University Committees and Commissions

Supportive Professional Staff (SPS) employees are involved on campus. The SPS Council has representatives on the University Council. In addition, many SPS personnel serve on university committees and commissions.

The SPS Council has two voting representatives on the University Council, as well as two alternates who serve in their absence. The SPS Council president serves as the first voting representative The second voting representative and alternates are elected by the SPS Council from within its members.

The 2019-20 University Council representatives and alternates are:

  • First representative: Catherine Doederlein (alternate: Megan Woodruff)
  • Second representative Felicia Bohanon (alternate: Chris Dawe)

SPS employees are appointed by the SPS Council to serve on many university committees It's not necessary for appointees to be SPS Council representatives.

  • Academic Policies and Procedures Manual Advisory Committee (three-year term): committee under review
  • Affirmative Action and Diversity Resources Committee (two-year term): committee under review
  • Athletic Board (three-year term): Chris Dawe
  • Campus Parking Committee (three-year term): Rebecca Hunt
  • Campus Security and Environmental Quality Committee (two-year term): Tom Kazmierczak, Judith Dymond
  • Committee for Academic Equity and Inclusive Excellence (three-year term): Tawanda Gipson
  • Computing Facilities Advisory Committee (three-year term): Stephanie Richter
  • Faculty Development and Instructional Design Advisory Committee (three-year term): Anne Edwards
  • Libraries Advisory Committee (three-year term): Rebecca Hunt
  • Parking Appeals Committee (three-year term): Pete Olson, Scott Mooberry
  • Student Conduct Board (three-year term): Anne Edwards, Kristie Crane
  • Student Conduct Advisory Board (three-year term): Kristie Crane
  • Student Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Advisory Board (two-year term): Debra Miller
  • University Advisory Committee to the Board of Trustees: Catherine Doederlein
  • University Affairs Committee: Mark Pietrowski
  • University Benefits Committee (three-year term): Debra Boughton

SPS employees serve on presidential commissions. They are chosen by the NIU president from nominations submitted by the SPS Council It's not necessary for nominees to be SPS Council representatives.

  • Presidential Commission on Persons with Disabilities (three-year term): Catherine Doederlein
  • Presidential Commission on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (three-year term): Jeanne Meyer
  • Presidential Commission on the Status of Minorities (three-year term): Felicia Bohanon, Roselyn Snell, Edward Heard, William McCoy, Melody Mitchell, Promod Vohra
  • Presidential Commission on the Status of Women (three-year term): To be determined

As part of the shared governance system at NIU, the supportive Professional Staff (SPS) Council has representatives on the University Council and its committees. These representatives are not necessarily on SPS Council, but are of the SPS classification on campus. Representatives who have been selected to sit on a University Council Committee should review the following information and guidelines upon appointment.

SPS Council

Supportive Professional Staff representatives to university committees are appointed by the SPS Council.

The SPS Council is a form of shared governance and was established to provide a means of communication among SPS on camps and to be a vehicle for articulating the interests and concerns of SPS employees to other constituents of the university community. SPS Council representatives and their alternates are elected by their peers.

SPS Council meets on the second Thursday of each month from 10 a.m. to noon in the Holmes Student Center Skyroom. Individuals do not need to be on SPS Council to attend council meetings. Anyone is welcome.

If you feel that there is a specific issue that needs to be addressed, contact the SPS president or vice president to schedule a discussion and, if necessary, get on the monthly agenda.

University Committee


As an appointed SPS representative on a university committee, you are expected to attend all of the committee's meetings and be an active participant. If you are not able to attend, please review the policies and procedures manual for your group for appropriate actions.

If you cannot fulfil your obligations as a representative, please let the vice president of the SPS Council know and a replacement representative will be assigned.

Policy and Procedures Manual

Each committee has a set of guidelines or a manual that defines the committee's goals, mission, meeting times, expectations and voting guidelines (if applicable).

These manuals can be found by contacting University Council at or 815-753-1732 or by contacting the chair of your committee.


The contact for your group is the elected chair of the committee. To determine the chair contact University Council at or 815-763-1732.

We encourage you to reach out to the chair for meeting times and locations upon appointment.

Reporting (Monthly Reports)

The vice president of SPS Council will request a monthly status report for each committee. The vice president determines the schedule for these reports, but they are typically due the first week of each month.

Representatives are expected to write these reports in a concise manner and highlight the main talking points or decisions that are important for SPS employees to know regarding the committee's work. These reports are presented at the subsequent SPS Council meeting.

On some committees, there will be more than one SPS committee representative; however, only one report needs to be completed and coordination among the representatives to decide who submits the report is strongly suggested. For a list of other SPS committee members, refer to the University Council website or contact the vice president of SPS Council.

The vice president of SPS Council determines the schedule for the annual report, but it is typically due in June or July.