Representatives and Alternates

Curent SPS representatives are listed for each of the six representational divisions. Alternates are elected to serve at-large, representing across divisions.


Division One
Academic Affairs – College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Name Email Term
Denise Burchard  2019-2021

Division Two
Academic Affairs – Other Colleges, Graduate School, Libraries, Research and Innovation Partnerships, Executive Vice President and Provost, Human Resources and International Affairs

Name Email Term
Tawanda Gipson 2020-2022
Michelle Pickett  2020-2022
Monique Bernoudy  2020-2022
Margaret Myles 2020-2022
Liz Guess  2019-2021
Megan Woodruff  2019-2021
Jason Goode  2019-2021
Danae Miesbauer  2019-2021

Division Three
Student Affairs and Enrollment Management

Name Email Term
Jeanne Meyer 2020-2022
Debra Miller 2019-2021

Division Four
Divisions of Outreach, Engagement and Regional Development and University Advancement

Name Email Term
Jeanna Ballard 2020-2022
Felicia Bohanon 2020-2022
Amy Jo Clemens  2019-2021

Division Five
Divisions of Administration and Finance, Information Technology, General Counsel, Marketing and Communications and President’s Office

Name Email Term
Laura Lundelius  2020-2022
Andrew Rogers  2020-2022
Tom O’Grady  2019-2021
Tedra Mewhirter  2019-2021

Division Six
Intercollegiate Athletics

Name Email Term
Christina Sutcliffe 2020-2022
Debra Boughton 2020-2022


At-large Alternates
Name Email Term Division
Shannon Stoker  2020-2022 One
Andrea Hein  2020-2022 One
Benjamin Minogue  2020-2022 One
Joy Mitchell  2020-2022 One
Terry Borg 2020-2022 Two
Anne Edwards  2020-2022 Two
Kellie Martial  2020-2022 Two
Lara Lyles  2019-2021 Two
Greg Anderson 2019-2021 Two
Ximena Burgin 2019-2021 Two
Elbia Del Llano Menendez 2020-2022 Three
Eric Armstrong 2019-2021 Three
John Boswell 2019-2021 Three
Joe Lovelace 2019-2021 Three
Anna Quider  2020-2022 Four
Dan Koenen 2019-2021 Four
Melanie Costello  2019-2021 Four
Alberta Solfisburg  2019-2021 Four
Dara Little  2020-2022 Five
Jennifer Manning 2020-2022 Five
Scott Mooberry  2019-2021 Five
Shevon Porter  2019-2021 Five
Adam Tandez  2019-2021 Six
Courtney Vinson  2019-2021 Six
Roselyn Snell  2020-2022  
Jerri Reynolds  2020-2022