAINE]. Winner of Best Director at the Cannes Film Festival 1995, Mathieu Kassovitz's harsh black-and-white drama of dispossessed urban youth is an unremitting look at the violence, unemployment and racial hatred that divide the young of contemporary France. Set in a Paris suburb over the course of 24 hours, the film is remarkable for the verve of its authentic performances and its gritty, realistic feel. 1995. 1 hr. 35 min. French with English subtitles. Copy 1 — VHS. [FR 138A]

HÉLÈNE CIXOUS. In this interview Hélène Cixous explores her childhood as a Jewess in French-occupied Algiers and the impact it had on her work in the area of feminist theory and on her personal politics. Cixous turns to the classics — Freud's Dora and Shakespeare's Cordelia—to illustrate the legacy of phallocentricism in western culture. Its major effect—the silencing of women—is explored, as Cixous advocates the importance of writing for women as a means of creating an alternate body — une écriture feminine — through which they can speak and express themselves. 1998. Color. 39 min. VHS. [FR 98]

HÍROSHÍMA, MON AMOUR. Complex love affair about the delicate balance between agony and ecstasy. Scenes of love, interspersed with scenes of war in a brilliant cinematic style, show a human relationship that transcends all historical events. 1959. B&W. 1 hr. 31 min. French with English subtitles. VHS. [FR 68]

HISTOIRES VRAIES. Color. 50 min. French. VHS. [FR 38]

HISTORY THROUGH FRENCH LITERATURE. Color. 25 min. English. Copy 1 — VHS. [FR 58A]


HORSEMAN ON THE ROOF, THE. In a world ravaged by revolution and violence, two strangers — a handsome renegade and a beautiful countess — find their only chance for survival in each ohter! Together they undertake a perilous cross-country journey where they will also discover unmatched danger, excitement...and passion! 1996. Color. 1 hr. 59 min. French/French with English subtitles. DVD. [FR 124]

HUMAN RESOURCES [Ressources humaines]. For all those moviegoers panting for more films about restrictive working practices in the new European economy, this début feature from the young French director Laurent Cantet is a must. Jalil Lespert plays Franck, an ambitious young student who comes home from Paris to spend time at the local steel-pressing plant. His father (Jean-Claude Vallot), who looks like a cowardly walrus, has worked on the factory floor for decades. His bright, inexperienced son goes straight into the personnel department, where the issue is one of restructuring the labor force. We all know what that means. The clash between innocence and experience can be seen coming a mile off, but that doesn't diminish the patient, doomy force of the plot, or Cantet's skill in digging drama out of such intractable material. The inevitable showdown between father and son is like a blow to the heart, and the movie ends in a sort of bewildered daze. Apart from Lespert, none of the performers are professionals; they are proper workers, and it shows (Anthony Lane, The New Yorker, 2006). 2000. Color. 1 hr. 43 min. In French with English subtitles. DVD. [FR 214]

HUMANTÉ. Bruno Dumont's visionary and hauntingly powerful film tells the story of Pharaon De Winter, a police detective who lives with his mother in a working-class town in Northern France. With astonishing and raw sesitivity, Pharaon agonizes over the evil he must confront every day during the course of his work. His latest case is the brutal rape and murder of an 11-year-old girl, a crime so barbarous that Pharaon reels from the madness of it, struggling to grasp its meaning. As the investigation proceeds to its startling climax, Pharaon's profound humanity is tested to its limits. 1999. Color. 2 hr. 28 min. French with optional English subtitles. Special features include: Production credits, trailer, interview with Bruno Dumont, and weblink. DVD. [FR 97]

INDOCHINE. Eliane Devries, the seemingly repressed owner of a prosperous rubber plantation in French Indochina. Her steely exterior is only a mask intended to hide her torrid love affairs from upper-class society. But when her adopted Indochinese daughter innocently falls in love with Eliane's lover, the scandalous lovers' triangle threatens to destroy their entire family. 1993. Color. 2 hr. 36 min. French with English subtitles. VHS. [FR 99]

INTERVIEW WITH MARGUERITE DURAS. Color. 1 hr. 55 min. French. VHS. [FR 25]

INTOUCHABLES, THE. When Driss, an ex-con from the projects, is hired to take care of an eccentric French aristocrat named Philippe, his newfound job quickly becomes an unpredictable adventure. Speeding a Maserati through Paris, seducing women and paragliding over the Alps is just the beginning, as Driss turns the often humorous world of upper-class Parisian society upside-down. As this unlikely duo overcome adversity of every flavor in this true story, they also shatter their preconceptions of love, life and each other. Based on the #1 international best-selling book, “You Changed My Life.” DVD. [FR 221]

IS PARIS BURNING?. The explosive, courage-filled story of the Allied Resistance and the Paris Liberation of 1944. 1968. B&W. 2 hr. 53 min. total. English. VHS. (Two VHS tapes: Part 1 of 2/ Part 2 of 2.) [FR 130]

JACQUES BREL. The life and music of the inimitable French composer-singer, the tough Parisian with the guitar who looked life in the eye unflinchingly. 1997. B&W. 58 min. English. VHS. [FR 106]

JACQUES PREVERT. A portrait of the great poet, playwright and novelist, as Prevert discusses religion, the politics of art, and his work. French. VHS. [FR 104]

JE VAIS BIEN, NE T’EN FAIS PAS. Back from a holiday in Spain, Lili, 19, finds that Loïc, her twin brother, has left the house following a row with their father. She disapproves of her parents' apparently light attitude and is particularly shocked by her father's reluctance to even talk about the event. Lili desperately waits for a phone call from Loïc but her brother shows no sign of life. It is not long before Lili falls into depression and her condition quickly deteriorates. She won't eat anymore and is about to die when, at long last, a postcard written and sent by Loïc brings her back to life. 2006. Color. 1hr.45 min. French with English subtitles. DVD. (This is a region 2 DVD and MUST be played on a multi-regional DVD player). [FR 213]

JEAN DE FLORETTE. Set amidst the rugged hills of Provence, this epic saga follows the heroic efforts of Jean Cadoret, who inherits a farm from his mother, Florette, and leaves his city job behind, hoping to create a “new Eden” with his wife and daughter. 1986. Color. 2 hr. 1 min. French/French with English/French/Spanish subtitles. Special features include: Trailer. DVD. [FR 93]

JESUS OF MONTREAL. Daniel an out-of-work actor, is employed by the rector of the Montreal Basilica to update the dry and staid version of The Passion Play. 1990. Color. 2 hr. 1 min. French with English subtitles. VHS. [FR 123]


L’ATLANTE. Jean, the young captain of the barge L’Atlante, marries Juilette, a village girl who has never left home before. They sail away together along with a cabin boy and a colorful sailor Pere Jules. 1934. B&W. 1 hr. 27 min. French with optional English subtitles. Special features include: A featurette: the making of Latalante, poster gallery, and Jean Vigo filmography. DVD. [FR 29]

LA BELLE ET LA BÊTE [BEAUTY AND THE BEAST]. Poet of the French cinema Jean Cocteau transforms fantasy into reality in this exquisite adaption of Mme. Marie Leprince de Beaumont's fairy tale. 1946. 1 hr. 33 min. B&W. French with English subtitles. VHS. [FR 46A]

LA CHIENNE/ A DAY IN THE COUNTRY. (Two stories: Part 1: La Chienne. An Ironic account of a déclassé romantic triangle. Drawn from a novel by Georges de la Fouchardiére, La Chienne. 1931. B&W. 1 hr. 35 min. French with English subtitles/ Part 2: A Day in the Country. A Jean Renoirs film of Guy de Maupassant's gentile 19th century short story. It tells the tale of seduction along the banks of the Marne, in which the natural setting exists only as a background. 1936. B&W. 36 min. French with English subtitles. VHS. [FR 156]

LA DOUBLE INCONSTANCE. Marivaux. Marivaux' own favorite among his plays, the comedy tells of two lovers separated by the prince both of whom fall in love with others at court. (Two VHS tapes.)(Part 1 of 2.) Color. 2 hr. 15 min/(Part 2 of 2.) Color. 2 hr. 10 min. French. French. [FR 30]

LA DUCHESSE DE LANGEAIS. A story of personal vengeance in which "the innocent hero, Montriveau, is seduced by a bored society coquette who uses religion as "a cold shower" when the heat of passion becomes too intense and then throws him away "like a squeezed lemon." Afterwards she comes to fear the anger of "this man with the neck of a bull." True to his neck, Montriveau captures the Duchesse with the aid of the secret Society of the Thirteen and threatens to brand her with an iron. His real vengeance comes when she falls in love with him — too late — and retires to a convent. 1980. Color. 1 hr. 19 min. French. Special features include: Biography of Robin Renucci and filmographies. DVD. (This is a region 2 DVD and MUST be played on a multi-regional DVD player.) [FR 193]

LA FRANCE PROFONDE. Seven programs consisting of in-depth interviews filmed on location. In Lyon, legendary chef Paul Bocuse presents the basics of haute cuisine. A very articulate Parisian charcutière outlines the difficulties of running a small business. The prefect of the Sarthe département briefs us on the cemtralizing role of his office in French government. A World War II ancien résistant in Caen shows how the French managed during the Nazi occupation. A lycée philosophy professor in Grenoble re-lives the days of mai '68. A hard-working law student at the University of Grenoble gives her views on French education. A dedicated mère de famille shares the details of her home life. Most suitable for high intermediate to advanced students. 2002. Color. 43 min. French. VHS. [FR 190]

LA GRANDE VADROUILLE. Paris 1943. Three allied parachutists land unexpected and turn upsidedown the peaceful lives of Stanislas, a conductor, and Augustin a decorator. The only way to get rid of their unwanted guests is to lead them to the free zone. 1943. Color. 2 hr. 2 min. French with English subtitles. VHS. [FR 128]

LA GUERRE DE TROIE N'AURA PAS LIEU. An inspired production of Giraudoux' famous play about the conflict between those who see war as the greatest risk of all and the ultimate folly, and those who speak of patriotism, manliness, and glory. 1991. Color. 1 hr. 50 min. French with English subtitles. VHS. [FR4 132]

LA NUIT DE VARENNES. A Venetian lover, a Parisian author and an exiled American patriot cross paths in this witty exploration of human folly set in the France of Louis XVI. One night in 1791, the King and Marie Antoinette don disguises and flee revolutionary Paris, hoping to join allies from abroad and regain the throne. The scandalous writer, Restif de la Bretonne, recognizing a unique situation, follows the royal retinue. During the arduous journey, Restif joins a weary Casanova, himself fleeing a noble family which has reduced him to jester. Thomas Paine, a beautiful Countess, and the Queen's snippy hairdresser also turn up in this sumptuous Gallic fable before the travelers make a fateful stop in Varenness. 1982. Color. 2 hr. 8 min. French with English subtitles. VHS. [FR 74]

LA PROMESSE. La Promesse is a moving, authentic drama in the neo-realist tradition. Igor and his father Roger run an apartment scam, renting to illegal immigrants and exploiting them as a work force. Immigrant Amidou is injured when he falls off a scaffold and Igor makes a promise that exposes the different values of Igor, Roger and Amidou's wife, Assita. 1996. Color. 1 hr. 33 min. French/French with English/Italian subtitles. Special features include: Cast and director filmographies, European trailer, and photo gallery. DVD. [FR 175]

LADY AND THE DUKE, THE. Beautiful aristocrat Grace Elliott enjoys her comfortable upper-middle class life and warm friendship with her former lover the Duke of Orleans, until the turbulent French Revolution of the 1790s frighteningly begins. Their friendship unravels as Grace risks her life taking in a fugitive against the Duke's wishes. Soon, Grace urges the Duke not to make a horrifying decision. But ultimately she's unable to prevent several bloody fates — including the possibility of her own. 2001. Color. 2 hr. 9 min. French/French with English/Spanish subtitles. Special features include: Trailer. DVD. [FR 150]

L'ANCIEN RÉGIME. This program shows Versailles and its political purpose and the arbitrary applications of despotism: revocation of the Edit of Nantes, deportation of Huguenots, persecution of Jansenists, and the relationship between the king and the church. When Louis XIV died, new political concepts were prevalent. The program covers Montesquieu, the parliament, the Encyclopédie, the ideas of Voltaire and Rousseau, and the satires of Beaumarchais. Financial difficulties beset the crown and Louis XVI convoked the États-Généraux, which had not met since 1614. 1994. Color. 52 min. French. VHS. [FR 85]

LAST METRO, THE. Copy 2 — VHS. [FR 101B]

LAST METRO, THE. Copy 3. DVD. [FR 101C]

LAST METRO, THE. This film is about a Jewish director who is forced to hide in the basement of his theater during the Nazi occupation while his wife stars in its latest production. Romantic tensions mount when she and her leading man begin to fall in love with each other. At the same time, a pro-Nazi theater critic ensconces himself in the theater causing stress to the entire cast. 1980. Color. 2 hr. 11 min. French with English subtitles. Copy 1 — VHS. [FR 101A]

L'AUBERGE ESPAGNOLE (THE SPANISH APARTMENT). Xavier is a straight-laced French college senior who moves to Barcelona as part of a student exchange program, much to the dismay of his beautiful girlfriend Martine. But sharing cramped quarters with students from all over Europe quickly leads to multi-cultural chaos as Xavier gets a hilarious, eye-opening lesson on how to live, love, laugh...and party. 2003. Color. 2 hr. 2 min. French/French with English subtitles or Spanish/Spanish with Spanish subtitles. Special features include: Full screen or widescreen version. DVD. [FR 178]

LE BOURGEOIS GENTILHOMME [THE WOULD-BE GENTLEMAN]. Molière wrote this play for King Louis XIV and it was first performed in October of 1670. It has been played continuously and is part of the repertory of the comedie Francaise, the most famous French troup. 1958. Color. 1 hr. 37 min. French with English subtitles. VHS. [FR 1A]




LE COLONEL CHABERT. Ten years ago, history said he died a hero. Now Colonel Chabert is back to claim what's rightfully his — but first he must prove he exists. 1994. Color. 1 hr. 51 min. French with English subtitles. Copy 1 — VHS. [FR 47A]

LE JEU DE L'AMOUR ET DU HASSARD. Marcel Bluwalïs adaptation of this work by Maruvaux tells the story of Dorante and Silvia, whose parents have arranged for them to marry. When Dorante travels to meet Silvia for the first rime, she obtains the permission of her father, Monsieur Orgon, to disguise herself as her servant, Lisette, in order to examine the character of her intended unobserved. 1967. 1 hr. 32 min. French. DVD. [FR 191]

LE MALADE IMAGINAIRE. Hypochindriac Argan’s household revolves around his obsession with his chronic imaginary illnesses. Served by a pair of unscrupulous doctors, Argan even goes so far as to try to marry off his daughter Angélique to one of their sons so he would have a physician in the family. 2003. Color. 2 hr. 3 min. French. DVD. (Two-disc set: Part 1 of 2/ Part 2 of 2.) [FR 167]

LE MARIAGE FORCÉ. Sganarelle is a wealthy man of 64 who proposes to Dorimène, a flirtatious young woman in her teens. But as second thoughts assail him, he consults with his friend Geronimo, a couple of philosophers, and even a pair of fortune-tellers. Convinced tha the will become the butt of marital infidelity, he struggles to break off the engagement — until Doremene's brother gives him a sound beating, which persuades him to finish what he has started. 2002. Color. 1 hr. 11 min. French. DVD. [FR 164]

LE MISANTHROPE. Having lost all patience with the flattery and hypocrisy of fashionable society, Alceste has vowed to speak and act only with complete sincerity. Paradoxically, he falls in love with the epitome of all that he despises: the cruel coquette Célimène. Disgusted by his loss in a lawsuit in which justice was on his side, Alceste resolves to abandon society once and for all, and asks Célimène to accompany him. Color. 2 hr. French. DVD. (Two-disc set.) [FR 166]

LE PÉRE AIMABLE. Color. 1 hr. 30 min. French. VHS. [FR 39]

LE PETIT LIEUTENANT. A gripping police noir, Le Petit Lieutenant tells the story of Antoine, an ambitious young cop from the provinces who joins a plainclothes crime unit in Paris. Antoine spends his days eagerly awaiting his first assignment, drinking with his fellow detectives and developing an unlikely relationship with his superior, a veteran policewoman with a troubled past. But when the body of a drifter is found murdered along the Seine, a seemingly routine investigation suddenly turns violent and forever changes all their lives. 2005. Color. 1h. 50min. French with English subtitles. DVD. [FR 212]

LE SCHPOUNTZ. The "Schpountz" is the horsefaced Fernandel, who is convinced he has a calling to become a great tragic movie actor. He only too willingly becomes the butt of practical joke perpetrated by some visiting movie people. They sign him up to a phony contract and invite him to Paris to make his debut. The expectant grocer goes to Paris where predictable the role reversal results. He becomes a great star though of comedy, not of tragedy. 1936. B&W. 2 hr. 15 min. French with English subtitles. VHS. [FR 127]

L'ÉCOLE DES FEMMES. A plot of young lovers, a manipulative older man, innocent trust misplaced, and the discovery of a wealthy father — all presented with extraordinary psychological insight and enormous wit, and couched in some of Molière's most biting language. 2005. Color. 2 hr. French. (Part I, Part II) DVD. [FR 26]

LES DOUZE (12) TRAVAUX D'ASTÉRIX. When Julius Cesar fears that he will probably never be able to defeat the Gaulic village of Astérix and his friends he has the idea of offering the Gauls a deal. If they are able to solve twelve tasks, that he has selected, he will hand over the Roman Empire to them. If not, they will have to submit. 1976. Color. 1 hr. 21 min. French. VHS. [FR 141]

LES FABLES DE LA FONTAINE. These beautifully illustrated fables teach valuable lessons. Enjoy the poetic animal stories of one of France's most beloved writers. Includes vocabulary sheet and 10 question worksheet. Color. 11 min. French with English subtitles. VHS. [FR 65]

LES FEMMES SAVANTES. Pseudo-intellectualism is all the fashion, and Chrysale is a man under siege. Philaminte, his wife, is enthralled by the pedantic poet Trissotin and is determined to marry their youngest daughter, Henriette, to him in spite of her husband’s opposition and Henriette’s protests that she be allowed to marry the sensible Clitandre. Color. 2 hr. 15 min. French. DVD. (Two-disc set.) [FR 165]

LES FOURBERIES DE SCAPIN. Here we see Molière, nearing the end of his career and at the height of his powers, transforming the devices of Roman comedy into a brilliant modern play. Scapin, the prototypical clever servant, schemes to extricate two pairs of young lovers from great difficulties; when his machinations come to light, a happy coincidence ties all the loose ends together. 2003. Color. 1 hr. 40 min. French with English subtitles. DVD. [FR 168]

LES GENS DE PARIS AU TEMPS DU ROI SOLEIL. A multi-angled profile of Parisians and their Paris in the 17th century: laborers, tradesmen, artisans, soldiers, priests, beggars, and the rich and famous, whose lavish lifestyles supported and exploited all the rest and led, inevitably, to their overthrow during the Revolution. Counterpointing the faces and habits of Parisians then and now, the program emphasizes how many things have remained the same through change. As for Paris itself, both the magnificent and the ordinary building of Louis XIV's long reign continue in use, some tucked behind modern façades and many more the dominating structures of modern Paris. Color. 1 hr. French. Copy 1 — VHS. [FR 17A]


LES PARENTS TERRIBLES. A gut-wrenching tale of incestuous, emotional rivalries that destroy an already neurotic family, announces his love for Madeline. Unknown to him, or his domineering and possessive mother, Madeline is the mistress of his philandering father, George. The mother and aunt plot to disrupt the affair between the two youngsters, but a change in heart and the mother's death brings the story to resolution. 1948. B&W. 1 hr. 38 min. French with English subtitles. VHS. [FR 110]

LES PARISIENS. This live-action video features vignettes of Parisians at work and play. The vocabulary has been programmed to appeal to a wide range of student achievement levels. 1988. Color. 22 min. French. VHS. [FR 140]

LES PRÉCIEUSES RIDICULES. Gorgibus, a provincial bourgeois, moves to Paris in the hopes of marrying his daughter and niece to a pair of young men of good families. Unfortunately, Magdelon and Cathos, enamored of the affections of Parisian society, reject their suitors for lacking the flamboyant manners they so adore. In retaliation, the suitors pass off their valets as highly fashionable noblemen, who succeed in infatuating the snobbish young ladies — and when the subterfuge is revealed, their mortification is complete. 2000. Color. 1 hr. 3 min. French. VHS. [FR 145]

LES UNS ET LES AUTRES (BOLERO). Made by critically-acclaimed filmmaker Claude Lelouch, this musical extravaganza spans three generations from pre-World War II Europe to the 1960's. James Caan plays a dual role and heads an all-star international cast including Geraldine Chaplin, Fanny Ardant, Robert Hossein, Macha Meril, Richard Bohringer, Alexandra Stewart, and a young Sharon Stone. The sweeping epic features music from composers like Michel Legrand, Francis Lai, as well as classical scores from Beethoven, Ravel, Liszt, and more. 1981 (Re-released in 2002). Color. 2 hrs. 57 min. French with English Subtitles. DVD. [FR 192]

LIFE AND NOTHING BUT. A year after W.W.I has ended, cynical Major Dellaplane has the difficult task of identifying and interring thousands of fallen French soldiers anonymously languishing in field hospitals and littering the vast Verdun battlefield. 1989. Color. 2 hr. 15 min. French/French with English subtitles. Special features include: An interview with Philippe Noiret and Bertrand Tavernier, stills gallery, and filmographies. DVD. [FR 92]

LIFE OF ÉMILE ZOLA, THE. Episodically explores the career of the novelist who championed the cause of France's oppressed. 1937. B&W. 1 hr. 57 min. English. VHS. [FR 49]

LILIOM. Brash ne'er-do-well Liliom, played by Boyer with physical gusto and inner uncertainty, is a carnival barker until he encounters the ethereal Julie. Their spellbound union is based on her unwavering faith in him. Liliom is overjoyed to learn he will become a father, but his efforts to find money for his family end badly. When twin dark angels bring Liliom to a fantastic tribunal in the heavens, his story is contradicted by a filmed replay of his past. Years later, he is brought back for one day to do something good. An uncanny encounter with his daughter leads to a beautifully abstract resolution of his destiny. 1934. B&W. 1 hr. 56 min. French/French with English subtitles. DVD. [FR 194]

L'IMPROMTU DE VERSAILLES. Under the pretext of holding an improvised rehearsal at Versailles, Moliére gathers his actors and attempts to explain his conception of drama while defining the poetics of a rigorous and innovative dramatic art and in the process settles some accounts with the troupe of the Hotel de Bourgogne. Color. 56 min. French. VHS. [FR 146]

LITTLE NICHOLAS [LE PETIT NICOLAS]. Little Nicholas is a journey into childhood that will delight the whole family. It is an invitation to rediscover the child that we were, and the child that we are. 2010. Color. 87 min. French with French and English subtitles. DVD. [FR 222]

LITTLE THEATER, THE. Comprised of three separate stories on one VHS tape. This was Renoir's last film of a career that spanned almost 50 years. 1969. Color. 1 hr. 40 min. total. French with English subtitles. (Part 1: The Last Christmas Dinner- Inspired by the story The Little Match Girl/ Part 2: The Electric Floor Polisher. An amusing tale of a woman in love with her floor polisher/ Part 3: The Virtue of Tolerance. A story of an elderly husband who accepts his wife's adulterous affairs.) VHS. [FR 155]

LOUVRE, THE. This lavishly produced program traces the architectural evolution of the world's most famous art museum, from its use as a fortress by Philippe Auguste to the construction of its controversial glass pyramid by American architect I. M. Pei. 1997. Color. 1 hr. 3 min. French. VHS. [FR 86]

LOVER, THE. Jean-Jacques Annaud adapts Marguerite Duras' autobiographical novel L'Amant: political, social and class tensions and sexual role-playing refracted through an erotic relationship between a beautiful French girl (Jane March) and her older, elegant, aristocratic Chinese lover. The film is set in French-occupied Indochina during the 1920s. 1992. Color. 1 hr. 55 min. English/French with optional English/French/Spanish subtitles. Special features include: Unrated version and trailer. DVD. [FR 174]

LUMIÉRE BROTHERS' FIRST FILMS, THE. Narrated by Bertrand Tavernier, this amazing journey through the birth of the motion picture as art form is no ordinary compilation. All of the titles in this series were restored by the Lumiére Institute (of which Tavernier is president) and demonstrate the tremendous breadth of the Lumiéres' work — from the first dolly shot to their extraordinary recording of history in Russia, China and the United States. B&W and Color. 1996. 1 hr. 1 min. English. Special features include: Commentary in English by Bertrand Tavernier, piano score composed and performed by Stuary Oderman, and commentary in French by Thierry Fremaux. DVD. [FR 172]

LUMUMBA. When the Congo declared its independence from Belgium in 1960, the 36-year-old, self-educated Lumumba became the first prime minister of the newly independent state. 2000. Color. 1 hr 55 min. French with English subtitles. Special features include: Excerpts from director Raoul Peck's 1991 documentary LUMUMBA: DEATH OF A PROPHET, historical timeline and background on the Congo, bio-filmographies of filmmakers and stars, story and production notes and trailer. DVD. [FR 11]

MADAME BAPTISTE. Color. French. VHS. [FR 40]

MADAME BOVARY. The beautiful and fiercely sensual Emma Bovary is trapped in a loveless marriage with a small-town physician. Possessed by a burning hunger for life and love, Emma pursues scandalous affairs with passionate abandon. But when her equally reckless spending triggers a financial crisis, she must gain control over her behavior she completely destroys the lives of those around her. 1991. Color. 2 hr. 23 min. French/French with English/French/Spanish subtitles. Special features include: Special theatrical trailer. DVD. [FR 82]

MADAME BOVARY. The story of one ill-fated woman's revolt against conventional society. 1949. B&W. 1 hr. 54 min. English. VHS. [FR 76]

MADAME ROSA. Madame Rosa is an aging Jewish prostitute who earns her living raising other prostitutes' children when they can no longer tend to them. 1977. Color. 1 hr. 44 min. French with English subtitles. VHS. [FR 109]


MANON OF THE SPRING. It’s been ten long years since the death of her father left the beautiful Manon tending goats as a shepherdess in the rugged hills of Provence. Struggling to make her way in the world, Manon has no idea that her neighbor and his nephew cheated her out of her fathers land. 1986. Color. 1 hr. 54 min. French/French with English/French/Spanish subtitles. Special features include: Trailer. Copy 1 — DVD. [FR 94A]

MARCEL PROUST. Memory was the starting point for Proust. The rich images of Remembrance of Things Past reveal a life that is a work of art, investigating time and memory emotionally and psychologically. 1988. Color. 1 hr. English. VHS. [FR 50]

MARIUS. Copy 2 — DVD. [FR 73B]

MARIUS. The first installment of Marcel Pagnol's trilogy about a wandering sailor, Marius, his lady love, Fanny, and their child, Cesario. B&W. French with English subtitles. Copy 1 — VHS. [FR 73A]

MARYSE CONDE SPEAKS FROM THE HEART. This video features an interview with the widely read and gifted writer from Guadeloupe, author of 14 novels, five plays, and numerous collections of essays. She talks freely about her childhood, her passion for honesty, her compassion for women, her love of family, and her respect for the craft of writing. She also describes her experiences with racism in France and the United States, the controversy her books have caused in various parts of the world, and her view of what it means to be independent. The video concludes with a dramatic reading from her latest work, Le coeur à rire et à pleurer. 2003. Color. 48 min. English voice-over. VHS. [FR 180]

MÉLIÈS. The Magician. In this extraordinary film, witnesses and historians tell Méliès incredible story. This film uses rare archival footage, film experts and reconstructions to reveal the life, art, and unique techniques of the legendary film pioneer. 1997. Color and B&W. 3 hr. 5 min. French/English. DVD. [FR 28]

MODERATO CANTABILE. Anne Desbardes is the bored young wife of a wealthy industrial baron. The only light in her life is her young son Pierre. During one of Pierre's piano lessons "in town" a violent crime is committed in a neighboring cafe. Curious, Anne later goes to the cafe and strikes up a conversation with an employee of her husband, Chauvin. The acquaintance soon becomes an obsession with her, as she equates herself with the victim of the passionate crime she almost witnessed. 1959. B&W. 1 hr. 30 min. French with English subtitles. VHS. [FR 125]

MON ONCLE ANTOINE. Claude Jutra’s evocative portrait of a boy’s coming-of-age in wintry 1940s rural Quebec has been consistently cited by critics and scholars as the greatest Canadian film of all time. Delicate, naturalistic, and tinged with a striking mix of nostalgia and menace, Mon Oncle Antoine follows Benoit, as he first encounters the twin terrors of sex and death, and his fellow villagers, who live under the thumb of the local asbestos mine owner. (Two Disc Set.) Criterion Collection Production. 2008. (Disc 1: Feature Film. New, restored high-definition digital transfer, supervised and approved by director of photography Michael Brault, optional English-dubbed soundtrack, theatrical trailer, new and improved English subtitle translation. 1971. 104 min. Color Monaural in French with optional English subtitles/ Disc 2: The Supplements. On Screen! “Mon Oncle Antoine,” a 2007 documentary tracing the making and history of the film. Claude Jutra: An Unfinished Story, a 2002 documentary by Paul Baillargeon, featuring interviews with Brault, director Bernardo Bertolucci, and actors Geneviève Bujold and Saul Rubinek. A Chairy Tale, a 1957 experimental short codirected by Jutra and Norman McLaren. DVD. [FR 202]

MONSIEUR IBRAHIM. In a street called Blue in a very poor neighborhood in Paris, Monsieur Ibrahim is an old Muslim Turkish owner of a small market. He becomes friend of the teenager Jewish Moises, tenderly nicknamed Momo, who lives with his father in a small apartment on the other side of the street. Monsieur Ibrahim gives paternal love and teaches the knowledge of the Qur'an to the boy, receiving in return love and respect. DVD. [FR 220]

MONT SAINT-MICHEL. A stronghold of art, history and of spirituality, dedicated to Saint Michael the Archangel, France's patron saint, emerges as one of the world's most outstanding shrines. Color. 54 min. English. VHS. [FR 133]

MOOLAADE. Philippe Abrams is a post office manager in the South of France. He is married to Julie, a difficult woman who makes his life miserable. To please her, he tries to cheat his way into a job transfer to the French Rivera. 2004. Color. 2 hr. 4 min. Jula and French with English subtitles. DVD. [FR 225]

MY FATHER'S GLORY. Based on the wistful memoirs of renowned French author/filmmaker Marcel Pagnol. Among the intoxicating hills of the rustic Bastide Neuve young Marcel and his family experience an unforgettable summer holiday. 1991. Color. 1 hr. 49 min. French with English subtitles. VHS. [FR 126]

MY MOTHER'S CASTLE. Based on the wistful memoirs of renowned French author/filmmaker Marcel Pagnol. Highlights the alluring, magical, country life of turn-of-the-century Provence. Young Marcel's mother has fallen in love with the tranquil radiance of Bastide Neuve after spending a blissful summer holiday there. Desperate to make it a weekly ritual, she encourages her family of modest means to make the exhausting nine-mile route on foot to get to her beloved hills. But when they find ther is an illegal short cut through a private estate, they are torn between the long haul and the easy way. They take a chance and soon encounter a ruthless landowner who will stop at nothing to see that Marcel's father pays the price. 1991. Color. 1 hr. 38 min. French with English subtitles. VHS. [FR 112]

MYSTERY OF PICASSO, THE. In 1955, Clouzot joined forces with his friend Picasso to make an entirely new kind of art documentary — one that captured the moment and the mystery of creativity. For the film, the master created 20 artworks — ranging from playful black-and-white sketches to wide screen paintings. 1956. Color and B&W. 1 hr. 15 min. French with optional English subtitles. Special features include: Audio commentary by Peggy Parsons of the National Gallery of Art, audio commentary by Archie Rand; a muralist and senior professor of Visual Arts at Columbia University, short film: Alain Resnais' "Guernica" (1950, 13 min.), and trailer. DVD. [FR 13]

NIGHT AND FOG. Definitive film on Nazi concentration camps and a devastating record of a man's inhumanity to man. 1955. Color and B&W. 30 min. French with English subtitles. VHS. [FR 129]

ONZE SIECLES DE LITTERATURE FRANCAISE. Explore the diversity and richness of French literature from its beginnings up to the modern-day philosophical musings of Sartre and Camus. The great authors and important movements and eras are covered. 1993. Color. 1 hr. 6 min. French. DVD. [FR 45]

ORPHÉE. Cocteau's famous retelling of the Greek myth, with Jean Marais as Orphée, the successful poet envied and despised, who pushes himself beyond mortality, and Maria Casares as the dark, troubled, passionate Death. A great film, crafted by one of the 20th century's most revered artists. 1989. B&W. 1 hr. 52 min. European system. VHS. [FR 10]

PARIS CITY OF LIGHT. The city of Paris, where the Arc de Triomphe curves majestically over the Champs Elysees, the Eiffel Tower's lacy finger pierces the sky; and the Louvre Museum, with its Renaissance elegance, surrounds the pristine modern glass pyramid. This intimate exploration of the most glorious city in the world traces Paris' history and culture through its architecture, monuments, museums and its most notable citizens: Napoleon, Charles de Gaulle, Victor Hugo, Eduord Manet and Coco Chanel. 1996. Color. 58 min. English. VHS. [FR 122]

PARIS IN THE TIME OF BALZAC. A history of Paris during the tumultuous years of the Consulate, the Empire, the Restoration, and the July Monarchy, when acceptance of religious, monarchical and parental authority ceased to hold sway and the relentless drive of the bourgeoisie for social acceptance became the overriding concern. 1993. Color. 26 min. English. VHS. [FR 81]

PARIS, JE T’AIME. This whirlwind narrative about love in the City of Love goes from one seemingly unconnected tale to the next, until they all begin to be wound together. The product is a funny, ironic, romantic, poignant, and perhaps quite magical film featuring an ensemble cast of some of the world’s most renowned actors and actresses, with writing and direction by some of today’s best and most unique filmmakers. Truly destined to be a classic film. 2006. 2hr. 45 min. French and English with English and optional Spanish subtitles. Color. (2 discs) (Disc 1: THE FEATURE with a “making of” documentary/ Disc 2: SPECIAL FEATURES. 18 behind-the-scenes featurettes; split-screen storyboards. DVD. [FR 200]

PARIS: UNE CAPITAL DES ARTS. The history of people, events, and places in France; includes music and art. (Three tapes.) (Part 1 of 3.) Paris: 1830. Beginning in 1830, this first program presents the Paris of revolutionary theater, the Romantics, and the neoclassicists. It also deals with the impact of the Restoration and the Paris Commune on the arts — Racine, Balzac, and Hugo in literature; Jericho and Girodet in art; Chopin and Liszt in music. The appearance of the Feuilletons and the erection of the Arc de Triomphe, the Pantheon, and the Place de Concorde take viewers on a nostalgic tour of a bygone Paris era. 1998. Color. 14 min. French. (Part 2 of 3.) Paris: 1860. This program presents Paris as the city razed and rebuilt by Napoleon III. It features the magnificent salons of Paris, the founding of the Louvre, and the creation of many other buildings and institutions, such as the opera and train stations. The artistic works of Manet and the avant-garde movement conjure a Paris on the precipice of a new, modern era. 1998. Color. 14 min. French. (Part 3 of 3.) Paris: 1900. It is the turn of the century — fin de siecle. This program captures that magical period in all of its glory on archival film by the renowned Lumiere brothers. Take a personal tour of the World's Fair, attend the Opera Comique, view Rodin's Gates of Hell, visit with Picasso and the Impressionists. This is Paris at the end of a major cultural epoch. 1998. Color. 14 min. French. VHS. [FR 77]

PASSÉ COMPOSÉ OF REGULAR VERBS, THE. Learn how to form the passe compose of regular verbs. Easy-to-understand explanations are accompanied by footage that was shot in France. Many examples are provided and a quiz that reviews the lesson is found at the program's conclusion. 2001. Color. 13 min. English and French. VHS. [FR 136]

PERCEVAL. Based on the 12th century book, Eric Rohmer's visually stylized film combines music, cinema, theater and more, creating a unique look at the Middle Ages. Perceval (played by Fabrice Luchini) is a young man living with his widowed mother and becomes enamored with the knights he sees, and thus sets out to become one. Naïve and selfish at the same time, Perceval's journey is an emotional exploration into the codes of the time. 1978. 2hr. 20 min. French with English Subtitles. Color. DVD. [FR 199]

PERSEPOLIS. Jacques Demy’s ode to the classic fairy tale by 17th Century author Charles Perrault (Cinderella) comes to life with breathtaking brilliance. Digitally restored and re-mastered under the supervision of Agnès Varda (The Gleaners and I), this epic tale overflows with dazzling color, elaborate costumes and an enchanting score by Academy Award®-winning composer Michel Legrand (The Umbrellas of Cherbourg). Catherine Deneuve (The Umbrellas of Cherbourg, Indochine) stars as a Princess whose father, the King (Jean Marais), seeks her hand in marriage after promising his dying wife to only wed a woman more beautiful than she. Listening to her godmother, the Fairy of Lilacs (Delphine Seyrig), the frightened Princess flees to a neighboring farm and hides as a scullery maid, while wearing the skin of her father’s prized donkey as a disguise. A visiting Prince passes by, and an unlikely romance is born. DVD. [FR 207]

PHEDRE. The Greek legend as adapted by the French playwright Racine. 1968. Color. 1 hr. 33 min. French with English subtitles. VHS. [FR 5]

PLAY TIME. Jacques Tati’s gloriously choreographed, nearly wordless comedies about confusion in the age of technology reached their creative apex with Play Time. For this monumental achievement—a nearly three-year-long, bank-breaking production—Tati again thrusts the endearingly clumsy, resolutely old-fashioned Monsieur Hulot (Tati), along with a host of other lost souls, into a bafflingly modernist Paris. With every inch of its superwide frame crammed with hilarity and inventiveness, Play Time slyly depicts the shock of the new. 1967. Color. 2 hr. 4 min. French with English subtitles . Special features include: Video introduction by Terry Jones; Selected scene audio commentary by film historian Philip Kemp; Alternate international soundtrack; "Au-delà de Playtime," a short documentary featuring archival behind-the-scenes footage from the set; "Tati Story," a short biographical film about Tati; "Jacques Tati in Monsieur Hulot’s Work," a 1976 BBC Omnibus program; Rare audio interview with Tati from the U.S. debut of Playtime; Video interview with script supervisor Sylvette Baudrot Cours du soir, a 1967 short film written by and starring Tati; Booklet with a new essay by Jonathan Rosenbaum. DVD. (Two-disc set: Part 1 of 2/ Part 2 of 2) NOTE: Included in the case is a booklet of special features. Please make sure that the booklet is returned with the DVD. [FR 217]

PLEINS FEUX SUR LA RÉVOLUTION: 1789/1799. Récit animé de la révolution Française. 1989. Color. 36 min. French. VHS. [FR 63]

PONETTE. Sent to live with her relatives, Ponette experiences the hopes, dreams and fears of a child following the loss of a parent. 1997. Color. 1 hr. 32 min. French with English subtitles. VHS. [FR 116]

PRETTY DEVILS [VOYOUS VOYELLES]. Two years before she captured the hearts of movie fans around the world in Amelie, Audrey Tautou starred in this story of three young women struggling with abandonment issues. Sisters Lea and Aurelie (Olivia Bonamy and Axelle Ade-Pasdeloup) are angry with their mother for taking up with a new man following the death of their father. While conning various neighborhood men, they meet Anne-Sophie (Tautou), whose heart has been broken by an unfaithful lover. The sisters conspire with Anne-Sophie to get even with her ex-boyfriend, but their mischief escalates into real trouble. 2000. Color. 1 hr. 35 min. French with English subtitles. DVD. [FR 173]

PUBLICITÉS TÉLÉVISÉES. Color. 1 hr. French. VHS. [FR 22]

QUAI DES ORFÈVRES. Come see the fabulous Jenny Lamour, the singer with stars in her eyes. Ignoring the protest of her covetous husband Maurice Jenny pursues a meeting with a lecherous movie financier. 1947. B&W. 1 hr. 46 min. French with English subtitles. Special features include: A rare interview with the director, Henri-Georges Clouzot and actors Bernard Blier, Simone Renant, and Suzy Delair, original trailer, poster gallery, and a new essay by Luc Sante. DVD. [FR 9]

QUE SÇAIS-JE? MICHEL DE MONTAIGNE. This documentary examines Montaigne's life and work, offering exccerpts from his writings by French-born actor, Francis Dumaurier. 1996. Color. 30 min. French. VHS. [FR 42]

QUEEN MARGOT. A classic tale of intrigue and forbidden love. Thrown into a political marriage of convenience by her ruthlessly power-hungry family, the beautiful Margot soon finds herself hopelessly drawn into their murderous affairs. It is then she realizes that her only hope of escape lies somewhere between the heroic soldier who loves her and the enemy husband who could save her. 1994. Color. 2 hr. 24 min. French with English subtitles. DVD. [FR 162]

RABELAIS AND HIS WORLD. Francois Rabelais — satirist, humanist, and physician — did not have an easy time of it during his life. His most famous work, Gargantua, was condemned by the Catholic Church for its unorthodox ideas and mockery of religious practices. This program examines the 16th-century masterpiece within the context of the epoch in which it was written, providing a comprehensive overview of the work, of Rabelais the man, and of the dogmatic world in which he lived. 1998. Color. 23 min. French. VHS. [FR 87]

RED AND THE BLACK, THE. Stands as a landmark in international literature initiating the psychological realism that dominated the 19th-century novel. 1957. Color. 2 hr. 17 min. French with English subtitles. VHS. [FR 6]

RENDEZVOUS IN PARIS. A witty, enchanting comedy about the complications of love, Rendezvous in Paris, follows three young couples as they face the vanities, cruelties, and deceptions of their romantic entanglements. 1995. Color. 1 hr. 40 min. French with English subtitles. VHS. [FR 115]

RENDEZ-VOUS. An implusive and instinctual adolescent girl arrives in Paris, hot for an acting career. Propelled from one man to another, she is involved in strange relationships that lead to obsession and suicide. 1985. Color. 1 hr. 22 min. French with English subtitles. VHS. [FR 100]

RIDICULE. Copy 2 — DVD. [FR 102B]

RIDICULE. In a desperate quest to save his hometown, a young man quickly learns that a sharp wit is the key to open any door in the Versailles court of Louis XVI. But his mission is complicated when he finds himself locked in a dangerous triangle with two very seductive ladies: a sophisticated older woman who can help him... and an innocent young beauty with nothing to offer but her love. 1996. Color. 1 hr. 43 min. French with English subtitles. Copy 1 — VHS. [FR 102A]

SARTRE PAR LUI MÊME [SARTRE BY HIMSELF]. Sartre, interviewed by Alexandre Astruc, speaks eloquently about his life and writings, his efforts on behalf of the French Resistance, his public opposition to the Algerian and Vietnam Wars, and his views on feminism. (Two tapes.) Part 1 of 2: 1976. Color. 1 hr. 33 min. French with English subtitles/ Part 2 of 2: 1976. Color. 1 hr. 42 min. French with English subtitles. VHS. [FR 59]

SAVOIR ET CONNAÎTRE. Color. 17 min. French with English subtitles. VHS. [FR 66]

SENECHAL THE MAGNIFICENT. Fernandel is well cast as a buffoon actor who, through mistaken identities and ability to mimic, becomes a Parisian sensation. B&W. 1 hr. 18 min. French with English subtitles. VHS. [FR 107]

SIMONE DE BEAUVOIR. Feminist, writer, political activist, the full range of Simone De Beauvoir's fascinating life is captured in this insightful documentary portrait. 1982. Color. 1 hr. 50 min. French with English subtitles. VHS. [FR 23]

SMALL CHANGE. The memorable story of Truffaut's brighter, gentler, and still deeply felt, troubled childhood. 1976. Color. 1 hr. 45 min. French with English subtitles. VHS. [FR 43]

TALES OF PARIS (with Catherine Deneuve). A collection of four short films about Parisian women. "Tales of Ella," "The Tale of Antonia," "The Tale of Francoise," and "The Tale of Sophie." 1962. B&W. 1 hr. 40 min. French with English subtitles. VHS. [FR 79]

TARTUFFE. A WNET Great Performances: Theater in America Production. 1978. Color. 2 hr. 10 min. English. Special features include: Chaptering for all acts of the play, indexing for locating key segments and previews of other Broadway Theater Archive plays. DVD. [195]

TARTUFFE. Events unfold when a rich merchant falls under the spell of a charismatic religious zealot. Gerard Depardieu's TARTUFFE is a powerful manipulator, charming his way into the merchant's household, making passes at the master's wife and wreaking havoc with his daughter's engagement party. Pushed to their limits, the entire family conspires to expose the imposter. 1984. Color. 2 hr. 5 min. French with English subtitles. VHS. [FR 196]

TARTUFFE. The story of a man who cloaks his evil in piety and nearly succeeds in defrauding the innocent, but for the intercession of the king. This sparkling performance produced by the Société des Comédiens Français. Color. 2 hr. French with English subtitles. VHS. [FR 7]

TASTE OF OTHERS, THE. The lives and loves of several completely opposite men and women artfully intersect in what becomes a delightfully funny web of romantic entanglements. ! While negotiating differences in wealth and status, style and taste, this vivid collection of characters mix and match in outrageously volatile combinations! Internationally acclaimed for its sexy comic sophistication -- expect the unexpected from this uncommonly entertaining motion picture! 2000. Color. 1 hr. 52 min. French with English subtitles. DVD. [FR 209]

TCHAO PANTIN [GOODBYE PUPPET]. On the streets, one word is law: survival. French star Coluche, in this extrodinary glimpse of underworld drama, portrays a middle-aged ex-cop whose life consists of just that: survival. In his loneliness he befriends and equally lonely youth who pushes drugs on the street. When the boy is killed by his suppliers in an "accident," Coluche must choose — remain indifferent or avenge his friend's death. Color. 1 hr. 34 min. French with English subtitles. (Two tapes). VHS. [FR 75]

TÉLÉ-PICS PILOT. Nine short tele-clips and two télé-programmes that are aimed at teaching language and culture throughout the curriculum. Color. 30 min. French. {Télé-clips: 1) Reportage: Une école à la mesure de lénfant (Télématin); 2) Petits caractères, gros déboires (INC); 3) TRUC: Envelopper un cadeau (Télématin); 4) Publicité: Crédit Namurois (Vidéotrame); 5) Météo (Télématin); 6) Vol: comment s'en protéger (INC); 7) Pulicité: Tapis vert (Loto); 8) Film: ll y a des jours et des lunes; 9) Les diapos de Pierre Parraux (TS)}{Télé-programmes: 1) Au service du public: Le telephone (CDNP); 2) Un geste simple (ACM)} VHS. [FR 95]

THAT OBSCURE OBJECT OF DESIRE. A dizzying game of sexual politics punctuated by a terror that harkens back Buñuel’s brilliant surrealistic beginnings. Mathieu, an urbane widower, is tortured by his lust for the elusive Conchita. 1977. Color. 1 hr. 44 min. French/French with English subtitles. Special features include: Interview with the screenwriter, excerpts from a silent film, trailer, and interview with Luis Buñuel. DVD. [FR 151]

THE DREAMLIFE OF ANGELS. Isa is an optimistic wanderer eking out an existence for herself working odd jobs, while backpacking across the French countryside. She lands a job at a dress factory where she befriends the pessimistic, rebellious Marie. The two polar opposites become roomates and slowly develop a close friendship. But when Marie falls into a passionate affair with a handsome, arrogant young man, her all-consuming romance causes her friendship with Isa to suffer, with tragic consequences. 1998. Color. 1 hr. 43 min. French with English subtitles. VHS. [FR 113]

THE GOLDEN COACH. Anna Magnani plays Camilla the leading star of a commedia del-l'arte troupe touring Peru in the early 18th century. The actors arrive on the same boat that transports the new golden coach of the Viceroy. Camilla has to dally with her three lovers — Felipe, a young officer, a suave Viceroy, and Ramon, a bullfighter. Each man desires Camilla for different purposes. Romantic jealousy and local politics enter into the roundelay. Camilla must break from her lovers and the reality of the Peruvian town to the retreat of her self-sustaining art. 1952. Color. 1 hr. 43 min. English. VHS. [FR 152]

TIME REGAINED. Opens in 1922, as Proust is on his deathbed, looking through photos and remembering his life. Gradually, we watch as his own experiences give way to the characters in his novel - fiction eclipses reality. 1999. Color. 2 hr. 38 min. French/French with English subtitles. Special features include: Trailer. DVD. [FR 161]


TOURING FRANCE. The tour includes history, landmarks, and current events that take place at various cities in France. Color. 1 hr. 5 min. English. VHS. [FR 32]

UN AIR DE FAMILLE. A sharp and biting comic drama about a dysfunctional family that gets together for dinner once a week. 1996. Color. 1 hr. 45 min. French with English subtitles. Copy 1 — VHS . [FR 118A]

UN AIR DE FAMILLE. Copy 2 — VHS . [FR118B]

UNDER THE SAND. Charlotte Rampling plays a middle-aged woman in a complacent but seemingly happy marriage. Her life changes dramatically when her husband disappears without a trace while the couple is on vacation. While the uncertainty of the husband's fate is constantly in the air, the film's central focus is the adjustment of Rampling's character to life alone and her tentative steps toward a new relationship. 2001. Color. 1 hr. 35 min. French/English with optional English/Spanish subtitles. Special features include: Filmographies, trailer, interview with Charlotte Ramping, and audio commentary with Francois Ozon. DVD. [FR 187]


VAGABOND. The story of Mona, an aimless drifter whose only desire in life is to be truly free. As she wanders through the wintry French countryside, Mona encounters violence, hunger, fear and cold. She deeply touches the lives of those people she meets on the road, confronting them with her own ideas of freedom. 1985. Color. 1 hr. 45 min. French with English subtitles. VHS. [FR 51]

VALMONT. Set in Baroque France, a scheming widow and her lover make a bet regarding the corruption of a recently married woman. The lover, Valmont, bets that he can seduce her, even though she is an honorable woman. If he wins, he can have his lover to do as he will. However, in the process of seducing the married woman, Valmont falls in love. Based on the same novel as "Dangerous Liaisons." 1989. Color. 2 hr. 17 min. French/English with optional English/French/Spanish subtitles. Special features include: trailer. DVD. [FR 54]

VOLTAIRE: CANDIDE. A wonderful introduction to the brilliant mind and sharp tongue of Voltaire, this program offers the principal adventures of the young man raised to believe that this is the best of all possible worlds. 1993. Color. 2 hr. 15 min. French. VHS. [FR 83]

VOLTAIRE’S CANDIDE. Featuring David Coward, Haydon Mason, and David Williams, this program profiles Voltaire and examines his masterpiece Candide. It considers the ways in which the work contributed to the destruction of the philosophy of optimism and discusses Candide as a turning point in Voltaire’s career. 2003. Color. 40 min. Discussion in English only. DVD. [FR 203]

WEAPONS OF THE SPIRIT. This historical documentary describes how a small hamlet in France opposed the Vichy government and saved 5,000 Jews from extermination during World War II in what director Pierre Sauvage describes as a "conspiracy of goodness." Sauvage narrates the experience of returning to Le Chambon-sur-Lignon where a local farmer and his wife concealed him and his family during the war. 1989. Color. 1 hr. 30 min. English with French subtitles. VHS. [FR 179]

WELCOME TO THE STICKS [BIENVENUE CHEZ LES CH’TIS]. Philippe Abrams is a post office manager in the South of France. He is married to Julie, a difficult woman who makes his life miserable. To please her, he tries to cheat his way into a job transfer to the French Rivera. 2007. Color. 1 hr. 46 min. French with English subtitles. DVD. [FR 223]

WHEN THE CAT'S AWAY. A purr-fect romantic comedy about a beautiful girl, her missing pet, and her search for true love in Paris. 1997. Color. 1 hr. 31 min. French with English subtitles. VHS. [FR 119]

WIDOW OF SAINT-PIERRE, THE. While a guillotine and an executioner are sent from France, a convict sentenced to death on the isolated island of Saint-Pierre strives to better himself in the eyes of the police chief's beautiful wife. But when an event takes place turning public opinion against his execution, the town's politicians become even more determined to carry it out — and teach the police chief and his wife a lesson they will never forget. 1997. Color. 1 hr. 48 min. French/English with English/French/Spanish subtitles. Special features include: Making of featurette, trailer, and cast and crew interviews. DVD. [FR 177]

WOMAN WITH RED BOOTS, THE [LA FEMME AUX BOTTES ROUGES]. After a chance meeting with avant-garde writer Françoise an elderly millionaire starts to manipulate her life, drawing in equally unsuspecting and happily married Mark. 1974. Color. 1 hr. 35 min. In French/English/Spanish with English subtitles. Special features include: Filmographies, trailer, letterbox, and still gallery. DVD. [FR 15]

WORKS OF LA FONTAINE, THE. A program about the life and work of the great fabulist whose renditions of Aesop in verse hold up animals as a mirror for a man. 1993. Color. 27 min. English. VHS. [FR 84]

Z. A landmark political thriller, Costa-Gavras follows the routine investigation of a seemingly accidental death of a Greek pacifist leader, which eventually uncovers a web of violence and terrorist tactics that implicates an entire government in its secret conspiracy to murder an honest man. 1968. Color. 2 hr. 7 min. French/French with English/Spanish/German subtitles. Special features include: Commentary track with Costa-Gavras, interviews, restoration demo, photo gallery, original trailer, filmographies, and weblinks. DVD. [FR 186]

ZERO IN CONDUCT. An early French sound film set in a boy's school and featuring a charming rebellion against authority. 1933. B&W. 48 min. French with English subtitles. VHS. [FR 72]

ZOU ZOU. This story is about a star who walks out on her sugardaddy producer for true love, and a talented Cinderella takes her place, saves the show and is hailed as a new sensation opening night. 1934. B&W. 1 hr. 32 min. French with English subtitles. VHS. [FR 160]


112 TONIO KRÖGER. An intellectual cinematic masterpiece based on the story by Thomas Mann of youth trying to understand life. Tonio, the son of an austere Prussian businessman, is a young writer torn between contradictory desires and emotions. 1965. B&W. 1 hr. 32 min. German with English subtitles. VHS. [GR 2]

2ND HEIMAT: A CHRONICLE OF A GENERATION. (Includes a detailed Guidebook.) 1992. Color and B&W. 25 hr 32 min total. German with English subtitles. (Thirteen VHS tapes.) [GR 76]

I. (Part 1 of 13.) The Time of the First Songs (1960) 1 hr. 59 min.

II. (Part 2 of 13.) Two Strange Eyes (1960-1961) 1 hr. 55 min.

III. (Part 3 of 13.) Jealousy and Pride (1961) 1 hr. 55 min.

IV. (Part 4 of 13.) Ansgar’s Death (1961-1962) 1 hr. 60 min.

V. (Part 5 of 13.) The Game with Freedom (1962) 1 hr. 59 min.

VI. (Part 6 of 13.) Kennedy’s Children (1963) 1 hr. 47 min.

VII. (Part 7 of 13.) Christmas Wolves (1963) 1 hr. 50 min.

VIII. (Part 8 of 13.) The Wedding (1964) 1 hr. 59 min.

IX. (Part 9 of 13.) The Eternal Daughter (1965) 1 hr. 58 min.

X. (Part 10 of 13.) The End of the Future (1966) 2 hr. 12 min.

XI. (Part 11 of 13.) Time of Silence (1968) 2 hr.

XII. (Part 12 of 13.) A time of Many Words (1969) 2 hr. 1 min.

XIII. (Part 13 of 13.) Art or Life (1970) 2 hr. 12 min.

THE 3 PENNY OPERA [Die Dreigroschenoper]. (The Criterion Collection). The sly melodies of Kurt Weill and the daring of dramatist Bertolt Brecht come together on-screen under the direction of master-director G.W. Pabst in this classic adaptation of the Weimar-era theatrical sensation. Set in the impoverished back alleys of Victorian London, the film follows underworld antihero Mackie Messer (a.k.a. “Mack the Knife”) as he tries to woo Polly Peachum and elude the authorities. With its palpable evocation of corruption and dread, set to Weill’s irresistible score, The Threepenny Opera remains a benchmark of early sound cinema. It is presented here in both its celebrated German and rare French Versions. 1931. Black and White. 1 hr. 50 min. German with optional English subtitles. DVD (2 discs). [GR 126]

Disc I : The feature, restored, high-definition transfer, made from a new film restoration element from the Bundesarchiv in Germany - Audio Commentary by film scholars - Archival introduction by stars Fritz Rasp and Ernst Busch – New documentary on the film’s controversial journey from stage to screen – New and improved English subtitles.

Disc II: L’opéra de quat’sous, Pabst’s French-language version of the film, starring Albert Préjan and Florelle – Multimedia presentation by film scholar Charles O’Brien on the differences between the French and English versions – Archival interview with Fritz Rasp – Galleries of production photos and original sketches.

*Supplemental booklet including essay available upon request.

THE 1000 EYES OF DR. MABUSE. In Berlin, Inspector Kras investigates the murder of television anchorman Peter Barter, slain with an experimental silent gun. A creepy blind psychic named Cornelius predicts the killing and insists that danger awaits visiting American billionaire Henry B.Travers, who is trying to close a deal to purchase the Taran Atomic works, and build nuclear Rockets. 1960. B&W. 1 hr. 39 min. German/English dubbed with optional English subtitles. Special features include: Audio commentary by film historian David Kalat, rare stills and poster art, trailers of Dr. Mabuse series, and a 35 min. documentary of the featurette "The Eyes of Fritz Lang." DVD. [GR 81]

ADVERTISING RULES. Viktor Vogel gets a huge career boost when he sneaks into a high-powered ad agency meeting and winds up as veteran ad man Eddie Kaminsky’s new partner on a big-budget campaign. 2001. Color. 1 hr. 48 min. German/French with optional English/French/Spanish/Portuguese/Chinese/Korean/Thai subtitles. Special features include: Making of the featurette, deleted scenes, alternate opening and ending, trailer, and filmographies. DVD. [GR 49]

AGUIRRE, THE WRATH OF GOD. The story is a tale of Spanish colonialists searching for El Dorado, the legendary city of gold, in 16th-century Peru. When the travelers reach an impasse, a scouting party is assembled to search for any traces of the mythical empire. As they attempt to forge their way through the dense jungle, more and more of the party falls ill while their ruthless leader, Don Lope de Aguirre (Klaus Kinski), grows increasingly insane. (Includes booklet on CD.) 1973. Color. 1 hr. 34 min. German/English dubbed with optional English subtitles. Special features include: Audio commentary by the directors, trailer, and talent biographies. DVD. [GR 83A]


AIMÉE & JAGUAR. A Jewish woman, active in the resistance movement and working as a spy at a Nazi Newspaper, begins a passionate lesbian affair with an upper-class German housewife in this erotic drama based on a true story. 1999. Color. 2 hr. 5min. German/German with English subtitles. Special features include: Behind the scenes documentaries, interview with cast and crew, photo gallery of real life Aimée and Jaguar, what happened after Aimée and Jaguar, and American and German trailers. DVD. [GR 89]

THE AMERICAN SOLDIER. Murder is still for sale, but crime is organized by the state, not by the mob. Ricky — hired first by the U.S. to fight in Vietnam, and now by the German police — follows orders to kill: kill soldiers, kill strangers, kill even his girlfriend. Although Ricky wears a soft fedora (as well as a white double-breasted suit), it is Fassbinder who tips his hat, with secondary characters named Walsh and Fuller. 2002. B&W. 1 hr. 20 min. German/German with English subtitles. Special features include: Filmographies and weblinks. DVD. [GR 77]

AUF WIEDERSEHEN KINDER [GOODBYE CHILDREN]. During WWII, in a Catholic boarding school in the French countryside, two boys become friends. One is a French boy, Julien Quintin, and the other is a Jewish boy, Jean Bonnet, who is being hidden from the Nazis by the friars who run the school. Louis Malle directed this film based on personal experience when he was at a boarding school himself during the war. 1987. Color. 1 hr. 55 min. German. VHS. [GR 13]

BAVARIA. Bavaria is famous all over the world for the beauty and variety of its landscapes from the Alps to the river Main, from the Bayerischer Wald to the Bodensee. 45 min. English. VHS. [GR 8]

BEFORE THE FALL. An award winning film with critically-acclaimed performances, the film tells the story of two young men who are sent to a small academy to be groomed for future leadership in the Third Reich. One is a working class boy with an unusual talent for boxing. The other is a governor's son and a writer who is opposed to Nazi ideology. The two boys form a bond, which is tested as one must decide between a future with the Third Reich and the moral imperative that his new friend shows him. 2006. 1 hr. 50 min. German with English, Spanish, and French subtitles. Special features include: 2 Behind the scenes featurettes, deleted scenes, and photo gallery. DVD. [GR 120]

BERLIN. 1990. 1 hr. 5 min. German. VHS. [GR 10]


BERLIN ALEXANDERPLATZ (The Criterion Collection). Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s controversial, fifteen-hour-plus saga, based on the novel by Alfred Döblin is restored and now available for the first time in the United States. The 6-disc epic tells the tale of the hulking, childlike ex-convict Franz Biberkopf as he attempts to “become an hones soul” amid the corrosive urban landscape of Weimar-era Germany. With equal parts cynicism and sympathetic humanity, Fassbinder details a mammoth portrait of a common man struggling to survive in a viciously uncommon time. 1980. Color. Total time – 15 hrs 40 min. German with optional English Subtitles. DVD (7 Discs) [GR 127]

Discs I-VI: New high-definition digital transfer. Disc six includes a documentary with interviews with the cast and crew.

Disc VII: Special Features: New documentary on the restoration of the film by the Fassbinder Foundation – Hans-Dieter Hartl’s 1980 documentary Notes on the Making of “Berlin Alexanderplatz” – Phil Jutzi’s 1931 90 min. film adaptation of the novel, co-written by Döblin himself – New and improved English translation.

Available on request: Large, Illustrated, and comprehensive supplemental booklet with essays by filmmaker Tom Tykwer, Fassbinder himself, and Thomas Steinfeld, as well as an interview with Schwarzenberger

BERLIN IS IN GERMANY. After a lengthy sentence which began in the days of the GDR, Martin has now been released into a unified Berlin. He meets old friends and his wife who now lives with his son, whom he has never met, and another man. He is mistakenly caught up in a conflict with the police, but is released with his wife's help and is given another chance. 2001. Color. 1 hr. 30 min. German with English subtitles. VHS. [GR 99]

BERLIN: SYMPHONY OF A GREAT CITY. See the 20th century as it actually happened — its leaders, empires, wars, and upheavals — over 800 original newsreels, documentaries, and feature films including Nazi and Soviet propaganda and classic American, British and more. 2002. B&W. 1 hr. 10 min. English. VHS. [GR 110]

BERLIN: WIE ES WAR [BERLIN: THE WAY IT WAS]. A singular documentary portrait of the pre-war capital of the Reich. This superlative film was finished before the outbreak of WW II, but was not shown in movie houses until 1950. 1939. B&W. 1 hr. 27 min. German dialogue. DVD. [GR 109]

BEWARE OF A HOLY WHORE. A chronicle of the experiences of a film cast and crew stranded in a luxury seaside hotel. They are stalled by every conceivable production problem; the star thinks his part is too brutal, the producer has run out of money and the director hasn't shown up yet. 1970. Color. 1 hr. 43 min. German/German with English subtitles. Special features include: Filmographies, trailer, and weblinks. DVD. [GR 73]

BEYOND SILENCE. A powerful story of a young woman’s battle for independence and her deaf parents’ struggle to understand her gift for music. Given a clarinet by her free-spirited aunt, Lara is immediately consumed by a new passion her parents cannot begin to fully comprehend. Determined to follow her dreams, Lara’s ongoing pursuit of music creates an ever-widening rift that eventually threatens to tear apart her once close-knit family. 1997. Color. 1 hr. 47 min. German with English subtitles. DVD. [GR 134]

BIG GIRLS DON’T CRY. Kati and Steffi have been best friends forever. Now that their love lives are heating up, they’re hitting the books less and going out to nightclubs more. But when Steffi sees her father out with another woman, her life begins to spiral out of control. Steffi haches an outrageous revenge plan against her father’s mistress. Meanwhile, Kati begins a fun romance with an older man. As the two girls begin to grow apart, they realize that they need each other more than ever. 2002. Color. 1hr. 32 min. German with English, French, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, and Thai subtitles. [GR 130]

BISMARK. B&W. 1 hr. 58 min. German. VHS. [GR 19]

BLACK BOX GERMANY. An investigation into two contrary, but equally radical lives, both of which ended through violence: Alfred Herrhausen, chairman of the board of Deutsche Bank, died in 1989 in a bomb attack presumably planned and executed by the RAF. Four years later, the suspected RAF terrorist Wolfgang Grams was to be arrested at Bad Kleinen station, but died in a hail of bullets. The circumstances surrounding his death were never fully revealed. 2000. Color. 1 hr. 40 min. German with English Subtitles. VHS. [GR 100]

THE BLUE ANGEL. A sexually repressed instructor of a boys prep school learns of the pupils' infatuation with French postcards depicting a local nightclub songstress. He decides to personally investigate the source of such indecency. 1930. B&W. 1 hr. 46 min. Special features include: Audio commentary on German disc. Marlene Dietrich's "Blue Angel" screen test, Dietrich interview footage, trailer, Dietrich concert footage, photo gallery, filmmaker and cast biographies, and production history. DVD. (Two-disc set.) [GR 57]

1) Disc 1. German with English subtitles.

2) Disc 2. English.

THE CABINET OF DR. CALIGARI. A nightmare realm in which light, shadow and substance are abstracted, a world in which a demented doctor and a carnival sleepwalker perpetrate a series of ghastly murders in a small community. 1919. 1hr. 15 min. Color tinted. German/German with English subtitles. Special features include: 43 min. condensation of Genuine: The Tale of a Vampire (1920), behind the scenes footage, two musical scores, and photo gallery. DVD. [GR 66]

CARLA. The story of a young teacher who goes against the routine opportunism of her hypocritical and small-minded surroundings. Just starting her teaching career, she discovers her students hide their true thoughts and feelings and only say what they are expected to say. 1965. B&W. 2 hr. 8 min. German with English subtitles. VHS. [GR 62]

CHRISTIANE F. Based on a true story about a bored 14-year-old girl who seeks excitement in the seamy drug scene of the 70s Berlin. 1981. Color. 2 hr. 11 min. German/English. DVD. [GR 50]

COBRA VERDE. Cobra Verde is a visually astonishing 19th-century true-life tale about a Brazilian bandit known as Cobra Verde who is exiled to West Africa to rejuvenate the slave trade. Once he's in Africa, his sanity is put to the ultimate test, as he is an unwanted outsider in a foreign, uncultivated world. Holed up in a deserted slave fortress on the coast, Cobra Verde goes about constructing an elaborate and unlikely scheme — in this case to build up a vast slave trade ruled under his iron fist. His plans fall apart, however, when the civil wars waged by the insane Leopard King come crashing down on Cobra Verde and his plans. When the bandit is rescued by the king's equally crazy brother, Cobra Verde gathers a vast army of Amazon women warriors and plans to regain his dominance. (Includes booklet on CD.) 1987. Color. 1 hr. 50 min. German/English dubbed with optional English subtitles. Special features include: Audio commentary by directors, trailer, and talent biographies. DVD. [GR 87]

THE CONFESSIONS OF FELIX KRULL. 1957. B&W. 1 hr. 45 min. German with English subtitles. Recounts the enchanted career of the con man extraordinaire Felix Krull--a man unhampered by the moral precepts that govern the conduct of ordinary people. VHS. [GR 116]

THE COUNTERFEITERS. The true story of Salomon Sorowitsch (Karl Markovics), a swindler who made a name for himself as Berlin’s “King of Counterfeiters.” However, his life of women and easy money is cut short when he is arrested and placed in a Nazi concentration camp. Special features include: commentary with director Stefan Ruzowitzky, deleted scenes, making-of The Counterfeiters, Adolf Burger’s historical artifacts, Q & A with Stefan Ruzowitzky, interviews with real-life counterfeiter Adolf Burger, actor Karl Markovics, and director Stefan Ruzowitzky. 2008. Color. 1 hr. 39 min. German/French with optional English, French, and Spanish subtitles. DVD. [GR 133]

CRAZY. Based on the best-selling novel by Benjamin Lebert. 16 year-old Benni is sent to a boarding school by his parents. It's his fifth school. But for Benni, life isn't about school. It's about good friends and falling in love, making music and breaking all the rules, longing and loneliness — about growing into adulthood, deciding for yourself and believing that the future will be just fine. 2000. Color. 1 hr. 35 min. German. Copy 1 — DVD. (Region 2. Must use multi-regional DVD player to view.) [GR 98A]

CRAZY. Copy 2 — VHS. [GR 98B]

DAS BOOT. This film, about war, is the story of young men, practically boys, hungry for adventure, seduced by Nazi propaganda, enticed by the marvels of technology. Eagerly, they set out to challenge the brutal forces of nature, to battle an invisible enemy. Many are inexperienced. They have yet to learn of the horrors of war; they know neither the loneliness nor the desperation. 1981. Color. 3 hr. 29 min. German/English/Spanish with optional English/Spanish/French subtitles. Special features include: Making of, behind the scenes, and director's commentary. DVD. [GR 51]

DAS WEISSE RAUSCHEN (THE WHITE SOUND). The White Sound begins as a young German, Lukas (Daniel Bruehl), takes a train from his family home in the country to his new home in Cologne where he plans to move in with his older sister, Kati (Anabelle Lachatte). Arriving at the train station, he finds that Kati isn't there, and wanders about in a nervous daze until she finds him. Later he's warmly greeted by Jochen (Patrick Joswig), Kati's hippie-ish boyfriend. Lukas goes out partying with them, and meets a girl (Katharina Schuttler), with whom he quickly makes a date. They plan to see Taxi Driver, but when they arrive at the theater, they find out that the film hasn't opened yet. His date takes it in stride, but Lukas freaks out, screaming obscenities at the hapless cashier in a paranoid frenzy. His date runs off, frightened. Lukas doesn't know it yet, but he's descending into schizophrenia. The film chronicles his breakdown as he begins hearing whispers that grow more and more threatening, eventually telling him that Kati and Jochen find him disgusting and plan to kill him. The only thing that seems to soothe his psyche is the "white noise" of the water running in the shower. One day, in a panic, he jumps from the window of his room, and at the hospital, he and Kati get the terrible diagnosis. Lukas begins taking medication, gets a mundane job, and seems to be functioning fairly well. But despite Kati's best efforts, he can't maintain his sedated new life. He stops taking his medicine and runs off. 2001. Color. 1hr. 40 min. German with English Subtitles. DVD (Region 2, will only play on certain DVD players). [GR 128]

DAS WUNDER VON BERN. The title is in reference to the unexpected German victory over the Hungarians at the 1954 World Cup in Bern, Switzerland. In the working-class Ruhr region of West Germany, the Lubanski family eagerly awaits husband and father Richard (Peter Lohmeyer) to be released from the Soviet POW camp. During his absence, mother Christa (Johanna Gastdorf) and daughter Ingrid (Birthe Wolter) have started up their own business, while son Matthias (Louis Klamroth) has developed an interest in soccer. He idolizes local player Helmut Rahn, but his father doesn't approve of it. Meanwhile, sports journalist Paul Ackermann (Lucas Gregorowicz) heads to Switzerland to cover the World Cup events. The finale at the climactic soccer game was re-created with professional players from the German Football Liga along with a 3-D stadium and CGI crowd. 2004. Color. 1hr. 58 min. German with English, French, and Spanish Subtitles. DVD (Region 2, will only play on certain DVD players). [GR 129]

DER VERRAT AM KÖNIG [THE BETRAYAL OF THE KÖNIGS]. This VHS tape has three different films on it. 1985. Color. 1 hr. German. VHS. [GR 3]

1) Ludwig II. Neuschwanstein, Linderhof, Herrenchiemsee and the history of the tragic death of the Königs.

2) München. Cosmopolitan city with heart. A tour through the town with a stroll by the city and scenes of the Oktoberfest.

3) Bayern. The Alps and lakes. An amusing journey of Zugspitze to the king's lake with Bavarian music.

DEUTSCHE LITERATUR SEIT. (Includes one booklet in German.) 1945. Sepia color. 45 min for each tape. 4 hr. 30 min. total. (Six VHS tapes.) [GR 36]

I. (Part 1 of 6.)

II. (Part 2 of 6.)

III. (Part 3 of 6.)

IV. (Part 4 of 6.)

V. (Part 5 of 6.)

VI. (Part 6 of 6.)

DEUTSCHER NORDEN und DEUTSCHLAND EXPRESS [THE GERMAN NORTH and GERMANY EXPRESS TRAIN]. This trip leads at first to the German north, inspires us with its wide, open sceneries, and unique mud flats, and many offshore islands. 1988. 50 min. German. VHS. [GR 5]

DEUTSCHER SUDEN und SCWARZWALDSKIZZEN. Mule cinema presents in this two-part travel video marvelous sceneries and charming venerable towns so typical of Southern Germany and the Black Forest. In the comfortable compartment, by ship (on the Bondensee) or also in the comfortable coach (on the romantic street) the trip leads over Wurzburg, Coburg, Bamberg, castle Rothen o.d. Cock pigeon, Passau, Freiburg and Constance. And then his breathtaking nice baroque church, to say nothing of Munich, Weltstadt with heart! A feast for the eyes are also the wonderful sceneries of the Spessarts, the Bavarian wood and the Allgäuer land! 1988. 55 min. German. VHS. [GR 4]

DEUTSCHLAND: BERLIN AND DRESDEN. This is a travel video of Germany that looks specifically at Berlin and Dresden. 2003. Color. 1 hr. German. DVD. (Need multi-standard DVD player to view.) [GR 112]

DEUTSCHLAND BEVOR DIE BOMBEN FIELEN [GERMANY BEFORE THE BOMBS FELL]. In the year 1934 an American travel group made its way to Germany. The tourists visited, among other things. Hamburg, Berlin, Danzig, the Marienburg, Königsberg, East Prussia, Thuringia, Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Bavaria, Heidelberg and the Rhine. 2003. Color. 2 hr. 10 min. German. DVD. (Need multi-standard DVD player to view.) [GR 114]

DEUTSCHLAND EIN BILDERBUCH — MÄRCHEN [GERMANY A PICTUREBOOK FAIRYTALE]. A trip in the land of the woods, lakes, and castles. Maybe you have already forgotten it: Germany of the half-timbered houses and scattered farmsteads, the storks and herons and the good, old craft enterprises. But you can refresh your mind, one must know only where. 1986. 50 min. German. VHS. [GR 6]

DIE FUNF NEUEN BUNDESLANDER [THE FIVE NEW FEDERAL STATES]. This is a series of five 15-minute films about these new states; it aims to provide an initial look at their scenery, economic structure, important cities, and cultural history. (Includes Booklet with Film Text). 1990. Color. 1 hr. 12 min. English. VHS. [GR 25]

DIE KLASSE VON '99 [THE CLASS OF '99]. The CLASS OF ' 99 tells of a clique of young people in a German town that go to school together. This clique has grown up in the protected middle class town with classical values such as security and stability. The CLASS OF ' 99 is a film about friendship and love, confidence and loyalty and uncertainties at the beginning of adult life and beyond. It is a story about how time changes everything. 2002. Color. 1 hr. 29 min. German. DVD. (Need multi-standard DVD player to view.) [GR 107]

DOWNFALL. This movie takes you into Hitler's bunker during the brutal and harrowing last days of the Third Reich. Seen through the eyes of Hitler's infamous secretary Traudl Junge, optimism crumbles into grim realization and terror as it becomes clear that Germany's defeat is inevitable. As the Russian army circles the city, the dimly lit halls of the underground refuge become an execution chamber for the Fuhrer and his closest friends. 2005. Color. 2 hr. 35 min. German/German with English subtitles. DVD. [GR 12]

EAST GERMANY OPENS ITS BORDERS. An ABC News Nightline. Thursday, November 9, 1989. The fight for freedom and Democracy pays off for millions of East Germans, as the border is finally opened. 1989. Color. 40 min. English. VHS. [GR 39]

THE EDUKATORS. Jan and Peter are the best friends behind a radical and mysterious group called “the Edukators”, united by their passion to change the world. When the rich go on vacation, The Edukators break into their homes, but instead of stealing things, they merely rearrange everything, leaving the message “your days of plenty are numbered.” When Peter’s girlfriend Julie moves in, she joins them in their subversive activities. But when a rich businessman catches the crew in the act, they rashly decide to kidnap him. Faced with the values of the generation in power, they will see what kind of revolutionaries they really are, if their friendship can survive, and discover if they truly work in the interest of the greater good, or just their own self-interest. 2004. Color. 2hr. 10min. German with English Subtitles. DVD.

FR 37b: THE 400 BLOWS (CRITERION COLLECTION). — François Truffaut’s first feature is also his most personal. Told through the eyes of Truffaut’s cinematic counterpart, Antoine Doinel (Jean-Pierre Léaud), The 400 Blows sensitively re-creates the trials of Truffaut’s own difficult childhood, unsentimentally portraying aloof parents, oppressive teachers, and petty crime. The film marks Truffaut’s passage from leading critic of the French New Wave to his emergence as one of Europe’s most brilliant auteurs. 1959. Black and White. 1hr. 39min. French with English subtitles. DVD. Special Features include rare newsreel footage, audio commentaries, audition footage, and interviews. [GR 131]

EFFI BRIEST. At the age of seventeen, the radiant Effi Briest marries Baron von Instetten, a diplomat twenty years her senior, and is whisked away to a remote Baltic port. Trapped in a passion existence, she enters into a halfhearted affair with a charming military officer. 1974. B&W. 2 hr. 20 min. German/German with English subtitles. Special features include: Filmographies, weblinks, and information on other Fassbinder films. DVD. [GR 71]

ENLIGHTENMENT GUARANTEED. The director of "Men and Nobody Loves Me" returns with a witty and humane comedy about two brothers traveling to Japan to visit a Buddhist monastery. When one brother's marriage falls apart, he calls upon the other to join him on a hastily arranged spiritual quest. The midlife crisis becomes more immediate when they find themselves in Tokyo without their passports, credit cards or money. 2000. Color. 1 hr. 45 min. German/German with English subtitles. Special features include: Interview with the director and production notes. DVD. [GR 80]

ETE AND ALI. Ete and Ali complete their military service on the same day. Neither one knows what to do next. Ali has no interest in returning to his small village, which does not even have a bar, and Ete has just discovered that his young wife is in search of a new partner. 1985. Color. 1 hr. 32 min. German with English subtitles. VHS. [GR 60]

EUROPA, EUROPA. A Jewish boy separated from his family in the early days of WWII poses as a German orphan and is taken into the heart of the Nazi world as a "war hero" and eventually becomes a Hitler Youth. Although improbabilities and happenstance are cornerstones of the film, it is based upon a true story. 1990. Color. 1 hr. 55 min. German with English subtitles. VHS. [GR 17]

EUROPA EUROPA. Incredible true story based on the autobiography of Solomon Perel. Separated from his family at the age of thirteen, Solly (a young German Jew) takes on various identities to hide his real heritage. He passes himself off as an orphan and takes on the guise of a Hitler Youth, hoping to keep his identity hidden and make it through the dangerous German terrain of WWII. 1990. Color. 1hr. 54 min. German. English/French/Spanish subtitles available. DVD. [GR 119]

EVERY MAN FOR HIMSELF AND GOD AGAINST ALL. In 1828, Kaspar Hauser, a young man who had been isolated from the world in a dark cellar since birth, mysteriously appears, abandoned, in the main square of a German town. 1975. Color. 1 hr. 50 min. German with English subtitles. VHS. [GR 26]

THE EXPERIMENT. Based on the Stanford Prison Experiment conducted in 1971, this chilling drama finds a journalist (Moritz Bleibtreu) involved in a scientific experiment on the effects of prison life where participants are assigned to play guards and inmates in a make-shift prison. The benign research project escalates out of control when the line between role-playing and reality becomes blurred. 2001. Color. 1 hr. 59 min. German/German with English subtitles. Special features include: Bonus trailers. DVD. [GR 92]

FAUST. Based on the work of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. God and Satan war over earth; to settle things, they wager on the soul of Faust, a learned and prayerful alchemist. During a plague, Faust despairs and burns his books after failing to stop death; Satan sends Mephisto to tempt Faust, first with insight into treating the plague and then with a day's return to youth. Mephisto is clever, timing the end of this 24 hours as Faust embraces the beautiful Duchess of Parma. Faust trades his soul for youth. Some time later, he's bored, and demands on Easter Sunday that Mephisto take him home. Faust promptly sees and falls in love with the beautiful Gretchen, whose liaison with him brings her dishonor. Is there redemption? Who wins the wager? 1991. Color. 2 hr. 8 min. German. VHS. [GR 20]

FITZCARRALDO. Kinski plays the title role of an obsessed opera lover who wants to build an opera in the jungle. To accomplish this he first has to make a fortune in the rubber business, and his cunning plan involves hauling an enormous river boat across a small mountain with aid from the local Indians. (Includes booklet on CD.) 1982. Color. 2 hr. 37 min. German/English dubbed with optional English subtitles. Special features include: Audio commentary by the directors, trailer, gallery, and talent biographies. DVD. [GR 86]

FRAU2 SUCHT HAPPY END [FRAU2 LOOKS FOR HAPPY ENDS]. 2001. Color. 1 hr. 32 min. German. DVD. (Need multi-standard player to view.) [GR 108]

GERMAN-AMERICANS. A PBS documentary. German culture has made an indelible impact on American life, influencing the culture in ways ranging from the Christmas tree and Santa Klaus to freedom of the press. The influence was greatly diminished by prohibition and the onset of two World Wars in which Germany was the enemy. As a result, German-Americans were forced to deny many of their customs and traditions: Street names were changed to more Anglo-Saxon ones, German books were banned, German teachers were fired and German-Americans were detained in U.S. prison camps. Erich Kunzel recalls being sent to the principal's office on his first day of kindergarten in the late 1930s because he recited his name in German. The anti-German sentiment also led to German-American Day falling out of favor from 1917 until its resurrection in 1987 under President Ronald Reagan. 2001. Color. English. VHS. [GR 15]

GERMANY EAST AND WEST. 1990. Color. 1 hr. 5 min. German with English subtitles. VHS. [GR 9]

GERMANY, PALE MOTHER. A powerful love story set during and after the Nazi era. This is the story of the private lives of a young bride who is raped by the American conquerors and is accused of infidelity by her Nazi soldier husband, yet remains defiant with her daughter by her side. 1979. Color. 2 hr. 3 min. German with English subtitles. VHS. [GR 42]

GLOOMY SUNDAY [EIN LIED VON LIEBE UND TOD]. Budapest in the 30s. The restaurant owner Laszlo hires the pianist András to play in his restaurant. Both men fall in love with the beautiful waitress Ilona who inspires András to his only composition. His song of Gloomy Sunday is, at first, loved and then feared, for its melancholic melody triggers off a chain of suicides. The fragile balance of the erotic ménage à trois is sent off kilter when the German Hans goes and falls in love with Ilona as well. 1999. Color. 1hr. 48 min. German. Special features include: Trailer, interviews, and more. DVD. (Need multi-standard DVD player to view.) [GR 103]

GO TRABI GO I & II . Family Struutz lives in Bitterfeld (GDR). After the fall of the wall, they take the opportunity to go on holiday with their car, an old Trabant. They simply want to visit Italy. But there are some incidents during their journey. 1991. Color. 3 hr. 10 min. total. German. Special features include: Behind the scenes and trailer. DVD. (Two-disc set.) [GR 101]

1) Disc 1. 1991. Color. 1hr. 32 min. German.

2) Disc 2. 1991. Color. 1 hr. 38 min. German

GODS OF THE PLAGUE. After being released from prison, small-time crook Franz Walsch returns to the underworld and seeks out old acquaintances. He briefly reunites with his girlfriend Joanna and joins up with "Gorilla," the Bavarian hit man who killed his brother. 1969. B&W. 1 hr. 28 min. German/German with English subtitles. Special features include: Filmographies, weblinks, trailer, and information on other Fassbinder films. DVD. [GR 74]

THE GOLEM. Suffering under the tyrannical rule of Rudolf II in the 16th-century Prague, a talmudic rabbi creates a giant warrior to protect the safety of his people. Sculpted of clay and animated by the mysterious secrets of the Cabala, the Golem is a seemingly indestructible juggernaut, performing acts of great heroism, yet equally capable of dreadful violence. 1920. B&W. 1 hr. 26 min. German/German with English subtitles. Special features include: Excerpts from Le Golem and scene comparisons. DVD. [GR 68]

GOOD BYE LENIN. In 1989, Christiane Kerner has lost her husband and is completely devoted to the Socialist East German state. A heart attack leaves her in a coma, and when she awakens eight months later, the Berlin Wall has fallen and it's a whole new world. To protect her from the shock, her son Alex hatches a plan to keep her in the dark. It's easy... all he has to do is turn back the hands of time. 2003. Color. 2 hr. 1 min. German with English subtitles. Copy 1 – DVD. [GR 95a]

GOOD BYE LENIN. Copy 2 – DVD. [GR 95b]

THE HARMONISTS. A dramatization of the rise and fall of a wildly popular German vocal group that was disbanded as the Nazi's persecution of Jews escalated. The Comedian Harmonists were beloved for their comic and romantic songs performed in intricate harmony and they were on the brink of international superstardom when fate intervened. 1997. Color. 1 hr. 55 min. German/French with optional English subtitles. DVD. [GR 93]

THE HAUNTED CASTLE [CASTLE VOGELOD]. A nobleman, living in a castle, invites a group of guests for a hunt. One of the guests is a beautiful Baroness whose first husband died under suspicious circumstances. Her presence and the presence of a mysterious Count, previously accused of murder, causes great consternation among the denizens of the castle. 1921. B&W. 1 hr. 33 min. Silent Film with added music score. VHS. [GR 82]

THE HAUNTED SCREEN. Icons of German cinema who haunted the silver screen, phantoms, and doppelgangers from a terrible realm who represented the fears and desires of an era experiencing anarchistic freedom. 2000. Color. 1 hr. English. VHS. [GR 28]

HEIMAT: A CHRONICLE OF GERMANY. (Includes a detailed Guidebook.) 1984. Color and B&W. 15 hr. 24 min total. German with English subtitles. (Nine VHS tapes.) [GR 75]

I. (Part 1 of 9.) Call of Faraway Places (1919-1928)

II. (Part 2 of 9.) The Center of the World (1928-1933)

III. (Part 3 of 9.) The Best Christmas Ever (1935)

IV. (Part 4 of 9.) The New Road (1938), Up and Away and Back (1939)

V. (Part 5 of 9.) The Home Front (1943), Soldiers and Love (1944)

VI. (Part 6 of 9.) The American (1945-1947)

VII. (Part 7 of 9.) Little Hermann (1955-1956)

VIII. (Part 8 of 9.) The Proud Years (1967-1969)

IX. (Part 9 of 9.) Feast of the Living and the Dead

HEROES LIKE US [HELDEN WIE WIR]. Even Klaus Uhltzscht's birth at a village inn in the Vogtland resounds with history: it is the evening of 20th August 1968, and tanks are rolling towards Prague. Klaus spends his childhood in a block of prefabricated concrete flats; the house is directly opposite to the central offices of the Ministry for State Security. During his schooldays he ends up as a young pioneer on the title page of a well-known illustrated magazine. Later his choice of profession leads the 18-year-old into the ranks of the Stasi. In the wild days prior to political change, Klaus Uhltzscht even saves life: his blood helps to prolong the life of Erich Honecker. But for Klaus, the secret operation has fatal consequences: the shy young man becomes equipped with genitals beyond all quantitative imagination. And Klaus puts these into action, blasting a way to freedom for millions — during the already legendary night of 9th November 1989... 1999. Color. 1 hr. 33 min. German/German with English subtitles. Special features include: Audio commentary, cast and crew interviews, and trailers. DVD. (Region 2. Must use multi-regional DVD player to view.) [GR 97]

HOW TO LIVE IN THE GERMAN FEDERAL REPUBLIC. Thirty-two short scenes taken for instructional and training classes. This film shows German as a country where nothing happens without rehearsal and preparation. 1990. Color. 1 hr. 23 min. German with English subtitles. VHS. [GR 41]

I WAS NINETEEN. Director Konrad Wolf examines his own past through this poetic film about a young German who returns to his country in 1945 after serving in the Russian army. Back at home, he finds he is a stranger on his own soil. 1968. B&W. 1hr. 55 min. German with English subtitles. VHS. [GR 52]

IN JULY. What are you waiting for? Getting there is all the fun in this sunny, award-winning romantic comedy about following your destiny. Daniel, a shy Hamburg student teacher, impulsively resolves to follow a beautiful tourist he just met to Istanbul. His hapless odyssey is complicated by the irrepressible Juli, a street vendor who sold him an enchanted ring she guaranteed would help him find his true love. Through many mishapes and detours, Daniel's wayward journey is a wild ride. 2004. Color. 1 hr. 36 min. German with English subtitles. Special features include: Trailer and interviews. DVD. [GR 105]

THE KAISER'S LACKEY. Diederich Hessling is a wimp. He obeys authority like a scared little kid. Soon he realizes an important lesson of ambition: one has to first serve power if one expects to gain power for oneself. 1951. B&W. 1 hr. 45 min. German with English subtitles. VHS. [GR 55]

KONTAKT DEUTSCH. Practical German for Business. German in the work place. From the office intern to the factory worker, everyone will benefit from this Business German course which lays emphasis on communication, culture and lifestyle at all levels, not only managerial or marketing. Prerequisite is the equivalent of 3 semesters of college German. Topics includes: introductions, telephone skills, making appointments, leaving messages, setting meeting agenda, company tours, job descriptions, leisure time with colleagues, product descriptions, sales presentations, trade fares, business meals. Excellent training for Germany's "Deutsch für den Beruf" exam. (Thirteen episodes on seven VHS tapes.) [GR 29]

I. (Part 1 of 7.) Episodes 1-2

II. (Part 2 of 7.) Episodes 3-4

III. (Part 3 of 7.) Episodes 5-6

IV. (Part 4 of 7.) Episodes 7-8

V. (Part 5 of 7.) Episodes 9-10

VI. (Part 6 of 7.) Episodes 11-12

VII. (Part 7 of 7.) Episode 13

KRIEMHILD's REVENGE. In Kriemhild's Revenge, part two of Fritz Lang's epic based on Nordic mythology, Die Nibelungen, the plot picks up immediately following the assassination of Siegfried, husband to the king of Burgundy's sister, Kriemhild. Hateful and angry as her family refuses to take action against Hagen, King Gunther's uncle, who engineered the plot to kill Siegfried, Kriemhild swears to avenge her assassinated husband. Kriemhild flees Burgundy to marry the king of the Huns and begins an intricately planned vendetta. She bears her new Hun husband a child, then invites the other Burgundians to the kingdom of the Huns. Unable to convince anyone to kill Hagen, Kriemhild schemes to get the Huns to start a wild party, and eventually a fight erupts between the two clans, during which the child is murdered. The Huns declare war against the Burgundians. Kriemhild offers to exchange all of the Burgundians for the life of the cursed Hagen, but when this fails, she torches the Hun palace where the Burgundians are barricaded. As the destruction spreads, Kriemhild has a final and fatal encounter with Hagen, as the Niebelungen saga comes to its visually stunning and dramatic close. Using the visual tricks of the expressionist school and his usual psychological tools of love, desire, and melodrama, Lang deftly evokes the far away days of magic, massacres and devastation. 1924. B&W. 1 hr. 30 min. German with English subtitles. VHS. [GR 22]

THE LAST LAUGH. One of the major works of German silent cinema, Murnau's classic drama depicts the fall of the respected, aging doorman of a posh Berlin hotel, who is cruelly stripped of his position and reduced to a bathroom attendant. The film was groundbreaking for its expressive, mobile camera work, which imparts information visually, without subtitles. 1924. B&W. 1 hr. 31 min. German. Special features include: Excerpts from alternate versions and photo gallery. DVD. [GR 78]

THE LEGEND OF PAUL AND PAULA. Two neighbors — Paula, a single woman with two children, and Paul, a conservative bureaucrat stuck in a loveless marriage — begin to fall in love. The free-spirited Paula tries to liberate Paul from his complacent life, but it’s not until tragedy and heartaches beset them both that he begins to fully appreciate her love. 1973. Color. 1 hr. 46 min. German with English subtitles. Special features include: Director's biography, introduction to the film, and photo gallery. DVD. [GR 59]

THE LEGEND OF RITA. From acclaimed director Volker Schlöndorff (The Tin Drum, The Lost Honor of Katharina Blum) comes a political thriller set in Cold War era Germany. Newcomer Bibiana Beglau plays Rita, a West German woman fleeing from her radical past. She spends several years with a group of anti-capitalist bank robbers during the 1970s until they are forced to disband. With her socialist ideals still sticking with her, Rita decides to live in East Germany under a false identity, Susanne Schmidt, and realizes the harsh reality of living in the Communist State. She goes to work in a fabric-dyeing plant and gets involved with an alcoholic factory worker and a young physics student. As years pass, Rita switches identities while combing through East Germany, though her socialist ideals and radical mindset never change. 2000. 1 hr. 41 min. German with English subtitles. DVD. [GR 121]

THE LIVES OF OTHERS. Before the collapse of the Berlin Wall, East Germany's population was closely monitored by the State Secret Police (Stasi). Only a few citizens above superstition, like renowned pro-Socialist playwright Georg Dreyman, were permitted to lead private lives. But when a corrupt government official falls for Georg's acrtress-girlfriend, Grista, an ambitious Stasi policeman is ordered to bug the writer's apartment to gain incriminating evidence against the rival. Now, what the officer discovers is about to dramatically change their lives—as well as his—in this seductive political thriller. Winner of the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film in 2006. 2006. Color. 2 hr. 19 min. German with English, French, and Spanish subtitles. Special Features include: Deleted Scenes, Making of the Film Featurette, Interview with the Director, and Director's Commentary. DVD. [GR 124]

LORIOT: PAPPA ANTE PORTAS. After ordering enough typewriting paper for 40 years, just to get a discount, Heinrich Lohse is forced to retire. The former manager has plenty of time now to spend with his wife and their 16-year-old son. But, do they want that? 1991. Color. 1 hr. 35 min. German. VHS. [GR 14]

THE LOST HONOR OF KATHARINA BLUM. When the police arrest Katharina Blum on suspicion of harboring a terrorist, her quiet, ordered life falls into ruins. Katharina is subject to a vicious smear campaign by the police and a ruthless tabloid journalist. Testing the limits of her dignity and her sanity. 1975. Color. 1 hr. 46 min. German/German with English subtitles. Special features include: Interview with the directors and cinematographer, excerpts from Heinrich Böll, and trailer. DVD. [GR 65A]

THE LOST HONOR OF KATHARINA BLUM. German with English subtitles. VHS. [GR 65B]

M: CRITERION COLLECTION. A simple, haunting musical phrase whistled off-screen tells us that a young girl will be killed. "Who is the murderer?" pleads a nearby placard as serial killer Hans Beckert (Peter Lorre) closes in on little Elsie Beckmann... In his harrowing masterwork, Lang merged trenchant social commentary with chilling suspense, creating a panorama of private madness and public hysteria that to this day remains the blueprint for the psychological thriller. (Includes a booklet featuring an essay by film critic Stanley Kauffman, a 1963 interview with Lang, and the script for a missing scene.) 1933. B&W. 1 hr. 50 min. German/German with English subtitles. Special features include: Commentary by German film scholar Eric Rentschler and Anton Kaes, interview with Fritz Lang, interview with Harold Negenzal, physical history of M, gallery with behind-the-scene photos and production sketches. DVD. (Two-disc set.) [GR 104]

MÄNNER PENSION: EIN FILM VON BUCK [MEN PENSION: A FILM OF BUCK]. German. Two inmates (Til Schweiger, Detlev Buck) try to exploit a rehab program that allows them to leave jail once a month with female chaperons. VHS. [GR 40]

THE MARRIAGE OF MARIA BRAUN. Maria only wanted two things in the world: One she couldn't have, the other she couldn't get enough of. This film paints a provocative portrait of a sensuous beauty who sells herself for wealth and the husband who sacrifices his freedom for her. 1986. Color. 2 hr. German with English subtitles. VHS. [GR 7]

MEN... Julius Armbrust, a successful young executive, has been cheating on his wife Paula for years. But when he discovers on his birthday that she’s got a lover of her own — a bohemian artist named Stefan — his ego is shattered. 1985. Color. 1 hr. 36 min. German with English subtitles. VHS. [GR 47]

METROPOLIS. Takes place in 2026, when the populace is divided between workers who must live in the dark underground and the rich who enjoy a futuristic city of splendor. 1927. B&W. 2 hr. 4 min. German/German with English/French/Spanish subtitles. Special features include: 43 min. documentary on the making of the film, featurette, photo galleries, 13 cast and crew bios, and missing scenes. DVD. [GR 56]

MOSTLY MARTHA [BELLA MARTHA]. A perfectionist German chef seems to have everything under control until a tragic accident leaves her 8-year-old niece in her care. Then the arrival of a passionate Italian assistant chef opens her heart to some of life's other recipes. 2002. Color. 1 hr. 46 min. German/German with English subtitles. DVD. [GR 91]

MOTHER KÜSTERS GOES TO HEAVEN. One day, a factory worker goes insane at his job and kills his boss’ son. He then throws himself into the machinery and leaves behind a grieving widow, Emma Küsters. Her world is turned upside down in the aftermath when her conniving daughter moves in and tries to use the tragedy to further her own struggling career. 1975. Color. 1 hr. 52 min. German/German with English subtitles. Special features include: Filmographies, trailer, and weblinks. DVD. [GR 72]

MOZART'S "THE MAGIC FLUTE" (DIE ZAUBERFLÖTE). This was Mozart's last opera. It was produced at Vienna on September 30, 1791, and on December 5 the master passed away. He wrote it to oblige his old friend Schickaneder, the theatre manager, who prepared the libretto, and who requited the favour by selling the score to other managers, contrary to a promise made to the composer. The story is based on circumstances connected with the mysterious worship of Isis, the deity of the ancient Egyptians. Its action is consequent upon Sarastro, the high priest of the Temple of Isis, having borne away Pamina, the daughter of Astrifiammante, the wicked Queen of Night, from her mother in order that she may be trained in the ways of virtue and wisdom. Tamino, a handsome Egyptian prince is saved from a monstrous serpent by the Queen's servants. They show him a portrait of Pamina, and he falls in love with the unknown original. He is told the story of her having been stolen by Sarastro, and he vows to rescue her. Color. German with English subtitles. VHS. [GR 27]

THE MURDERERS ARE AMONG US. Susanne Wallner is a concentration camp survivor who, despite unspeakable experiences, is filled with a new desire to live. She wants to move back into her Berlin apartment, where Dr. Hans Mertens has taken up residence. He is a former officer and surgeon in the German army who finds himself unable to deal with the haunting memories of his role in the war. 1946. B&W. 1 hr. 21 min. German with English subtitles. Special features include: Liner notes, photo gallery and biography of the director. DVD. [GR 58]

MY BEST FIEND. My Best Fiend is a film about the love-hate relationship between director Werner Herzog and Klaus Kinski — utterly puzzling to others. It reveals the deep trust between two exceptional artists and their independently and simultaneously hatched plans to murder one another. (Includes booklet on CD.) 1999. Color. 1 hr. 40 min. German/English dubbed with optional English subtitles. Special features include: Trailer. DVD. [GR 88]

THE NASTY GIRL. When Sonja investigates the secret past of her hometown, she uncovers more than she expected — and more than the townsfolk want revealed. Before she knows it, she is nicknamed "the nasty girl" and her trouble really begins. 1991. Color. 1 hr. 30 min. German with English subtitles. VHS. [GR 11]

NOSFERATU. Rather then depicting Dracula as a shape-shifting monster or debonair gentleman, Murnau's Graf Orlok is a nightmarish, spidery creature of bulbous head and taloned claws — perhaps the most genuinely disturbing incarnation of vampirism yet envisioned. 1922. 1 hr. 33 min. Color tinted. Silent film. Special features include: Excerpts from other F. W. Munau films, two musical scores, photo gallery, and scene comparisons. DVD. [GR 67]

NOSFERATU: THE VAMPIRE [NOSFERATU: PHANTOM DER NACHT]. It is 1850 in the beautiful, perfectly kept town of Wismar. Janathan Harker is about to leave on a long journey over the Carpathian Mountains to finalize real estate arrangements with a wealthy nobleman. His wife, Lucy, beg him not to go and is troubled by a strong premonition of danger. (Includes booklet on CD.) 1979. Color. 1 hr. 37 min. German/German with English subtitles. Special features include: Audio commentary by directors, 13 min. behind-the-scenes featurette, U.S. and Spanish theatrical trailers, and talent biographies. DVD. [GR 84]

NOWHERE IN AFRICA. Based on a Stefanie Zweig's autobiographical novel, the story follows an affluent Jewish family who flees Germany to escape the Holocaust, moving to a remote farm in Kenya. As the years go by and war ravages Europe, each family member uniquely adjusts to life away from the homeland. 2002. Color. 2 hr. 18 min. German with English subtitles. Special features include: Deleted scenes, commentary, making-of featurette, cast and crew interviews, storyboard comparison, score selections, photo montage, and trailer. DVD. [GR 90]

ONE, TWO, THREE. In one of his very best roles, Cagney plays C. R. MacNamara, a brash, top-ranking cola executive stationed in West Berlin. When his boss's harebrained daughter falls in love and marries a fierce young Communist, Mac must break up the union or risk losing his chance for advancement.. 1961. B&W. 1 hr. 50 min. VHS. [GR 33]

ÖSTERREICH: SALZBURG AND WIEN [AUSTRIA: SALZBERG AND VIENNA]. This is a travel video of Austria that looks specifically at Salzberg and Vienna. 2003. Color. 1 hr. German. DVD. (Need multi-standard player to view.) [GR 113]

OTOMO. In the summer of 1989, a Stuttgart newspaper reported the true story of a West African asylum seeker who physically assaulted an intolerant subway ticket-taker, fled, and became the target of a citywide manhunt. 1999. Color. 1 hr. 24 min. German with English subtitles. VHS. [GR 63]

PANDORA'S BOX. One of the masters of early German cinema, G.W. Pabst had an innate talent for discovering actresses. Perhaps none of his female stars shone brighter than Kansas native and onetime Ziegfield girl Louise Brooks, whose legendary persona was defined by Pabst's lurid, controversial melodrama Pandora's Box. Sensationally modern, the film follows the downward spiral of the fiery, brash, yet innocent showgirl Lulu, whose sexual vivacity has a devastating effect on everyone she comes in contact with. Daring and stylish, the film is one of silent cinema's great masterworks and a testament to Brooks's dazzling individuality. 1929. 2hr. 13min. Silent, German intertitles with optional English subtitles. Black and white. Criterion Collection, contains two discs. [GR 125]

Disc I: Restored feature film with four different scores and optional audio commentary by film scholars Thomas Elsaesser and Mary Ann Doane.

Disc II: 60-minute documentary "Louise Brooks: Looking for Lulu (1998), "Lulu in Berlin"(1984) a rare 48min interview with Louise Brooks, New interview with documentarian Richard Leacock and the director's son, Michael Pabst.

*Available on request: Criterion Collection Booklet featuring Kenneth Tynan's 1979 essay " The Girl in the Black Helmet," as well as an article written by Louise Brooks on her relationship with Pabst, and a new essay by critic J. Hoberman.

THE PROMISE. The story of Konrad and Sophie — two teenagers who’ve planned their escape to the west. As Sophie successfully flees, Konrad falters, and at that moment, they both realize their lives will never be the same. 1995. Color. 1 hr. 55 min. German with English subtitles. VHS. [GR 43]

THE RABBIT IS ME. A 19-year-old girl named Maria Morzeck is denied university admission because her brother is in jail for political reasons. The young woman falls in love with a judge, but later finds out that he is the judge who passed the harsh sentence on her brother. 1965. B&W. 1hr. 49 min. German with English subtitles. VHS. [GR 53]

THE RISE AND FALL OF THE CITY OF MAHAGONNY. A new production of the classic Kurt Weil/Berthold Brecht opera, the performance depicts the consumerism of the mythical city of Mahagonny, in all its decadence and excess. Produced as part of the Salzburg festival, this production includes the stunning imagery of the city of Mahagonny as a Hollywood Babylon complete with pyramidal towers, commodified sex, and licensed gluttony. 1998. 2 hrs. 40 min. DVD. [GR 122]

ROTATION. The main character, the machanic Behnke, wants to join the Nazi party to secure a good living. However, after his Jewish neighbors are taken away, he changes his views. Trying to remain "a non-political man," he withdraws from reality and becomes a Nazi laborer. 1949. B&W. 1 hr. 20 min. German with English subtitles. VHS. [GR 54]

RUN LOLA RUN. Great MTV-style musical score and Rashomon-style drama unfold as two star-crossed lovers have only minutes to change the course of their destiny. 1999. Color. 1 hr. 21 min. German with English subtitles. VHS. [GR 34A]


SATAN'S BREW. This very black comedy about a would-be poet who imagines himself the reincarnation of Stefan George, the 19th-century homosexual German romantic poet, is a biting indictment of the politics of fascism and the cult of the individual. 1976. Color. 1 hr. 52 min. German/German with English subtitles. Special features include: Filmographies, trailer, and weblinks. DVD. [GR 70]

SCHTONK! Fritz is a falsifier drawing a picture of Eva Braun, the girlfriend of Adolf Hitler. He meets Hermann and tells him about some Nazi material he knows about. Herrmann, working for a great German magazine, pays for everything he can get, and so Fritz starts to write "Hitlers private daybook." The story covers a real event that happened in Germany in the middle of the eighties. 1991. 1 hr. 50 min. German. VHS. [GR 16]

SCHULTZE GETS THE BLUES. A funny, touching peek into the world of a recently retired miner who, like his father before him, entertains polka audiences with his accordion. When he discovers the fiery energy of Zydeco music on his radio, the rigid monotony of his daily routine takes a spicy turn. Schultze learns to play his accordion with a new snap and style. His new found fascination ultimately leads him on a life-changing, liberating journey to the Louisiana delta. Special features include an audio commentary (in German with English subtitles) by writer/director Michael Schorr. 2005. Color. 1 hr. 47 min. German with English subtitles. DVD. [GR 132]

SHEER MADNESS. A wondrously compelling tale of friendship between two seemingly opposite women. Olga is a professor of women’s literature; Ruth is a gifted and extremely reticent artist who is desperately fearful of the outside world. 1985. Color. 1 hr. 46 min. German with English subtitles. VHS. [GR 46]

SHROT INVENTION. This DVD is a collection of six award winning short films from around the world. 1999. Color. 2 hr. German with English subtitles. Special features include: Excerpts from Baraka, Shape Without Form, This Unfamiliar Place, facts behind the invention of the lava lamp, and more. DVD. [GR 31]

1) Some Folks Call it a Sling Blade.

2) Easter Sunday in NYC.

3) The Big Story.

4) Black Rider.

5) Mr. Restoror.

6) Michael Apted.

SIEGFRIED. Based on the epic poem Die Nibelungenlied. Young and brave Siegfried leaves his forest dwelling to seek the kingdom of King Gunther. En Route he encounters a fire breathing giant dragon and successfully conquers it. A bird informs Siegfried that bathing in the dragon's blood will make him invincible, however, while gleefully obliging, a small leaf lands on Sigfried's shoulder and creates a vulnerable spot where the blood did not touch him. After battling the Dwarf king of the Nibelungen, Siegfried reaches Gunther's court and falls in love with the King's sister Kriemhild. Gunther will only allow the two to marry if Siegfried helps him win the hand of Brunhilde, the warrior queen of Iceland. Using his magic powers and a cloak of invisibility won in the battle with the dwarf king, Siegfried tricks Brunhilde into yielding to Gunther. When Brunhilde learns of the subterfuge she angrily puts the wheels in motion to further a plot to kill Siegfried, who she secretly loves. Filled with monumental smokey forest vistas, stunning images, and magical creatures, Lang's mystical depiction of ancient Norse lands crafts a compelling tale of desire, destruction and revenge. 1924. B&W. 1 hr. 36 min. English. VHS. [GR 21]

SISTERS OR THE BALANCE OF HAPPINESS. Two sisters share a complex and compelling relationship in this well-crafted film about sibling rivalry. Anna seems dependent, emotionally and economically on Maria. 1979. Color. 1 hr. 36 min. German with English subtitles. VHS. [GR 45]

SONNENALLEE. A group of kids grow up on the short, wrong (east) side of the Sonnenallee in Berlin, right next to one of the few border crossings between East and West reserved for German citizens. The antics of these kids, their families, of the "West German" friends and relatives who come to visit, and of the East German border guards, all serve to illustrate the absurdity of everyday life on the Sonnenallee, and therefore throughout the former East Germany. 1999. Color. 1hr. 27 min. German. Special features include: Making of the movie, TV-spot, teaser, interviews, and more. DVD. [GR 102]

STALINGRAD. A gritty, devastating retelling of the battle for Stalingrad during World War II, in which more than a million and a half soldiers lost their lives. Told from the point of view of the German soldiers, who were under orders to neither retreat nor surrender, this film realistically portrays the brutality of combat. 1993. Color. 2 hr. 30 min. German/English with optional English subtitles. Special features include: Production credits, filmographies, and trailers. DVD. [GR 94]

THAT WAS THE GDR. A lively and spirited four-part documentary of the history of the GDR, told from the people's point of view. 6 hr. total. (Four VHS tapes.) [GR 64]

I. (Part 1 of 4.) I was a Citizen of the GDR. Former GDR citizens tell of their personal feelings, experiences and attitudes toward the GDR as well as both material difficulties and dominance of the state. 1993. B&W. 1 hr. 30 min. German with English subtitles and voiceover.

II. (Part 2 of 4.) From "Zone" to State: From Economic Plan to Economic Collapse. This part considers the events leading up to the construction of the Berlin Wall on August 13, 1961 — the final division between the two German states. 1993. B&W. 1 hr. 30 min. German with English subtitles and voiceover.

III. (Part 3 of 4.) For the People's Welfare, Intellect, and Power. The Honecker era is the centerpiece of this film. The program for the social policy of the SED (Socialist Unity Party) calls for the "unity of economic and social policy." 1993. B&W. 1 hr. 30 min. German with English subtitles and voiceover.

IV. (Part 4 of 4.) Shield and Sword, We are the People. The Ministry for State Security (MFS) was from its founding in the 1950 the central instrument of domination, the "shield and sword of the party" for defense against external and internal enemies. 1993. B&W. 1 hr. 30 min. German with English subtitles and voiceover.

THEATER MUSIC OF BRECHT & WEIL. Featuring performances of songs by Lotte Lenya, Gisela May, Martha Schlamme, and Will Holt, a mix of performances in German, English, and a mixture of both German and English. 1958. Black and White/ Color. 1 hr. 17 min. German and English. DVD. [GR 123]

THE TIN DRUM. Oskar is born, clear-headed and open-eyed, into a world he never made — and he hates what he sees. 1979. Color. 2 hr. 22 min. German/German with English subtitles.

Disc I: Feature Presentation. Special features include: Audio commentary by director and co-writer Volker Schlöndorff and isolate score by maurice jarre. [GR 1A-I]

Disc II: Special features include: Rare deleted scenes, featuring commentary by Schlöndorff, a montage featuring Schlöndorff's thoughts and recollections about the film, video interviews, production sketches, designs, promotional art, theatrical trailer, and much more. [GR 1A-II]

THE TIN DRUM. German with English subtitles. VHS. [GR 1B]

TOURING AUSTRIA. With a history of intrigue, romance, opera, festivals, old world grandeur, Austrians blend tradition and culture to live life at its best. Color. 60 min. English. VHS. [GR 37]

TRACE OF STONES. Construction foreman, Hannes Balla is king of the building site, Schkona, and is loved and supported by his workers. Yet things change when a young female engineer and the New Party Secretary arrive, who both force Hannes to view his life different ways. 1966. B&W. 2 hr. 14 min. German with English subtitles. VHS. [GR 61]

TRAVEL THE WORLD GERMANY. This tape takes you through Munich, Bavaria, Berlin, and Potsdam. Color. 53 min. English. VHS. [GR 38]

TRIUMPH OF THE WILL [TRIUMPH DES WILLENS]. Leni Riefenstahl’s classic piece of historical filmmaking, filmed during the 1934 Nazi Party Rally in Nuremberg, Germany, is considered by many to be one of the most important and controversial films ever made. The rally included a series of speeches by Nazi Leaders, reviews of their uniformed followers, and the mass rallies involving thousands of people. This film contains actual footage of real events. 1935. B&W. 1 hr. 55 min. German with English subtitles. VHS. [GR 23a]

TRIUMPH OF THE WILL [TRIUMPH DES WILLENS]. Special features include: 2005 digitally remastered windowboxed transfer from a 35mm fine grain element, original German language with newly translated removable English subtitles, the Leni Riefenstahl short film, Day of Freedom (17 min), optimal quality RSDL dual-layer edition, audio commentary by historian Dr. Anthony Santoro. 1935. B&W. 2 hr. German with optional English subtitles. DVD. [GR 23b]

VAYA CON DIOS. Three monks are making their way from Germany to a monastry in Italy, because they cannot afford the rent for their facility any longer. 2002. Color. 1 hr. 43 min. German. DVD. (Need multi-standard DVD player to view.) [GR 111]

VERGISS AMERIKA [FORGET AMERICA]. David wants to be a photographer, but the photo-shop he gets his education at has to close. Now he has to look for a new job. Benno wants to sell fancy US-cars, but business is not good. Now he has to look for clients. Anna wants to be an actress, but there are only few offers. Now she has to dub a porn movie. As if that were not enough, both Benno and David fall in love with Anna. 2000. Color. 1 hr. 27 min. German. DVD. (Need multi-standard DVD player to view.) [GR 35]

VERONIKA VOSS. Veronika's story is a tragic one. She is an ex-movie queen plunged int drug addiction...and kept there by a doctor who supplies morphine in exchange for control over her estate. 1982. B&W. 1 hr. 45 min. German with English subtitles. VHS. [GR 115]



WAXWORKS. An idealistic young poet is hired to write stories about the Chamber of Horrors' three most notorious figures: Jack the ripper, Ivan the Terrible, and Haroun Al-Raschid. But as the uncanny tales flow from the poet's pen he finds himself enveloped in the nightmare worlds of his own creation. 1924. Color tinted. 1 hr. 23 min. Silent film. Special features include: Paul Leni's 1926 short Rebus film and excerpt from The Thief of Baghdad. DVD. [GR 69]

WHAT TO DO IN CASE OF FIRE. Six friends who set a bomb in an abandoned building during their radical political, younger years of the 1980s, find themselves under investigation when the device finally explodes 13 years later. The trouble reunites the friends to reminisce and figure out how to avoid jail, but time has changed the group dynamic considerably. Til Schweiger, Sebastian Blomberg (Anatomy), and Nadja Uhl (The Legend of Rita) top the cast of this stylish satire. 2002. Color. 1 hr. 41 min. German/German with English/French subtitles. Special features include: Bonus trailers. Copy 1 – DVD. [GR 96a]


WHEN THE WALL CAME TUMBLING DOWN: 50 HOURS THAT CHANGED THE WORLD. One of the best documentaries of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Journalists and politicians describe first-hand what occurred behind the scenes. 1999. Color. 1 hr. 29 min. English. VHS. [GR 44]

THE WHITE ROSE. Based on a true story of five German students and their professor who formed a secret society dedicated to protesting the Nazi regime. The Munich-based group distributed anti-Hitler literature in a resistance effort, which cost them their lives. 1983. Color. 2 hr. 3 min. German with English subtitles. VHS. [GR 48]

WINGS OF DESIRE. A lonely angel who roams the streets of Berlin providing comfort to mortals in need. But is drawn into the life of a beautiful and troubled trapeze artist. German and English with English subtitles. 1987. Color and B&W. 2 hr. 8 min. VHS. [GR 32]

WINTER SLEEPERS. A haunting film about passion, emotions, love and death set in motion by a mysterious car accident. It opens with a terrible sense of foreboding, which envelopes the stillness of winter. Almost hallucinatory events begin to unfold and engulf four young people — Laura, Marco, Rebecca, and René — who have little or nothing in common with each other. When local farmer Theo enters the picture, their lives change directions forever. Their paths cross only briefly, but this crossing gives new and unforeseen meaning to their lives. 1997. Color. 2 hr. 4 min. German/Germa with English subtitles. Special features include: Filmographies, weblinks, and theatrical trailer. DVD. [GR 118]

WIR DEUTSCHEN [WE GERMANS]. Series of German history. Color. 90 min. each. 10 hr. 5 min. total. German. (Seven DVDs). (Need multi-standard DVD player to view.) [GR 106]

I. Römer & Germanen and Karl Der Grosse [Romans and Teutons and Karl the Large One].

II. Das Neue Kaiserreich and Stauferzeit [The New Empire and Staufer Period].

III. Kaiser & Kaufleute and Das Späte Mittelalter [Emperor of Buyers and The Late Middle Ages].

IV. Luther and Dreissig Jahre Krieg [ Luther and The Thirty Years War].

V. Die Zeit Der Vernunft and Unter Napoleon [The Time of Reason and Under Napoleon].

VI. Biedermeier & Revolution and Bismarck.

VII. Das Ende Des Reiches and Die Weltkriege [The End of the Realm and World Wars].

WOYZECK. The film is a dark study of a lowly German flunky who toils as an orderly in the army. Cowering pathetically in front of his superiors, who constantly push him around, he struggles and rushes through his daily duties. In order to earn much-needed extra money, Woyzeck volunteers for a local doctor's strange experiments, which require Woyzeck to stay on a strict diet of peas and push him to murderous insanity. In addition, Woyzeck has a son with a lusty young prostitute, Marie, who is easily seduced by a stout drum major. Publicly humiliated by the officer, Woyzeck is propelled into a rage. He struggles with social and sexual oppression that lead to his eventual journey into humiliation and madness. (Includes booklet on CD.) 1978. Color. 1 hr. 20 min. German/German with English subtitles. Special features include: Trailer and talent biographies. DVD. [GR 85]

YOUNG TOERLESS. Set in a military boarding school at the turn of the century, the shy and intelligent Toerless wants to report the humiliation and torture of a fellow classmate, but remains silent when the others threaten to name him as an accomplice. 1968. B&W. 1 hr. 30 min. French and German with English subtitles. VHS. [GR 117]


ELIANA, ELIANA. Eliana, a small-town girl from West Sumatra, now thrives in the hustle and bustle of busy Jakarta. One day, after she is fired by her callous boss, she returns home to find her roommate missing and her mother waiting for her. While Eliana searches the streets and cafes of Jakarta for her roommate, her mother tries to talk her into coming home. Set against a pulsating backdrop of modern-day Indonesia, this electrifying multi-award-winning drama tells the story of a woman pulled between the old and the new, between tradition and rejuvenation. 2002. Color. 1 hr. 26 min. Indonesian with English subtitles. DVD. [IN 1]


AMARCORD. Federico Fellini's warmly nostalgic memory piece examines daily life in the Italian village of Rimini during the reign of Mussolini, and won the 1974 Academy Award as Best Foreign Film. The film's greatest asset is its ability to be sweet without being cloying, due in great part to Danilo Donati's surrealistic art direction and to the frequently bawdy injections of sex and politics by screenwriters Fellini and Tonino Guerra. Fellini clearly has deep affection for the people of this seaside village, warts and all, and communicates it through episodic visual anecdotes which are seen as if through the mists of a favorite dream, playfully scored by Nino Rota and lovingly photographed by Giuseppe Rotunno. ~ Robert Firsching, Rovi. DVD.

DISC 1. [IT 39 I]


ANCIENT ROME. From Romulus and Remus to the rise of Christianity, ANCIENT ROME introduces the people and chronicles the events that shaped one of history's most fascinating civilizations. Leading scholars probe the lives and legends of figures like Nero, Caesar and Ptolemy. Ancient accounts reveal what life was like in their world. And extensive footage reveals the treasures and secrets of sites throughout Europe and the Near East, including Pompeii. The story of an Empire that ruled the world. 1998. Color. 50 min. each. English. 4 VHS tapes.





THE BEST OF YOUTH. has wowed critics and earned honors at numerous film festivals worldwide. As Italy explodes in an era of social unrest, a single ill-fated incident sends the lives of equally idealistic brothers Nicola and Matteo Carati careening in opposite directions. The next 40 years will find the brothers divergent paths intersecting through some of the most tumultuous events in recent history! 2003. Color. 6 hr. 8 min. Italian and French with English and Spanish Subtitles. DVD.

PART 1. [IT 40 I]

PART 2. [IT 40 II]

BIG NIGHT. Old World idealism clashes with American pop culture in this bittersweet comedy starring Minnie Driver, Ian Holm, Isabella Rossellini, Tony Shalhoub, and Stanley Tucci. Winner of the Best Screenplay Award at the Sundance Film Festival, BIG NIGHT is the story of two brothers whose Italian restaurant is on the brink of bankruptcy. Their only chance for success is to risk everything they own on an extravagant feast for bandleader Louis Prima. But their big night is complicated by a lovers' triangle, a sneaky restaurant rival, and the hilarious perfection of chef Primo. A treat for food lovers and movie lovers everywhere. DVD. [IT 38]

BOCCACCIO: TALES FROM DECAMERON. This marvelous new video demonstrates what fun late medieval/early Renaissance literature can be. Here are six of Boccaccio's tales executed with style and wit, using live action animation of shadow puppets. 1991. Color. 1 hr. 11 min. English. VHS. [IT 6]

CENACOLO DI LEONARDO. 1494-1999. Color. 30 min. Italian. VHS. [IT 18]

CIAO, PROFESSORE! This is the story of an upper-class teacher from conservative Northern Italy who, due to a computer error, finds himself teaching third-grade truants at a ramshackle school to the south. Yet along the way, the earnest "professore" learns some valuable lessons when he begins to see life through the fresh, vibrant eyes of his scrappy young students. Color. 1 hr. 31 min. Italian/Italian with English subtitles. DVD. [IT 15]


CYRANO DE BERGERAC. Color. 2 hr. 20 min. Italian. VHS. [IT 17]

DANTE'S INFERNO. This ambitious program brings to life the first eight cantos of Dante's Inferno. 1993. Color. (8 segments; 11 min each.) 1 hr. 28 min. total. English. Copy 1 — VHS. [IT 2a] DANTE'S INFERNO. Copy 2 — VHS. [IT 2b]

THE DARK AGES AND THE MILLENNIUM: CHRISTIANITY IN THE 9th AND 10th CENTURIES. This program probes the nature of Christian prayer, questioning Eastern reliance on icons rather than the word as in the West, and chronicles the chaos in Europe that broke out with the death of Charlemagne and the approach to the millennium. 1999. Color. 47 min. English. VHS. [IT 9]

THE DIVINE COMEDY: VISIONS OF VIOLENCE AND BEAUTY. Two of Italy’s greatest artists are eternally linked, one genius having paid homage to another. Two hundred years after Dante Alighieri wrote The Divine Comedy, Sandro Botticelli illustrated the classic with a series of exquisite drawings crafted at the height of his career. In this program, translator Mark Musa, art historians, clergy, and other experts guide viewers through Botticelli’s exquisite portrayal of Dante’s Inferno, Purgatorio, and Paradiso, images that have had a lasting impact on the collective imagination of Western civilization. This program surveys Dante’s epic and the 92 surviving illustrations to provide an unparalleled tour of two masterpieces of literature and art. 2002. Color. 1 hr. English. VHS. [IT 32]

THE EUROPEANS: THE RENAISSANCE, REFORMATION, AND BEYOND: TOWARDS A MODERN EUROPE. The Italian Renaissance's contributions to revolutions in architecture, art, religion, commerce, politics, and navigation are discussed in this program. 2004. Color. 25 min. English. DVD. [IT 10]

FLORENCE: BIRTHPLACE IF THE RENAISSANCE. The art and history of Florence are explained as they are related to one another in this comprehensive examination of the city that conquered the Medieval world with ideas and beauty. 1992. Color. 34 min. English. VHS. [IT 22]

FLORENCE: THE POWER OF THE PAST WITH BILL MOYERS. In this PBS program, journalist Bill Moyers introduces viewers to Florence, Italy. Special attention is paid to the city's museum collections, architectural structures, and Renaissance culture as Moyers talks with art historians, including author Umberto Eco, and filmmaker Franco Zeffirelli. Time is also spent admiring Michelangelo's stunning artwork and various frescoes on display. Each participant addresses how the early creative atmosphere in Florence still shapes many of the newest cultural trends that spread throughout the world. The great art of the Florentine Renaissance grew out of the economic ferment of the rising merchant class who became the financial backbone for a cultural and artistic revolution. 1996. Color. 1 hr. 30 min. English. VHS. [IT 23]

IL PICCOLO DIAVOLO. An Italian Vatican priest is called in by church officials to exorcise a demon from a fat woman. Once the demon is expelled, Matthau hears a racket only to find Benigni in his closet who proclaims himself to be, "the disgusting thing you exorcised from the fat woman." His first time out of Hell, Benigni's devil is naive, curiously tests the world and discovers the mundane little joys of living that we all take for granted; he acquires a taste for cigarettes and wine, dances in public with an inflatable sex doll, falls in love, and much more. Much of all this is observed with arm's-length curiosity by Matthau who brought this fool of a devil into the world. Color. 1 hr. 41 min. Italian. VHS. [IT 16]

IL PORTABORSE [THE FOOTMAN]. A dry satire on corruption and compromise in contemporary Italian politics. A schoolteacher obsessed with poetry and experienced in ghost-writing is hired by an ambitious young minister to write his speeches and tend to the credibility of his image. 1991. Color. 1 hr. 32 min. Italian. VHS. [IT 20]

IL POSTINO. A young postman's world is brightened as he begins delivering letters to poet Pablo Neruda, exiled on an island off the coast of Italy. At first hoping friendship with the poet will improve his reputation with a local barmaid, he ultimately develops a genuine, touching relationship with the laureate. 1995. Color. 1 hr. 48 min. Italian/French with optional English subtitles. Special features include: Audio commentary by director Michael Radford, TV special, soundtrack featurette, TV commercials, and trailer. DVD. [IT 29]

IL POSTO. A young man finishes school and heads for Milan, takes his employment tests, and gets a job as a messenger in a large industrial firm, where the promise of stability gives him hope for a future. DVD. [IT 14]

IN SEARCH OF TUSCANY. Food critic and author John Guerrasio guides viewers on an excursion through the heartland of Tuscany, exploring the cuisine, wine, crafts and heritage of Northern Italy. 1999. Color. 40 min. English. VHS. [IT 24]

INFERNO. Through his Inferno, Dante fleshed out the spatial and moral geography of Hell for the first time ever, bringing it to life in a way that both terrifies and edifies. This program tracks Dante’s allegorical journey through the underworld while providing background on the visionary poet, life in the Middle Ages, and Inferno’s influence on the arts and pop culture. Interviews with Inferno translator Robert Pinsky, Dante scholars Ronald Herzman and William Cook, the Reverend Stephen Happel, of The Catholic University of America, and others are featured, as are readings by three-time Poet Laureate Pinsky and dramatizations of scenes from Inferno and Dante’s life. 2001. Color. 51 min. English. VHS. [IT 31]

JOHNNY STECCHINO. Academy Award-winner Roberto Benigni (Life is Beautiful) stars as Dante, a kind-hearted but naïve buffoon who is happy driving the school bus for a group of mentally handicapped children but feels he is somehow missing out on life and love. His fortunes take a dramatic turn when he meets Maria, a dangerous driver who seems immediately enamored of him. Dante is soon invited to her sumptuous Palermo villa, pleasantly unaware that he’s being drawn into an underworld plot. He also bears a stunning resemblance to Maria’s gangster husband, who also happens to be a stool pigeon, looking for a way out of the mafia. With a new look-alike in Dante, the couple attempt to make him the one to pay the price while the couple gets away. 1991. Color. 1 hr. 42 min. Italian with English subtitles. DVD. PAL format. [IT 12]

LA CURA. (Movie 4) VHS. [IT 4 II]


LADRI DI BICICLETTE [THE BICYCLE THIEF]. Antonio Ricci (Lamberto Maggiorani) has been waiting for a job, but when one finally arrives, he must obtain a bicycle in order to be able to accept the position. His loving and caring wife, Maria (Lianella Carell), hocks the bed sheets in order to be able to afford a bicycle for Antonio. He reports to work as a poster hanger, but while on the job for only a short time, the bike is stolen by a young thief (Vittorio Antonucci). Desperate to get the vehicle back, Antonio seeks the aid of his friend, Baiocco (Gino Saltamerenda), and also receives the help of his devoted son, Bruno (Enzo Staiola). Bruno stays by Antonio's side, no matter what, determined to help his father get back the stolen property. It is a frustrating journey for the father and son, as they receive no help, except that of Baiocco. It seems that no matter what they do, Antonio is left with a fateful decision (one of the most brutally honest scenes ever filmed). He must ask himself just how far would he go to put food on the table for his family that he loves so much? 1948. B&W. 1 hr. 26 min. Italian. DVD. [IT 21]

LEONARDO DA VINCI. (An A & E Biography.) He was widely regarded as the greatest artist who ever lived. Yet this remarkable genius was equally skilled as an architect, engineer and scientist. 1997. Color. 50 min. English. VHS. [IT 27]

LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL [LA VITA E BELLA]. When an open-minded Jewish librarian and his son become victims of the Holocaust, he uses a perfect mixture of will, humor, and imagination to protect his son from the dangers around their camp. DVD. [IT 36]


PART 1 OF 5. [IT 25 I]

PARTS 2 & 3 OF 5. [IT 25 II]

PARTS 4 & 5 OF 5. [IT 25 III]

MALÈNA. The latest triumph from Giuseppe Tornatore, the writer and director of the Academy Award®-winning CINEMA PARADISO, Malèna is an utterly unforgettable story of a boy's journey into manhood amid the chaos and intolerance of World War II. In a sleepy Italian village, the most beautiful woman in town, Malèna (Monica Bellucci), becomes the subject of increasingly malicious gossip among the lustful townsmen and their jealous wives. But only her most ardent admirer, young Renato Amoroso (Giuseppe Sulfaro), will learn the untold true story of the mysterious and elusive Malèna! In a captivating motion picture nominated for two Academy Awards®, the eventual struggles and hardships that Malèna must bravely endure serve to inspire Renato to new heights of compassion, courage, and independence! 2000. Color. 1 hr. 32 min. Italian and French with English and Spanish Subtitles. DVD. [IT 41]

THE MEDIEVAL MIND: FREDERICK II: THE LAST EMPEROR. Frederick II ruled an empre from Denmark to Sicily, and as far east as Israel. He is admired to this day by military specialists who consider him one of the greatest conquerors of all time. This program traces his life and times, and his attempts to consolidate imperial power in Italy at the expense of the papacy in the 13th century. 2004. Color. 50 min. English. DVD. [IT 11]

THE MEDIEVAL MIND: THE CIRCLES OF LIGHT: THE DIVINE COMEDY. The most celebrated work of Dante Alighieri is certainly The Divine Comedy, a vision of hell, purgatory, and heaven that provides a strangely surrealistic view of medieval attitudes on religious dogma and the price of disobedience. 1998. Color. 49 min. English. VHS. [IT 1]

MICHELANGELO. (An A & E Biography.) He is one of the greatest artists of all time, a man whose name has become synonymous with the word "masterpiece." Color. 50 min. English. VHS. [IT 5]

THE MONSTER [IL MOSTRO]. Authorities use a policewoman (Nicoletta Braschi) to trap a harmless misfit (Roberto Benigni) mistaken for a notorious sex killer. DVD. [IT 13]

NO MAMMA, NO. (Movie 1) VHS. [IT 4 I]

NUOVO CINEMA PARADISO. A famous film director returns home to a Sicilian village for the first time after almost 30 years. He reminisces about his childhood at the Cinema Paradiso where Alfredo, the projectionist, first brought about his love of films. He is also reminded of his lost teenage love, Elena, who he had to leave before he left for Rome. 1989. Color. 1 hr. 32 min. Italian. DVD. [IT 19]

THE PRINCE. This program explores the moral ambiguities of power through Machiavelli's treatise on political philosophy. 2001. Color. 52 min. English. VHS. [IT 28]

REMEMBER ME [RECORDATI DI MI]. The story of a normal Italian family in which come out the dreams of those who have lost their possibilities and of those who want to realize them. Carlo and Giulia are a married couple who have each given up their aspirations in order to live an average life. Their 19-year-old son, Paolo, is having trouble finding an identity, while their 18-year-old daughter, Valentina, has already figured out how to use sex to her advantage. The family goes through a crisis when Carlo begins having an affair, Giulia attempt to seduce the director of a local stage production she is in, and Valentina does what she does best to land an audition for a TV show. DVD. [IT 37]

THE RENAISSANCE. This video program provides a multifaceted introduction to the period from the late 14th century to the end of the 16th — when writers, artists, philosophers, scientists, and explorers believed, and in some ways proved, that they could change the world. The program is divided into three segments: Europe before the Renaissance, the Renaissance in Italy, and the Renaissance elsewhere in Europe. (Includes notes and teaching guide.) 1988. Color. 30 min. English. VHS. [IT 3]

ROMAN WAR MACHINE. Actor Joe Campanella narrates this fascinating, authoritative look at the Roman Legions, their battles, commanders, tactics and legacy. From its establishment in 300 BC to the crushing defeat at the hands of the German chief Akininis in 9 AD, THE ROMAN WAR MACHINE examines every aspect of this legendary fighting force. See how Caesar used his soldiers for political gain as well as in the field of battle, follow Hadrian's troops as they build instead of destroy, and learn what life was like for the common soldier with the help of ancient documents and historical re-enactments. Color. 50 min. each. English. 4 VHS tapes.





TOURING ITALY. A land of great cultural and historical significance, Italy possesses many of the world's priceless paintings, sculptures, and treasures of antiquity. Color. 1 hr. English. VHS. [IT 26]

UMBERTO D. The story centers on a retired civil servant, living only on his pension, whose best friend is his dog. Unable to survive on his meager income, he sacrifices a part of his pension for his dog, and is evicted by his landlady for non-payment of rent. 1952. B&W. 1 hr. 29 min. Italian/Italian with English subtitles. Special features include: 55-minute documentary: "That's Life: Vittorio De Sica," video interview with actress Maria Pia Casilio, essay by critic Stuart Klawahs, writings on Umberto by Umberto Eco, Luisa Alessandri, and Carlo Battisti. DVD. [IT 30]

THE WANDERING TRIBES OF EUROPE: FROM THE MISTS OF THE NORTH, THE GERMANIC TRIBES. In the 2nd century BC, the Cimbri and Teuton tribes began to move southward from their Scandinavian homeland, Jutland. Soundly defeating the Roman army at Noricum in 113 BC, they set in motion an era of migration that spelled the beginning of the end of Roman military and political supremacy. This program examines the reasons why these Germanic peoples left their homeland, explores their traditions and beliefs, and illustrates the clashes of arms and of culture that marked the first contacts between Roman and barbarus. 2004. Color. 52 min. English. DVD. [IT 33]

THE WANDERING TRIBES OF EUROPE: FUROR TEUTONICUS, PAX ROMANA. At the time the Roman Empire supplanted the failed Republic, the Rhine River marked Rome's northern frontier in western Europe — until Emperor Augustus tried to push the boundary east to the Elbe. Focusing on the events during the 1st through 4th centuries, this program traces the movements of the Goths and the tribes of Germania, including the epic battle in the year 9 when Arminius, leader of the Germanic resistance to Roman colonization, destroyed three Roman legions under Publius Varus — and the emperor's plans for conquest. 2004. Color. 53 min. English. DVD. [IT 35]


AFTER LIFE. In Kor-eda's thought-provoking vision, the newly deceased find themselves in a way station somewhere between heaven and Earth. With the help of dedicated caseworkers, each soul is given three days to choose one cherished memory from their life that they will relive for eternity. 1998. Color. 1 hr. 58 min. Japanese with English subtitles. Special features include: Japanese and American trailers, production notes, weblinks, director's profile, and more. DVD. [JA 13]

ANIMATED CLASSICS OF JAPANESE LITERATURE. This DVD contains three films. 1986. Color. 1 hr. 15 min. Japanese/Japanese with English subtitles. Special features include: Trailers, art gallery, scripts, production credits, and more. DVD. [JA 25]

I: "The Izu Dancer." A young student falls in love with a traveling dancer. Their love is sincere, but social differences may tear them apart.

II: "The Dancing Girl." A Japanese man working in turn of the century Berlin fathers a child with an impoverished dancer. Together, they strive to build a home and family, but political difficulties force the father to choose between his career and the woman he loves.

III: "A Ghost Story." A blind lute player chants the old legend of a great battle between the Genji and Keiki families. His music attracts the attention of the Heiki dead, whose ghosts request a performance.

ANIMATED CLASSICS OF JAPANESE LITERATURE. This DVD contains two films. 1986. Color. 1 hr. 18 min. Japanese/Japanese with English subtitles. Special features include: Trailers, art gallery, scripts, production credits, and more. DVD. [JA 23]

I: "The Harp of Burma: Parts 1 & 2." Near the end of World War II, a soldier is missing and presumed dead by his captured comrades. A mysterious monk may hold the key to his disappearance, but the monk hides painful secrets, the revelation of which will forever change the lives of prisoners.

II: "Season of the Sun." A boxer and a beautiful woman share a tumultuous relationship in post WWII Japan. Will love guarantee them a happy life, or will pride tear them apart?

ANIMATED CLASSICS OF JAPANESE LITERATURE. This DVD contains two films. 1986. Color. 1 hr. 18 min. Japanese/Japanese with English subtitles. Special features include: Trailers, art gallery, scripts, production credits, and more. DVD. [JA 24]

I: "Botchan: Parts 1 & 2." A Tokyo teacher moves to an isolated town, where he is tormented by the local students and faculty alike. Hilarity abounds as he struggles to adapt and learns a few surprising lessons about himself.

II: "Student Days." Young Kenkichi is determined to enter a prestigious school. He sacrifices every waking hour to his studies, but at what cost?

ANIMATED CLASSICS OF JAPANESE LITERATURE. This DVD contains two films. 1986. Color. 1 hr. 15 min. Japanese/Japanese with English subtitles. Special features include: Trailers, art gallery, scripts, production credits, and more. DVD. [JA 26]

I: "The Sound of Waves: Part 1 & 2." A poor fisherman falls in love with the daughter of the most powerful man in the village. To overcome this obstacle, he must prove his bravery on the arena he knows best, the ever-changing eternal sea.

II: Two friends are torn apart when one joins a gang, betraying the bond of trust between them. As they develop into individuals, will the capacity for forgiveness grow with them?

ANIME UNCOVERED. An in-depth look into the fascinating world of anime: How anime is made - from drawings through to the acting and music; its origins in Japan; its sources; and its global influence on culture worldwide. 24 min. B&W and Color. English. DVD. [JA 30]

CUSTOMS AND MANNERS: THE FABRIC OF JAPANESE SOCIETY. This enlightening look at theis group-oriented culture presents a true insight into the Japanese people's sensitivity to others and its importance to society. The relationships between people are of primary importance in Japanese society. Forms of politeness, the style of decision-making, occasions for gift giving and ways of socializing are all important elements if Japanese business and social life. 1989. Color. 29 min. English. VHS. [JA 8]

DREAMS. Comprised of eight episodes rich in imagery and insight, it explores the cost of war, the perils of nuclear power and especially humankind’s need to harmonize with nature. 1990. Color. 2 hr. Japanese/Japanese with English/French/Spanish/Portuguese/Japanese/Chinese/ Thai/Korean subtitles. Special features include: Director's film highlights. DVD. [JA 15]

ESCAFLOWNE. Hitomi Kanzaki is tired of life. Depressed and despondent, she wishes that she could just fade away, to make the pain of living stop hurting. Her pain resonates with another on the world of Gaea, and when her wish is granted, she finds herself in a strange land. 2000. Color. 1 hr. 36 min. Japanese/English with optional English subtitles. Special features include: Realtime storyboard track. DVD. [JA 16]

HIROSHIMA MON AMOUR. Criterion collection Production. A French actress (Emmanuelle Riva) and a Japanese architect (Eiji Okada) engage in a brief, intense affair in post war Hiroshima, their consuming fascination impelling them to exorcise their own scarred memories of love and suffering. Utilizing an innovative flashback structure and Academy Award-nominated screenplay by novelist Marguerite Duras, director Alan Resnais delicately weaves past and present, personal pain and public anguish, in this moody masterwork. 1959. 1 hr. 30 min. French with optional English subtitles. B&W. Monaural. Special features include: New high-definition digital transfer, with restored image and sound, audio commentary by film historian Peter Cowie, vintage interviews with director Alain Resnais and actress Emmanuelle Riva, new video interview with Emmanuelle Riva, excerpts from Marguerite Duras’ screenplay annotations, narrated over clips from the film, isolated music and effects track, new and improved English subtitle translation, optimal image quality: RSDL dual-layer edition. Also available: an illustrated 32-page booklet, featuring an essay by critic Kent Jones, excerpts from a 1959 Cashiers du Cinéma round-table discussion about the film, an essay on composer Giovanni Fusco by Russell Lack, and character portraits by Duras. DVD. [JA 28]

IKIRU. Akira Kurosawa moved outside his usual stylistic preoccupations to make this poetic and emotionally powerful work about a gravely ill, quiet and dignified civil servant who vows to find grace and purpose in his final months, through the building of a public park. It's a thoughtful, contemplative, lyrical work centered by Takashi Shimura's virtuoso performance. 1952. Japanese/Japanese with English subtitles. DVD. (Two-disc set.)

I: Feature film. B&W. 2 hr. 23 min. [JA 22 I]

II: Special features: A Message from Akira Kurosawa: For Beautiful Movies (2000): an 81-minute documentary produced by Kurosawa Production Inc., featuring interviews with the director on the sets of his later films; A 41-minute documentary on Ikiru from the series Akira Kurosawa: It is Wonderful to Create, including interviews with Kurosawa, writer Hideo Oguni, actor Takashi Shimura, and many others. [JA 22 II]

INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS ETIQUETTE: VOLUME 6, JAPAN WEST MEETS EAST AND MISCOMMUNICATES. Part of the International trade videotape series. Seminars for people who do business overseas. (Includes booklet on CD.) 41 min. English. VHS. [JA 10]

JAPAN EXPERIENCE: TOKYO TO TAIWAN, THE. Ride the bullet train at 160 miles per hour, read your fortune at a Buddhist shrine, tour the peace museum in Nagasaki, watch a snake and a mongoose fight. Experience Japan. Color. 47 min. English. VHS. [JA 1]

JAPAN. Jane Seymour examines how Japan's ancient traditions have blended with new technology and the modern trends to shape the society and its people today. 1987. Color and B&W. 4 hr. total. Each VHS tape is 1 hr. English. 4 VHS tapes:

THE ELECTRONIC TRIBE. Focuses on the contrasts between the present-day life of factory workers and the inherited religious and rural customs still found in the ordinary home. [JA 4 I]

THE SWORD AND THE CRYSANTHEMUM. A close look at what the West sees as a paradox in Japanese society, as represented by the Samurai warrior, who combined an appreciation of beauty and high culture with fighting aggression. [JA 4 II]

THE LEGACY OF THE SHOGUN. Looks at the continuing effect of the 17th-century Shogun philosophy and hierarchy. It also explores the law-abiding nature of contemporary Japan where Tokyo has one of the lowest crime rates in the world. [JA 4 III]

A PROPER PLACE IN THE WORLD. Looks at Japan's intervention on the world's stage during the 20th century and its likely future as world economic superpower. It exploes the reason why Japan went to such lengths during World War II to win respect and ward off encroaching imperialism. [JA 4 IV]

JAPANESE ECONOMIC BUBBLE, THE. The frenetic growth of the Japanese economy in the 1980s fueled an explosion in share and property prices; share prices rose four-fold in four years, and at one point property prices were so high that, in theory at least, the entire landmass of Canada could have been bought by selling the ground of the Imperial Palace. 1993. Color. 40 min. English. VHS. [JA 3]

JAPAN'S ECONOMY: BURSTING THE BUBBLE. In this program, noted correspondent Paul Solman inquires into how Japan's star economy fizzled out — and why America deceived itself regarding Japan Inc. 1999. Color. 13 min. English. VHS. [JA 7]

KIKI'S DELIVERY SERVICE. Set in a time when airships still ruled the skies and World War II never happened, Kiki.s Delivery Service is a coming-of-age tale that explores the difficulties of being a young witch. On her thirteenth birthday, budding witch Kiki is in a hurry to leave her family and establish her independence. With only her talking pet cat as a companion, Kiki is attracted to the bright lights of a beautiful port city, but finds that making friends is not easy. Using her skill at riding a broom to start an express delivery service, Kiki quickly discovers that she cannot take her unique abilities for granted. The film is based on the book Majo No Takkyubin by Eiko Kadono. 1989. Color. 105 min. Japanese/English/French/Spanish with optional English subtitles. Special features include: Introduction to the movie, behind the microphone, storyboard, and trailers. DVD. (Two-disc set).

I: Feature film. Color. 1 hr. 45min. [JA 21 I]

II: Special features: Introduction by John Lasseter; Complete Storyboards; Behind The Microphone with Kirsten Dunst and Phil Harman, and original Japanese trailers. DVD. [JA 21 II]

LEARN JAPANESE FOR BUSINESS. Introducing the real techniques for success in Japan, including language, customs, gestures, and expressions. 1986. Color. 1 hr. 10 min. English and Japanese. VHS. [JA 5]

LETTERS FROM IWO JIMA. Academy Award – winning director, Clint Eastwood presents the untold story of the Japanese soldiers who defended their homeland against invading American forces during World War II. With little defense other than sheer will and the volcanic rock of Iwo Jima itself, the unprecedented tactics of General Kuribayashi and his men transform what was predicted to be a swift defeat into nearly 40 days of heroic and resourceful combat. DVD. (Two-Disc Set).

I. Feature film. Japanese with English subtitles. Other subtitles available in French and Spanish. 2006. Color. 2 hr. 20 min. [JA 27 I]

II. Special Features: Making of Letters from Iwo Jima, The faces of combat, Images from the frontline, November 2006 World Premiere at Budo-kan in Tokyo, and November 2006 Press Conference. [JA 27 II]

LIVING TREASURES OF JAPAN. (A National Geographic Video.) A tribute to artists who preserve the richness and beauty of ancient Japanese traditions. Amid the clamor of technological and economic success, a reverence for age, custom, and tradition endures in Japanese culture. 1995. Color. 59 min. English. Copy 1 — VHS. [JA 2a]


MABOROSI. Haunted by the mysterious loss of her grandmother many years ago, a beautiful young mother struggles to come to terms with the sudden loss of her husband. 1998. Color. 1 hr. 50 min. Japanese with English subtitles. Special features include: American and Japanese trailers, director's profile, filmography, and thoughts on the making of the film. DVD. [JA 11]

PRINCESS MONONOKE. Princess Mononoke is a true epic by Japan's master animator Hayao Miyazaki. While protecting his village from a rampaging boar-god, the warrior Ashitaka is cursed with a rapidly spreading scar that threatens to end his life. Seeking a cure and a reason for the animal-god's attack, he journeys into the sacred depths of the Great Forest Spirit's realm. On the edge of this once serene forest, however, the Tatara clan have begun to destroy the surrounding land to produce iron. In retaliation, San, the adopted daughter of the wolf-god Moro, has begun raiding the Tatara fortress to stop their encroachment. Soon Ashitaka is caught in the middle and must stop the war between the humans and the forest dwellers before they destroy each other. 1999. Color. 1 hr. 14 min. Japanese/French/English. Special features include: Featurette and trailer. DVD. [JA 20]

RASHOMON. Brimming with action while incisively examining the nature of truth, Rashomon is perhaps the finest film ever to investigate the philosophy of justice. Through the ingenious use of the camera and flashbacks, director Akira Kurosawa reveals the complexities of human nature as four people recount different versions of the story of a man’s murder and the rape of his wife. 1950. B&W. 1 hr. 23 min. Japanese with English subtitles. Copy 1 – VHS. [JA 14a]

RASHOMON. Criterion Collection Production.1950. B&W. 1 hr. 23 min. Japanese with optional English subtitles. Special features include: New high-definition digital transfer, with restored image and sound, commentary by Japanese-film historian Donald Richie, video introduction by director Robert Altman, excerpts from The World of Kazuo Miyagawa, a documentary film about Rashomon’s cinematographer, reprints of the Rashomon source stories, Ryunosuke Akutagawa’s “In a Grove” and “Rashomon,” Akira Kurosawa on Rashomon: a reprinted excerpt from his book Something Like An Autobiography, optional English-dubbed soundtrack, theatrical trailer, new and improved English subtitle translation, optimal image quality: RSDL dual-layer edition. Copy 2 – DVD. [JA 14b]

RINGU. A mysterious video has been linked to a number of deaths, and when an inquisitive journalist finds the tape and views it herself, she sets in motion a chain of events that puts her own life in danger. 1998. Color. 1 hr. 36 min. Japanese/Japanese with English/Spanish/French subtitles. DVD. [JA 18]

SILENCE [CHINMOKU]. Adapted from the renowned novel by Shusaku Endo, Masashiro Shinoda’s 1971 film Silence (Chinmoku, co-written with Endo) explores the violent cultural conflict amid the arrival of the Jesuit missionaries in 17th-century Japan. Shinoda’s excellent direction – coupled with a pensive score by the legendary Toru Takemitsu – gives cinematic expression to an inner spiritual paradox, and imbues with religious mystery a landscape that seems already sentient with wind, rain and light. 1971. 2 hr. 10 min. Color. Optional English subtitles. Region 2 (PAL). DVD.Includes a 20-page booklet with a new essay by writer Doug Cummings. Requires a multi-regional player. [JA 29]

SPIRITED AWAY. Spirited Away is a wondrous fantasy about a young girl, Chihiro, trapped in a strange new world of spirits. When her parent undergoes a mysterious transformation, she must call upon the courage she never know she had to free herself and return her family to the outside world. 2002. Japanese/English with optional English/French/Spanish subtitles. Special features include: Behind the microphone, select storyboard-to-scene comparison, Nippon Television special, and original Japanese Trailers. DVD. (Two-disc set.) [JA 19]

I: Feature film. Color. 2 hr. 5 min.

II: Special features: Introduction by John Lasseter; The Art of Spirited Away; The Nippon Television Special - The Making of The Film; Select Storyboard-to-Scene Comparison; Behind The Microphone with Suzanne Pleshette and Jason Marsden, and original Japanese Trailers.

TABOO. Set in 1865 Kyoto, the story centers on a samurai militia unit that fiercely defends the Shogunate. Desperately in need of new recruits, the unit enlists 18-year-old Kano, a fearless warrior whose mesmerizing good looks immediately intrigue his fellow students. 1999. Color. 1 hr. 40 min. Japanese/Japanese with English subtitles. Special features include: Cast and crew profiles and trailers. DVD. [JA 12]

TALE OF GENJI, THE. This faithful adaptation of Murasaki Shikibu's literary masterpiece evokes the spirit and grandeur of the Heian era — a time when Japan passionately pursued the finer arts of music and literature. 1987. Color. 1 hr. 50 min. Japanese with English subtitles. VHS. [JA 9]

THE DIMENSION TRAVELERS. Freakish events jolt Midori from the life if an ordinary schoolgirl. Mysterious soldiers appear to terrorize her, declaring her a dangerous mental patient. Her own family seems to agree. Her best friend claims to be perfectly sane, but from another dimension. Is Midori losing her mind? Or is she a dimension traveler, with powers that could blow the universe apart? 1998. Color. 1 hr. 35 min. Japanese/English with Japanese/English subtitles. Special features include: Meet the travelers (character pages), Chiharu Niiyama bio, trivia, trailer, sneek peeks, script, photo gallery, cast and production credits, and more. DVD. [JA 17]


COLONEL WOLODYJOWSKI. A landmark epic based on the historical trilogy by Nobel Prize winner, Henryk Sienkiewicz, set in the year 1668 at the time of the Turkish invasion of Poland's Eastern frontier. 1969. Color. 2 hr. 40 min. Polish with English subtitles. Copy 1 — VHS. [PL 5a]


CZLOWIEK Z ZELAZA [MAN OF IRON]. The film merges documentary footage of the Solidarity strike into a fictionalized drama of a disillusioned radio producer who is ordered to Gdansk to undermine the reputation of one of the leaders of the worker revolt. 1981. Color. 2 hr. 32 min. Polish/Polish with English subtitles. DVD. [PL 11]

DAY OF WACKO. This dark comedy chronicling a day in the life of a bitter, disillusioned man was the winner of two Golden Lion Awards. Adam Miauczynski, played by director Marek Kondrat, is a 49-year-old elementary school teacher with a grudge against humanity. He blames his neighbors, his mother, and his students for his unhappiness, but refuses to confront the real source of his angst: himself. 2002. Color. 1 hr. 3 min. Polish/Polish with English/German subtitles. DVD. [PL 8]

KANAL. This grim depiction of a defeated Poland is the central film of Wajda's unplanned war trilogy. As Resistance fighters decend into Warsaw's sewer system to escape the Nazis, Wajda leads us through a psychological descent into the minds of a crushed people. 1957. B&W. 1 hr. 36 min. Polish with English subtitles. VHS. [PL 3]

MOTHER OF KINGS, THE. A screen version of the famous novel by Kazimierz Brandys from 1957. A picture of Poland's modern History in the 1933-1956 period as viewed with the eyes of a widow rearing her sons. 1989. Color. 2 hr. Polish with English subtitles. VHS. [PL 6]

OGNIEM I MIECZEM [WITH FIRE AND SWORD]. This grand drama is set in 17th-century Poland during the Cossack uprising against the Polish nobility. As the violent confrontation builds, there is also a battle for the heart of a beautiful girl between a dashing Pole and a brutish Ukrainian. 1999. Color. 3 hr. 2 min. Polish/Polish with English/Polish/French/Russian/Ukranian/Spanish subtitles. DVD. [PL 10]


I. 1) "Piast Poland" (Earliest Origins to 1370). 23 min. and 2) "Jagiellonian Poland." 21 min.

II: 3) "Gentry Commonwealth" (1573 to 1795). 42 min. and 4) "Romantic and Modern Poland" (1796 to 1945). 36 min.

POLISH FOLK DANCE & SONGS. This spectacular video features folk dances and songs from many different regions of Poland performed by authentic folk groups in colorful National dress. A showcase of impressive singing and dancing this video is must viewing for all lovers of folk music. 1994. Color. 1 hr. 8 min. Polish. VHS. [PL 4]

POTOP [THE DELUGE]. The action takes place in the 17th century, the turbulent period of the Polish-Swedish war. The plot is woven around the stormy love of Andrzej Kmicic, for a young woman named Olenka. Much of this exciting and romantic film was shot in authentic, ancient Polish castles. 1974. Color. Polish/Polish with English subtitles. DVD. (Two-disc set.) [PL 13]

I. Part 1 of 2. 2 hr. 35 min.

II. Part 2 of 2. 2 hr. 15 min.

ROBOTNICY '80. A documentary about the 1980 strikes led by Lech Walesa. This is the beginning of the Solidarity Movement, preserved on film. 1989. B&W. 1 hr. 34 min. Polish. VHS. [PL 7]

SZCZESLIWEGO NOWEGO JORKU [HAPPY NEW YORK]. A satire about 6 Poles who cross the Atlantic to find fame, fortune and the American dream. However, the clash with emigrant reality is both painful and absurd. Even though they live on the edge of poverty, they send videotapes back to Poland pronouncing their prosperity. 1997. Color. 1 hr. 35 min. Polish/Polish with English subtitles. DVD. [PL 12]

U PANA BOGA ZA PIECEM. A good folklore story at the Polish/White Russian border. A very pleasant comedy movie about a Russian girl coming to post-communist Poland to make some money on the black market, selling elicit imports. 1998. Color. 1 hr. 36 min. Polish/Polish with English subtitles. DVD. [PL 14]

WEDDING, THE. A bitter tale of the marriage of an intelligent man to a peasant, their opposing views, the artist's inability to find a place for himself in the world and the fruitless dreams of freedom. 1972. Color. 1 hr. 50 min. Polish with English subtitles. VHS. [PL 1]


BLACK ORPHEUS. Greek myth is transplanted to 1950s Rio de Janeiro during Carnival. Orpheus, the streetcar conductor, falls hopelessly in love with Eurydice. 1958. Color. 1 hr. 43 min. Portuguese/English dubbed with optional English subtitles. Special features include: Uncut version and French trailer. DVD. [PO 5]

CENTRAL STATION. Inside Rio de Janeiro's bustling Central Station, two very unlikely souls are about to become inextricably linked. When a young boy witnesses his mothers accidental death, a lonely retired schoolteacher takes the child under her wing. 1998. Color. 1 hr. 46 min. Portuguese with English subtitles. VHS. [PO 1]

CITY OF GOD. A hard-hitting, based-on-fact depiction of the brutal rivalry between two bands of young hoodlums for control of the drug trade in a Brazilian ghetto (favela). A kinetically filmed, panoramic modern classic. Color. 2 hr. 10 min. Portuguese/Portuguese with English/Spanish/French subtitles. Special features include: "News from a Personal War" documentary. DVD. [PO 6]

COLOSSAL YOUTH [Juventude em Marca]. After the Portuguese government demolishes his slum and relocates him to a housing project on the outskirts of Lisbon, 75-year-old Cape Verde immigrant Ventura wanders between his new and old homes, reconnecting with people from his past. DVD. [PO 9]

FOUR DAYS IN SEPTEMBER. Political terrorists, in a desperate bid to focus the world's attention on their fight for freedom, kidnap an American Ambassador. 1997. Color. 1 hr. 47 min. Portuguese with English subtitles. VHS. [PO 3]

HOW TASTY WAS MY LITTLE FRENCHMAN. This delicious black comedy, set in the jungles of Brazil, tells the story of a French explorer who tries in vain to be accepted by the tribe of cannibals who has captured him. They give him food, his own hut—even a wife. The Frenchman strives to learn the ways of the tribe, hoping to figure out a way to avoid being the main course of the tribe's ceremonial dinner. Ultimately, despite coaching and encouragement from his young Indian bride the Frenchman is integrated into the tribe…in an interesting way. 1971. Color. 1 hr. 20 min. Portuguese/French/Tupi with dubbed with English subtitles. VHS. [PO 8]

ME YOU THEM. In a small Brazilian town, Darlene, a woman searching for passion and the perfect man, settles for a marriage to her neighbor, Osais and goes to work with him as the overseer. Things start to change when Osasis's cousin, Zezinho, comes to visit and falls for Darlene. The affair results in a child and a three way marriage, which takes Osais some getting used to. However, just as things are calming, along comes Crio, a young and handsome drifter who ignites that long-lingering flame of passion in Darlene. But will Crio join the marriage arrangement, or will he and Darlene run off on their own, belonging only to each other? Color. 1 hr. 47 min. Portuguese/Portuguese with English/Spanish/French/Chinese/Korean/Thai subtitles. Special features include: Director Commentary. DVD. [PO 7]

QUILOMBO. In 17th-century Brazil, groups of runaway black slaves escaped to mountainous jungle strongholds, where they formed self-governing communities known as quilombos. 1984. Color. 1 hr. 54 min. Portuguese with English subtitles. VHS. [PO 2a]


TRAVESSIA DEMO. 1988. Color. Portuguese with Portuguese subtitles. VHS. [PO 4]


1917: REVOLUTION IN RUSSIA. (A National Geographic Film.) This film documents the Russian Revolution of 1917, one of the most important events in modern history. (Includes a teaching guide.) 1988. B&W. 28 min. English. VHS. [RU 26]

9TH COMPANY [9 POTA]. This film is based on the true story of the 9th company during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in the 1980s. Young Soviet Army recruits are sent from a boot camp into the middle of the war in Afghanistan. The action is not like a boot camp at all, it is very bloody and dirty. The 9th company is defending the Hill 3234. They hopelessly call for help, but help never comes. "This is war: you kill or get killed," says the 9th company leader Khohol (Bondarchuk). The soldiers believed that they served their country, but two years later that country ceased to exist. 2005. 2 hr. 6 min. PAL. Russian with Russian subtitles only. Color. Copy 1 – DVD. Requires a multi-region disc player. [RU 62a]

9TH COMPANY [9 POTA]. 2005. 2 hr. 6 min. NTSC. Russian with English subtitles. Color. Copy 2 – DVD. [RU 62b]

A FORGOTTEN TUNE FOR THE FLUTE. Set in the Soviet Union, this film tells the story of Lenny, a high-ranking official with the Leisure Time Directorate. He lives a privileged lifestyle, married to a woman whose father is an even higher-ranking government official. When Lenny is hospitalized with a minor heart attack, he finds himself falling in love with Lida, a vivacious nurse. 1988. Color. 2 hr. 11 min. Russian with English subtitles. VHS. [RU 15]

A KISS – NOT FOR THE PRESS. From bare-breasted hunter and fisherman to judo master, expert skier and fighter plane pilot, Vladimir Putin has been every inch the he-man that the Kremlin's propagandists would have him be. Now the Russian president gets a romantic makeover - as Putin the lover. This film, "A Kiss - Not for the Press," gives us a fictionalized view of how revered leader Putin interacts with his doting wife, Lyudmilla, and loving daughters. Although the film does not mention Putin by name, it leaves little doubt as to who its hero is. Its protagonist is a man from St. Petersburg who holds a secret job before becoming president, marries an air hostess and fathers two daughters - an identical path charted by Putin, an ex-KGB agent. 2008. 1 hr. 40 min. PAL. Color. Russian with English and German subtitles. DVD. Requires a multi-region disc player. [RU 74]

ANDREI ROUBLEV. A massive and sweeping retelling of the life of the 15th-century Russian icon painter and perhaps the first great Russian artist. Unfolding in a free-flowing series of eight episodes, ANDREI RUBLEV follows the painter as he faces unbearable violence, endless attacks by the crude and malicious Tartars, and, eventually, a crippling crisis of faith. 1965. B&W. Russian with English subtitles. 3 hr. 5 min. total. (Two VHS tapes.) [RU 7]

I. Part 1of 2.

II. Part 2 of 2.

ANDREI RUBLEV. Criterion Collection Production. Andrei Rublev charts the life of the great icon painter through a turbulent period of 15th-century Russian history, a period marked by endless fighting between rival Princes and by Tatar invasions. 1966. 3 hr. 25 min. B&W. Russian with optional English subtitles. DVD. [RU 77]

ANNA AKHMATOVA FILE, THE. This program offers a variety of perspectives on the celebrated Russian poet. Irene Moore, a founder of the American Stanislavsky Theater, provides an overview of Akhmatova's life and career and recites her poetry in Russian. Also contributing are Brown University professor Samuel Driver and University of Connecticut professor Irene Kirk, one of the last westerners to see the poet alive. 1989. Color. 28 min. Russian with English subtitles. VHS. [RU 30]

ANNA KARENINA (ALEKSANDR ZARKHI). Though little known outside Russia, Aleksandr Zarkhi’s gorgeous 70mm widescreen film version of Anna Karenina is acknowledged as the most visually spectacular and faithful interpretation of Leo Tolstoy’s masterpiece.1967. 2 hr. 24 min. Color. Russian with optional English, French, & Spanish Subtitles. DVD. (Two-disc set.) [RU 72]

I. Anna Karenina, Part One & Part Two.

II. Special Features: Thoughts about Leo Tolstoy, Chronikle, The making of Anna Karenina, Video interview with the director, actors, & cameraman. Leo Tolstoy biography & photo album. Cast and crew biographies/filmographies.

AUTUMN MARATHON. A mild-mannered English professor in Leningrad finds he can no longer keep his personal life separate from his duties. He becomes increasingly muddled by his relationships with his loving wife, demanding mistress, students, colleagues and his neighbor. 1 hr. 40 min. Color. Russian with English subtitles. Copy 1 — VHS. [RU 6a]


BALLAD OF A SOLDIER. A classic love story about a Russian youth on leave during WW II and the young girl who captures his heart. 1960. B&W. 1 hr. 29 min. Russian with English subtitles. Copy 1 — VHS. [RU 9a]

BALLAD OF A SOLDIER. With Special Features including: Audio Interview with director/co-screenwriter Grigori Chukhari and stars Vladimir Ivashov and Zhanna Prokhorenko, plus new and improved English subtitle translation. Copy 2 — DVD. [RU 9b]

BARBER OF SIBERIA, THE. Dreamer and adventurist McCracken (Richard Harris) tries to get a commission from appropriate Russian state authorities. Jane (Julia Ormond) is dispatched to help McCracken in the disguise of his daughter who would blackmail the officials of the Commission on Technical Innovations. On her way she meets Cadet Andrey Tolstoy (Oleg Menshikov) and his comrades. Jane's Moscow target is to be the head of the cadet school General Radlov (Alexei Petrenko) who also happens to be Deputy Chairman of the Commission. The General gets enamored with the beautiful foreigner. However, her love preference is Andrey. The latter, with the fervor typical of a Russian officer, reciprocates. The showdown takes place... in the theatre. Andrey, playing the part of Figaro in a student production of "The Barber of Seville," overcome by jealousy, attacks Radlov directly from the stage. Unfortunately for Andrey, the performance is attended by Czarevich Mikhail and Grand Duke Alexei Alexandrovich (Yevgeny Steblov), and Tolstoy ends up being accused of an attempt on their lives. The shackled former cadet is sent to Siberia, followed there by his servant Dunyasha (Anna Mikhalkova) who is madly in love with him. Will Andrey ever see Jane and… his son? 1999. 3 hr. Color. Russian with English Subtitles. DVD. [RU 66]

BERLIN JOURNEY OF A CITY. A documentary telling the story of the city at the epicenter of the cold war. 1995. Color and B&W. 57 min. English. VHS. [RU 28]

BLACK TULIP, THE. Understanding the impact of the Afghan War on Soviet society is essential to an understanding of glasnost and perestroika. The Black Tulip is a remarkable look at the human impact of the war on the Soviet people. 1988. 27 min. VHS. [RU 27]

BROTHER. Danila Bagrov, just demobbed from the army, returns to his quiet, provincial home town. But life is monotonous and boring in this Russian backwoods, so he is heading for faraway Petersburg, to his elder brother who, as he heard, is doing quite well there and might help his darling little brother to start a new life. On his arrival in Petersburg, Danila discovers that his brother is indeed doing well, having mastered the profession of...a contract killer. And Danila decides to follow suit. 1997. Color. 1 hr. 36 min. Russian/Russian with Russian/English/French/ German/Dutch/Spanish/Italian/Swedish/Czech subtitles. DVD. [RU 64]

BROTHER 2. The powerful follow-up to Balabanov’s critically acclaimed "Brother" tells the story of Chechen veteran Danila (Sergei Bodrov Jr.) who arrives in Russia and meets an old army buddy, Konstantin, who has been forced to sign a crooked contract with a U.S. hockey team. Soon after, Danila finds Konstantin dead, and in vowing to avenge his death, he is taken on a journey that takes him to Chicago and a whole new world of crime and corruption. A powerful look at the crooked economies of Russia and the U.S. 2003. Color. 2 hr. 3 min. Russian with English subtitles. Special features include: 1 hr. behind-the-scenes documentary and Cast and Director filmographies. DVD. [RU 65]

COME AND SEE. This towering, cathartic experience won the Grand Prize at the Moscow Film Festival. The story is based on writer Ales Adamovich's WWII memoirs of SS reprisals against partisans. Set in occupied Byelorussia in 1943, the film follows a raw teenager into the swamps and forests of the border provinces, where he undergoes a hell of atrocities, becoming a middle-aged wreck as he tries to survive the carnage. 1985. Color. 2 hr. 22 min. Russian with English subtitles. Special features include: Trailers and Sean Penn on Come and See (text). DVD. [RU 35]

COMMISSAR, THE. In this extraordinary human drama set against the Russian Civil War, a tough Red Army Commander's military career is disrupted by an unwanted pregnancy. B&W. 1 hr. 45 min. Russian with English subtitles. VHS. [RU 13]

CRANES ARE FLYING, THE. Set during WW II, this film is the tragic story of youthful love shattered by war. 1957. B&W. 1 hr. 34 min. Russian with English subtitles. VHS. [RU 10]

DIAMOND ARM, THE. The plot of this eccentric comedy is based on a newspaper item, found by script co-writer Yakov Kostyukovsky, about the arrest on the Italian border of a criminal who had hidden “gold and diamonds” in a plaster cast. The thrilling adventures of Semyon Semyonovich Gorbunkov, a modest economist, accompanied by a swindler named Count, have captivated several generations of moviegoers. 1968. Color. 1 hr. 40 min. Russian/English/ French/Arabic with optional Russian/English/French/German/Dutch/Spanish/ Italian/Portuguese/ Japanese/Herbew/Swedish/Chinese/Arabic subtitles. Copy 1 — DVD. [RU 41a]

DIAMOND ARM, THE. Copy 2 — DVD. [RU 41b]

DISCOVERING RUSSIAN FOLK MUSIC. Discover popular music trends of the past and present through these enjoyable and informative programs that trace musical traditions around the world. Viewers will learn how music has influenced out cultures, traditions, and everyday life. 1975. Color. 22 min. English. VHS. [RU 20]

EVGENII BAUER. A biography of Evgenii Bauer and his contribution to early Russian cinema. 1992. B&W. 1 hr. 35 min. Russian with English subtitles. VHS. [RU 16]

FACE OF RUSSIA: FACING THE FUTURE, THE. Facing the future explores the advance of Russian music and cinema, and looks at how new media forms are shaping Russia during its current time of change. 1998. Color. 1 hr. English. VHS. [RU 39]

FATHER OF SOLDIER. The unnaturalness of war for humans, who are toilers and creators, is demonstrated through the life story of an old peasant wine grower from Georgia. Georgy Makharashvili is on his way to see his son, a wounded soldier staying in hospital. But before the father makes it to the hospital, the son has already left for the front. However, Georgy cannot go back to his village. Together with the Soviet Army, he goes all the way to Berlin, to the victory over Fascism. 1965. B&W. 1 hr. 25 min. Russian/English/French with optional Russian/English/French/German/Spanish/Italian/Portuguese/Dutch/Swedish/Herbew/Arabic/Chinese/Japanese subtitles. DVD. [RU 40]

GENTLEMEN OF FORTUNE. A kindergarten director, a very kind man and a talented teacher, finds himself chasing a stolen treasure, and not for his own profit, but with a noble aim. Using his likeness to a dangerous thief, who had stolen Alexander the Great’s helmet, he has to find and return the treasure to the country. The gentle hero has to live with the thieves, and his kindness and pedagogical experience have an unexpected effect on the hardened criminals. 1971. Color. 1 hr. 28 min. Russian/English/French with optional Russian/English/German/French/ Spanish subtitles. DVD. [RU 42]


1) "Black Square" tells the story of Russia 's artistic avant-garde from the 1950's to the 1970's, when artists were confronted by semi-official, ideological art. Works could be smashed by bulldozer, flooded with acid, or covered with concrete. Black Square is a cinematic appreciation of works only recently allowed to be exhibited, and the story of the artists, many of whom were forced into exile. 1988. Color and B&W. 57 min. Russian with English subtitles.

2) "Dialogues" features a bacchanal of rock jazz and punk that erupt in an abandoned Leningrad palace. Collective singing, dancing and playing makes the group a community. 1987. B&W. 28 min. Russian with English subtitles.


1) "This is how we live." A shocking look at the alienation of young people in a daring look at Soviet punks — young people who emulate fascists by wearing swastikas on their sleeves. 1987. Color. 30 min. Russian with English subtitles.

2) "Homecoming" is a remarkably frank look at the veterans of the Soviet involvement in Afghanistan who return home with unresolved feelings about a demoralizing and unpopular war, not unlike the U.S. involvement in Vietnam. 1987. B&W. 17 min. Russian with English subtitles.

HAMLET (GRIGORI KOZINTSEV). Considered by many the finest screen adaptation of Shakespeare’s greatest work, Grigori Kozintsev’s HAMLET is a spare, haunting interpretation based on a translation by novelist Boris Pasternak. The malevolence afoot in the state of Denmark is magnificently captured by the foreboding black and white cinematography and the dark, dramatic score by composer Dmitri Shostakovich. In addition, acclaimed Russian actors Innokenti Smoktunovsky and Anastasia Vertinskaya offer stellar, award-winning performances. 1964. 2 hr. 20 min. B&W. Russian with optional English subtitles. DVD. Includes Grigori Kozintsev’s Hamlet, a Facets Cine-Notes™ booklet. [RU 70]

HEART OF THE DOG. Old Prof. Preobrazhensky and his young colleague Dr. Bormental inserted the human's hypophysis into a dog's brain. A couple of weeks later the dog became "human looking." The main question is, "is anybody who looks like a man, A REAL MAN?" 2 hr. 11 min. Color. Russian with English subtitles. DVD. [RU 75]

HERE COMES THE EIGHTH DAY. This is a revealing glimpse of day-to-day life in Russia since the fall of communism. The documentary portrays a Russian populace confused by the chaos their economic and governmental institutions have fallen into--a state of confusion that has left the society semi-capitalistic, semi-religious and completely overwhelmed by bureaucracy. Included is an extended view of a mental institution where many of the patients seem to have succumbed to the stress of a nation in disarray. 2001. Color. 50 min. English. VHS. [RU 32]

INSPECTOR GENERAL, THE. When a town clown is forced to impersonate a visiting inspector general, he soon becomes the target for murder and mayhem. B&W. 2 hr. 6 min. Russian with English subtitles. VHS. [RU 1]

IRONY OF FATE OR LIGHT WITH STEAM! Four friends went to the bath-house not suspecting how surprising and incredible the consequences will be. Such a joke fortune can play with a man only once on a New Year's night. 1975. Color. 3 hr. 5 min. Russian/Russian with Russian/English/German/French/Spanish subtitles. DVD. [RU 51]

ISLAND [OSTROV], THE. Somewhere in Northern Russia in a small Russian Orthodox monastery lives an unusual man whose bizarre conduct confuses his fellow monks; while other people who visit the island believe that the man has the power to heal, exorcise demons and foretell the future. 2006. 1 hr. 50 min. Color. Russian with Russian/English subtitles. DVD. [RU 63]

IVAN’S CHILDHOOD. The great Andrei Tarkovsky’s debut feature, Ivan’s Childhood (Ivanovo detstvo), is an evocative, poetic journey through the shadows and shards of one boy’s war-torn youth. Moving back and forth between the traumatic realities of WWII and the serene moments of family life before the conflict began, Tarkovsky’s film remains one of the most jarring and unforgettable depictions of the impact of violence on children in wartime. (Booklet available on request.) 1962. B&W. 1 hr. 35 min. Russian with optional English subtitles. DVD. [RU 78]

KING LEAR (GRIGORI KOZINTSEV). Hailed as one of the best adaptations of this Shakespearean tragedy, Grigori Kozintsev’s KING LEAR is a striking epic interpretation based on a translation by novelist Boris Pasternak and driven by a stirring score by composer Dmitri Shostakovich. Kozintsev transposed the setting to a sparse landscape of moors and marshes, which provides an eerie backdrop to the bare castles and roaming bands of ragged, destitute wanderers. Thin, frail Yuri Yarvet’s unique interpretation of the title role, in which he focuses on the king’s suffering and pain, was internationally acclaimed. 1971. 2 hr. 12 min. B&W. Russian with optional English subtitles. DVD. Includes “Peter Sellers on King Lear,” an on-screen introduction by Anna Faroqhi and Haim Peretz. Grigori Kozintsev’s King Lear, a Facets Cine-Notes™ booklet. [RU 71]

KOLYMA. A sobering reminder of the horrors of war, this award-winning documentary details the tragedy of Kolyma, considered the worst of the Soviet concentration camps in which two million people lost their lives. Branded enemies of the state by the Communist regime, the citizens sent to Kolyma were mentally and physically abused, subjected to starvation, disease, extreme temperatures and random executions — all under the guise of mining gold and minerals for the war effort. Based on eye witness accounts, archival records and surviving documentary footage, this film is an important record of an atrocity. 1997. 3 hr. 13 min. total. English narration. (Three VHS tapes.) [RU 33]

I. Part 1 of 3. 45 min.

II. Part 2 of 3. 45 min.

III. Part 3 of 3. 45 min.

LEGEND OF SURAM FORTRESS, THE. Based on an ancient Georgian Legend, this film is dedicated to Georgian warriors of all ages who have died for their country. Color. 1 hr. 29 min. Russian with English subtitles. VHS. [RU 14]

LEOPOLD THE CAT CARTOONS. This cartoon series is about a very kind cat by the name of Leopold. His logo in life is "Guys, let's us be friends!" However, not everyone shares his happy outlook: two little mice are trying to ruin things any way they can. Kids love to see how all traps and practical jokes fail as Leopold's kindness always wins. Color. 45 min. Russian. VHS. [RU 21]

LITTLE GIANT OF GREAT SEX, THE. Color. Russian. 3 hr. total. (Two VHS tapes.) [RU 19]

I. Part 1 of 2. 40 min.

II. Part 2 of 2. 2 hr. 20 min.

LITTLE VERA. Negoda plays Vera, the sullen, sultry teenager who's torn between her brooding husband and her bitter parents in a dead-end town. With its simmering sensuality and brutal candor, Little Vera is a seductive Russian film that gave the Russians, (and Americans), something they never expected — a truly fresh film about sexual relationships. 1988. Color. 2 hr. 15 min. Russian with English subtitles. DVD. [RU 36]

LOVER, THE. The death of his wife was a big blow to Charyshev Dmitri Ivanovich. But even worse was finding a letter from her lover in the old papers he was sorting through. It turns out that in their relationship there was always a third person, now standing at the door of his apartment. 2002. Color. 1 hr. 40 min. Russian with English subtitles. DVD. [RU 48]

MASTER AND MARGARET. A four-part tv film escaping any genre classification, based on a famous literary masterpiece by Mikhail Bulghakov, a Soviet writer who for much of his lifetime has been disallowed to publish his works. This film is not only a story of devils visiting (soviet and anti-religious) Moscow, of true and victorious love, of Jesus meeting Pontius Pilate — above all it is an existing proof of a great and praiseworthy belief that the world after all, is not so bad, and the people, if only given a chance are simply good. 1990. 6 hr. 13 min. total. English subtitles. (Four VHS tapes.) [RU 59]

I. Part 1 of 4. 1 hr. 45 min.

II. Part 2 of 4. 1 hr. 34 min.

III. Part 3 of 4. 1 hr. 21 min.

IV. Part 4 of 4. 1 hr. 33 min.

MASTER AND MARGARITA, THE. An imaginary world where one’s consciousness actually perceives and experiences sorcery. The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov, the novel upon which this film is based, is a rare, mind-expanding pleasure, a journey available whenever one takes it and reads. The book is about the great burning, perennial arenas of the human predicament: story of Christ, seen by Matthew, Judas, and Pilate, the tale of Faust’s pact with the devil; the confrontation between individual genius and the demands of an ideologically driven State; the meaning of entertainment in society; and the love of man and woman. 2006. Russian with English subtitles. Color. DVD. (Three-disc set.) [RU 68]

I. Episodes 1, 2, 3, & 4. Color. 3 hr. 12 min.

II. Episodes 5, 6, & 7. Color. 2 hr. 30 min.

III. Episodes 8, 9, & 10. Color. 2 hr. 24 min.

MEETING PLACE CAN'T BE CHANGED, THE. After war Moscow is disturbed by the rumors about the impudent robberies and murders. The most popular TV hit of Stanislav Govorukhin. Ambushes, pursuits, fire exchanges. DMUR (Moscow Criminal Investigation Department) professionals are struggling against a mysterious and elusive gang "Black Cat". But the audience is held in tension not only by the detective plot. A constellation of the perfect actors has reconstructed trustworthy the atmosphere of the recent postwar Moscow which has gone never to return. 1979. Color. 6 hr. 14 min. total. Russian with English subtitles. DVD. (Two-disc set.) [RU 52]

I. Part 1 of 2. Series one, two, and three. 3 hr. 23 min.

II. Part 2 of 2. Series four and five. 2 hr. 39 min.

MIRROR. This film mixes apparently personal anecdotes — a child's wartime exile, a mother's experience of political terror, and a divorcing couple's quarrel — with slow motion dream sequences and poetic chunks of stark newsreels (the bombing of Barcelona, the Chinese cultural revolution, a boy cured of his stutter through hypnosis.) 1975. Color. 1 hr. 30 min. Russian with English subtitles. VHS. [RU 11]

MOSCOW DOES NOT BELIEVE IN TEARS. An enchanting drama of three women struggling to establish themselves in Russia's huge and often impersonal capital city. 1981. Color. 2 hr. 30 min. Russian with English subtitles. Copy 1 — VHS. [RU 17a]


MOTHER AND SON. A stunningly photographed "Love Story" about the deep affection that exists between a mother and her son. A visual experience of the loneliness and heartfelt emotion of the pair, the film explores themes of life and death in a harsh world that offers little comfort. 1997. Color. 1 hr. 13 min. Russian/Russian with English subtitles. Special features include: Filmographies, production credits, and weblinks. DVD. [RU 43]

MY PERESTROIKA. Tells the story of five people from the last generation of Soviet children who were brought up behind the Iron Curtain. Just coming of age when the USSR collapsed, they witnessed the world of their childhood crumble and change beyond recognition. Through the lives of these former schoolmates, this intimate film reveals how they have adjusted to their post-Soviet reality in today's Moscow. DVD. [RU 81]

OBLOMOV. Based on the classic Russian novel by Ivan Goncharov, "Oblomov" is the story of a wealthy landowner who simply refuses to leave his bed. The idle protagonist resolves to maintain his horizontal posture indefinitely, despite the efforts of numerous well-wishers who try to coax him outside. Pining for the magical vision of reality he enjoyed as a child, Oblomov would rather let his life waste away than come out of his lair and face the drabness of everyday existence. Color. 2 hr. 25 min. Russian with English subtitles. VHS. [RU 4]

OCTOBER 1917 REVOLUTION AND AFTER, THE. A documentary presentation of events from the defeat of the Czarist armies and famine in Russia, to the overthrow of Nicholas and the assumption of power by the Communists. 1993. B&W. 26 min. English. VHS. [RU 23]

ONCE AT A BORDER: ASPECTS OF STRAVINSKY. A film biography of the famed 20th century composer, Igor Stravinsky. Includes commentary by Robert Craft, Marie Rambert, George Balanchine, Nadia Boulanger and others, plus footage of Stravinsky on stage at the Champs-Elysees Theatre in Paris. The original version of "Les Noces," is also presented on film. 1981. Color and B&W. 2 hr. 46 min. total. (Two VHS tapes.) [RU 61]

I. Part 1 of 2.

II. Part 2 of 2.

OPERATION Y AND SHURIK'S OTHER ADVENTURES. This eccentric comedy directed by Leonid Gaidai includes 3 novellas united by the main character, cranky Shurik, who often finds himself in the most incredible situations. In "Partner" he is rehabilitating a hooligan Bully, serving his 15-day administrative sentence, in "Strange Impression", entranced, he is preparing to take an exam and passes it successfully, in "Operation Y" he is saving a warehouse, which has already been robbed by its director, from being broken in by Booby, Coward, and Experienced. 1965. Color. 1 hr. 36 min. Russian/Russian with Russian/English/German/French/Spanish subtitles. DVD. [RU 50]

ORPHANS, THE. From Russia, an intimate and revealing film of life in a Russian boys school. 1983. Color. 1 hr. 30 min. Russian with English subtitles. VHS. [RU 5]

OUTSKIRTS, THE. In this extraordinary epic—a political thriller in the tradition of Z and Weekend , mixed with acid-sharp humor—Peter Lutsik creates an astounding chronicle of a country in violent transformation. A group of men fight injustice as they try to discover who stole their land. Their hunt for the offenders takes them from the gentle countryside to the halls of power. Hailed at film festivals worldwide as a modern classic, The Outskirts vividly reveals Russia as alternately corrupt, melancholy, dogmatic, romantic, and spiritual. 1998. B&W. 1 hr. 35 min. Russian with English subtitles. Special features include: Extended interview with Peter Lutsik. DVD. [RU 56]

OVERCOAT, THE. Based on a novel by Nikolai Gogol about a poor, degraded clerk — "the small man" of the nineteenth century. 1985. B&W. 1 hr. 13 min. Russian with English subtitles. VHS. [RU 2]

PECULIARITIES OF THE NATIONAL FISHING. A planned fishing trip goes hilariously awry when three best friends find themselves lost in Finland with no fishing equipment or vodka. This is clearly a disaster of the highest order and the traveling buddies reach their breaking point in this hit comedy, which was the third in a series featuring the same trio of characters. 1998. Color. 1 hr. 34 min. Russian/Russian with English/French/Russian subtitles. Special features include: Cast and crew filmographies and footage from Leonid Galdai's film, Dog Barbos and the Crazy Cross. DVD. [RU 55]

PIRATES OF THE XXTH CENTURY. Russian cinema isn't well known for its action pictures, but this box office hit is more exciting than many Hollywood blockbusters and includes some thrilling martial arts combat to go along with the gunplay. Modern day pirates hijack a ship to steal its cargo of pharmaceutical opium, but when some brave members of the crew fight back, it leads to a deadly battle to the finish. Based loosely on a true story. 1979. Color. 1 hr. 23 min. Russian/English/French/Spanish with optional English/French/German/Dutch/Spanish/Italian/ Portuguese/Japanese/Hebrew/Swedish/Chinese/Arabic subtitles. Special features include: Interviews with script writer, director, leading actor and stunts director, photo album, and cast and crew filmographies. DVD. [RU 57]

POST SOVIET RUSSIA: PROMISES DETERRED. This program examines how the Russian city of Gorky has adapted to a free-enterprise system. 1997. Color. 55 min. English. VHS. [RU 22]

PRISONER OF THE CAUCASUS OR SHURIK'S NEW ADVENTURES. In this comic but dated story, nerdy Shurik travels to Caucasus in search of native legends and folklore. But what he finds is a beautiful girl whom, due to intoxication and deceit of the local "gang", he ends up literally stealing for the local deceitful governor. All the time Shurik thinks that it is all just a one old Caucasian custom. When he, finally, realizes what he did he goes out in search for the girl of his dreams. 1971. Color. 1 hr. 22 min. Russian/dubbed in English/French with optional Russian/English/German/French/Spanish subtitles. DVD. [RU 45]

PRISONER OF THE MOUNTAINS. A dashing soldier, and a young recruit are captured by a Chechen father who holds them hostage in his village home. The father attempts a prisoner exchange for his son, who is held by the Russian army, but is defeated by lackadaisical and inept bureaucracy of the military. As the two Russians await their fate, a love gradually develops between Vanya and their captor's daughter. 1996. Color. 1 hr. 39 min. Russian/Russian with English/Spanish/French subtitles. Special features include: Original trailer. Copy 1 — DVD. [RU 37a]


PRIVATE LIFE. Private life intimately examines the personal reawakening of the joys of life of a recently dismissed factory executive. Faced with the prospect of nothing to do, the main character is forced to re-examine his relationships with friends and family members. Color. 1 hr. 43 min. Russian with English subtitles. VHS. [RU 12]

PROMISED HEAVENS. Eldar Riazanov's tragicomedy about the homeless people living around city scrap-heaps - their destinies, joys and sorrows. Color. 1 hr. Russian with English subtitles. VHS. [RU 18]

QUIET FLOWS THE DON. Based upon Mikhail Sholokhov’s Nobel Prize winning novel, Quiet Flows the Don is a spectacular, sprawling epic of the Russian Revolution and an honest, intimate drama of two lovers lost in the storm of history. Within the sylvan hills of Russia’s Don River Valley, Grigori, a fiery and cruel young Cossack, takes up with Aksiniya, the wife of a fellow warrior. The brawling beauty of Cossack village life and the violent upheaval of World War I and the Bolshevik Revolution form a spectacular backdrop for a romance as real as it is tragic. Driven to deception and disgrace, the two lovers battle the condemnation of the old order and the dangers of a dawning new world. 1957. 5 hr. 30 min. Color. Russian with optional English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Hebrew, Swedish, Chinese, Arabic, and Italian subtitles. DVD. (Four-disc set.) [RU 76]

I. Part One. 1 hr. 43 min.

II. Part Two. 1 hr. 50 min.

III. Part Three. 1 hr. 56 min.

IV. Special Features: The truth about Quiet Flows the Don, the making of Quiet Flows the Don, the presentation of the Nobel Prize to Mikhail Sholokhov, video interviews with two actresses in the film, and with an historian about the background of Quiet Flows the Don. Cossack songs and dances. Two still galleries, cast and crew filmographies.

REVOLT OF THE FISHERMAN. Theater impresario Erwin Piscator made his only foray into cinema with this naturalistic tale of a mutiny aboard the ship St. Barbara. 1935. B&W. 1 hr. 25 min. Russian with English subtitles. VHS. [RU 58]

RURAL RUSSIA. Away from the major metropolitan areas, Russia is still a land of people living in the manner of frontier life. With no major roadways, few cars, little electricity, and few luxuries of any kind, the residents of the small villages in Northeast Russia depend upon the closeness of family and friends, hard work and pride. This rich documentary portrait captures a world where the land still looms larger than technology. 1998. Color. 50 min. English narration. VHS. [RU 29]

RUSSIA: DISCOVERING RUSSIA. After countless rulers, revolutions and seven tumultuous decades of Communist domination, Russia remains a land of ancient tradition and rapid change. Witness sights that have captivated travelers for centuries — from bejeweled icons, golden churches and towering Kremlin to the rugged Ural mountains and the vastness of Siberia. Color. 1 hr. English. Copy 1 — VHS. [RU 24a]


RUSSIA: FAMILY. Profiling the everyday lives of a Russian family, this program examines the role of the family in Russia. It considers the significance of family in the life and lifestyle choices of an individual; examines the relationship between family and community; traces historical evolutions in family structure; and investigates nationally specific convictions about the family. 1995. Color. 55 min. English. DVD. [RU 38]

RUSSIAN ARK. Filmed in one continuous real-time shot through St. Petersburg's famed Hermitage museum, this mesmerizing, elegiac ode to Russian culture follows the 19th-century writer the Marquis de Custine as he moves through the building visiting persons and examining arts from the country's history. 2002. Color. 1 hr. 36 min. Russian with English subtitles. Special features include: Mon Paradis-Der Winterpalast documentary, interviews, commentary by the producer, weblinks, and more. DVD. [RU 44]

RUSSIAN PAINTERS. This new, three-part series presents a comprehensive and in-depth look at the art of Russia. It features over 400 painters and more than 1,000 paintings in color from museums and collections around the world. 2 hr. 30 min. total. English. (Three VHS tapes.) [RU 60]

I. The Classic Years. 50 min.

II. The Impressionist Years. 50 min.

III. The Years of Art Nouveau. 50 min.

SERGEI EISENSTEIN’S STRIKE. One of the most original debuts in film history, Strike is a brilliant mixture of agitation and propaganda techniques and comic-grotesque stylization in the telling of a factory workers' strike in Czarist Russia in 1912 and the brutal suppression of the strike. A remarkable achievement from one of the central figures in the history of cinema. 1925. B&W. 1 hr. 34 min. Silent with English/Russian subtitles. Special features include: New music composed and performed by the Alloy orchestra, audio commentary by Yuri Tsivian, professor at the University of Chicago and one of the World's leading scholars of Russian and Soviet cinema. DVD. [RU 34]

SOLARIS. Criterion Collection Production. In SOLARIS, legendary Russian filmmaker Andrei Tarkovsky creates a brilliantly original science fiction epic that challenges our preconceived notions of love, truth and humanity. This film probes man’s thoughts and conscience, as it follows a psychologist who is sent to a space station situated over the mysterious Solaris Ocean. The two other scientists there tell the psychologist of strange occurrences in the station, and the Ocean’s eerie ability to materialize their thoughts. After being in the station for a while, the psychologist finds himself attracted to its alternate reality. 1972. 2 hr. 49 min. Color and B&W. Russian with optional English subtitles. DVD. (Two-disc set.) [RU 79]

I. Feature film. Digital transfer with restored picture and sound (mono), enhanced for widescreen.

II. Special Features: Nine deleted & alternate scenes. Interviews with lead actress Natalya Bondarchuk, cinematographer Vadim Yusov, art director Mikhail Romadin and composer Eduard Artemyev. Documentary excerpt with SOLARIS author Stanislaw Lem. Essays on SOLARIS by Akira Kurosawa and Phillip Lopate.

SOVIET UNION: THE RISE AND THE FALL. Historic Russian battles to repel invaders serve as prelude to the story of the events that redrew the map of Eastern Europe and parts of Asia in the 20th century. Following the turmoil of the Bolshevik Revolution, Communist Russia faces the venom of Nazi aggression. 1996. Color. English. 2 hr. total. (Two VHS tapes.) [RU 8]

I. Part 1 of 2.

II. Part 2 of 2.

STALKER. Andrei Tarkovsky's Stalker is a somber, futuristic fantasy that attempts to build an apocalyptic vision out of the most impoverished materials imaginable. In a bleak, unspecified future, three men make a journey into the Zone, a deserted and forbidden place. Though it is dangerous to travel there (the stalker has fathered a mysterious, crippled child, presumably because of his earlier exposure to the place), it is tempting as well. At the Zone’s center is a spot where wishes may come true. 1979. Color/B&W. 2 hr. 43 min. Russian with optional English subtitles. DVD. (Two-disc set.) [RU 80]

I. Feature film.

II. Special Features: Video interviews with composer Eduard Artemyev, cameraman Aleksandr Knyazhinsky, set decorator Rashit Safiullin; excerpt from “The Steamroller and the Violin” (1960, 5 min.), Andrei Tarkovsky’s diploma film at the Soviet film school VGIK; “Memory” (1997, 5 min., directed by Serghei Minenok), a short film about Tarkovsky’s home; cast & crew biographies/ filmographies, photo album.

STROLL, THE. A modern romantic story, which happened to three young men in the center of St. Petersburg; a young, cute girl in the street. But she turns out to be quite different. Having made the main character fall in love with her, she knows foul intentions to his best friend. It takes only an hour and a half. 2003. Color. 1 hr. 30 min. Russian with English subtitles. DVD. [RU 46]

SUPER CITIES: SAINT PETERSBURG. Explore elegant St. Petersburg, built in the early 18th century as Russia's proud new capital. Color. 30 min. English. VHS. [RU 25]

UNFINISHED PIECE FOR PLAYER PIANO. A teacher and a doctor undergo various stages of emotional breakdown in this adaptation of the works of Anton Chekov. Classical music proliferates throughout, adding to the haunting qualities of this captivating drama. Color. 1 hr. 40 min. Russian with English subtitles. Copy 1 — VHS. [RU 3a]

UNFINISHED PIECE FOR PLAYER PIANO. Copy 2 — DVD. Russian language only. [RU 3b]

VOLGA VOLGA. An unseen miracle of 1930s Soviet cinema, Volga Volga is a revelation — a classic musical comedy that catapulted Lyubov Orlova into a Russian mega star. The setting is a giant steamboat making its way up the Volga River. On board is a motley collection of amateur singers and dancers traveling to Moscow to take part in a musical contest. A triumphant success upon its release, it remains one of the most important and best-loved films produced by the Soviet regime. 1937. B&W. 1 hr. 30 min. Russian. Copy 1 – DVD. [RU 31a]

VOLGA VOLGA. 1937. B&W. 1 hr. 30 min. Russian with English subtitles. Copy 2 – VHS. [RU 31b]

WAR AND PEACE. Screen adaptation of the novel by the great Russian writer Leo Tolstoy. Sergei Bondarchuck’s film epic stuns you with the scope of battle and crowd scenes and its historical authenticity. Winner of a 1968 Oscar. 1965-1967. Russian, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese, Greek, and Japanese subtitles. Color. DVD. (Five-disc set.) [RU 67]

I. Film 1, “ANDREI BOLKONSKY.” Parts 1 & 2. Includes bonus materials on Alexander I, 19th-century manor houses. Cast and crew photos and filmographies. 2 hr. 20 min.

II. Film 2, “NATASHA ROSTOVA.” Bonus materials include sketches of the sets, materials on national liberation movement, cast and crew photos and filmographies. 1 hr. 33 min.

III. Film 3, “1812.” Bonus materials include sketches of the sets, materials on amusements and celebrations in the country, M. I. Kutuzov, Russian classicism, cast and crew photos and filmographies. 1 hr. 18 min.

IV. Film 4, “PIERRE BEZUKHOV.” Bonus materials include sketches of the sets, materials on empire style, cast and crew photos and filmographies. 1 hr. 32 min.

V. BONUS. Includes cast and crew interviews, interviews with the President of Mosfilm Studio K. G. Shakhnazarov, video film about S. Bondarchuk, documentary about Leo Tolstoy, making of the film, and a photo album. Russian with English, French, Spanish, Dutch, and Italian subtitles. 2 hr. 11 min.

WE ARE FROM THE FUTURE. The action of the movie develops simultaneously along two dimensions of time: the present day and during the difficult defensive actions of the summer of 1942. The main characters are four grave looters, otherwise known as "black diggers." They dig on past battlefields in search of anything valuable: medals, orders, German weapons, documents ultimately uncovering a bunker containing a safe with documents in it. Among the documents found, there are soldier IDs containing pictures of the diggers themselves, but the names on the IDs are of deceased soldiers of the Red Army. Trying to sober up, the diggers go out for a swim in the lake and find themselves back in year 1942. 2008. 1 hr. 50 min. PAL. Color. Russian with no subtitles. DVD. Requires multi-region disc player. [RU 69]

WEDDING, THE. After a long absence, the main character returns to a small mining town where the action in this movies takes place. Having spent a number of years in Moscow, the girl comes back to this rural area to rediscover her first love. Wedding is a certain milestone in people's lives, a time when they 'sum up' their experiences and 'pay old bills'. The young couple is preparing for a wedding, but in the process, they discover things which to them would have better remained hidden. 2000. Color. 1 hr. 54 min. Russian with English subtitles. DVD. [RU 47]

WHITE SUN OF THE DESERT, THE. This 'Middle-Eastern', or rather a Central-Asian action film, about the Red Army fighting the counter-revolutionary robber bands has become not only a cult movie, but also one of the favorites for several generations of viewers. With Russian cosmonauts, it is a tradition to view this film before going to outer space. The film's success paved the way for a genre of national 'Eastern'. A demobbed soldier, Fyodor Sukhov, is making his way through the desert to his home village. The band of the brutal Abdulla is raging in that area. Sukhov is charged with escorting the chief's harem, because Abdulla intended to kill his women rather than let them go free. Sukhov's mate, a young soldier Petrukha, dies at the hand of Abdulla. But at the decisive moment, Sukhov gets help from the former customs officer Vereshchagin and a poor peasant, Said. 1969. Color. 1 hr. 20 min. Russian/English/French with optional Russian/English/German/French/Spanish/Italian/Portuguese/Dutch/Swedish/Hebrew/ Arabic/Chinese/Japanese subtitles. DVD. [RU 49]


3 NOCHES. When the corpse of a reputed mobster appears unexpectedly, all signs point to a crime of passion. But the grim and bitter detective Ferran suspects that there is more to the crime than meets the eye and sets out on a journey through the strange universe of Latin American nightclubs in order to solve the murder. 2001. Color. 1 hr. 45 min. Spanish with English subtitles. DVD. [SP 197]

20TH CENTURY: HISPANICS IN AMERICA. By the year 2050, Hispanic-Americans will make up on quarter of the U.S. population. This program examines the history of Hispanic immigration to America and the contributions of Hispanics to American society. Color. 1 hr. English. VHS. [SP 160]

A SUS ORDENES MI SENADOR. Within hours of the Stara of the 1973 coup against Salvador Allende — the world's first democratically chosen Marxist president — Allende was dead and the junta was in control of Chile. This program thoroughly examines the rise of Allende's Political Unity party and the trip-hammer response of General Augusto Pinochet, the man who seized the reins of power and then held them in his iron grip for almost two decades. Interviews with members of the Allende family, writer Antonio Skármeta, and mothers of "the disappeared" shine light into the darkness of the Pinochet regime. Color. 29 min. Spanish. DVD. [SP 212]

ABEL SANCHEZ. The story of Cain and Abel set in Unamuno's Spain and seen through the eyes of the philosopher for whom good and evil are neither absolutes nor opposites. B&W. 3 hr. total Spanish. (Two VHS tapes.) I. Part 1 of 2/ II. Part 2 of 2. [SP 43]

AGAINST ALL ODDS. Dark passions explode in this steamy, sinister love story of a cynical ex-football star who is hired to find a runaway mistress of a ruthless L.A. nightclub owner. 1984. Color. 2 hr. 2 min. English with English/Spanish/Portuguese/Chinese/Korean/Thai subtitles. Special features include: Director's and screenwriter commentary, trailer, two music videos and deleted scenes. DVD. [SP 166]

¡AH CARMELA! A trio of entertainers travels through Spain singing and dancing for the Republican Army. During one of their trips they are taken prisoners by the army of Franco. They are forced to sing and dance for their army; this ends in a tragedy. Color. 1 hr. 35 min. Spanish with English subtitles. VHS. [SP 32]

ALL ABOUT MY MOTHER. Manuela is the perfect mother. A hard-working nurse, she's built a comfortable life for herself and her teenage son, an aspiring writer. 1999. Color. 1 hr. 42 min. Spanish with English/French subtitles. Special features include: Exclusive interview with Pedro Almodovar, isolated music score, director's notes, and talent files. Copy 1 — DVD. [SP 64A]


ALL OF THEM WITCHES. When her friend is murdered in the apartment across the hall, a young woman begins to investigate the strange events that led to the tragedy. Sinister occurrences follow Dolores as she searches for clues, finally uncovering a witchcraft cult and darker secrets than she had ever feared. Going against the advice of her husband and her disbelieving psychiatrist, Dolores continues to delve into the black magic and occult powers that threaten her at every turn. 1995. Color. 1 hr. 40 min. Spanish with English subtitles. VHS. [SP 193]

ALSINO AND THE CONDOR. Alsino and the Condor is the story of a boy's dream of flying above the madness of the world around him. It's about his fantasies and his courage; it's about the human spirit soaring for freedom. 1986. Color. 1 hr. 30 min. VHS. [SP 1]

AMORES PERROS. Three lives become inextricably linked in the wake of a terrible car crash: a young punk stumbles into the sinister underground world of dog fighting. 2000. Color. 2 hr. 33 min. Spanish/French with English/French subtitles. Special features include: Story boards, photos, commentary, deleted scenes, 2 featurettes, 3 music videos, and trailer. DVD. [SP 168]

ANUNCIOS, SENALES Y CARTELES. Test your reading comprehension skills and have fun looking at a wide variety of signs found in the Spanish-speaking world. 1998. Color. 17 min. Spanish. VHS. [SP 159]

APOGEE OF THE GOLDEN AGE. During the 17th century, Spain witnessed a flowering of letters that was nourished by religious zeal, epic adventures, and a new sense of realism. In this program, leading scholars provide insights into the writings and personalities of Miguel de Cervantes, Lope de Vega, and other giants of Spanish Literature. Dramatic readings include excerpts from Cervantes' Don Quijote and Los Trabajos de Persiles y Sigismunda, Vega’s Fuenteovejuna, Tirso de Molina's El Burlador de Sevilla, Calderón de la Barca's La Vida Es Sueño, and Francisco de Quevedo's "Poderoso Caballero Es Don Dinero." 2004. Color. 50 min. Spanish with English subtitles. DVD. [SP 228]

APPROACH OF DAWN. Portraits of Maya woman forging peace in Guatemala. (Includes Discussion and Study Guide.) Color. 52 min. English. VHS. [SP 132]

ARGENTINA: MIDDLE CLASS REVOLT. This documentary takes us to Argentina to investigate the middle class revolt against the politicians who Argentinians claim are responsible for the economic ruin of their nation. Here we see that chaos has hit the streets of Buenos Aires. Streets are filled with noisy protests, while once-fashionable stores are empty. Outside the center of the city, illegal bartering flourishes and is ignored by the government because it is fulfilling the daily needs of millions of Argentians; however, that certainly is not a long-term solution to the country's economic problems. 2002. Color. 24 min. English. DVD. [SP 225]

ARGENTINISIMA I. Las canciones favoritas. Sinopsis. Inspirada en los versos Atahualpa Yupanqui se inicia un viaje imaginario, que va alternado ficción realidad para desentrañar el espíritu de diversas expresiones regionales de la música nacional. 1 hr. 55 min. VHS. [SP 7]

AURA [EL AURA], THE. Espinoza is a taxidermist marked with strange qualities — a photographic memory and random fits of epilepsy. To escape his lonely everyday life, he spends his time lost in fantasies about pulling off the perfect heist. When a fatal hunting accident presents a golden opportunity, he takes the chance to put his plot into action. But living in a world of real violence might bring a lethal dose of reality to Espinoza and the young woman he has brought into his plan. 2007. Color. 2 hr. 18 min. Spanish with English and Spanish subtitles. Special features include: “The Making of The Aura,” Behind-the-scenes musical montage and theatrical trailer. DVD. [SP 252]

BAD EDUCATION. Filmmaker Enrique gets a visit from an aspiring actor claiming to be his old school friend Ignacio, who has written a story about their traumatic childhood spent at Catholic school. In the story, a drag performer known as Zahara attempts to blackmail a predatory priest by exposing their scandalous past. The tale provides inspiration for Enrique's next film. But when the villainous priest from their school days arrives to tell his own version of the events, the truth is wilder than anything anyone could have imagined. 2005. Color. 1 hr. 45 min. Spanish/Spanish with English subtitles. Special features include: Audio commentary with director Pedro Almodóvar, deleted scenes, red carpet footage from AFI Film Festival, making of Bad Education, photo gallery, original Spanish theatrical trailer and bonus previews. DVD. [SP 232]

BARRIO. Three teenagers trapped in the summer heat of a Madrid working-class neighborhood must face their inevitable futures in this moody and humorous drama from director Fernando Leon de Aranona. Barrio is a powerful coming-of-age story. 1999. Color. 1 hr. 38 min. Features: Spanish Dolby Digital Audio; English subtitles. DVD. [SP 156]

BELLE EPOQUE [THE AGE OF BEAUTY]. Fernando, a handsome young Spanish Civil War deserter who befriends a free-thinking artist, finds himself in a romantic dilemma when the artist's four beautiful daughters return to their country home. 1992. Color. 1 hr. 49 min. Spanish with English subtitles. VHS. [SP 141]

BELTENEBROS. Una noche de invierno de 1962, el capitan Darman acompanado de Rebeca, recuerda en el tren que les lleva a Lisboa los acontecimientos recientes. Dias atras en Inglaterra, le habia sido encargada una mision secreta: volar a Madrid y ejecutar a un traidor infiltrado en el aparato clandestino del Partido. Darman recuerda una orden similar y el momento en que, dieciseis anos atras, ejecuto a Walter, pese a los gritos con que proclamaba su inocencia antes de morir... Color. 1 hr. 52 min. VHS. [SP 71]

BETWEEN PANCHO VILLA AND A NAKED WOMAN. A funny and thoughtful look at the changing nature of gender roles, follows a couple with amusingly different ideas about what makes for a healthy, intimate relationship. 1995. Color. 1 hr. 40 min. Spanish with English subtitles. VHS. [SP 96]

BODAS DE SANGRE. Federico Garcia Lorca. Un joven prepara su boda con la muchacha a la que ama. Este feliz acontecimiento se ve ensombrecido por el recuerdo en la madre del asesinato del padre y del hermano del novio. Leonardo, que pertencece a la familia de los Felix, los asesinos, estuvo enamorado de la novia mucho tiempo atras y no se resigna a que se case con otro. La boda se lleva a cabo, pero los vecinos del pueblo aseguran haber visto el caballo sudoroso de Leonardo junto a la ventana de la novia. Esa tragedia rural se basa en unos sucesos reales que tuvieron lugar en la localidad almeriense de Nijar en el ano 1928. Color. 1 hr. 45 min. Spanish. VHS. [SP 68]

BRUTE, THE. The great Mexican star Pedro Armendariz plays a powerfully strong but slow-witted slaughterhouse worker who is hired by a slumlord to break a tenant strike. 1952. B&W. 1 hr. 21 min. Spanish with English subtitles. VHS. [SP 125]

BUENA VISTA SOCIAL CLUB. Guitarist Ry Cooder’s celebrated album featuring the recently rediscovered talents of Cuba’s foremost folk musicians sold millions of copies and earned a Grammy Award. Cooder teams up with acclaimed director Wim Wenders to reveal the astonishing life stories, vibrant personalities and unforgettable music of the brilliantly talented but long-overlooked performers who collaborated on this now-legendary recording. 1999. Color and B&W. 1 hr. 45 min. Spanish with English subtitles. Special features include: "Me La Debes" a short film by Carlos Cuaron, deleted scenes, making of the featurette, audio commentary with the cast, TV spot and original trailer. DVD. [SP 177]

BUENOS AIRES: CIUDAD PORTEÑA. Visit Buenos Aires as we stroll up the famous Calle Florida and see the Casa Rosada, the Capitol, and Avenida 9 de Julio, the world's widest thoroughfare. We visit the old section of La Boca, where the tango was made popular and see a street singer and famous tangos. Includes CD with scripts and audio files in Spanish and English. 2003. Color. 12 min. Spanish. VHS. [SP 223A]


BURIED MIRROR, THE. English only. 5 hr. Narrated by Carlos Fuentes. Five VHS tapes: I. "The Virgin and the Bull." Best-selling Mexican author Carlos Fuentes looks for his forebears in the mix of people that created Latin America: Spanish, Arab, Jewish, Indian, and African. He asks what is unique in their culture that is cause for celebration in the 500th anniversary year of Columbus. His quest takes him from the quayside at Vera Cruz “where the Mediterranean comes to an end in the Caribbean” back to Spain, to the dark caves of Altamira, the harsh sunlight of the bullring, and the stamping feet of the flamenco dancer. Color. 59 min. II. "Conflicts of the Gods." In his lifetime, Carlos Fuentes has witnessed the rediscovery of the ancient Aztec temples beneath the central square of modern Mexico City. "So we found out that what we thought was dead was really alive." He retraces the Indian world through their magnificent pyramids and sculptures, a world of precise astronomy and human sacrifice, serenity and violence. The return of their blond, exiled god was forecast for the very year Cortes reached their shores. The savagery of the conquistador equaled that of the Indian, but he brought with him a new god, a god who sacrificed himself for men. Color. 59 min. III. "The Age of Gold." The New World brought Spain (and ultimately Europe) enormous treasures: gold, silver, chocolate, tomatoes, the potato. Yet Spain’s most powerful ruler, Philip II, lived in austere solitude in a cell-like study. He sought to protect the Catholic faith, while the Spanish author Cervantes questioned all values in Don Quixote, the prototype of the modern novel. At the court, Valazquez painted masterpieces of psychological penetration, and the Baroque style vaulted the Atlantic and celebrated its transformation into a tool for Indian fantasy in the magnificent churches of Potosi and Ocotlan. Color. 59 min. IV. "The Price of Freedom." Every year, a million Mexicans gather in the great central square of their capital to celebrate El Grito, the cry for independence. Following its progress, Carlos Fuentes crosses the Andes in the steps of Bolivar and San Martin. "Those w ho serve the revolution plow the seas," said the dying Bolivar. The liberators succeeded in throwing off the Spanish yoke, but they found it harder to establish a just society. For the gaucho there was the consolation of the open spaces, the mountains, and the plains. And for those crowding into the new cities like Buenos Aires, there was the tango, a sad thought that can be danced. Color. 59 min. V. "Unfinished Business." Spain, Latin America, the Hispanic communities in the United States: all have undergone enormous changes in this century. Within the lifetime of those born now, half the population of the U.S. will be Spanish speaking. Every year, half a million brave the border patrols to enter the United States illegally. "They are looking for the Gringo gold, but also bringing the Latino gold," Carlos Fuentes observes. Hispanic immigrants contribute a wealth of traditions: diverse cultural creativity in art, music, and dance, respect for family ties-distinct hallmarks of the Spanish-speaking world. Color. 59 min. [SP 30]

BURNT MONEY [PLATA QUEMADA]. When two gay thugs Angel (Eduardo Noriega) and El Nene (Leonardo Sbaraglia) join a plan to hold up an armored truck with a group of seasoned gangsters, their love and loyalty to each other is tested. Angel is wounded by police gunfire during the robbery, forcing El Nene to kill them all in a fit of range. Things become complicated when they escape to Uruguay and the police threaten to torture the driver’s moll if she doesn't tell them where they are. With their pictures plastered on the cover of every paper, drowning in drugs and alcohol, the gang begins to bicker. Against his boss’s wishes El Nene leaves the apartment and roams the streets where he meets a prostitute named Giselle (Leticia Bredice) in whom he begins to trust. Director Marcelo Piñeyro whose films have been both critically acclaimed and commercially successful is one of the most important figures in contemporary cinema in Argentina. His fourth film is a delicate balance of a gripping bloodbath and a moving, tender love story. Burnt Money is based on a book by Ricardo Piglia and was inspired by a true story of a famous bank robbery in Buenos Aires in the 1960s . Color. 2 hr. 5 min. Spanish. DVD. [SP 253]

BUTTERFLY. A heartwarming tale about a young boy growing up in a small Spanish town. Moncho is timid and fearful as he starts school for the first time. But with the nurturing guidance of his kind and devoted teacher, Don, a world of possibilities begins to open up for young Moncho. Color. 1 hr. 34 min. Spanish/French with English subtitles. DVD. [SP 136]

CABEZA DE VACA. In 1528, a Spanish expedition founders off the coast of Florida. The lone survivor, Alvar Nuñez Cabeza de Vaca, discovers an ancient Indian tribe. 1993. Color. 1 hr. 48 min. Spanish with English subtitles. Special features include: Trailer and cast biographies. DVD. [SP 93]

CAMILA. Set in the mid-19th century Argentina, this true story of Camila O’Gorman, an aristocratic young woman who falls in love with Ladislao Gutierrez, a young Jesuit priest. 1984. Color. 1 hr. 45 min. Spanish with English subtitles. Copy 1 — VHS. [SP 63A]

CAMILA. Copy 2 — VHS. [SP 63B]

CAMILA. Special features include: Trailer, photo gallery, and cast and crew. Copy 3 — DVD. [SP 63C]

CARLOS FUENTES. One of Mexico's most celebrated writers has a rich and varied body of work, including criticism, short stories, plays and essays. 1989. 1 hr. 6 min. VHS. [SP 87]

CARMEN. Carlos Saura's Film about an audition for dancers for a flamenco ballet version of Carmen, a charismatic choreographer discovers a fiery new leading lady. 1984. Color. 1 hr. 39 min. Spanish with English subtitles. VHS. [SP 164]

CAUTIVA. Cristina’s life is thrown into turmoil when she is suddenly escorted from her strict Catholic school in Buenos Aires and told that she is really Sofía Lombardi, the daughter of activists who disappeared in the ‘70s. Questioning everything she once thought true, Cristina embarks on a journey to find her true identity. Meeting others like herself, the young girl soon discovers the real-life horrors of Argentina's relatively recent past and the nightmare that claimed tens of thousands of lives during the country's "dirty war." DVD. [SP 260]

CELEBRATING THE DAY OF THE DEAD. The Day of the Dead is a serious affair in Mexico where relatives take the time to remember and honor deceased loved ones. 1992. Color. 20 min. Spanish and English with English subtitles. VHS. [SP 154]

CENIZAS DEL PARAISO. Judge Costa Makantasis dies when falling mysteriously from the terrace of the Court’s house Buildings and Ana Muro, a 22-year-old girl is found dead that same night with 15 stab wounds. The three sons of the Judge will plead guilty to the girl’s death. 1997. Color. 2 hr. 10 min. Spanish with English subtitles. DVD. [SP 181]

CHILE: "DEFEAT OF A DICTATOR." General Augusto Pinochet seized power in a 1973 military coup. He banned political parties, closed newspapers, and spread fear throughout the country; political assassinations, disappearances, torture, and imprisonment became common. In 1983, an economic crisis pushed many Chileans to dare oppose the dictatorship for the first time. Copper miners called for a nonviolent national protest day against Pinochet, unleashing pent-up opposition in a wave of monthly protests. Mainstream opposition parties re-emerged after ten years underground, and supported by the church, staged frequent nonviolent demonstrations. By 1987, the democratic opposition realized that the constitution Pinochet wrote in 1980 called for a plebiscite — a chance for people to vote yes or no on another eight years of military rule. Isolated and overconfident, Pinochet had always assumed he would win if people were given a choice. But after years of organizing, the opposition was prepared, and ran a bold, future-oriented "NO" campaign. On October 5, 1988, Pinochet was voted out. Color. 34 min. English. DVD. [SP 213]

CHILE: FIGHTING THE PAST (POLARIZED POLITICS). The arrest of General Pinochet exposed the frightening hatreds between the political left and right in Chile. While the left remind the world of Pinochetïs horrific crimes, the right demand that the horrors be put in their proper context. These were not atrocities, the argument runs, but excesses. The kind of things people do to restore order and attain economic success in a harsh environment. This powerful and comprehensive report reveals the divides that still affect Chilean society. 2002. Color. 30 min. English. DVD. [SP 226]

CITY, THE. A moving tribute to the struggles and hopes of a group of New Latin American immigrants facing the harsh realities of urban America. 1999. B&W. 1 hr. 28 min. Spanish/English with English subtitles. VHS. [SP 102]

CITY OF M. "M" has used the hard realities of life to create for himself a lifestyle without worry. His inability to find employment, for example, allows him plenty of time to play soccer, spend nights at parties, and freeloading off his girlfriend. Aware that his relaxation period is only temporary he accepts with trepidation a job as a drug mule, or a narcotics carrier to cover for dealers. Bringing contraband into Miami, M realizes that he now has an opportunity to escape his leisurely lifestyle with a position of criminal responsibility. 2000. Color. 1 hr. 42 min. Spanish with English subtitles. DVD. [SP 202]

CITIES OF THE ANCIENT MAYAS. Palenque, Chichen Itza, Tulum, Uxmal and other of the once-great cities of the Southern Mexico and Yucatan provide the setting for this look at the rise and fall of the Mayas. (With study questions.) Color. 23 min. English narration. VHS. [SP 19]

CLOUD, THE. A dark cloud has descended on Buenos Aires, where it has been raining for 1600 days. In a modernized world where time hastens forward, traffic and the city masses move backwards, unaware they are regressing within a corrupted system that is the cause of their social woes. Amidst this frenzy, an eclectic group of actors struggles to save their theatre from being torn down and replaced with a shopping mall. Caught between passion and helplessness, this group resists, refusing to sell out. They demonstrate the irrevocable link of culture to society, art and life. 1998. Color. 1 hr. 58 min. Spanish with Chinese/English subtitles. Copy 1 — VCD. Two VCDs: I. Part 1 of 2/ II. Part 2 of 2. [SP 218A]

CLOUD, THE. Copy 2 — VCD. I. Part 1 of 2/ II. Part 2 of 2. [SP 218B]

COCALERO. Born out of the U.S. war on drugs, an Aymara Indian named Evo Morales – backed by a troop of coca leaf farmers – travels through the Andes and Amazon in jeans and sneakers, leading a historic bid to become Bolivia’s first indigenous president. The filmmakers, granted astonishing up close and personal access to Evo, capture the intimate moments of this controversial figure and his triumphant rise to power. A story of geopolitics, people’s movements, indigenous culture, and one man’s impressive determination, Cocalero is a “luminous portrait of working people in a rare triumph against U.S. imperialism” (Prairie Miller, WBAI Radio). 2006. Color. 1 hr. 34 min. Spanish & Quechua with English subtitles. DVD. [SP 258]

COMET [EL COMETA], THE. The Mexican revolution in 1910 provides the backdrop for a young girl's journey from Mexico City to San Antonio. After witnessing the arrest of her father by the Porfirio Diaz regime for subversive acts, Valentia must take a parcel of gold coins to Francisco Madero's rebel faction in San Antonio. She is taken in by a traveling circus and finds love with the cinema-loving Victor the circus owner's son. 2002. 1 hr. 33 min. Spanish with English subtitles. DVD. [SP 190]

COMO SER MUJER Y NO MORIR EN EL INTENTO. La vida de Carmen es bastante complicada. A sus 42 anos esta casada con Antonio, que es su tercer marido, y tiene dos hijos de anteriores matrimonios. Intenta llevar su carrera con profesionalidad, sin descuidar por ello su relacion con Antoniio, la organizacion de la casa, las amistades ni las necesidades emocionales de sus hijos. La vida diaria llega a ser tan complicada y contradictoria como una pelicula de aventuras. Lo imporante es no perder el sentido del humor. Color. 1 hr. 40 min. VHS. [SP 74]

CONQUISTADORS. TLC series. Three VHS tapes on three different conquistadors. Color. Each approx. 47 min. English. I. Battle of the gods/ II. Empire of the Sun/ III. Inca Rebellion. [SP 169]

CORTAZAR: CARTAS DE MAMA. An example of Cortázar’s portrayals of guilt and passion, this story is set in Paris, where the Spanish protagonists live and are dominated by fears and doubts reawakened by letters from the hero's mother. 1996. Color. 1 hr. Spanish. VHS. [SP 187]

COSTA RICA. Discover dazzling Costa Rica, the jewel at the heart of Central America, where mist-shrouded peaks loom over fertile valleys and lush tropical forests touch unspoiled seashores. Color. 56 min. English. Copy 1 - VHS. [SP 163A]

COSTA RICA. Copy 2 - VHS. [SP 163B]

¡CRIA! This film portrays the darker side of childhood in a fascinating parable about Spain's repressive Franco regime. Fantasy and reality become one as dead characters take their place beside the living. 1975. Color. 1 hr. 47 min. Spanish with English subtitles. VHS. [SP 97]

CRIME OF PADRE AMARO, THE. Father Amaro, a new priest assigned to the small rural town of Los Reyes, Mexico. Upon arrival, he discovers that a conspiracy of corruption, sex and lies has overtaken the local Catholic Church. As he tries to separate himself from the other priests' actions, he finds the temptation too great and is eventually drawn in. 2002. Color. 1 hr. 59 min. Spanish/English with English/Spanish/French subtitles. Special features include: Director and actor commentary, making of featurette, photo gallery, poster explorations, and trailers. Copy 1 — DVD. [SP 184A]


CRONICA DE UNA MUERTE ANUNCIADA. Gabriel García Márquez. Color. Spanish only. 2 hr. VHS. [SP 26]

CRONOS. An ingenious alchemist creates a device that grants him eternal live. 400 years later an elderly antique dealer discovers the properties of this unique invention. Though he grows younger every time he uses this device, there is a terrible price to pay. Life after death becomes a bloody promise without end. 1992. Color. 1 hr. 32 min. Spanish with English subtitles. VHS. [SP 195]

DANZÓN. Julia, a Mexico City telephone operator, leads a tame, predictable life that is enlivened only by the ballroom dancing she enjoys each week. When her dance partner, Carmelo, suddenly disappears, Julia stuns her friends by impulsively following his trail to Veracruz. 1991. Color. 1 hr. 43 min. Spanish with English subtitles. Copy 1 — VHS. [SP 79A]

DANZÓN. Copy 2 — DVD. [SP 79B]

DARK HABITS. Yolanda, a nightclub singer who goes on the lam after her lover dies of a drug overdose, takes refuge in the convent of the Humble Redeemers. 1984. Color. 1 hr. 56 min. Spanish with English subtitles. Copy 1 — VHS. [SP 148A]

DARK HABITS. 1984. Color. 1 hr. 56 min. Special features include: Weblinks. Copy 2 — DVD. [SP 148B]

DAY YOU LOVE ME, THE. The myths of romance and politics clash, exposing the lies, hopes, and false dreams of an era in the eve of change, as the small city meets for the first time the King of the Tango. 1986. 1 hr. 20 min. Spanish with English subtitles. VHS. [SP 165]

DAY WITHOUT A MEXICAN, A. The California Dream becomes a hilarious nightmare when one day the entire Latin American population of the Golden State inexplicably vanishes. Needless to say, chaos and humor ensue as the people of the state attempt to live their lives as normal. This comedic mocumentary-style satire presents a modern fable with a very current and potent message as well as thought-provoking looks at America’s attitude toward immigrants and American culture in general. 2004. Color. 1 hr. 38 min. English with optional Spanish menus and subtitles. Special Features include: Behind the scenes featurette; outtakes; the original short upon which the film is based. DVD. [SP 245]

DEATH OF A BUREAUCRAT. The story of a young man's attempt to fight the system is an entertaining, hilarious account of galloping bureaucracy and the tyranny of red tape. 1966. B&W. 1 hr. 27 min. Spanish with English subtitles. VHS. [SP 62]

DELACALLE [STREETERS]. It is a story about a teenager and his girlfriend struggling to survive in an environment determined to destroy them. He gets money by doing odd jobs and participating in the drug deals. One day he steals money from El Ochoa, a judicial policeman without scruples who controls the neighborhood in which they live. 2001. Color. 1 hr. 26 min. Spanish with English subtitles. Special features include: The Making of De La Calle. DVD. [SP 194]

DEMISIADO AMOR. Beatriz and her sister Laura have a dream: go to another country, set up a boarding house and live off their income. They have been planning it for years and, finally, overburdened by the crisis and routine, one day they decide that one of them must leave and get the project started. 2001. Color. 1 hr. 40 min. Spanish with English subtitles. DVD. [SP 176]

DEPRISA, DEPRISA. For the fast-paced look at juvenile delinquency in Madrid, a sensation was caused when two of the films stars were arrested for separate criminal offences. 1981. Color. 1 hr. 39 min. Spanish with English subtitles. VHS. [SP 110]

DID THEY BUY IT? A documentary on the 1990 Nicaurgua elections. Color. 45 min. English. VHS. [SP 142]

DIEGO RIVERA. Spanish edition. This film contains an explanation of some of Rivera's paintings and a brief view in Diego Rivera's life. Color. 30 min. Spanish narration. DVD. [SP 21]

DIVA. When Jules, an 18-year-old postal worker, secretly tapes the concert of a superstar diva who refuses to be recorded, he finds himself with more than he bargained for. In addition to the concert, Jules accidentally winds up with another tape that identifies a top mobster involved in an international sex and drug ring. Suddenly, he finds himself chased through the streets of Paris by blackmailers, hitmen and the police. 1981. Color. 2 hr. 3 min. French/French with English subtitles. Special features include: Production notes. DVD. [SP 231]

DIVINAS PALABRAS [DIVINE WORDS]. This film is set in Galicia province in the impoverished village of San Clemente in the 1920s. Since the Village has no priest, ecclesiastic authority falls to Pedro Gailo, functioning as a sacristan, who has a young beautiful wife Mari Gaila. Greedy for any money that comes her way and eager to leave San Clemente and her husband, Mari cares for a sick child suffering from hydrocephalus, and uses him to beg for alms. 1987. 1 hr. 47 min. Spanish only (no subtitles). Extra features: Photo gallery; biographies. DVD. [SP 256]

DON QUIJOTE. Narración ilustrada con dibujos, que presenta la figura literaria de Don Quijote y Sacho Panza y narra sus primeras aventuras. La lucha contra los molinos de viento, la lucha contra los rebaños de ovejas y la adquisición del yelmo de Manbrino. 30 min. Spanish narration. VHS. [SP 11]

DON QUIJOTE. Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra. A true and faithful interpretation of one of the bulwarks of world literature and grandly conceived and beautifully executed visual epic rooted in Cervantes's own words. 5 hr. 10 min. total. Spanish. VHS. (Five VHS tapes.) I. Part 1 of 5/ II. Part 2 of 5/ III. Part 3 of 5/ IV. Part 4 of 5/ V. Part 5 of 5. [SP 42]

DON QUIXOTE, LEGACY OF A CLASSIC. This program weaves art, music, and literature with Western culture to explore the enormous impact of Cervantes’ classic on our world today. Artists, critics, and others, from novelist Carlos Fuentes to General Norman Schwarzkopf, reveal how the work — most translated in history — has affected their lives. Mixing discussions of the text with music, poems, other writings influenced by Don Quixote, and clips from the many film versions of the work, the program explores the conflict between imagination and reality, masculine and feminine attitudes toward love, and other themes. This is a rich resource for the study of Don Quixote and of the influence of art on life. Color. 58 min. VHS. [SP 52]

DOÑA BARBARA. Based on the 1929 novel by Romulo Gallegos, Dona Barbara tells of a dramatic confrontation over land and civil rights, notable for its passionate characterizations.1943. B&W. 2 hr. 18 min. Spanish with English subtitles. VHS. [SP 186]

ECUADOR: DIVIDED OVER OIL (from the "What in the World?: The People of Developing Nations" series). This edition of the series on globalization focuses on the conflict between Burlington Resources, an American oil company prospecting in Ecaudor, and the Achuar people of that country. The film underscores the cooperation between Ecuador's government and U.S. oil interests, and uses this particular case as an example of the impact this has on the people of Ecuador. 2005. 26 min. English. DVD. [SP 207]

EDUARDO GALEANO. Born in Montevideo, Uruguay, Eduardo is a journalist, historian, caricaturist, and a political activist who is best known for Memory of Fire, a fictive historical trilogy of the Americas from the first native myths to modern times. 1995. 1 hr. 30 min. VHS. [SP 90]

EL (THIS STRANGE PASSION). The psychological study of a man obsessed. Seemingly the perfect specimen of gentility, Francisco is suddenly and "intuitively" drawn to a young woman he sees fleetingly in church. 1952. B&W. 1 hr. 28 min. Spanish with English subtitles. VHS. [SP 130]

EL ANALFABETO [THE ILLITERATE]. Inocencio Prieto y Calvo (Cantinflas) receives a letter telling him that he is the heir to his uncle's fortune of two million pesos, which he has only to claim by producing his baptismal certificate as proof of identity. However, as an illiterate, Inocencio has no idea of the contents of the letter. While waiting for the local druggist to wait on him so he can have the letter read to him, Inocencio is embarrassed to see that a customer's young daughter is already able to read while he, a grown man, cannot. He leaves without telling the druggist his problem, resolved to go to school and to wait to learn the letter's contents until he can read them for himself, so that never again will he have to share private matters with others because of his own ignorance. 1961. Color. 1 hr. 50 min. Spanish with Spanish and English subtitles. DVD. [SP 249]

EL BALCON ABIERTO. Federico Garcia Lorca. This program presents a brilliant approach to the subject of Garcia Lorca — his works, his life, and particularly its end — and above all his role and influence in the Spain of today. 1 hr. 30 min. Spanish. VHS. [SP 46]

EL BOLERO DE RAQUEL. As Ravel's Bolero plays, the sultry, but virtually unknown dancer Elaine Bruce provocatively takes the stage in this 1956 Mexican comedy. She soon loses center stage when actor-comedian Mario Moreno Reyes ("Cantinflas") joins in turning the dance into a “total disaster.” Cantinflas is often referred to as the "Charlie Chaplin of Mexico," and El Bolero… was a natural role for him, since his career actually began as a dancer. 1957. Color. 1 hr. 31 min. Spanish with Spanish and English subtitles. DVD. [SP 248]

EL BURLADOR DE SEVILLA. Tirso de Molina. A superb production of Tirso's famous work, the play that introduced the theme of Don Juan into European literature. Color. 2 hr. Spanish. VHS. [SP 40]

EL CANTAR DE MIO CID. Meticulous attention to historical detail, spectacular cinematic production values, and the swashbuckling plot itself make this filmed medieval epic superb modern entertainment as well as fundamental education. Color. 1 hr. Spanish. VHS. [SP 35]

EL CHÉ. Ché Guevara, the man in the beret with the star, embodies one of the strongest myths of the 20th century. 1997. B&W. 1 hr. 30 min. English. VHS. [SP 127]

EL COMPADRE MENDOZA. En plena revolucion mexicana, el terrateniente Rosalio Mendoza sobrevive haciendo y pidiendo favores en ambos bandos de la contienda (las fuerzas gubernamentales y el ejercito de Zapata). En su haciendo todo mundo es bienvenido y Mendoza es muy estimado, especialmente por el general Felipe Nieto. El tiempo pasa y la situacion comienza a hacerse insostenible. Mendoza tendra que tomar partido, aunque ello signifique la traicion a sus amigos. 1933. VHS. [SP 143]

EL CORONEL NO TIENE QUIEN LE ESCRIBA. Fernando Lujan stars as a loyal family man affectionately known in a small town as the Colonel. Down on his luck, the aging Colonel awaits a promised and very needed pension plan. Every Friday, he dresses in his finest suit and walks down to the docks in anticipation of that fateful letter announcing the arrival of his pension. All the townspeople know that the Colonel waits in vain. He also knows what they think and say about him, but still he goes because his dream is all he has left. One other serious problem is that his family hungers and his wife is not healthy. 2002. Color. 1 hr. 58 min. Spanish with English subtitles. DVD. [SP 196]

EL ESPEJO ENTERRADO [THE BURIED MIRROR]. Color. 5 VHS tapes: I. LA VIRGEN Y EL TORO. El destacado autor mexicano Carlos Fuentes busca a sus antepasados en la mezcla de gentes que crearon latioamericana: wapanoles, arabes, judios, indios, y africanos. Pregunta que es lo distintivo en su cultura que deba provocar la celebracion del quinto centanario. Su busqueda le lleva del muelle en Vera Cruz "donde el Mediterraneo termina en el caribe" de vuelta a Espana, a las oscuras cuevas de Altamira, al brillante sol de la plaza de toros, y al zapateado del bailarin flamenco. 59 min. II. LA BATALLA DE LOS DIOSES. A lo largo de su vida Carlos Fuentes ha sido testigo del redescubrimiento de los antiguos templos aztecas ocultos bajo la plaza mayor de la ciudad de Mexico. "Entonces supimos que lo que habiamos creido muerto en realidad estaba vivo." El vuelve a recorrer el mundo indigena con sus magnificas piramides y esculturas, un mundo de astronomia exacta y sacrificias humanos, de tranquilidad y violencia. La vuelta de su exiliado Dios rubio habia sido anticipada para el mismo ano que Hernan Cortes Ilego a los aztecas, pero este traia consigo un nuevo Dios, un Dios que se sacrificaba por los hombres. 59 min. III. LA EDAD DE ORO. [MISSING]. IV. EL PRECIO DE LA LIBERTAD. Cada ano, un millon de mexicanos se reunen en la gran Plaza Mayor de su capital para celebrar El Grito, el grito por la Independencia. Observando su desarrollo, Carlos Fuentes atraviesa los Andes siguiendo los pasos de Bolivar y San Martin. "Los que sirven a una revolucion aran en el mar," dijo el moribundo Bolivar. Los libertadores pudieron sacudirse el yugo espanol, pero encontraron mucho mas dificil establecer una sociedad justa. Para el gaucho existia el consuelo de los espacios abiertos, las montanas, y la pampa. Y para los que se amontonaban en las nuevas ciudades como Bueno Aires, estaba el tango, un penamiento triste que se puede bailar. 59 min. V. LAS TRES HISPANIDADES. Espana, latinoamerica, los pueblos hispanicos en los Estados Unidos: todos han experimentado enormes cambios en este siglo. A partir de la generacion que esta naciendo ahora, la mitad de la poblacion de los EEUU sera hispanohablante. Cada ano medio millon evaden las patrullas de la frontera para entrar ilegalmente a los EEUU. "Buscan el oro gringo, pero tambien traen el oro latino," comenta Carlos Fuentes. Los inmigrantes hispanos contribuyen con la riqueza de sus tradiciones: una creatividad cultural diversa en el arte, la musica, y el baile, y el respeto que habla espanol. 59 min. [SP 59A]

EL ESPEJO ENTERRADO [THE BURIED MIRROR]. Color. 5 DVDs. I. LA VIRGEN Y EL TORO. El destacado autor mexicano Carlos Fuentes busca a sus antepasados en la mezcla de gentes que crearon latioamericana: wapanoles, arabes, judios, indios, y africanos. Pregunta que es lo distintivo en su cultura que deba provocar la celebracion del quinto centanario. Su busqueda le lleva del muelle en Vera Cruz "donde el Mediterraneo termina en el caribe" de vuelta a Espana, a las oscuras cuevas de Altamira, al brillante sol de la plaza de toros, y al zapateado del bailarin flamenco. 59 min. II. LA BATALLA DE LOS DIOSES. A lo largo de su vida Carlos Fuentes ha sido testigo del redescubrimiento de los antiguos templos aztecas ocultos bajo la plaza mayor de la ciudad de Mexico. "Entonces supimos que lo que habiamos creido muerto en realidad estaba vivo." El vuelve a recorrer el mundo indigena con sus magnificas piramides y esculturas, un mundo de astronomia exacta y sacrificias humanos, de tranquilidad y violencia. La vuelta de su exiliado Dios rubio habia sido anticipada para el mismo ano que Hernan Cortes Ilego a los aztecas, pero este traia consigo un nuevo Dios, un Dios que se sacrificaba por los hombres. 59 min. III. LA EDAD DE ORO. El Nuevo Mundo le proporciono a Espana (y eventualmente a Europa) enormes tesoros: oro, plata, chocolate, tomate, y la papa. Pero el rey mas poderoso de Espana, Felipe II, vivia en austera soledad en un salon del tamano de una celda. Queria proteger la fe catolica, mientras el autor espanol Cervantes cuestionaba los valores oficiales en su obra Don Quijote, el prototipo de la novela moderna. En la corte Velazquez pintaba obras maestras de penetracion psicologica, y el Barroco como estilo cruzo el Atlantico y celebro su transformacion en arma de la fantasia indigena en las magnificas iglesias de Potosi y Ocotlan. 59 min. IV. EL PRECIO DE LA LIBERTAD. Cada ano, un millon de mexicanos se reunen en la gran Plaza Mayor de su capital para celebrar El Grito, el grito por la Independencia. Observando su desarrollo, Carlos Fuentes atraviesa los Andes siguiendo los pasos de Bolivar y San Martin. "Los que sirven a una revolucion aran en el mar," dijo el moribundo Bolivar. Los libertadores pudieron sacudirse el yugo espanol, pero encontraron mucho mas dificil establecer una sociedad justa. Para el gaucho existia el consuelo de los espacios abiertos, las montanas, y la pampa. Y para los que se amontonaban en las nuevas ciudades como Bueno Aires, estaba el tango, un penamiento triste que se puede bailar. 59 min. V. LAS TRES HISPANIDADES. Espana, latinoamerica, los pueblos hispanicos en los Estados Unidos: todos han experimentado enormes cambios en este siglo. A partir de la generacion que esta naciendo ahora, la mitad de la poblacion de los EEUU sera hispanohablante. Cada ano medio millon evaden las patrullas de la frontera para entrar ilegalmente a los EEUU. "Buscan el oro gringo, pero tambien traen el oro latino," comenta Carlos Fuentes. Los inmigrantes hispanos contribuyen con la riqueza de sus tradiciones: una creatividad cultural diversa en el arte, la musica, y el baile, y el respeto que habla espanol. 59 min. [SP 59B]

EL ESPIRITU DE MI MAMA [SPIRIT OF MY MOTHER]. Sonia longs to escape her troubled life in Los Angeles. One night, she receives a message from her dead mother in a dream, a message that leads her on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual rebirth back to her native Honduras. 1999. Color. 1 hr. Spanish/Spanish with English subtitles. DVD. [SP 204]

EL GALLO DE ORO. A poor man nurses a near-dead fighting rooster, or cockerel, back to life. The cockerel regains its glory in the ring, bringing the owner fame, wealth, and romance. Seduced by the glamour of the cock-fighting arenas, this beginner gamesmen is tempted into a partnership. 1964. Color. 1 hr. 45 min. Spanish with English subtitles. Special features include: Trailer and cast and crew. DVD. [SP 178]

EL HOMBRE DE LA ESQUINA ROSADA. This is one of Borges' finest short stories; its subject is the world of the Gaucho; passion murder, and the ceaseless rhythm of café dancing are diffracted through the author's surrealistic lens. 1995. Color. 1 hr. Spanish. VHS. [SP 174]

EL LAZARILLO DE TORMES. The award-winning adaptation of the anonymous literary masterpiece tells the story of the young ever-hungry protagonist, Lazaro, who receives a worldly education by way of a series of masters. It presents a comical critique of 16th century Spain. 2004. B&W. 1 hr. 17 min. Spanish. DVD. [SP 234]

EL LIBRO DE BUEN AMOR. This tale is about the amorous adventures of one protagonist. He continually digress his style is elegant and clearly educated, yet his tone and language indicate his hope for a larger audience. His purpose-given, his clerical role is to moralize against vice, yet he takes undeniable pleasure in describing sin and seems occasionally to condone it. 1 hr. Spanish. VHS. [SP 36]

EL LICENCIADO VIDRIERA. Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra. This story — one of the finest of the Novelas Ejemplares — shows Cervantes at his best; his mastery of the language, sense of humor, concerns with the details of ordinary life, and sense of the human comedy. 51 min. Spanish. VHS. [SP 41]

EL LOBO. Based on a true story. In the 70s, during the last stages of Franco's dictatorship, Txema, a Basque construction worker, is arrested because of his connection to some terrorists who have just committed a murder. The secret service see in him an ideal candidate to infiltrate the terrorist band ETA and become a mole, so they try to offer him a deal if he will do so. After being coerced into accepting their mission, he adopts the undercover name of "Lobo" (Wolf) and joins the ETA band, making all the right connections until he reaches the top and acquires the trust of its leaders. In the process, he discovers that the group has deep internal divisions between those who want to abandon the armed fight and become just a political party, and those who want to keep the terrorist activity until they can proclaim the independence of the Basque country. After the band carries out their most daring and shocking crime yet, killing the prime minister, the heads of the military in Madrid become impatient and wish to launch an immediate attack on ETA and the Basque country. The chief of the secret service, convinces them to wait until Lobo can complete his mission and enable them to dismantle the band. But when the Barcelona police manage to catch the leader of the band, the generals decide they can't wait any more and begin capturing ETA members, dead or alive. And that includes Lobo, who is now left to his own devices to escape from both sides. 2004. Color. 2 hr. Spanish. DVD. [SP 240]

EL MARIACHI. All he wants is to be a mariachi, like his father, his grandfather and his great grandfather before him. But the town he thinks will bring him luck brings only a curse of deadly mistaken identity. 1993. Color. 1 hr. 21 min. Spanish with English subtitles. VHS. [SP 61]

EL MÉXICO DE ROLANDO GUILLERMOPRIETO. Artist Rolando Guillermoprieto presents his anthropologically influenced work, a reflection of the importance of time and space in traditional Mexican culture. Includes visits to a local market, a famous regional spa, and the ceremonial centers of Monte Alban and Mitla in Oaxaca. 2003. Color. 18 min. Spanish. VHS. [SP 219]

EL NORTE. Beginning in the remote jungles of Guatemala, a brother and a sister seeking better life where their father is killed by government soldiers and their mother taken away. They set out for the Promised Land of the north — El Norte. It is a perilous journey brought with dangers. El Norte is a deft blend of drama and dream imagery hailed as "An enormously special film, a work of great sophistication that has the truth, the magic of a piece of folk art." 1984. Color. 2 hr. 25 min. English subtitles. Copy 1 — VHS. [SP 12A]

EL NORTE. Copy 2 — VHS. [SP 12B]

EL NORTE. Criterion Collection Production. Copy 3 — DVD. I. Feature film. New high-definition digital transfer; new audio commentary featuring Nava; theatrical trailer; and new and improved English subtitle transslation./ II. Special features: In the Service of the Shadows: The Making of "El Norte"; The Journal of Diego Rodriguez Silva, Nava's 1972 award-winning student film; gallery of Chiapas location-scouting photos; booklet featuring a new essay by novelist Héctor Tobar and critic Roger Ebert's 1983 review. [SP 12C]

EL PADRECITO. Cantinflas explores a new profession, this time as a priest. Miguel Delgado, his usual director, has put him in a rural environment with all the necessary ingredients for a familiar and nice comedy: the mean tyrant who opposes any local progress in town and Cantinflas as the new priest who confronts him. The young priest Father Sebastián (played by Cantinflas) is assigned to a parish in San Jeronimo el Alto, where he is not welcomed by the community, particularly the resident priest Father Damián (played by Ángel Garasa). The newcomer gradually earns the trust of the people through humor, but firmly captures their hearts by saving the town fiesta by fighting a bull when the hired torero failed to show. 1964. Color. 2 hr. 10 min. Spanish with Spanish and English subtitles. DVD. [SP 250]

EL REY PASMADO. Madrid, Villa y Corte. Es el siglo XVII y el rey de Espana es un joven inexperto en politica y amores. Sin embargo, pronto descubre un mundo de sensaciones nuevas entre los brazos de Marfisa, una de las prostitutas mas bellas y caras de la Corte. La noticia correra de boca en boca, filtrandos por los muros de un palacio cuyas paredes parecen de cristal y en el que los regios inquilinos son mas que nada, sus prisioneros... Color. 1 hr. 45 min. VHS. [SP 70]

EL TIEMPO LIBRE. Seven programs. Making plans with family and friends. Public and private fiestas, and a visit to the zoo in Madrid. Hear from baseball, tennis, and soccer practitioners, as well as body building, gym, martial arts, and health food enthusiasts. Me gusta mucho: a motorcycle, a computer, a doll house, but not los frenos! 2003. Color. 45 min. Spanish and English. VHS. [SP 222]

EL TRAGALUZ. Una familia compuesta por los padres y dos hijos viven en un sotano cuya unica comunicacion con el exterior es un tragaluz. El padre no esta en su sano juicio y los hijos discuten con frequencia a causa de sus distintos puntos de vista sobre la vida. Color. 2 hr. 20 min. VHS. [SP 73]

ELISA VIDA MIA. An estranged daughter who returns home to her ailing father who is writing his biography from her point of view. A Carlos Sauras film. 1977. Color. 2 hr. 5 min. Spanish with English subtitles. VHS. [SP 118]

ERÁNDIRA. Based on a section of One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel García Márquez. Eréndira is an erotic black comedy laden with sexual fantasy, surreal pranks and political allegory. Eréndira is a teenage girl exploited as a sexual slave by her grandmother. The incomparable Eréndira becomes a legend throughout the land, selling her body to a dozen of men nightly. But when this third world Cinderella finally meets her Prince Charming, their only escape is to murder grandma, whose lust for life makes her nearly indestructible. Irene Papas gives a hilarious performance as the evil witch, while luscious Claudia O'Hara makes a sensual magnetic Eréndira. 1983. Color. 1 hr. 43 min. Spanish with English subtitles. VHS. [SP 2]

ERNESTO CHÉ GUEVARA. The Bolivian Diary. Over 30 years ago, on October 9, 1967, Ché Guevara was executed by the Bolivian army, aided by the CIA. Guevara's diary, a detailed, personal account of his futile 11-month attempt to foment revolution in Bolivia, is the basis of this moving portrait. Color and B&W. 1 hr. 34 min. VHS. [SP 58]

ERNESTO CARDENAL. An ordained Catholic priest, a revolutionary, and an acclaimed poet who champions the spiritual and intellectual values of the Nicaraguan people. 1991. 1 hr. VHS. [SP 89]

ES ESPANOL 3. These tapes constitute an audio-visual novel for learning Spanish. The lessons are shown in the format of television shows about four individuals who are studying in a school for theater. 2001. Color. 1 hr. 45 min. Spanish with subtitles for the dialogs. Includes a didactic guide for the videos in Spanish. Two VHS tapes: I. Part 1 of 2. 1 hr. 45 min/ II. Part 2 of 2. 1 hr. 30 min. [SP 224]

ESMERALDA COMES BY NIGHT. This film is a whimsical tale that depicts the life of a nurse who is happily married to five husbands! As she is about to marry husband number six, she is charged with bigamy. 1998. Color. 1 hr. 43 min. Spanish with English subtitles. VHS. [SP 98]

ESPEJO DE ESCRITORES. Carlos Fuentes. En esta reveladora entrevista hecha por su esposa Silvia, Carlos Fuentes habla de la preocupacion hispanica sobre la originalidad y de la funcion del tiempo en la literatura. Recuerda su juventud en Estados Unidos, la afirmacion de su identidad, su formacion politica y literaria. Nos lleva por las calles de Mexico; descubre sus antiguas obsesiones. Habla de su evolucion artistica y sus relaciones con el teatro. Lee de La region mas transparente. 1 hr. Spanish. VHS. [SP 158]

ESPEJO DE ESCRITORES: ISABEL ALLENDE. Interview with Isabel Allende. 1 hr. Spanish. VHS. [SP 145]

ESPEJO DE ESCRITORES: JULIO CORTÁZAR. El autor de Rayuela habla con el profesor Saul Sosonowski sobre la presencia del lector en su obra, y la trayectoria desde el individualismo literario havia una vision mas colectiva. Julio Cortazar define lo que represento para el, como experiencia personal, la Revolucion cubana, a partir de lo cual pudo sentirse verdaramente latinoamericano. Alude a sus vinculos con los movimiento de liberacion y a las tareas que como intelectual se propone ante la historia. Comenta las lecturas que se registran en su obra y explica como su funcion de traductor le sirvio para encontrar la dimension de una literatura. 1 hr. Spanish. VHS. [SP 144]

ESPEJO DE ESCRITORES: LUIS VALENZUELA. Interview with Luisa Valenzuela. 1 hr. Spanish. VHS. [SP 147]

ESPEJO DE ESCRITORES: SEVERO SARDUY El novelista y critico exploran el juego de las puertas falsas, el "trompe-l'oiel" y los difrances, abriendo un espacio desde Camaguey hasta el Paris post-estructuralista, tocando las claves de De donde son los cantantes, Gestos, Colibri, y otras obras que nos deleitan al retar nuestra inteligencia. 1 hr. Spanish. VHS. [SP 146]

ESPEJO DE ESCRITORES: JORGE LUIS BORGES. El celebrado y discutido autor de Ficciones dialoga con la escritor argentina Reina Roffe. Con deslumbrante elecuencia y sencillez, Jorge Luis Borges habla de su obra, de los fundamentos esteticos que estructuran sus cuentos y de las ideas filosoficas o metfisicas que le dan cuerpor a su poetica. Evoca a los grandes escritores de la literatura universal y revela su posicion etica, estetica e ideologica frente a la vida y las letras. Recuerda el Buenos Aires de principios del siglo y confiesa su desazon ante los ultimos acontecimientos politicos del pais. Y ademas da la primicia de narrar un cuento de cuchilleros que todavia no escribio. Dice cinco de sus mas famosas poemas. 1 hr. Spanish. VHS. [SP 80]

ESPEJO DE ESCRITORES: JUAN RULFO. En una entrevista excepcional con Silvia Fuentes, Juan Rulfo evoca su ninez y su familia en el contexto recvolucionarion de Mexico. De este modo, pone de manifiesto los raices mas profundas y la idiosincrasia del hombre mexicano. Cuenta como los diversos trabajos que desempeno durante su juventud lo llevaron de un lado a otro de su tierra, descubriendo los lugares y la gente que luego se convertirian en material de ficcion. Describe las ideas que direon forma a Pedro Paramo y nos revela la medida de su literatura. Lee de su gran novela y el cuento mas importante de El llano en llamas. 1 hr. Spanish. VHS. [SP 83]

ESPEJO DE ESCRITORES: LUIS RAFAEL SÁNCHEZ. El autor de la guaracha del Macho Camacho y su traductor, Gregory Rabassa, hablan de la literatura puertorriquena, su influencia y los obstaculos a su dearollo. Del Puerto Rico de ayer y de hoy, de los problemas de esta comunidad en Estados Unidos, Luis Rafael Sanchez describe el conflicto entre la creacion artistica y la obligacion politica, y analiza los personajes y el lenguaje de La Guaracha, novela de la que lee varios fragmentos. 1 hr. Spanish. VHS. [SP 84]

ESPEJO DE ESCRITORES: MANUEL PUIG. En una conversacion amistosa con Reina Roffe, Manuel Puig recorre cada una de sus novelas, dando claves para entender el mundo de sus personajes. A traves de las experiencias personales que describe va haciendo la radiografia de todo un estrato social argentino. Habla sobre las voces que modulan su escritura en una constante busqueda estetica y de ciertas teorias de las que se bale para construir algunos de sus textos. Lee de la novelas La traicion de Rita Hayworth, The Buenos Aires Affair, Pubis angelicial y sangre de amor correspondido. 1 hr. Spanish. VHS. [SP 85]

ESPEJO DE ESCRITORES: MARIO VARGAS LLOSA. Interview with Mario Vargas Llosa. 1 hr. Spanish. VHS. [SP 81]

ESPEJO DE ESCRITORES: OCTAVIO PAZ. Interview with Octavio Paz. 1 hr. Spanish. VHS. [SP 82]

ESQUILACHE. Cuando el Marques de Esquilache llega al Palacio de las siete Chimeneas, su residencia habitual, todavia se oyen por las calles los gritos de Muerrra el mal gobierno gue lanzza la gente en pleno, motin. Mientras se mantean peleles al grito de Muera Esquilache, el marques trata de rememorar los acontecimientos que han desencadenado esa ola de violencia que pone en peligro su vida, su politica y el futuro de todo el pais. Tras un dramatico viaje por el recuerdo y por la violenta noche de un Madrid amotinado, Esquilache llega al Palacio Real. Pronto comprueba que esta siendo victima de una conspiracion movida por alguien mas cercano a el de lo que suponia. Color. 1 hr. 40 min. VHS. [SP 72]

EVA PERÓN. No woman, before or since, has possessed as much magnetism and influence as Eva "Evita" Perón. During the 1950s, she was the most powerful woman in the Americas — capturing the heart and soul of the poor, whose causes she championed until her tragic death at age 33. 1996. Color. 1 hr. 54 min. Spanish/Spanish with English subtitles. DVD. [SP 230]

EVEN THE RAIN. Idealistic filmmaker Sebastian (Gael Garcia Bernal, The Motorcycle Diaries) and his cynical producer Costa (Luis Tosar, The Limits of Control) arrive in Bolivia to make a revisionist film about Christopher Columbus’ conquest of the Americas. But as filming commences, the local citizens begin to riot in protest against a multi-national corporation that is taking control of their water supply. With the film shoot in jeopardy, both men find their convictions shaken. Inspired by the real-life Water Wars in Bolivia in the year 2000, EVEN THE RAIN explores the lasting effects of Spanish imperialism, still resonating some 500 years later in the continued struggle of indigenous people against oppression and exploitation. DVD. [SP 263]

EVITA: THE WOMAN BEHIND THE MYTH. A&E Biography. To some, she was a hero; to others, she was a symbol of naked ambition. To the world, she remains a legend. 1996. Color. 50 min. Spanish with English subtitles. VHS. [SP 99]

EXTERMINATING ANGEL, THE. The invited guests at an elegant dinner party find they are unable to leave at the end of the evening a mysterious force compels them to stay...and stay...and stay. 1962. B&W. 1 hr. 33 min. Spanish with English subtitles. VHS. [SP 106]

EXTRAMUROS. A fascinating, dark story of love and ambition behind a convent's walls in Spain during the time of the Inquisition. 1985. Color. 2 hr. Spanish with English subtitles. VHS. [SP 115]

FANDO & LIS. Premiered at the 1968 Acapulco Film Festival, inciting a riot that forced the director to flee for his life. In the ensuing scandal, the film was banned. Considered lost for over 30 years. 1968. B&W. 1 hr. 36 min. Spanish with English/French subtitles. Also includes feature length documentary La Constellation Jodorowsky. 1995. Color. 1 hr. 27 min. In French and English with English subtitles. DVD. [SP 171]

¡FIESTAS MEXICANAS! [MEXICAN HOLIDAYS]. Experience the fiestas of Mexico: Cinco de Mayo, Day of the Dead, Flag Day, and many more are presented. Get a taste of the richest expressions of Mexico's popular culture and gain an appreciation for the sense of tradition and community that are so important to our neighbors to the south. 1997. Color. 30 min. English. VHS. [SP 152]

FIRE FROM THE MOUNTAIN. Based on the Book of Omar Cabezas. The film narrates the Sandinista Movement in Nicaragua from its beginning. 1 hr. 5 min. English. VHS. [SP 3]

FLAMENCO. A magnificent panorama of Flamenco and its performer, for whom the rhythms and lyrics are inherited folklore and part of daily life — but the techniques are studied. 2001. Color. 56 min. No narration. VHS. [SP 92]

FLAMENCO. Exploring the sensuous delights and dark miseries of life by uniting music, song, and dance, Flamenco is one of the purest and most stunning performance films ever made. 1992. Color. 1 hr. 40 min. Spanish with some English subtitles. VHS. [SP 109]

FLORES DEL OTRO MUNDO [FLOWERS FROM ANOTHER WORLD]. A group of vibrant young women travel by bus to a remote Spanish village overwhelmingly populated by men. With sould of practicality, the women dream of better lives while the men ache with more romantic yearnings. DVD. [SP 261]

FLOWER OF MY SECRET, THE. Leo writes romance novels — but with a loveless marriage, she finds herself fresh out of inspiration. A film by Almodóvar. 1996. Color. 1 hr. 41 min. Spanish with English subtitles. VHS. [SP 112]

FRAY LUIS DE LEÓN: UN INTELLECTUAL COMPROMETIDO. Produced by Spain's RTVE, this program chronicles the life of Luis de Léon, the monastic scholar, theologian, and poet. Using dramatizations, dozens of original manuscripts, documents, and first-editions, along with readings of Léon's own written work and biblical commentaries, the program features several salient locations around Spain to spin the tale of this inquisition-era scholar. 2004. Color. 54 min. Spanish. DVD. [SP 235]

FRIDA. Salma Hayek fought for the right to produce and star in this biopic on Mexico's premier female artist, Frida Kahlo. Directed by Julie Taymor, this visually striking picture captures Kahlo's passion and creativity by fusing the events in her life with the imagery of her art with electric results. 2002. Color. English/French dubbed with optional English/Spanish subtitles. DVD. Two-disc set: I. Feature Presentation. 2 hr. 3 min/ II. Special Features. [SP 203]

FRIDA KAHLO: THE RIBBON THAT TIES THE BOMB. The surreal art and life of Mexico's groundbreaking female artist is explored in this biopic. This feature includes footage of her work, her home and interviews with author Hayden Herrera and members of Kahlo's family. The documentary explores her turbulent relationship with Diego Rivera, her scandalous lesbian affairs, and her mastering of art that depicted her anguished life. 1999. Spanish/Spanish with English subtitles. DVD. [SP 206]

FRIDA NATURALEZA VIVA. Paul Ledic’s Frida Naturaleza Viva, has created a new form of artistic biography. A film that matches the famous description of Frida Kahlo and her art: "A bomb disguised as a butterfly." Fusing politics, painting and passion as daringly as Frida did in both art and life. Leduc mixes politic invention with revealing facts to provide dramatic and cinematic insights into his subject beyond the capacity of criticism or documentary. 1985. Color. 1 hr. 48 min. Spanish with English subtitles. Copy 1 — VHS. [SP 14A]

FRIDA NATURALEZA VIVA. Special features include: Biografias y galleria. Copy 2 — DVD. [SP 14B]

FUENTEOVEJUNA. Lope de Vega. A magnificent feature films that painstakingly and loving creates the medieval world of Lope's play. Color. 2 hr. 22 min. total. Spanish. (Two VHS tapes.) I. Part 1 of 2/ II. Part 2 of 2. [SP 38A]

FUENTEOVEJUNA. Lope de Vega. Color. 1 hr. 22 min. Spanish. DVD. (Two-disc set.) I. Part 1 of 2/ II. Part 2 of 2. [SP 38B]

FUNNY DIRTY LITTLE WAR. This is a savage black comedy about the eruption of a civil war in a quiet Argentine village when a local Peronist politician claims a municipal clerk is a Communist. 1983. Color. 1 hr. 20 min. Spanish with English subtitles. VHS. [SP 122]

GARDEN OF EDEN, THE. In Tijuana, the border is a 15-mile-long steel wall that separates Mexico from the United States. Serena, Jane and Elizabeth are three women in this hot dusty border town each looking for meaning in their lives. 1994. Color. 1 hr. 44 min. Spanish with English subtitles. DVD. [SP 172]

GENERATION OF '27, THE. At the heart of the generation if '27 lies experimentation with a host of popular artistic as well as political "isms" including neo-Gongorism, Ultraism, Creationism, Surrealism, socialism and communism. 2002. Color. 49 min. Spanish with English subtitles. VHS. [SP 170]

GENERATION OF '98, THE. This is the story of a Spanish literary and cultural movement in the first two decades of the 20th century. It was so named by Azorín in 1913 to designate a group of young writers who, in the face of defeat (1898) in the Spanish-American War, proclaimed a moral and cultural rebirth for Spain. The group was concerned with defining the essential quality of Spain, studying its history and culture. 2001. Color. 49 min. Spanish with English subtitles. VHS. [SP 188]

GESTURE VIDEO. A fresh, fun way to teach culture and language! Works great with all levels. 34 lively authentic Spanish gestures that were filmed in Madrid, Spain. 1996. Color. 1 hr. 15 min. Spanish/English. VHS. [SP 198]

GRANDFATHER, THE. Academy Award Nominee for best foreign language film. The story of an old Count who returns home to Spain after his son's death, and meets his two charming granddaughters who are to be the heir to his throne. But when a family secret surfaces, the Count finds out that one of ladies is not the daughter of his son and thus not the heir to his throne. Features the Oscar-winning cast from acclaimed film All About My Mother. 1998. Color. 2 hr. 26 min. Spanish with English Subtitles. DVD. [SP 233]

¡GUANTANAMERA! Yoyita, a now world famous diva, returns to her home town of Guantanamo for an elegant reception in her honor and a surprising reunion with her once beloved, Candido. 1995. Color. 1 hr. 44 min. Spanish with English subtitles. Copy 1 — VHS. [SP 76A]

¡GUANTANAMERA! 1995. Color. Spanish with English subtitles. Special features include: Trailer and cast and director's filmographies. Copy 2 — DVD. [SP 76B]


GUATEMALA: THE HUMAN PRICE OF COFFEE (from the "What in the World?: The People of Developing Nations" series). This documentary analyzes the history of coffee farming and production in Guatemala. It documents the impact of the coffee trade on the citizens and their fears of organizing in the face of global purchasing practices. 2005. 26 min. English. DVD. [SP 24]

GUAZAPA: THE FACE OF WAR IN EL SALVADOR. The film was made in Guazapa in 1984; and it portrays the way of living in this rebel's camp. It gives us a view of these people's efforts for a better life and a better future. Color. 27 min. English narration. VHS. [SP 22]

HIGH HEELS. When a TV anchorwoman is reunited with her long-estranged mother, a famous and flamboyant singer-actress, their reconciliation is cause for great celebration. 1991. Color. 1 hr. 43 min. Spanish with English subtitles. VHS. [SP 105]

HISPANIC AMERICANS, THE. Hispanic Entrepreneurs: Against all odds. Hosted by Hector Elizondo. Interviews and discusses many issues of racial and financial discrimination. Color. 44 min. English. VHS. [SP 167]

HOUSE OF BERNARDA ALBA, THE. Based on the famous play, this production tells the story of a group of women in a power struggle after the death of the paterfamilias. This production casts Glenda Jasckson as the widow Bernarda — the widow vying for control, as well as Joan Plowright as the housekeeper, and Patricia Hayes as a struggling matriarch struggling from dementia. 1991. Color. 1 hr. 40 min. English. DVD. [SP 238]

HOUSE OF THE SPIRITS. This beautiful epic follows a tempestuous family driven by the conflict between tradition and passion. Ryder is in love but her desires are not fundamental to the family's interest. Only a series of small miracles can solve this impasse. 1993. Color. 2 hr. 13 min. English. Special features include: Cast and crew information and production notes. DVD. [SP 185]

I, THE WORST OF ALL. Assumpta Serna stars as the brilliant and beautiful poet Sister Juana Ines de la Cruz in this magnificent portrayal of 17th Century Mexico. 1990. Color. 1 hr. 47 min. Spanish with English subtitles. VHS. Copy 1 — VHS. [SP 124A]

I, THE WORST OF ALL. Copy 2 — VHS. [SP 124B]

I DON'T WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT. A sophisticated world traveler who has retired to a small town and is immediately drawn to a much younger woman. 1994. Color. 1 hr. 42 min. Spanish with English subtitles. VHS. [SP 116]

ILLUSION TRAVELS BY STREETCAR. When their old streetcar is condemned to scrap, two laid-off transit workers decide to take it for one last drunken spree. 1953. B&W. 1 hr. 30 min. Spanish with English subtitles. VHS. [SP 121]

INTACTO. Considered “lucky” after he survives a plane crash, a bank thief is recruited into an underground gambling ring where death and luck intermingle. This critically acclaimed thriller ventures into the world of those blessed with fortune and the gamblers who bet high stakes just to feel the rush of fate’s hand. 2001. Color. 1 hr. 49 min. Spanish/English. Special features include: Director's commentary, behind the scenes footage, artwork and promo spots. DVD. [SP 183]

INTRODUCING SPAIN. (Two VHS tapes.) I. Basic geography, historical roots. Emphasis is placed in the variety of Spain's landscape and culture. 26 min. English/ II. Southern, eastern and northern peripheries are presented as prime examples of the Spain's geographic and cultural diversity. 25 min. English. [SP 47]

ITALIAN RENAISSANCE AND THE SPANISH COURT, THE. The architecture of Spain during the resurgence of Christianity captures in stone the history of that fascinating transitional period. Using extensive walk-through footage of the Alhambra, the Alcazar, the palace of Charles V, the Escorial, and their environs as well as images of paintings and other treasures, this program demonstrates the successful transplantation of Italian Renaissance idiom to Spanish soil. Key historical events and cultural aspects of life during the final century of Moorish rule and the reigns of Ferdinand and Isabella, Charles V and Philip II are also described. 2003. Color. 51 min. English. DVD. [SP 247]

JOSÉ MARTÍ: CUBA'S PATRIOT-POET. A tireless proponent of freedom from Spanish rule, José Martí is know as "The Apostle of Cuban Independence." Combining documentary material with dramatizations, this program celebrates the selfless life of the freedom fighter, which was marked by imprisonment, exile, and, ironically, death in his first appearance on the battlefield. Color. 1 hr. 3 min. Spanish. DVD. [SP 214]

JOSÉ ZORRILLA: DON JUAN TENORIO. (Two VHS tapes.) I. Part 1 of 2. The first appearance of the Don Juan legend in literary form was in Tirso's El Burlador de Sevilla. Moliére's Don Juan, de Ponte's libretto for Mozart's Don Giovanni, and the "Don Juan in Hell" scene in George Bernard Shaw's "Man and Superman" are the other most famous versions, with the notable addition of Zorrilla's play. It was the most successful play of the 19th century in Spain. The reason is made obvious by this stylish, lavish, and captivating production. 1994. Color. 1 hr. 15 min. Spanish. II. Part 2 of 2. 1994. Color. 1 hr. 15 min. Spanish. [SP 55]

KISS OF THE SPIDERWOMAN. A complex story of a friendship that develops between two men with radically different perspectives on life. 1985. Color. 1 hr. 59 min. VHS. [SP 66]

KNOCKS AT MY DOOR. Set in a small town in political turmoil, Knocks at my door puts a human face on the moral dilemma confronting many of the fledgling democracies of South and Central America. The film begins as a fugitive bursts into the house of two Catholic nuns, who, in attempt to save his life, hide him from the marauding military patrols despite the danger they face if they are caught harboring a political "enemy." Color. 1 hr. 45 min. VHS. [SP 57]

LA ARDILLA ROJA. Una noche de verano, en San Sebastian, Jota, lider de un grupo musical, piensa en suicidarse. Pero, de repente, una moto choca contra la barandilla del malecon desde donde pensaba tirarse. El conductor resulta ser una chica que, a causa del golpe, pierde la memoria. 1993. Color. 1 hr. 40 min. VHS. [SP 157]

LA CASA DE BERNARDA ALBA. After the death of her husband Bernada Alba puts her daughters under a rigorous mourning that does not even allow them to leave the house. 1987. Color. 1 hr. 30 min. Spanish. DVD. [SP 33]

LA CAZA [THE HUNT]. Three men who fought with the Fascists in the Spanish Civil War and have since prospered reunite to go rabbit hunting on the hot, arid land owned by José (Ismael Merlo). José, Paco (Alfredo Mayo), and Luis (José Maria Prada) are joined by the much younger Enrique (Emilio Guitierrez Caba), who was born after the Civil War. To impress the others, José buys an expensive radio and camera but refuses to purchase medicine for the sick mother of Juan (Fernando Sanchez Polack), a crippled peasant who lives on his land. In addition, the men shamelessly lust after Juan's impoverished young niece. As the heat of the day builds, tensions between the men boil to the surface, reaching a violent climax when Juan asks Paco for a significant loan. 1965. Color. 1 hr. 27min. Spanish. VHS. [SP 208]

LA CELESTINA. An excellent realization of this mayor work, with a memorable portrait of Celestina — one of Spain's greatest literary characters. 1993. Color. 1 hr. Spanish. VHS. [SP 37]

LA CELESTINA (by Fernando de Rojas): Calixto, while chasing a falcon, arrives at Melibea's orchard. He sees her, falls in love and is rejected. Sempronio and Parmenio request Celestina to arrange a meeting with Melibea. Celestina manages to get into Melibea's house and convinces her to receive Calixto. As payment, Calixto gives Celestina a gold chain, which she refuses to share with the servants, and which will cause a tragedy. When Calixto dies, Melibea throws herself from a tower, killing herself. 1994. Color. 52 min. Spanish. 2) EL CASAMIENTO ENGAÑOSO [THE DECEPTIVE MARRIAGE]. by Miguel de Cervantes is an exemplary novel. It narrates the trap in which the lieutenant Campuzano falls when he marries Estefanía, a light woman whom he believes he has redeemed. The script writer proposes to use the dramatic peripeteia invented by Cervantes, but moving to our times, thus investigating the motives which are credible nowadays. 1994. B&W. 39 min. Spanish. This VHS tape includes two segments on one tape. [SP 199]

LA COMIDA. Seven programs. Shopping at the outdoor market and the bakery. Coffee and ice cream refreshments. Lunch at the student union . An arepa and a Cuban sandwich. Fast food in Colombia and restaurant dining in Mexico. Tapas and paella in Spain. Prepare ajiaco and mole at home. 2003. Color. 38 min. Spanish and English. VHS. [SP 221]

LA CIUDAD Y LOS PERROS. De Mario Vargas Llosa. Cuatro cadetes forman un círculo interno para vencer el estricto sistema y el sofocante encierro de la academia militar e inician una reacción en cadena con un robo que los lleva finalmente al asesinato y al suicidio. 1987. Color. 2 hr. 15 min. Spanish with English subtitles. VHS. [SP 8]

LA DAMA DEL ALBA. Alejandro Casona. Una misteriosa peregrina, de paso para Santiage, aparce en una alda asturiana. Esta mujer es albergada por una familia, cuyo abuelo, que cree reconocerla, teme por los posibles riesgos que puedan correr sus nietos. El anciano cree recordar que la presencia de esta mujer coincidio con algunos acontecimientos luctuosos que ocurrieron en la aldea. Color. 1 hr. 30 min. VHS. [SP 65]

LA DECADENCIA POLITICA EN EL SIGLO DE ORO. This RTVE program takes a look at the "Siglo De Oro", an age which saw Spain in political ruins, but with a cultural and artistic blossoming. The program contrasts the ineffectiveness of Kings Philip III and IV with the flowering of cultural stars like Cervantes, Francisco de Quevedo, Diego Velásquez, and many others. 2005. Color. 46 min. Spanish. DVD. [SP 237]

LA ESPAÑA DE FELIPE II: UN IMPERIO SIN EMPERADOR. This progam, presented by RTVE, depicts the life of Philip II, using dramatizations, artwork, and maps. It tackles high profile topics of his reign, including the Inquisition, the Armada, and the Battle of Lepanto, as well as controversies like the imprisonment of the King's heir, Don Carlos. Cultural elements such as the Ommegang Pageant, the works of El Greco, and architectural landmarks are also highlighted. 2005. Color. 54 min. Spanish with English Subtitles. DVD. [SP 236]

LA FONTANA DE ORO. Benito Perez Galdós. The narrator Alfonso Vicente Zamora, provides an overview of the whole body of the author's work, explains the historical and political background and introduces the characters of La Fontana de Oro. 50 min. Spanish. VHS. [SP 45]

LA LEYENDA DEL ALCALDE DE ZALAMEA. Lope de Vega. Based on the plays of Lope and Caldron. This play demonstrates the traditional values of honor and loyalty and the potential conflict between them. Color. 2 hr. Spanish. (Two VHS tapes.) I. Part 1 of 2/ II. Part 2 of 2. [SP 39]

LA MALQUERIDA. Jacinto Benavette. El joven Faustino es asesinado pocos dias antes de su boda con Acacia, hija de la senora Raimunda, y las sospechas recaen sobre norberto, antriguo conocido de la joven, y sobre Esteban, su padrastro. La acusacion que afecta al marido llega a conocimiento de Raimunda, cuando Norberto, que se declara inocente, le canta unas coplas que predicen la muerte de aquel que ame a Acacia, y aluden ademas a la pasion de Esteban por la joven. La revelacion es aclarada por la confesion de la hija, quien confirma el insano sentimiento de su padrastro y trastorna el animo de Raimunda. Pero al fin, vence el amore de esposa y madre. Color. 1 hr. 48 min. Spanish. VHS. [SP 67]

LA MUERTE DEL CHÉ GUEVARA. En Noviembre de 1968, Ernesto Ché Guevara, fue de Cuba a Bolivia a comenzar un nuevo movimiento revolucionario. Pero su fallido intento tuvo un final trágico. Esta película investiga a fondo la captura y la muerte de este guerrillero, héroe de proletario. 1986. Color. 1 hr. 32 min. VHS. [SP 4]

LA NIÑA DE TUS OJOS [THE GIRL OF YOUR DREAMS]. In 1938, in the midst of the Spanish Civil War, Germany invites a group of Spanish filmmakers to Berlin in order to make two film versions of the hit Andalusian musical production "The Girl of Your Dreams," one in German and one in Spanish. The German Minister of Propaganda under Hitler welcomes them with open arms, if only to get in the good graces of Spanish leading lady Macarena Granada (Penelope Cruz). Their situation becomes even more uncomfortable when the only Andalusian-looking extras they can find for their film are the prisoners in a neighboring concentration camp. When Macarena befriends a prisoner and attempt to help him escape, the filmmakers find that they may have trouble getting out of Germany alive. 2000. Color. 2 hr. 1 min. Spanish/Spanish with English subtitles. Special features include: Trailer and stories, deleted scenes, and visual effects stories. Copy 1 — DVD. [SP 53A]


LA REGENTA [THE REGENT'S WIFE] by DeLeopoldo Alas “Clarin.” Ana Ozores es “La Regenta,” una pobre mujer insatisfecha por un matrimonio sin amor y que vive atomentada bajo el yugo castigador de la hipocresia y el prejuicio de una ciudad provinciana de la Espana del siglo pasado. Dos hombres acechan a la insatisfecha esposa. Uno de ellos es su confesor espiritual; su rival un desalmado don Juan. La pasion, la lujuria y la venganza que ella despierta en ambos llevaran a “La Regenta” a la condena y su destrucción total. 1974. Color. 1 hr. 4 min. Spanish with English subtitles. VHS. [SP 49]

LA ROSA BLANCA. La Cóndor Oil Company se encuentra con un obstáculo inmovible en Don Jacinto Yañez, dueño de la hacienda La Rosa Blanca: el rehusa vender su hacienda a ningún precio. Pero La Cóndor está dispuesta a llegar a cualquier extremo por conseguir estas tierras. Es así comienza la explotación petrolera en México. Basa en la controversia novela de B. Tavern. La Rosa Blanca expone el materialismo del capitalismo, contrastándolo con la sencillez y la espiritualidad del campesino. 1960. B&W. 1 hr. 40 min. Spanish with English subtitles. VHS. [SP 6]

LA SEMANA SANTA EN ESPANA. This simple Spanish program will help students with their language skills while it assists in increasing cultural awareness. Students will witness how the deeply religious people of Spain observe Easter. 1992. Color. 24 min. English. VHS. [SP 151]

LA VIDA ES SUEÑO [LIFE IS A DREAM]. In Poland, King Basilio has decided to lock up his son Segismundo, in obedience to the dictates of the stars, which predict that his son will commit all kinds of cruelties. Faithful Clotaldo guards the young man, who grows up in isolation, like a wild animal. Only a young woman will come near his prison, Rosaura. The King decides to put to trial his son's character and he makes him wake up in the court, with full powers. When Segismundo wakes up and sees himself as King, he orders that his father be imprisoned. The trial fails and Segismundo is locked up again, in the belief that all that passed has been a dream. The King appoints his nephews as heirs, but the people, who have known Segismundo, set him free and organize an army to fight against the King, who is defeated. But Segismundo has learnt to control his emotions; he submits himself to the King and, in spite of loving Rosaura, he orders that she be married to Astolfo. He himself gets married with Estrella. At that moment, Segismundo feels he desires Rosaura, but he decides that, among so many illusions, the only truth will be that of his own word. 1994. B&W. 1 hr. 14 min. Spanish. VHS. [SP 200]

LAS BICICLETAS SON PARA EL VERANO. In Madrid, the family of Don Luis, his wife Dolores and their children, Manolita and Luisito, share the daily life of the Civil War with their maid and neighbours. Despite having failed his exams, Luisito wants his father to buy him a bicycle. However, the situation forces them to delay the purchase and the delay, like the war itself, is to last much longer than expected. 1978. Color. 1 hr. 13 min. VHS. [SP 239]

LAST SUPPER, THE. The film is a dazzling moral tale of a pious slaveholder who decides to improve his soul and instruct his slaves in the glories of Christianity by inviting twelve of them to participate in a reenactment of The Last Supper. Special features include: Optional English subtitles, Scene Selections, Booklet Interview with Director Tomás Gutiérrez Alea. 1976. Color. 1 hr. 50 min. DVD. [SP 129]

LIKE WATER FOR CHOCOLATE [COMO AGUA PARA CHOCOLATE]. Tita and Pedro are passionately in love, but their love is forbidden by an ancient family tradition. To be near Tita, Pedro marries her sister. And Tita, as the family cook, expresses her passion for Pedro through preparing delectable dishes. 1992. Color. 1 hr. 45 min. Spanish or English with English subtitles. Copy 1 — DVD. [SP 34A]


LINGUEX, ESPAÑOL. LANGUAGE TAPE OF SPANISH VERBS. The Liguex Language video covers all your vocabulary needs for every day conversation. That's approximately 60 verbs in all tenses and over 2,000 words of vocabulary. (With a booklet.) 1987. 57 min. Spanish. VHS. [SP 10]

LIVE FLESH [CARNE TREMULA]. Pedro Almodovar's most mature and restrained film is a superbly structured melodrama about five people whose lives in modern Madrid are inextricably linked by a bullet fired in a police scuffle. 1997. Color. 1 hr. 41 min. Spanish with English/French/Spanish subtitles. DVD. [SP 50]

LONE STAR. The intriguing saga of clashing cultures and dirty dealings in a Texas border town. A moving look at parents and children at odds and the passions of forbidden love across generations. 1995. Color. 2 hr. 15 min. English/French language and subtitles. DVD. [SP 78]

LOS CUENTOS DE BORGES "EL SUR." A descendant of famous ancestors dreams of more heroic times until a serious accident takes him to the doors of death, where the past and the present mingle — and where he meets his final destiny. 2004. Color. 58 min. Spanish. VHS. [SP 216]

LOS CUENTOS DE BORGES "LA MUERTE Y LA BRUJULA." This mystery revolves around a series of three identical assassinations, each committed on the third day of the month, for three consecutive months, in three different locations. Following the clues, a clever detective stumbles into the perfect trap. 2004. Color. 58 min. Spanish. VHS. [SP 217]

MACHUCA. Santiago, Chile; 1973 – Salvador Allende stands as the first democratically elected Socialist president in Latin America. Father McEnroe (Ernesto Malbran)—the principal of the Saint Patrick School — attempts an integration between students of the upper and lower classes. The bourgeois Gonzalo Infante (Matías Quer) and the boy from the slum, Pedro Machuca (Ariel Mateluna), become great friends, while the conflict on the street leads Chile in a bloody and dangerous direction. The backdrop ends in the bloody and repressive military coup of General Augusto Pinochet on 11 September 1973, forever changing their lives, their relationships and their country. 2004. 2 hr. Spanish Audio without subtitles. Color. DVD. [SP 241]

MARIA CANDELARIA. A poignant story starring Dolores del Rio as a young girl mercilessly persecuted by her townspeople because of her mother's immoral behavior. 1945. Color. 1 hr. 39 min. Spanish with English subtitles. VHS. [SP 191]

MARIA FULL OF GRACE. Maria Alvarez, a bright, spirited 17-year-old, lives with three generations of her family in a cramped house in rural Colombia. Desperate to leave her job stripping thorns from flowers in a rose plantation, Maria accepts a lucrative offer to transport packets of heroin—which she must swallow—to the United States. The ruthless world of international drug-trafficking proves to be more than the young girl bargained for as she becomes ultimately entangled with both the drug cartels and immigration officials. The dramatic thriller builds toward a conclusion so powerful and revealing that it could only be based on a thousand true stories. Winner of awards at both Cannes and Berlin film festivals. 2004. 1 hr. 41 min. Spanish with Spanish, English or French subtitles. DVD. [SP 242]

MARIAN, MARIANA. Carlos, el protagonista principal nos narra su niñez y las ansiedades de su primer amor. La película empieza con una cita de L. P. Hartley (The Go Between)… "El pasado es un país extranjero. En él ocurren las cosas de una manera diferente." 2 hr. VHS. [SP 27]

MARIANELA. La película esta basada en la novela de Benito Peraza Galdos. Marianela una jovencita de origen humilde sirve de lazarillo a un joven rico quien debido a un accidente se quedó ciego. Marianela cuando nació también tuvo un accidente que le desfigurá la cara. Marianela se enamora de este joven, pues lo acompaña a todas partes y le explica a él todo lo hay a su alrededor. El joven no puede verla y solo conoce la bondad y pureza de Marianela y cree que Marianela será una muchacha bonita. Cuando llega un médico tiene una hija muy hermosa, Después de la operación la primera persona a quien el joven rompe el corazón de la pobre "Nela." 1 hr. 53 min. Spanish. VHS. [SP 29]

MARTÍN FIERRO. A spectacular yet sensitive film set in the Argentine interior about a man who abandons his family to fight the Indians. Yet he fails his test of courage and becomes a deserter, kills a man in self-defense, and retreats to live in an Indian village. 1968. 2 hr. 14 min. Spanish with English subtitles. VHS. [SP 120]

MÁRQUEZ TALES BEYOND SOLITUDE. In this rare and exclusive interview, Nobel Prize-winner speaks about his best selling novels, his role in the Latin-American cinema, and his recent foray into — of all things — melodramatic soap opera. 1989. Color. 59 min. VHS. [SP 91]

MARY MY DEAREST [MARIA DE MI CORAZON]. A petty thief returns from his nocturnal rounds to find a former flame who jilted him waiting in his apartment, wearing a wedding dress. 1983. Color. 1 hr. 40 min. Spanish with English subtitles. VHS. [SP 117]

MAYAS, AZTECS AND INCAS. The three leading American civilizations at the time of the Spanish conquest were the Mayas and Aztecs of Mexico and the Incas of South America. Explore their cultures and learn about their achievements. 1996. Color. 27 min. English. VHS. [SP 149]

MEXICAN PRE-HISPANIC CULTURES. Mexico is a country with a profusion of cultural and historical wealth. In its past, several high cultures flourished the Talented Toltecs, the courageous Aztecs, and the erudite Mayas. Color. 35 min. English. VHS. [SP 18]

MEXICO: A STORY OF COURAGE AND CONQUEST. 1999. Color. English. Four VHS tapes: I. Part 1 of 4. Before Cortes arrived in 1519, the land that would become Mexico had already seen some of the greatest leaders and warriors in human history. 50 min. II. Part 2 of 4. For 300 years after the conquistadors' triumph over the Aztec, Mexico was the crown jewel of the Spanish colonial empire. 50 min. III. Part 3 of 4. As hard as the struggle for freedom from Spain was, the first decades of autonomy were perhaps even more difficult for Mexico. 50 min. IV. Part 4 of 4. By the end of the 19th century, Mexico was exhausted from years of fighting. 50 min.

MIDAQ ALLEY. Adapted from the novel by Nobel Prize winner Naguib Mahfouz, this film is set in the old downtown section of Mexico City. The events that take place have been divided into the stories of three neighbors whose lives are intertwined. 1995. Color. 2 hr. 20 min. Spanish with English subtitles. DVD. [SP 95]

MISSION, THE. This powerful epic is about a man of the sword and a man of the cloth who unite to shield a South American Indian tribe from subjugation. Rodrigo Mendoza was a violent soldier-for-hire in 1750s South America. Now he is a man of peace serving the Rain Forest Indians he once enslaved. But armies of Spain and Portugal threaten the lifestyle and safety of the native peoples. Now Rodrigo may have to pick up his sword and musket once again. 1986. Color. 2 hr. 5 min. English. Copy 1 — VHS. [SP 31A]

MISSION, THE. English with English/French/Spanish subtitles, or dubbed in French. Copy 2 — DVD. (Two-disc set.) I: Feature Film. Special features: Commentary by director Roland Joffeé, All-new digital soundtrack remastered in 5.1 Dolby./ II: Omnibus: The Making of The Mission: a one-hour documentary examines the film's on-location shoot and the Waunana Indians cast in the picture. [SP 31B]

MONUMENTOS DEL MEXICO ANTIGUO. From the first Meso-American civilization of the Olmecs, through the rise and decline of other civilizations such as the Mayas, Toltecs and Aztecs, the ancient people of Mexico have left an impressive stone record of their accomplishments. Color. 35 min. Spanish. VHS. [SP 17]

MOTORCYCLE DIARIES, THE. Based on a true life story, The Motorcycle Diaries is an inspiring and thrilling adventure that traces the youthful origins of a revolutionary spirit. The film follows two daring friends, Ernesto "Che" Guevara and Alberto Granado, who hop on the back of a beat-up motorcycle for a breathtaking and exciting road trip across Latin America. 2004. Color. 2 hr. 2 min. Spanish with English subtitles. Special features include: Deleted scenes, a moment with Alberto Granado, the making of The Motorcycle Diaries, a moment with Gael García Bernal, "Toma Uno" ("Take One") with Gael García Bernal, and Music of the Road: an interview with composer Gustavo Santaolalla. DVD. [SP 229]

MUSIC OF LATIN AMERICA. Latin American Folk Music is a blend of many traditions, but most importantly, those of Indian and Spanish cultures. With influences from these different types of music, Latin Americans have created a new music of their own which has had a lasting impact on the music of the world. Color. 20 min. English narration. VHS. [SP 20]

NADIE CONOCE A NADIE. Mateo Gil, screenwriter for Open Your Eyes, steps behind the camera to direct this bizarre psychological thriller set during Seville's Holy Week festivities. A fledging novelist (Eduardo Noriega) who works as a crossword puzzle writer receives an ominous message to include a particular word in an upcoming puzzle. The day after the word appears, a prominent local figure is killed. Thus begins a nightmarish descent into a world where the holy and sacrilegious become one. Features music by director Alejandro Amenabar (Open Your Eyes, The Others). 1999. Color. 1 hr. 44 min. Spanish with English subtitles. DVD. [SP 155]

NAZARÍN. A simple priest tries to live by Christian precepts and becomes an outcast and an outlaw. Stripped of his duties he wanders the road begging for food. 1958. B&W. 1 hr. 32 min. Spanish with English subtitles. VHS. [SP 126]

NIEBLA. The most widely read work of modern fiction…is here presented in a brilliant production that makes the unraveling of its absurdist plot clear and transform its existentialist probing logical, everyday conversational language. Color. 50 min. Spanish. VHS. [SP 44]

NINE QUEENS. Welcome to a world of suspicion, betrayal and intrigue, where two small-time grifters team up to pull off a big-time score involving a set of valuable counterfeit stamps known as the Nine Queens. 2000. Color. 1 hr. 55 min. Spanish with English/French subtitles. DVD. [SP 173]

NO. In 1988, Chilean military dictator Augusto Pinochet, due to international pressure, is forced to call a plebiscite on his presidency. The country will vote YES or NO to Pinochet extending his rule for another eight years. Opposition leaders for the NO persuade a brash young advertising executive, Rene Saavedra (Gael Garcia Bernal), to spearhead their campaign. Against all odds, with scant resources and under scrutiny by the despot's minions, Saavedra and his team devise an audacious plan to win the election and set Chile free. DVD. [SP 262]

NOVIA QUE TE VEA [LIKE A BRIDE]. Two young women experience conflicts between their traditional Mexican-Jewish community and modern Mexican society in the 1960s in this award-winning coming-of-age drama. As each attempts to follow their dreams and loves, they must face the conservative attitudes that inhibit their families. Stars Claudette Maille and Angelica Aragon. Color. 1 hr. 55 min. Spanish/Spanish with English subtitles. Special features include: Biographies. DVD. [SP 211]

NUEBA YOL. Nueba Yol documents a hapless immigrant's daily struggles in a strange country, devoid of the comforts of his native customs, language and culture. 1995. Color. 2 hr. Spanish/English with English subtitles. VHS. [SP 104]

OCTAVIO PAZ. Born in Mexico in 1914, he received the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1990. He reads from The Collected Poems of Octavio Paz 1957-1987, in Spanish, with his translator, Eliot Weinberger, who reads the English versions of the poems. 1989. 1 hr. VHS. [SP 88]

OFFICIAL STORY, THE. The Official Story details the collapse of an affluent Argentinean family. Alicia, the wife of a successful businessman, faces the ultimate challenge when she begins to suspect that her adopted daughter may have been stolen from a family of "los desaparecidos" (the disappeared ones). Determined to find out the truth, Alicia risks everything, even at the cost of her own family. 1985. Color. 1 hr. 50 min. Spanish with English subtitles. Copy 1 — VHS. [SP 54A]


OFFICIAL STORY, THE. Special features include: filmography and awards. Copy 3 — DVD. [SP 54C]

OLD GRINGO. Starring Jane Fonda, Gregory Peck, and Jimmy Smits. The old gringo is a retired journalist and adventurer who wanders through the hostile desert seeking some meaning to the last years of his life. 1989. Color. 2 hr. English. VHS. [SP 111]

PABLO NERUDA: LET ME SING FOR YOU. Nicknamed "The Emperor of the Stage," Franklin Caicedo has applied his remarkable talents to create a one-man show that movingly evokes the spirit of Chile's greatest poet, Pablo Neruda. In this classic program, Caicedo is filmed onstage, with students in a park, and at a variety of other venues as he dramatically recites "The Words," "Not Only Fire," "I Like You When You Are Silent," "Self-Portrait," "The Question," The Dead Woman," "Farewell," "Saddest Poem," "Letter on My Travels," and other selections from Neruda's oeuvre. Color. 41 min. Spanish with English subtitles. DVD. [SP 215]

PAINTED LIPS. A married woman with two children receives news that her childhood sweetheart has died. She gradually pieces together a complex mosaic of his life. What emerges is a brilliant, acid-sharp portrait of a man driven by fear into a life of self-deception. 1974. 2 hr. Spanish with English subtitles. VHS. [SP 100]

PAN’S LABYRINTH. Spain, 1944. Officially, the Civil War has been over for five years, but a small group of rebels fights on unbroken in the northern mountains of Navarra. Dreamy 10-year-old Ofelia moves to Navarra with her delicate, pregnant mother Carmen, to become acquainted with her new stepfather, Captain Vidal, a Fascist officer under orders to rid the territory of rebels. Ofelia, who is fascinated by fairy tales, discovers an overgrown, tumbledown labyrinth behind the mill. In the heart of the labyrinth she meets an ancient faun who claims to know her true identity and her secret destiny. But first, she must complete three tasks before the moon grows full. And no one must know: not her ailing mother, or her new friend, Mercedes. Time is running out, for Ofelia and for the rebels. Both will have to battle hardship and cruelty in order to gain their freedom. But, who can be trusted in a time of lies and danger? Is Pan telling the truth...? And if not, who is? 2006. 2 hr. Spanish with Spanish or English Subtitles. Color. DVD. I. Feature film. Also includes: video prologue by writer/director Guillermo del Toro; audio commentary featuring del Toro/ II. Special features: “The Power of Myth”: A discourse on the use of fairy tale mythology in the film; “Pan and the Fairies” featurette — a comprehensive look at the prosthetic an visual effects crafted for the film; “The Color and the Shape” featurette — Del Toro unravels the intricate color and texture coding present in all his work; The Charlie Rose Show featuring Del Toro and filmmakers Alfonso Cuarón and Alejandro González Iñárriu; DVD comics — animated plates present prequel stories for The Giant Toad, The Fairies, Pan and the Pale Man; Director’s Notebook – featuring interactive menu pages which access video pods that feature exclusive interviews with Del Toro, a lost character: El Hombre de la Madera, Torture of the Marquis, The Phases of the Moon, Iconography: Echo…Echo…, The Underground Kingdom – Miniature Construction, and the Mill set design plus more.

PANAMA CANAL. Part of Teddy Roosevelt's dream of making America a global power was realized through the construction of the Panama Canal. 1994. Color. 50 min. English. VHS. [SP 162]

PEDRO ALMODAVAR. Filmmaker Pedro Almodovar's ability to shock and provoke is legendary. In this program, the director traces his colorful career from obscure independent filmmaker to his 1988 Oscar nomination. 1997. Color. 1 hr. Spanish. VHS. [SP 137]

PEPPERMINT FRAPPE. The eerie story of a bachelor obsessed with his friend's wife, explores the fierce conflict between repressive religious upbringing and sexual desire. A film by Carlos Saura. 1967. Color. 1 hr. 32 min. Spanish with English subtitles. VHS. [SP 123]

PICTURES FROM A REVOLUTION. A memoir of the Nicaraguan conflict. A provocative study of the Revolution and its aftermath, a deeply moving account of individuals who brought about a true people's revolution, now living out their lives in obscurity. 1991. Color. 1 hr. 33 min. English. VHS. [SP 134]

PIÑATA, THE. In Mexico, the breaking of the piñata is not only a simple and merry pastime, but also a traditional part of Christmas and other joyful occasions. Join in the fun. 1989. Color. 9 min. English. VHS. [SP 153]

PLACE CALLED CHIAPAS, A. On January 1st, 1994, the indigenous Zapatista National Liberation Army took over five towns and five hundred ranches in Southern Mexico. 1998. Color. 1 hr. 32 min. Spanish with English subtitles. VHS. [SP 138]

PLACE WITHOUT LIMITS. La Manuela is a transvestite who lives in a seedy village brothel run by his daughter, La Japonesita, possibly conceived in a brief union with La Japonesa. 1977. Color. 1 hr. 50 min. Spanish with English subtitles. Special features include: Original lobby cards, filmographies and awards. DVD. [SP 140]

POEMA DEL MÍO CID. Epic poem of the XI century. Manuscript compiled by Pere Abad. It narrates the exit towards exile of Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar, Cid Campeador, from his native Burgos, accompanied by a few followers, his adventures in the lands of Muslim Spain and his triumphant return to Castilla. 1996. Color. 57 min. Spanish. 2) EL MARQUÉS DE SANTILLANA (Biography). Historic evocation of Iñigo López de Mendoza, Marquis of Santillana, a great expert of the troubadour lyric at the service of the kings of Aragón. He intervened in Castillian politics and took part in several feats of arms. Presentation by Antonio Gala and dramatisation in Santillana del Mar (Santander), whose dominion had been granted by Juan II to Santillana who, already old, decides to retire to Guadalajara. He travels on horseback through the urban group, lands and escarpments, remembering poetic, political and family facts in his life. 1996. Color. 33 min. Spanish. This VHS tape includes two different movies on one tape. [SP 201]

PROFILE OF A WRITER: JORGE LUIS BORGES. A remarkable presentation weaves together dramatized sequences from Borges' stories with a rare interview of the author at his home. Borges, who died in June 1986, was totally blind for the last 30 years of his life. His writing, as illustrated here, reveals a mind, which has an extra measure of clarity and understanding. Color. 1 hr. 16 min. VHS. [SP 56]

PUBIS ANGELICAL. De Manuel Puig. In her hospital bed, a woman reflects in her life. Dreams and fantasies with the political events in Argentina, and little by little we elucidate the importance of men in her life. None of them helped her grow but rather stifled her efforts to become a whole human being. Pubis Angelical is yet another important novel by the author of The Kiss of the Spider Woman. 1982. Color. 1 hr. 57 min. Spanish with English subtitles. VHS. [SP 15]

RAGGED REVOLUTION, THE. B&W. English. 50 min. Narration of the Mexican revolution from 1910 to 1917. 2) WORLD OF IDEAS WITH BILL MOYERS: Interview with Carlos Fuentes. 50 min. English. This VHS tape contains two different features. 1 hr. 40 min. total. [SP 28]

RENAISSANCE: FROM COURTLY TRADITION TO LOCO AMOR, THE. Despite the dampening effects of the Inquisition and the Counter-Reformation, the Renaissance gave a powerful impetus to learning and experimentation - and in the process ensconced Castilian as the language of choice for both poetry and prose. I(n this program, renowned experts place the masters of the Renaissance within the context of their times. Dramatic readings include excerpts from Fernando de Rojas’s La Celestina, Juan Alfonso de Baena’s Cancionero de Baena, the Marqués de Santillana’s Diálogo de Bias Contra Fortuna, Jorge Manrique’s Coplas a la Muerte del Maestre Don Rodrigo and selected romanceros. 2004. Color. 50 min. Spanish with English subtitles. DVD. [SP 227]

ROMERO. Romero is a compelling and deeply moving look at the life of Archbishop Oscar Romero of El Salvador, who made the ultimate sacrifice in a passionate stand against social injustice and oppression in his country. This film chronicles the transformation of Romero from an apolitical, complacent priest to a committed leader of the Salvadoran people. Color. 1 hr. 45 min. English. VHS. [SP 48]

RUNNING OUT OF TIME. A terrorist is distracted from his mission of destruction when he falls in love with a beautiful but troubled young woman, and soon he is immersed in her world of drugs, crime and chaos. 1994. Color. 1 hr. 33 min. Spanish with English subtitles. DVD. [SP 189]

¿SABE UD? Eight programs. Emphasis on practical Spanish: social interaction, asking for directions, using the telephone, getting hotel and student rooms, money exchange, the post office, the metro, a travel agency, purchases of various types, the doctor's office and the pharmacy. Tour of a typical Hispanic city. 2003. Color. 48 min. Spanish and English. VHS. [SP 220]

SCHOOL OF ASSASSINS. This Academy Award-nominated documentary sheds light on the U.S.-funded "Army School of the Americas." This military school has been training some of the most brutal Latin-American and Caribbean assassins and dictators since 1946. Along with using rarely seen footage to expose this institution, the film also highlights the U.S. activist movement to shut the school down. 1995. 18 min. English. VHS. [SP 210]

SECRET IN THEIR EYES, THE. Recently retired criminal court investigator Benjamín (Ricardo Darín) decides to write a novel based on a twenty-five-year-old unresolved rape and murder case which still haunts him. Sharing his plans with Irene (Soledad Villanil), the beautiful judge and former colleague he has secretly been in love with for years, Benjamín’s initial involvement with the case is shown through flashbacks, as he sets out to identify the murderer. But Benjamín’s search for the truth will put him in at the center of a judicial nightmare, as the mystery of the heinous crime continues to unfold in the present, testing the limits of a man seeking justice and personal fulfillment. 2009. Color. 2 hr. 9 min. Spanish & French with English, French subtitles. DVD. [SP 254]

SHORT HISTORY OF AMERICAN LITERATURE. A one-hour interview with Mexican writer Elena Poniatowska, aired in PBS and filmed in Mexico. Dramatization with experts in English translation of the works of writers such as Inca Garcilazo de la Vega, Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, Borges and Poniatowska. 1 hr. English narration. 2) EL MUERTO [THE DEAD MAN]. Based on a short story of the same name by Jorge Luis Borges. El Muerto traces the life of Benjamin Otalora, in Nineteenth Century South America. Otalora must flee Buenos Aires for killing a man. On his arrival in Montevideo he meets the leader of a smuggling ring who takes him under his wings. As the aging gang leader takes sick however, Otalora covertly attempts to claim power within the ring. In the treacherous final showdown, his destiny is forged. Written by Jorge Luis Borges. Directed by Héctor Olivera. Produced by Fernado Ayala. With Francisco Rabal, Thelma Biral, Juan José Camero. 1 hr. 43 min. Spanish with English subtitles. 3) REED MEXICO INSURGENTE [Reed Insurgent Mexico]. Reed Mexico Insurgent, based on the book written by young John Reed after visiting Mexico during the 1910 revolution and covering the war from Pancho Villa's camp for Harvard's Crimson. Directed by Paul Le Duc (Director of Frida). With Julio Alemán. The Hollywood film Reds was also based on a text by John Reed: Ten Days that shook the World. 2 hr. Spanish with English subtitles. This VHS tape has three different films on it. 4 hr. 43 min. total. [SP 23]

SILENCE OF NETO, THE. This film tells the politically charged story of a young boy, striving to follow his dreams while his country struggles to preserve democracy amidst CIA cold-war propaganda. 1994. Color. 1 hr. 46 min. Spanish with English subtitles. VHS. [SP 60]

SIMÓN BOLÍVAR. The time had come for Simón Bolívar's monumental idea of a united, liberated South America to become a distinct reality. 1995. Color. 30 min. English. VHS. [SP 131]

SIMON OF THE DESERT. A monk, inspired by the 4th-century stoic saint, St. Simeon Stylites, spends years perched atop a pillar in the Mexican desert, in this surreal fable told in Bunuel's inimitable style, replete with dwarf goatherds, the Devil and other incongruities. 1965. B&W. 45 min. Spanish with English subtitles. VHS. [SP 128]

SKYLINE. A Spanish photographer moves to New York with the idea of conquering the international art scene. Instead, he finds himself coping with the vagaries of the English language and the hardships of bachelor life in Manhattan. 1984. Color. 1 hr. 24 min. Spanish and English. Copy 1 — VHS. [SP 103A]

SKYLINE. Copy 2 — VHS. [SP 103B]

SOUTH OF THE BORDER. There’s a revolution underway in South America, but most of the world doesn’t know it. Oliver Stone sets out on a road trip across five countries to explore the social and political movements as well as the mainstream media’s misperception of South America while interviewing seven of its elected presidents. In casual conversations with Presidents Hugo Chávez (Venezuela), Evo Morales (Bolivia), Lula da Silva (Brazil), Cristina Kirchner (Argentina), as well as her husband and ex-President Nėstor Kirchner, Fernando Lugo (Paraguay), Rafael Correa (Ecuador), and Raúl Castro (Cuba), Stone gains unprecedented access and sheds new light upon the exciting transformations in the region. 2010. Color. 1 hr. 18 min. English & Spanish with Spanish subtitles. Special features include: Oliver Stone’s additional questions for Hugo Chavez (2010); Behind the Scenes of the South American Promo Tour; Deleted Scenes; “Changes in Venezuela” Featurette; Two South American TV interviews with Oliver Stone. DVD. [SP 257]

SPANISH CIVIL WAR, THE. One of Europe's greatest social and political upheavals is brilliantly captured in this complete history of The Spanish Civil War. 1983. Color and B&W. 6 hours total. English. Two VHS tapes: I. Part 1 of 2/ II. Part 2 of 2. [SP 133]

SPANISH RECONQUISTA, THE. Beginning with the 8th-century defeat of Islamic forces in the Asturian Mountains, this program traces the gradual return of Christian rule to Spain. Breathtaking depictions of World Heritage sites guide viewers along the Route of Santiago de Compostela – a Christian pilgrimage that catalyzed the struggle against Islamic control – as well as strategically important cities, including Toledo, Avila and the last Muslim stronghold to fall, Granada. The historical narrative explains how smaller kingdoms merged to form more powerful unions, leading to the alliance of Castille y Leon and Aragon and, ultimately, the creation of a single Christian nation. 2005. Color. 53 min. DVD. [SP 255]

SPANISH TV COMMERCIALS. Two VHS tapes: I. This video offers a wonderful insight into the daily life of the Spanish people. An excellent program for making Spanish come alive and to explore the similarities and differences between cultures. Fun, exciting, challenging lively music. For beginners as well as advanced students over 70 commercials. 45 min. Spanish/ II. You'll see ads for Renault, Friskies, Kellogg's Frosts and so on. Ads for typical Spanish Products such as Moto (grape juice), Gior (laundry detergent), Panrico (bread), Frodern (sour cream) and many more. 45 min. Spanish. [SP 9]

SPIRIT OF THE BEEHIVE, THE. A poignant exploration of the fragile innocence of childhood, or a thoughtful commentary on the tragedy of Spain's Civil War. 1973. 1 hr. 33 min. Spanish with English subtitles. VHS. [SP 101]

STRAWBERRY AND CHOCOLATE. Meet David, a naive young college kid who's out on his own for the first time. With the help of two extraordinary new friends, David soon learns everything there is to know about the things that aren't taught in school. 1994. Color. 1 hr. 44 min. Spanish with English subtitles. VHS. [SP 75A]


SU EXCELENCIA. This Cold War comedy stars Mario Moreno, "Cantinflas," as Lopez, better known as "Lopitos" by the Ambassador's secretary, a bureaucrat from the Latin American "Republica De Los Cocos," who is stationed in the embassy of the Communist bloc country "Pepeslavia" (a play on the title of Moreno's second American film, Pepe). The horribly inefficient but quick-witted Lopitos is invited as an extra (because of the current ambassador’s superstition about 13 attendees) to a banquet attended by the ambassadors of both superpowers. After a series of coup d'états in Los Cocos, Lopitos becomes the official ambassador. At a summit of world leaders, the representatives of the two world superpowers court the allegiances of Third-World diplomats to tilt the balance of global power in their favor. The last diplomat to remain unaligned, Lopitos instead harangues the superpowers for infringing on the rights of developing countries to self determination, talking to them with his point of view as a citizen not as ambassador. 1967. Color. 2. hr. 13 min. Spanish with Spanish and English subtitles. DVD. [SP 251]

SURVIVAL SPANISH. This ten-lesson conversational course is designed to teach how to "think" in Spanish, offering humor, enthusiasm and real-life situations for business, money, information, restaurants, family, telephone usage and travel. (With study guide.) 1984. Color. 58 min. English with Spanish subtitles. VHS. [SP 192]

TALK TO HER. Two men almost meet while watching a dance performance, but their lives are irrevocably entwined by fate. They meet later at a private clinic where Benigno is the caregiver for Alicia, a beautiful dance student who lies in a coma. 2002. Color. 1 hr. 54 min. Spanish/French with English/French subtitles. Special features include: Commentary by Pedro Almodovar and Geraldine Chaplin, weblinks to director and movie site and trailer. Copy 1 — DVD. [SP 182A]

TALK TO HER. Copy 2 — DVD. [SP 182B]

TANGO. Set against the backdrop of a director's passionate love affair with his art and the beautiful young woman who captures his heart. 1998. Color. 1 hr. 55 min. Spanish with English, Spanish, or French subtitles. Special features include: Production notes, producer and lead actress commentary, trailers, and making of featurette. DVD. [SP 135]

TANGO, OUR DANCE. The sensuality and stylized adored by the inhabitants of Buenos Aires are captures in the complex art form of the Tango. 1994. Color. 1 hr. 10 min. Spanish with English subtitles. VHS. [SP 108A]

TANGO, OUR DANCE. The sensuality and stylized adored by the inhabitants of Buenos Aires are captures in the complex art form of the Tango. 1994. Color. 1 hr. 10 min. Spanish with English subtitles. DVD. [SP 108B]

TAXI PARA 3. A black comedy telling the story of Ulises, a taxi driver who thinks that joining the gang that holds him up may just be the way out. The lure of easy money throws him off the straight and narrow road to the rich neighborhoods wherein lies the cash that will help him pay off his beat-up taxicab. 2001. Color. 1 hr. 29 min. Spanish with English subtitles. DVD. [SP 180]

TEOTIHUACAN: CITY OF THE GODS. When the Aztecs arrived in the Valley of Mexico 600 years ago, they found a mysterious city of great pyramids. 1987. Color. 19 min. English. VHS. [SP 150]

THESIS [TÉSIS]. (Pedro Almodavar.) An undergraduate writing her thesis on violence in the media discovers that snuff films are being made on campus and someone wants to make her a star. 1996. Color. 2 hr. 1 min. Spanish with English subtitles. DVD. [SP 51]

TIE ME UP! TIE ME DOWN! A recently released mental patient who is longing to settle down with a loving wife and family, kidnaps and holds prisoner a B-movie queen. 1990. Color. 1 hr. 41 min. Spanish with English subtitles. DVD. [SP 139]

TIERRA. Called in to fumigate the land after a plague of woodlice imparts a distinctive, earthy taste to the wine, Angel tries vainly to keep body and soul together even as he falls in love with demure, unhappily married Angela and in lust with the highly sexed Mari. 1995. Color. 2 hr. 2 min. Spanish with English subtitles. DVD. [SP 94]

TIGRESS [LA TIGRA], THE. Based on the novella by Jose de La Cuadra, this Ecuadorian feature looks at female identity through the eyes of Latin American machismo culture. The Tigress is the myth of woman: beautiful, sexual, powerful and revered. This film may be the best visual equivalent of literary "magical realism" ever filmed, and was awarded the Best Film Prize at the 1990 Cartagena Film Festival. 1990. Color. 1 hr 20 min. Spanish with English subtitles. VHS. [SP 209]

TOPAZE. Mr. Topaze is a timid, persecuted but scrupulously honest schoolteacher. When he refuses to change the failing grade of a student of a prominent family, Topaze, himself, is expelled from the school! 1951. B&W. 2 hr. 18 min. French with English subtitles. VHS. [SP 107]

TOUR OF THE PRADO, A. A list of works and artist, in chronological order is enclosed. 1983. 1 hr. 20 min. English narration. VHS. [SP 13]

TRES SOMBREROS DE COPA. Miguel Mihura. Dionisio pasa su ultima noche de soltero en la habitacion de un hotel de la ciudad, donde reside su novia. Coincide alli con una compania de artista de circo. Muy a su pesar se ve envuelto en el ambiente de juerga que se organiza durante toda la noche. Se enamora de Paula, una de las actrices, y decide marcharse con ella, abandonando asi la boda proyectada, por considerarla un acto demasiado prosaico. Es la misma Paula quien le convenve de que debe casarse con su novia. Color. 1 hr. 58 min. Spanish. VHS. [SP 69]

TRISTANA. Don Lope is a liberated but hypocritical aristocrat who seduces his beautiful young ward, Tristana. Given the opportunity, she flees with her lover but illness forces her to return and, later, marry Don Lope. 1970. Color. 1 hr. 38 min. Spanish with English subtitles. VHS. [SP 119]

UN CHIEN ANDALOU was written over the course of a three-day exchange of fantasies and dreams with Salvador Dali. 1928. B&W. 16 min. 2) LAND WITHOUT BREAD portrays the everyday life a indigent peasants in one of Spain's most desolate regions. 1932. B&W. 27 min. This VHS tape contains two different features. [SP 175]

UN CUENTO CHINO. In Buenos Aires, the bitter and methodic Roberto is a lonely man and the owner of a hardware store. Roberto collects bizarre worldwide news in an album as a hobby and his acquaintance Mari has an unrequited love for him, but Roberto is always evasive. One day, Roberto sees a Chinese named Jun being expelled from a taxi while he is watching the landing of airplanes in the airport and he helps the man to stand up. Jun does not speak Spanish and shows a tattoo with an address on his arm. Roberto heads to the spot with Jun and discover that the place belonged to Jun's uncle that sold it three and half years ago. Roberto goes with Jun to the police station, to the China's embassy and to a Chinese neighborhood to seek out his uncle but it is a fruitless search. Roberto lodges Jun in his house and after a series of incidents, he finds a delivery boy to translate Jun and he learns the dramatic story of his life. DVD. [SP 259]

UNDER THE SAME MOON [LA MISMA LUNA]. Even across thousands of miles, the special bond between a mother and son can never be broken. It gives hope to Carlitos, a scrappy 9-year-old boy whose mother, Rosario, has gone to America to build a better life for both of them. While Rosario struggles for a brighter future, fate forces Carlitos’ hand and he embarks on an extraordinary journey to find her. Critics and audiences, alike have praised this inspirational and heartwarming tale of a mother’s devotion, a son’s courage and a love that knows no borders. 2007. Color. 1 hr. 50 min. Spanish with English subtitles. Special features include: The making of La Misma Luna featurette, the Murals of La Misma Luna featurette. DVD. [SP 246]

UP TO A CERTAIN POINT. A clever, self-reflexive satire about the battle of the sexes in contemporary Cuba. 1985. Color. 1 hr. 10 min. Spanish with English subtitles. VHS. [SP 114]

UPRISING, THE. Nicaragua. Made shortly after the Sandinista revolution. The Uprising is a shortly after the Sandinista Revolution. The uprising is a story of one soldier's conflict between his need to serve in the National Guard of the dictator Somoza and his father support of the sandinistas. The movie presents a rare and seldom seen look at the turbulence of life in Nicaragua and the social background of the Sandinistas' victory. 1979. Color. 1 hr. 36 min. Spanish with English subtitles. VHS. [SP 16]

VIRIDIANA. Viridiana is a novice nun, who despite being exposed to the evils of the outside world in the form of her lecherous uncle, decides to show true Christian charity by opening up her house to all the local cripples and beggars but they don't respond with the gratitude she expects. 1961. B&W. 1 hr 30 min. Spanish. VHS. [SP 86]

VOLVER. Spanish Film legend Pedro Almodóvar wrote and directed this comedic and compassionate tribute to women and their resilience in the face of some of life’s most outrageous trials and tribulations. Raimunda (Penélope Cruz) and her sister Sole lost their parents in a tragic fire years ago…or did they? Superstitious villagers claim that the girls’ departed mother, Irene, has been seen wandering around the home of their dying Aunt Paula. When Paula dies, Irene appears to Sole, following her home. Meanwhile, Raimunda is forced to take care of her teenaged daughter alone after her daughter “takes care” of her abusive father in self-defense. Now, with a body to hide, Raimunda rents out the restaurant of a friend, whose freezer provides a discreet place for her husband, until a film crew shows up wanting catering. Sole is forced to hide her visiting dead mother from Raimunda, while running a hair salon out of her house, and all the while, a secret that connects all 4 women, and the man in the freezer is laying beneath the surface. 2007. 2 hr. Spanish with English subtitles. Color. DVD. Special Features include: Commentary by director Almodóvar and Penélope Cruz; “The Making of Volver”; Director and cast interviews and more. [SP 243]

WOMEN ON THE VERGE OF A NERVOUS BREAKDOWN. The vibrant, offbeat comedy from Pedro Almodovar once again stars Carmen Maura, his perennial leading lady. She plays a popular Spanish actress driven to distraction when her lover leaves for another woman. She knows she can talk him out of leaving if only she can talk directly to him and not deal with the answering machine. A comedy of errors ensues that involve a drugged pitcher of gazpacho, Shiite terrorists and a mental patient who left the asylum too soon. 1988. Color. 1 hr. 38 min. Spanish, English, and French with English, French, and Spanish subtitles. Copy 1 — DVD. [SP 25A]


WHAT HAVE I DONE TO DESERVE THIS?! You're not likely to find this part of Spain in a guidebook for tourist. Gloria, a very resourceful working class housewife, is a true feminist heroine who's on the go 18 hours a day. A film by Almodóvar. 1984. Color. 1 hr. 40 min. Spanish with English subtitles. VHS. [SP 113]

WILD TALES. Made up of six stories, it is an entertaining and jaw-dropping film about people crossing the line into madness when faced with perceived injustice. DVD. [SP 264]

WITHOUT A TRACE [SIN DEJAR HUELLA]. Mexico's beautiful, rustic landscape provides the perfect backdrop for this tale of two women who cross paths in their search for freedom and friendship. A Spanish antiquities dealer stranded in Mexico after a bad encounter with a border agent runs into a woman fleeing from an abusive boyfriend. The two form a bond regardless of their different backgrounds, which is put to the test when the difficult men in their lives reappear. 2000. Color. 1 hr. 50 min. Spanish with Spanish/Spanish with English subtitles. DVD. [SP 205]

Y TU, MAMÁ TAMBIÉN. Julio and Tenoch are two teens ruled by raging hormones and a mission to consume exotic substances. But one summer, the boys learn more about life than they bargain for when they set off on a wild cross-country trip with seductive, 28-year-old Luisa. 2002. Color. 1 hr. 45 min. Spanish with English subtitles. Special features include: Audio commentary featuring the director, trailer, crew information, musician information, production notes and additional scenes. DVD. [SP 179]

YOUNG AND THE DAMNED [LOS OLVIDADOS], THE. Written and directed by Luis Buñuel. Horrifying portrait of poverty, misery and degradation set in the wretched slums surrounding Mexico City. The film focuses on Pedro, a young boy whose mother has no use for him and who becomes involved with a malevolent gang of delinquents; and on Jaibo, an older more hardened youth, who leads Pedro deeper into the world of crime. Based in Buñuel's painstaking research into actual case histories the film appears to be in the realm of the neorealistic social documents of the era. The movie is absolutely overflowing with images that are disturbing for their eroticism, violence and pure irrationality. 1950. B&W. 1 hr. 19 min. Spanish with English subtitles. VHS. [SP 5]


RIZAL SA DAPITAN. In the bucolic of Dapitan, Jose Rizal led a quiet life serving the people of the city. Assuming the role of a doctor, teacher and engineer, he steered the inactive country into action. From award-winning director Tikoy Aguiluz, together with Albert Martinez and Amanda Page, comes an honest and intelligent film interpretation of the National Hero’s exile by the Spanish in Dapitan. 1997. Color. 1 hr. 35 min. Tagalog. DVD. [TA 1]


BLUE ELEPHANT, THE. The Blue Elephant is a 2006 Thai computer-animated feature film set during Ayutthaya-era Siam about an elephant that wanders away from its mother and eventually becomes the war elephant for King Naresuan in wars against the Burmese. It is based on a work entitled, Chao Phraya Prap Hongsawadi by Ariya Jintapanichkarn; and the title of this work refers to the royal title bestowed upon this renowned war elephant [The ‘Lord’ (Chao Phraya) who defeated the Burmese]. The title of this animated movie in Thailand was Kan Kluai (often romanized as Khan Kluay); and this name is derived from a nickname bestowed upon this elephant. This nickname means banana trunk, and this elephant was dubbed Kan Kluai because its gently sloping back. The battle between King Naresuan and the Burmese (1593) is of great historical importance, and it has been romanticized in various forms – including this modern animated feature. There is a monument of King Naresuan and his elephant in Don Chedi, Suphanburi. 2008. Color. 1 hr. 20 min. English or French with optional English, French and Spanish subtitles. DVD. [TH 8]

JAN DARA. The title character, played by Suwinit Panjamawat, is established early on as a pariah in his home, when his mother dies while giving birth to him. His father, Khun Luang (Santisuk Promsiri), ostracizes him, labeling him a bastard and delivering brutal beatings to the boy. Khun Luang (which means "master") has an insatiable sexual appetite, and the child's earliest memories are of witnessing his father's conquests. The boy's own sexuality is initiated at an early age, and continues to blossom despite the violence of his father. Eventually thrown out of the house, the grown Jan (Eakarat Sarsukh) is years later asked back into the fold to save the family name. He sets about wreaking his revenge, inadvertently continuing the cycle of cruelty established by his father. Color. 1 hr. 54 min. Thai/Thai with English subtitles. DVD. [TH 2]

LEGEND OF SURIYOTHAI, THE. In the 16th century, the beautiful princess Suriyothai married a man she did not love in order to prevent a bitter clash between the most powerful families in Thailand’s empire. Soon after, this daring princess would battle a band of traitors plotting to take the royal crown. But her greatest challenge would put her in the frontlines of the most brutal war in her country’s history, The Siamese-Burmese War of 1548. Based on a few lines from historical chronicles, this story conjures up the story of a great queen. 2001/2003. Color. 2 hr. 22 min. Thai with optional English and French subtitles. Special features include: Director’s commentary; deleted scenes; making-of featurette; poster artwork gallery; and photo gallery. DVD. [TH 5]


LIFE AND WORK OF BUDDHADASA BHIKKHU. Documentary of the life and teachings of Buddhadasa Bikkhu, the revered Thai Buddhist monk. Received the highest honor at Thammasat University's film competition in 1987, given the award of best documentary videotape. Features narration in English by ordained monk Phra Santikaro Bikkhu, an American monk who studied under Buddhadasa Bikkhu, which aims to give those unfamiliar with both Thai culture and Buddhism an insight into the profound thoughts of this monk. 25 min. English. Color. VHS. [TH 4]

MYSTERIOUS OBJECT AT NOON. Thai independent filmmaker, Aphichatpong Weerasethakul, used a surrealist storytelling technique to interview people throughout Thailand, asking them to contribute to the film's evolving oral story. What emerges is a portrait of Thailand's disenfranchised lower classes — farmers, fruit vendors, village performers — and their resulting collective story about a handicapped boy and his tutor, a mysterious woman named Dogfahr. 2002. Color. 1 hr. 25 min. Thai/Thai with English subtitles. DVD. [TH 3]

OVERTURE, THE. This film is inspired by the life of maestro Luang Pradith Phairao, the storied master of the Ranat-Ek – Thailand's traditional wooden xylophone. The Overture is a boldly conceived, stunningly beautiful story bursting with color, energy and music. Sorn, a spectacularly gifted musical prodigy, longs to compete in the ecstatic musical competitions pitting Thailand’s late 19th-century Ranat-Ek players against one another. But when rival musicians murder his older brother, Sorn’s family forbids the young performer from ever playing again. Beseeching his parents to let him carry on for his fallen brother, while surreptitiously studying on his own, Sorn fights to balance his all-consuming need to win with his responsibility to the traditions and loyalties he has promised to uphold. 2004. Color. 1 hr. 44 min. Thai with optional English subtitles. DVD. [TH 6]

UNCLE BOONMEE WHO CAN RECALL HIS PAST LIVES. The recipient of the prized Palme d’Or Award at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival, director Apichatpong Weerasethakul’s hypnotic drama tells the haunting story of a Thai man suffering from kidney failure who retreats to the countryside to die in the company of his loved ones. As Uncle Boonmee nears the end of his life, the spirit of his late wife returns to guide him into the unknown, and his estranged son reappears in the form of a jungle spirit. Later, the ailing man leads his family on a journey to a hilltop cave where he first came into this world. 2010. Color. 1 hr. 53 min. Thai with English subtitles. DVD. [TH 7]

Faculty Development

THE INTERNET & FOREIGN/SECOND LANGUAGE INSTRUCTION. A video from the McGraw-Hill Teleconference. 2000. VHS. [FD 1]

ORAL TEACHING TECHNIQUES. This program demonstrates techniques that promote oral language skills. It shows how to use the direct method, notional-functional techniques, and situational strategies to give students practice with conversation and grammar. 1989. 1 hr. DVD. [FD 2]

Languages and Cultures

APOCALYPTO. Set in the Mayan civilization, when a man's idyllic presence is brutally disrupted by a violent invading force, he is taken on a perilous journey to a world ruled by fear and oppression where a harrowing end awaits him. Through a twist of fate and spurred by the power of his love for his woman and his family he will make a desperate break to return home and to ultimately save his way of life. Color. 2hr. 18min. Original Mayan Language with optional English, French, or Spanish subtitles. DVD. Special Features include: “Becoming Mayan” featurette; Deleted scenes with commentary; Audio commentary. [LC 2]

CLOSELY WATCHED TRAINS. At a village railway station in occupied Czechoslovakia during WWII, a bumbling dispatcher’s apprentice longs to liberate himself from his virginity while living a life under the radar. Oblivious to the war and the resistance that surrounds him, Milos embarks on a journey of sexual awakening and self-discovery, encountering a universe of frustration, eroticisim, and adventure within his sleepy, backwater depot. Wry and tender, Academy Award-winning, and universally touching, the film is a masterpiece of human observation and one of the best-loved films of the Czech new wave. Black and White. 1hr 33min. Czech with optional English subtitles. DVD. [LC 1]

DR. STRANGELOVE. Stanley Kubrick’s celebrated black comedy classic about an “accidental” nuclear attack was nominated for four Academy Awards in 1964. Convinced the commies are polluting America’s “precious bodily fluids,” a crazed General (Sterling Hayden) orders a surprise nuclear air strike on the USSR. The U.S. President (Peter Sellers) gets attempts to convince the drunken Soviet premier that the attack is only a silly mistake; all the while the President’s advisor confirms the existence of the dreaded Doomsday Machine – a new secret Soviet retaliatory device guaranteed to end the human race once and for all! Special features include: The Art of Stanley Kubrick, The Making of, original split-screen interview with Peter Sellers and George C. Scott. 1964. B&W. 1 hr. 33 min. English, French, Spanish, Portuguese with English, French Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Korean, and Thai subtitles. DVD. [LC 4]

ONLY THE STRONG. Ex-Special Forces soldier Louis Stevens returns to Miami to find his former high school overrun by drugs and violence. A master of the Brazilian martial art of capoeira, Stevens pledges to straighten out a dozen of the school's worst students by teaching them this demanding and highly disciplined fighting style. Slowly, his program begins to work, giving the students new hope and purpose. But the local drug lord, himself a martial arts expert, vows to stop Stevens' positive influence. Now Stevens must fight to save his own life, as well as the lives of his rebellious young students. 1993. Color. 1 hr 35 min. English/Spanish with optional English and Spanish subtitles. DVD. [LC 3]

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