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Destination: Bold Futures

NIU is a place where future generations are learning today to lead tomorrow.

Our journeys of discovery are geared for Student Career Success; we prepare our graduates to achieve not only in their work but their lives. No matter what paths our students choose – employment at Fortune 500 companies, launching their own businesses, serving in the Peace Corps, starting families – we go beyond book learning to create that foundation.

Students here enjoy unlimited and life-changing avenues for enriched and engaged learning, bolstered by our strong emphasis on experiential learning, undergraduate research and honors.

And these opportunities are growing: We are expanding internship opportunities and working to match every student with an alumni mentor to guide their learning from the “real world.”

Rankings and Recognition

Rankings & Recognition

NIU's nationally ranked programs prove that a quality education can be affordable.

Fast Facts

Fast Facts

Everything you ever wanted to know about NIU.


History & Traditions

Chartered in 1895, NIU first opened its doors in 1899 as the Northern Illinois State Normal School solely to prepare college-educated teachers.