Major in English

As an English major, you can choose one of three tracks: Studies in Literature, Secondary Licensure in English Language Arts or Studies in Writing. Each track requires courses across specific groups to encourage a breadth of study. Advisers will help you plan your curricula according to your professional interests.  

  • Studies in Literature traces the development of British, American and world culture and thought, from the earliest years to the most recent. This track leads to many career possibilities where the ability to read closely, interpret productively, think critically and speak and write persuasively are essential skills.
  • Secondary Licensure in English Language Arts prepares you to teach grades 9 – 12. Students interested in teaching English in grades 5 - 8 should fulfill the specified requirements for middle school licensure in English Language Arts. Students from other subject areas may choose to fulfill the requirements for educator licensure in English Language Arts as an additional endorsement.
  • Studies in Writing includes internship opportunities in professional writing, and editing on campus or with local businesses, companies, and organizations. You may receive credit and, in some cases, payment for these internships. The Career Services office will help you find and apply for these internships/

A Certificate in Undergraduate Study in Creative Writing is available for students in English or other majors.

View English Program Major Requirements in Undergraduate Catalog.