First row (left to right): Terry Borg, Amber Davis, Rachel Xidis, Judith Dymond (Treasurer), Liz Guess, Melanie Costello, Felicia Bohanon (Vice-President), Lori Botterman
Second row (left to right): Scott Mooberry, Tawanda Gipson, Debra Miller, Jeanna Ballard, Denise Burchard, Jason Goode, Tom Kazmierczak, Tedra Mewhirter, Catherine Doederlein (President)

About Supportive Professional Staff

Supportive professional staff (SPS) provide expertise and support to NIU and its regional locations. They bring rich educational and technical backgrounds, problem-solving skills and loyalty to their positions. SPS are appointed by the Board of Trustees and designated "faculty no-rank" employees. NIU's more than 800 SPS employees have a variety of job titles and roles.

About the Council

The SPS Council was formed to connect SPS across campus. It also serves to express the interests and concerns of SPS to other members of the university community. The council is composed of representatives from seven divisions. The number of representatives in a division is proportional to the number of SPS personnel it employs. Council representatives and alternates are elected by their peers.