125 Key Moments

Significant anniversaries are often commemorated with historical retrospectives for future generations. For NIU’s 125th Anniversary, we are creating a digital repository of 125 Key Moments in NIU history – key turning points that made NIU what it is today.

Members of the NIU community were invited to submit potential entries, and a committee of distinguished faculty, staff, trustees and retirees selected the 125 most compelling nominations. The selection committee chose events that did the following:

  • Enhanced NIU’s reputation
  • Had a lasting effect
  • Set direction for some significant period
  • Were a cause for celebration
  • Were a cause for deep reflection
  • Represented either a joyous or a difficult time
  • Had significant impact of students and/or the university community
  • Built institutional pride

Each month in 2020, we released the stories of 10 or 11 key moments, illustrated with photos and video from the NIU Archives and Regional History Center.

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