Activity Registration Form

People hosting a Freedom of Expression Activity are highly encouraged to submit this registration form. Freedom of Expression Activities include but are not limited to the following: demonstrations, counter-demonstrations, sit-ins, teach-ins, vigils, exhibits, public forums, petitions, etc.  

Our intent to collect registrations is to help support and protect your freedom of expression rights. We encourage a civically engaged community and wish to help create safer environments for you to host such an activity.

The registration form is meant for Freedom of Expression activities in outdoor areas of campus including but not limited to: sidewalks, streets, common areas, and other rights of way and open spaces. In addition to outdoor areas, the Board of Trustees Meeting Room (Altgeld 315) is also available for expressive activities so long as it is not otherwise in use.

Registration is open to all and is accessible through the HuskieLink. 

Register Online