Creating a Student Organization

If you are unable to find a student organization that fits your particular interests, or you have a great idea for a new and unique organization, then you have the option to start your own organization. There are specific guidelines to be followed for your new organization to become official.

Steps To Becoming a Student Organization

Tip: Before you begin, ask yourself, "how does my proposed student organization differ from what is already offered on the NIU campus?" The NIU Student Government Association does not register or support student organizations that double or duplicate the efforts of currently existing organizations.

  1. Before an organization can be created, you must have a president, plus four other members (for a total of 5 members) and a full-time faculty/staff member as a faculty/staff advisor. It is recommended that you consider additional leadership roles to ensure you have a fully functioning executive board (vice president, secretary, etc.) You must also have a constitution and bylaws for your organization. View a sample constitution

  2. Register your organization through Huskie Hub, our student organization database. Visit Huskie Hub, log in with your Z-ID and password, click the "groups" tab, and click the "register new student organization" button. Please be aware that you must have your constitution and bylaws ready to upload when you register your organization.

  3. Upon your submission of your Huskie Hub registration, the president and advisor must confirm their acceptance of their roles along with the other four members listed. The SGA vice president or SGA director of organization development will review the submission and may reach out to the student organization in order to clarify aspects of the constitution and bylaws.    

Requesting Full Registered from the Senate

After receiving temporary registration from the vice president of the Student Government Association, the organization must come before the SGA Organization Oversight Committee.

The purpose of this meeting is to ask the organization questions about its constitution and bylaws, ensure all of the requirements that need to be in the constitution and bylaws are met, and if they are not met to talk with the organization representatives about updating those missing components on-site to prevent delays.

The SGA Organization Oversight Committee will vote on whether to recommend the student organization to be fully registered. If voted yes, the organization will be added to a bill for the next senate meeting where the senate will vote on all student organizations that were recommended to be fully registered. The student organization members do not need to be present for the senate vote. The organization will be notified of their registration being fully accepted.