Directory of Program Coordinators and Advisors

Listed below are the discipline coordinators for teacher licensure within the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Please note: Because this information changes periodically, contact the telephone number listed for the department if you are having difficulty contacting an individual.

Discipline Contact Phone Location
Science Licensure Paul Fix, Director 815-753-6819 N/A
Social Science Licensure John Alcalde, Director 815-753-5903 N/A
Foreign Languages Licensure (K-12) Karen Lichtman, Director 815-753-6443 WH 114
Chemistry and Physics Michael Eads 815-753-6492 FR 323
Earth Sciences Nicole LaDue 815-753-7935 DH 312
English Beth McFarland-Wilson 815-753-7570 RH 214
Environmental Sciences Melissa Burlingame 815-753-6563 N/A
History and Social Sciences
Frank Bell 815-753-6655 ZH 602
Mathematical Sciences Renee Olsen
Paul Stevenson
WH 352
World Languages and Cultures Kathy Kuschman 815-753-6449 WH 112