Parking Appeals Committee
(See also Campus Parking Committee)

Membership of Parking Appeals Committee

The Parking Appeals Committee (PAC) reports to the Director of Parking Services or designee. It is closely associated with the Campus Parking Committee. 

In accordance with appeals procedures as contained in the University Motor Vehicle and Parking Regulations, the duties of the committee shall be:

1.  To review and to adjudicate all appeals for parking violations as may be presented in writing or in person.

First appeals are to be submitted in writing. Second appeals may be submitted in writing or pled in person. There is no option for a third appeal. The PAC may render one of three judgments:

1.  Approved - Appeal or request is approved
2.  Denied - Appeal or request is denied
3.  Denied with special instructions - Appeal or request is denied while the committee exercises its right to reduce the associated fine, request further information, or apply any other requirement it deems appropriate.


The PAC shall consist of the following members:

  1. Three faculty representatives appointed by the Faculty Senate upon the recommendation of the College Councils, the Library Council, and the faculty of the College of Law from the faculty-at-large;
  2. Three operating staff representatives appointed by the Operating Staff Council;

  3. Three supportive professional staff members appointed by the Supportive Professional Staff Council;

  4. Five students appointed by the Student Association. These appointments are to include students who commute to campus as well as graduate students;

  5. One voting member from the Campus Parking Committee. This member is counted in addition to the representatives from shared governance.

    Every possible effort will be made to diversify the members of the committee in terms of gender and ethnic makeup.

    Term length is no longer than three years. Members may resign at any time and must submit their intention to do so in writing to the committee chair. Members of the PAC may serve no more than two consecutive terms.

    The chair shall be selected from the membership by majority vote each year. The elected chair may select a vice-chair from the membership to serve as chair in their absence. If the chair is unable or unwilling to complete their term, the membership will elect an interim chair to complete the one-year term.

The Coordinator of Parking Services, or designee, shall serve in an advisory capacity as a nonvoting member of the committee.

Policies and Procedures

The PAC shall meet a minimum of two times per month during the fall and spring semesters, and one time per month otherwise. If there is a high volume of appeals, then a special meeting may be called at the discretion of the chair.

At the discretion of the Chair and/or Campus Parking Services, meetings may be canceled due to no appeals, university closures, and other unforeseen circumstances.

A quorum of at least three members is required in order to vote on appeals.  If a quorum is not achieved, the meeting will be canceled or rescheduled at the discretion of the chair.

Appeals are approved or denied by majority vote of the committee members who are present. In the event of a tie vote, the appeal will become the subject of open deliberation, where committee members may choose to change their original vote. If the vote remains tied after further discussion, the appeal will be approved. In the event of a tie vote between deny and deny with special instructions, the appeal will be denied with special instructions.

If the appellant does not appear for an in-person appeal and did not attempt to reschedule, the appeal will be denied.

Parking Appeals Committee
(See also Campus Parking Committee) 

The PAC meets the second and fourth Tuesday of the month, 1:30-3:30 p.m.

Faculty (3)
Zachary Wahl-Alexander Zachary Wahl-Alexander Zachary Wahl-Alexander Zachary Wahl-Alexander
Fall-Sarah Holmes
Spring-Alissa Droog for Holmes
Alissa Droog for Holmes  
Jehan Hill Jehan Hill Jehan Hill
Operating Staff (3)
Debbie Williams for Royce
Fall-*Jessica Seipp
Spring-David Rapp for Seipp
David Rapp for Seipp David Rapp for Seipp
Peter Olson Peter Olson
Supportive Professional Staff (3)
Fall-LaBrian Carrington
Spring-*LaBrian Carrington
LaBrian Carrington LaBrian Carrington
Scott Mooberry
Students (5)

Voting member from Campus Parking  Committee
Karen Smith
+ Coordinator of Parking Services or designee
Jessica Nunez Jessica Nunez

*   chair
** co-chair
+   nonvoting 

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