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Cooky Ikeler

Cooky IkelerCooky Ikeler is the Retired Associate Director of Information and Resource Management for Career Services.  She currently assists the office by providing technical support to staff, employers, and students, with special attention to the Huskies Get Hired database and the Mentor module, as well as providing support in the maintenance of the department’s Web site.

Whenever there is an issue within Career Services relating to anything technical, she is the “go to” person who is noted for putting out “fires.” She does this all while being able to work effectively with others and stay composed, even when placed in stressful situations. Ms. Ikeler’s thirty-five years of related experience at NIU and her Bachelor of Arts degree from NIU have helped hone her technical expertise, her ability to focus on details, and her human interaction capabilities, so the integral technological aspects of the department’s success are assured.