Representatives and Alternates

Curent SPS representatives are listed for each of the six representational divisions. Alternates are elected to serve at-large, representing across divisions.


Division One
Academic Affairs – College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Name Email Term
Jesse Perez  2022-2024
Andrew Rogers  2022-2024

Division Two
Academic Affairs – Other Colleges, Graduate School, Libraries, Research and Innovation Partnerships, Executive Vice President and Provost, Human Resources and International Affairs

Name Email Term
Lauren Teso-Warner 2023-2025
Candice Olagunju 2023-2025
Michelle Pickett  2022-2024
Margaret Myles 2022-2024
Liz Guess  2023-2025
Shannon Stoker  2022-2024
Anthony Preston  2022-2024

Division Three
Student Affairs and Enrollment Management

There are no current representatives for division three.

Division Four
Divisions of Outreach, Engagement and Regional Development and University Advancement

Name Email Term
Bill Braksick 2023-2025
Cody Carter 2023-2025
Heath Duncan 2023-2025
Joe Lovelace  2022-2024

Division Five
Divisions of Administration and Finance, Information Technology, General Counsel, Marketing and Communications and President’s Office

Name Email Term
Manuel Valdez  2023-2025
Tom O'Grady 2023-2025

Division Six
Intercollegiate Athletics

Name Email Term
Christina Sutcliffe 2022-2024
Dan Wolfe  2022-2024


There are no current alternates.

At-large Alternates
Name Email Term
John Boswell 2023-2025