General Education Visioning Task Force

Task Force Responsibilities

The General Education Visioning Task Force is composed of faculty and student representatives and was formed in January 2013 in order to re-envision the possibilities for general education at Northern Illinois University.  It was charged by Provost Alden to consider new possibilities for re-structuring our program given the current state of national trends in general education, and to conduct an internal evaluation of general education issues.


Anne Birberick -Vice Provost
Patrick Birk - Bus Admin Major (BUS)
Terry Bishop - Assoc Professor, MGMT (BUS)
Brianno Coller - Professor, MEE (EET)
David Gorman - Assoc Professor, ENGL (LAS)
Bernard Harris - Chair, Mathematical Sciences (LAS)
Antoinette Jones - Certification Assessment Assistant
Edward Klonoski - Assoc Professor, MUSC (VPA)
Michael Kolb - (CHAIR) Gen Ed Coordinator/Prof of Anthropology
Jeff Kowalski - Professor, Presidential Research Prof. (VPA)
Christopher Parker - Assoc Vice Provost for Assessment
Brandon Phillips - HIST Major (ENGL/POLS minors) (LAS)
Jeanette Rossetti - Assoc Professor, NURS (HHS)
Gretchen Schlabach - Assoc Professor, KNPE (EDU)
Donna Smith - Catalog Editor & Curriculum Coordinator
Julia Spears - Director of Engaged Learning
Joel Stafstrom - Professor, BIOS (LAS)
Amanda Thrun - Family & Child Studies major (HHS)
Beth Towell - Assoc Dean of Ugrad Acad Affairs (BUS)
Josephine Umoren - Assoc Prof, Coord for Nutrition, etc. (HHS)
Teresa Wasonga - Assoc Professor, LEPF (EDU)

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