Employment Opportunities



If you’re commuting, living off-campus, or are a non-traditional student, you’re not alone. Off-campus and non-traditional students make up a large portion of our student body. We understand, however, that being an off-campus and/or non-traditional student presents many challenges. Undergraduate Student Interns serve as key student leaders to help provide programs and services for this large population. This position entails program planning, outreach, marketing, research, and office duties. Serving as a Undergraduate Student Intern is a paid position (minimum wage) and offers ten hours of work weekly.

There are currently no Undergraduate Student Intern openings. Openings can occur throughout the academic year. All openings will be posted on this site. If you are interested in learning more about this leadership position, please contact Jeffrey Salmon, Assistant Director of Off-Campus & Non-Traditional Student Services, at 815-753-0100 or via email at jsalmon1@niu.edu.  


Internship Opportunity

Interested in doing an internship with us? For details, please contact us at 815-753-9999 or email us at ocntss@niu.edu.

Graduate Assistantships

We currently do not have any graduate assistantship positions available for the 2014-2015 school year.
Graduate Assistant Employment