Available URA Positions

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Summer 2014 Opportunities

Lelia Porter Anthropology Ressearch Assistant: Primate Behavior (This position has been filled)
Pi-Sui Hsu Educational Technology Argue like a Global Scientist Research Assistant (This position has been filled)
Walker S. Ashley Geography Research Assistant: Fatal Multi-vehicle Crashes Due to Weather Hazards (This position has been filled)
David Goldbulm Geography Research Assistant: Assessing climate change impacts on forest species in the United States (This position has been filled)
Angela Grippo Psychology Undergraduate Research Assistant: Stress and the Brain (This position has been filled)
Douglas G. Wallace                  Psychology                          Research Assistant: Modeling Alzheimer’s Disease anterograde amnesia in rats (This position has been filled)

Fall 2014 Opportunities

Rebecca Houze Art history Research Assistant: Ethnographic, State, and Transportation Exhibits at the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition Chicago
Elizabeth Gaillard Chemistry and Biochemistry Biochemistry Laboratory Assistant
Karen Lichtman Foreign Languages & Literatures Research Assistant: Age, instruction, and language learning
Thomas Pingel Geography Research Assistant: Improving Maps for Disater
Wei Luo Geography Undergraduate Research Assistant to create a reverse cellular automata landform evolution model
Nathan Stansell Geology and Environmental Geosciences Undergraduate Research Assistant - Glacial Geology
Paul Wright Kinesiology and Physical Education Physical Activity and Life Skills (PALS) Group Undergraduate Research Assistant
Ji-Chul Ryu Mechanical Engineering Research Assistant: Control of a Nongrasping Robotic Manipulator
Ben Bingle & Nancy Castle NGOLD / CLCE Undergraduate Research Assistant
David Hedin Physics Research Assistant
David Valentiner Psychology Undergraduate Research Assistant: Implicity Theories of Musical Performance Anxiety
Mary Lynn Doherty School of Music Research Assistant: Sabbatical Project
Andrew Otieno & Liping Guo Technology Research Assistant:  Analysis and Implementation of Dual-axis Solar sun tracker