Group Members


Bela Erdelyi


  • Kevin Hamilton
    • Integrable and nearly-integrable Hamiltonian systems
    • Thesis: self-force and radiation reaction of classical point charges
  • Alister Tencate
    • Ultra-cold electron sources: computational methods and nano-tip arrays
  • David Iglesias Tinoco
    • Research at the interface of beam physics and symplectic geometry


Past Group Members

  • Afnan Al Marzouk
    • Dissertation: Particles with high-order adaptive dynamics (PHAD), Picard integrator, N-body, Simo integrator
  • Sumana Abeyratne
    • Dissertation: 3D FMM, particles with high-order adaptive dynamics (PHAD).
  • Ahmed Aljilawi
    • BEM
  • Laura Bandura
  • Kakoli Bhuyan
    • Electron beamlets with PHAD
  • Mario Borha
    • Stable polynomials
  • Derek Garrity 
    • Fast multipole method (FMM)
  • Anthony Gee
  • Danairis Hernandez
    • Thesis: moment method in COMFY
  • James Maloney
  • Tanuja Nandamuri
    • Fast multipole method (FMM)
  • Ed Nissen
    • Dissertation: COMFY, parallel COMFY, moment method, single-level 2D fast multipole method (FMM)
  • Caesar E. Ordoñez
    • 3D FMM, Parallel 3D FMM, pCT
  • Andrei Patapenka
    • Integrable Hamiltonian systems, IOTA
  • Jake Pratscher
    • Integrable hamiltonian systems
  • Saroj Rai
    • Thesis: proton computed tomography (pCT)
  • Scott Rexford 
    • Integrable discretizations
  • Herman Schaumburg
    • Picard integrator, N-body, particles with high-order adaptive dynamics (PHAD), stable polynomials
  • Marie Swartz
    • Integrable Hamiltonian systems
  • Kent Wong 
    • Thesis: proton computed tomography (pCT)