Constitution & Bylaws

Bylaws of Northern Illinois University


11.1 Northern Illinois University has a tradition of collegiality and shared governance and strives to maintain that as a mainstay of its institutional culture. This university is a community of those whose varied functions, responsibilities, and contributions are supportive of the instructional, research, and service mission of the institution. Civil and professional interactions among all faculty and staff are essential to support that mission in an effective, efficient, and ethical manner.

11.2 Therefore, it is crucial for the University to ensure the right of all faculty and staff to perform their individual and collaborative roles in an environment that is free from incivility, misuse of authority, intimidation, retaliation, and infringement upon personal and academic freedoms. In order to provide recourse for allegations of inappropriate treatment by other faculty and staff, the university has established procedures for non-union faculty and staff to file a grievance, as set forth in the Non-Union Faculty and Staff Grievance Procedures


Amendment approved by University Council on 04/30/2008.
Amendment approved by University Council on 04/27/2011.
Editorial revisions to update "Vice President for Human Resources" to "Vice President of Administration" made 12/18/2012.
Editorial revisions to update "Vice President of Administration" to "senior administrator responsible for human resource services" approved by University Council 04/02/2014.
Amendment approved by University Council on 04/29/2020.