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The Center for Burma Studies welcomes the friends of Burma to donate materials and funds for the continuing support and expansion of its programs and collections. Donations for the center are passed through the Burma Studies Foundation, which was established by the Burma Studies Group in 1986 in order to provide oversight and support for the Center for Burma Studies. All donations are deductible for tax purposes to the full extent allowed by law. A copy of the IRS determination letter will be sent to potential donors on request. The Burma Studies Foundation advises donors to have objects such as art and books appraised before donation, as neither the foundation nor the center may legally function in this capacity.

All Burma related items donated to the Burma Studies Foundation will be offered to the Center for Burma Studies for inclusion and conservation within the Burma Collections of Northern Illinois University. Ownership of the items is with Northern Illinois University, but the Burma Studies Foundation retains a remainderman's interest in the collections, thus allowing for the foundation's continuing oversight. The Center for Burma Studies operates under important conditions that include public display of art, access to materials and records, and administrative and financial guarantees from Northern Illinois University. Through its oversight, the Burma Studies Foundation combines strong support of the Center for Burma Studies with a lasting responsibility to the larger field of Burma Studies.


Center for Burma Studies

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Burma Studies Foundation

Jason A. Carbine, president

Phone: 562-907-4200, ext. 4339

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