Deacon Davis Diversity Award


Deacon Davis Diversity Award

The Presidential Commission on the Status of Minorities is proud to announce the creation of the Deacon Davis Diversity Award.

The purpose of this award is to recognize significant contributions made to the improvement of the status of minorities on the NIU campus by current NIU undergraduate, graduate, or professional students; faculty; SPS or Civil Service staff; and academic units, offices, programs or organizations.

Awards will be presented at the PSCM Diversity and Inclusion Summit.

Previous Award Recipients


  • Sandra Gonzalez, NIU Undergraduate Student, Spanish Language and Literature K-12 Major
  • Sara Briseño , NIU Undergraduate Student, Sociology Major
  • Karen Baker, Associate Vice President of Administration and Human Resources


  • Marc Reynolds, NIU Graduate Student, U.S. History Major
  • Chris Liska Carger Professor, Literacy Education on College of Education Strategic Diversity Plan (James Cohen, Joe Flynn, Connie Fox, Becqui Hunt and Scott Wickman)
  • Project R.E.D. Residents Engaging in Diversity


  • Latasha Bennett, NIU Undergraduate Student, Center for Non-Governmental Organization Leadership and Development (NGOLD)
  • Sandy Lopez, Assistant to the Director for the Center for Latino and Latin American Studies
  • James Cohen, Assistant Professor, Department of Literacy Education
  • Nancy Russo, Professor, Department of Operations Management and Information Systems
  • Society of Women Engineers (


  • Suzanne Coffield, English Department
  • Ellen Franklin, English Department
  • Wesley Coats (ret.), Procurement Services


  • Ron Carter,  School of Music
  • Murali Krishnamurthi, Faculty Development & Instructional Design
  • Edgar Ramirez, NIU Undergraduate Student


  • Don Bramlett, Director of the Office of Retention Services
  • Lt. Darren Mitchell, Department of Public Safety
  • Derrick Smith, Academic counselor for the Center for Black Studies


  • Dr. Joy Mutinda, Psychologist
  • Robert Collins, Deputy Director of Athletics
  • Andres Giraldo, NIU Undergraduate Student


  • Dean Promod Vohra, College of Engineering & Engineering Technology
  • Drs. Luis & Clersida Garcia, Department of Kinesiology and Physical Education
  • Minority Science Association


  • Dr. Admasu Zike, Executive Assistant in Human Resource Administration
  • Chief Donald Grady, Department of Public Safety
  • Glenda Jones, Specialist in the Bursar’s Office


  • James Brunson, Assistant Director of Housing
  • The entire Faculty Development and Instructional Design Center
  • LaMetra Curry, NIU Doctoral Student


  • LeRoy Mitchell, Director of Educational Services and Programs/CHANCE Program
  • Monique Bernoudy, Associate Athletics Director
  • Michael Kirkwood, NIU Law Student

2016 Award Nominations