Showcase of Student Writing

The 2020 Showcase of Student Writing has moved to a virtual showcase. NIU faculty, staff and students should visit the 2020 Showcase site on SharePoint for more information. Users outside NIU should contact Eric Hoffman  for more information.

Have you ever felt like your papers in English class were disconnected from the world around you? The Showcase of Student Writing is one way we make those connections very real and present. Every spring semester, over 90 teams of students in ENGL203 research real-world issues local to the university and community and present their results to the wider community. Because this event is open to the public, you will get a chance to present your research to an external audience including other students, teachers, deans, even local community members! In addition, judges visit every project to determine those which portray the most exceptional research, creativity and effort and prizes are awarded to the top entries. 


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