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University Council


The University Council, in accordance with Board of Trustees Policies, has the power to:

  • Establish the educational and academic policies of the university;
  • Be concerned with and, participate actively in, decisions made on other matters that may directly affect educational policies for which the University Council is primarily responsible;
  • Act upon reports from designated committees, boards, commissions or councils whose actions affect the educational and academic policies of the university;
  • Advise on policies regarding academic salaries, sabbatical leaves, leaves without pay, tenure and promotion. The University Council has established a personnel committee which reviews and approves, in accordance with the university bylaws, policy recommendations concerning salary and all recommendations pertaining to tenure, promotions in rank and sabbatical leaves.
  • Establish such standing and temporary committees as may be necessary for the discharge of its responsibilities; define the membership, jurisdiction and authority of such committees; resolve disputes among committees thus established; and act on the reports submitted by such committees.
  • Advise the president and the vice presidents on policies affecting the quality of student life on campus.

For details please see Constitution and Bylaws of Northern Illinois University.