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Frequently Asked Questions

How can this be anonymous?

When you call Tip Line you will be given a code number and that how we will distinguish you from other callers. You will never give your name or any other personal information. We do not use caller ID. And when you go to pick up your reward you will use your code so that people don’t know who you are. You make all future contact, since we don’t have your phone number.

Why should I bother?

Well, this is your university, and you have a right to be safe and happy. Tip Line was created by students, for students.

How do I get my reward?

All rewards are handled as a blind cash pick-up at a pre-arranged location. This means that you will be given a code number by a Tip Line operator, and when you go to pick up your reward you will use that number, not your name.

When can I get my reward?

It may take a bit of time (a few weeks, at least) until you get your reward. First, the incident you report needs to be investigated. There then must be an arrest or a judicial finding of guilt. Then the Tip Line Board of Directors will decide on an appropriate reward (keep in mind that the board meets only one time each month.) Once that is decided you can pick up your cash. When you make the initial call to Tip Line, the operator will give you all the information you need, so you don’t have to guess or worry about what to do next.

What type of activity can I report to tipline?

Any illegal activity or any violations to the student disciplinary code. This can include (but is not limited to): property damage (university, or personal), thefts, hazing, & drug use/dealing.

What should I do if I can't get in touch with a TipsLine operator?

If your call is an emergency or if a crime is currently in progress you should call the police at 911 (for emergencies only) otherwise 753-1212. You can call back with your information during Tip Line’s operating hours. Additionally, you have the option of leaving a voice mail message including as muchinformation as you have, but you must call back to Tip Line within the next few days to get your code number from an operator.

If you have any questions that are not listed here, or need clarification/more information, just call Tip Line, and ask.