Institutional Research Mission


Institutional Research Mission

The mission of the Department of Institutional Research is to support the Division of Academic Affairs by conducting research, preparing analytical studies and reports, and gathering, summarizing, and analyzing data relevant to students, faculty, staff, costs, programs, and policies.  Consistent with the mission of Academic Affairs, Institutional Research conducts its activities in order to meet the data and analytical needs of the entire university.

Specific Responsibilities

Reports and Studies - Prepare reports and studies for the Illinois Board of Higher Education and Federal Agencies on admissions, courses, enrollment, degrees awarded, student characteristics, tuition and fees, financial statistics, faculty salaries, faculty staffing and characteristics, and instructional costs.  Major reports include the IPEDS reports, Discipline Cost Study, and Student Retention. Complete questionnaires from private agencies such as the American Council on Education, American Association of University Professors, and college guides such as U.S. News and World Report and Peterson’s.

Institutional Studies – Conduct research and prepare analytical studies to support the planning, budgeting, policy-making, and controlling functions of executive management.  Areas of research and study include market research and enrollment demand, student characteristics, student retention and academic progress, peer institutions, environmental scanning, faculty and staff performance, faculty and staff salaries, employee benefits, tuition, cost behavior and funding levels.

Data Coordination and Institutional Reports – Serve as the primary information center for both external and internal requests for data.  Design, program and distribute reports to all management levels within the University on enrollment, credit hour production, numbers of majors, average section size, degrees granted, mean grades, faculty loads and induced course loads. Prepare the Student Profile and other fact books.

Decision and Technical Support -  Design and develop models to support the planning and decision making activities of executive management.  In addition to enrollment forecasting and simulation models, areas of model development include tuition and fee revenues, student flow, faculty flow, and cost performance. Provide computer programming support to all higher administrative offices when required.

Enrollment Forecasts – Prepare the annual enrolment and credit forecast submitted with RAMP. Develop and refine forecasting models for new and continuing students. Assist higher management in the establishment of enrollment targets.  Provide analytical support to the Ad Hoc Enrollment Committee by analyzing application and acceptance flows and projecting fall semester new freshmen and transfer.

Program Review and Academic Planning Support – Support the Provost Office in the program review and academic planning process by providing program data and analyses on enrollment, moors, credit hours, student characteristics, faculty loads and costs.  Also, support the University’s assessment efforts and the annual review of undergraduate education.

Cost and Load Studies – Prepare and analyze the Discipline Cost Study for the annual submission to the Illinois Board of Higher Education.  For purposes of internal management, prepare and analyze reports on departmental credit hour production, credit hour costs and faculty loads.