Planning Committee

  • Michael Adzovic, SPS Council
  • Stacey Barsema, NIU Foundation Board
  • Reggie Bustinza (co-chair), NIU Alumni Association
  • Sarah Cain, Libraries
  • Anne Edwards, Academic Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  • Virginia Filicetti, DeKalb Chamber of Commerce
  • Meg Junk, Student Affairs
  • Jack King, SPS Council 
  • Cindy Kozumplik, Operating Staff Council
  • Jodi Lampi, Faculty Senate
  • Melanie Magara, President’s Office
  • Jenna Mitchell, State Relations
  • Jay Monteiro, Campus Dining Services
  • Bill Nicklas, City of DeKalb
  • Kelly Olson, Student Affairs
  • Maggie Peck, City of Sycamore
  • Ryan Sedevie, Athletics
  • David Skowronski, Student Association
  • Jeniece Smith, Institutional Communications
  • Donee Spizzirri, Visual and Performing Arts
  • Mariano Spizzirri, Creative Services
  • Matt Streb (co-chair), President’s Office
  • Jerry Zar, NIU Annuitants’ Association

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