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Forward, Together Forward Scholarship


The February 14th Fund for the 
Forward, Together Forward Scholarship

In Memory of Gayle Dubowski, Catalina Garcia, Julianna Gehant, Ryanne Mace and Daniel Parmenter

On February 14, 2008, an unspeakable tragedy befell Northern Illinois University. Nineteen students were physically injured and five students perished when a gunman entered Cole Hall and opened fire on innocent students. 

The NIU community was forever changed. Students, faculty, staff, alumni and supporters from near and far banded together to move “Forward, Together Forward.”

The Forward, Together Forward Scholarship Endowment was created through the generosity of more than 1,770 donors to honor the five Huskies whose lives were lost. To learn more about these amazing individuals, please follow the links below.

Gayle, Catalina, Julianna, Ryanne and Daniel are treasured members of the NIU family. Each was a dynamic, selfless and hard-working individual who added so much to the NIU community simply by being him- or herself.

Their impact and legacy will live on through warm thoughts and memories, as well as through the Northern Illinois University Forward, Together Forward Scholarship.

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