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Tom Krepel

Tom Krepel Tom Krepel brings to Career Services a broad range of experience at all levels of public education. Because of his breadth of experience in elementary, secondary, and postsecondary education, Tom works with students who are preparing to enter the teaching profession. Also, he provids support to NIU alumni who are using the many resources within Career Services to plan, implement, and fulfill their career objectives.

Tom received his undergraduate and graduate degrees (B.S.Ed., M.Ed., Ph.D.) from the University of Nebraska. He has served as a junior high school social studies teacher, staff to the Education Committee and the Executive Board of the Nebraska Legislature, professor of educational administration, and in a variety of administrative roles in higher education. Among Tom’s administrative experience is a combined ten years of service as president of two public universities.

Tom has maintained an active continuing professional development agenda and has completed programs through the American Association of State Colleges and Universities, the American Educational Research Association, the Federal Emergency Management Agency of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Harvard University, and the Higher Learning Commission.