Standing Committees

The Supportive Professional Staff (SPS) Council has eight standing committees. The committees work to support the mission and goals identified by the NIU president, administrative officers and Board of Trustees. They also strive to improve the campus environment for SPS personnel.

Complete committee responsibilities are available in the SPS constitution (PDF).

Awards Committee

The Awards Committee solicits applications, evaluates candidates and announces recipients for these awards:

  • Supportive Professional Staff Presidential Award for Excellence.
  • Supportive Professional Staff Development Awards.
  • Gary Gray Award for Service to the SPS Council.

Committee chair: Anne Edwards

Communications and Technology Committee

The Communications and Technology Committee promotes the council's visibility and improves how it communicates with constituents. Among other duties, the committee:

  • Maintains a database of SPS employees.
  • Assists council members with communication tools.
  • Maintains and improves an electronic voting procedure for SPS elections.

Committee co-chairs: Tom Kazmierczak and Rachel Xidis

Constitution and Elections Committee

This Constitution and Elections Committee's duties include conducting SPS council elections. The committee works to:

  • Approve nominees to be placed on the ballot.
  • Make rulings on candidate eligibility and other matters.
  • Recommend adjustments to the distribution of council representatives.

Committee chair: Margaret Myles

Events Committee

The Events Committee plans, executes and evaluates events sponsored by the council. This involves:

  • Securing venues.
  • Preparing budgets.
  • Recruiting auxiliary members to help staff and supervise events.

Committee co-chairs: Debra Miller and Christina Sutcliffe

Advocacy Committee

The Advocacy Committee works to identify and inform the president and/or Executive Committee of issues important to SPS personnel. The committee also researches and informs the council of legislative issues. In performing their duties, the committee works with several groups:

  • The university's legislative liaison staff.
  • Relevant local, state and regional organizations.
  • Members of the professional staff and their representative bodies at other Illinois public universities.

Committee chair: Jeanna Ballard

Dependent Scholarship Committee

The Dependent Scholarship Committee facilitates the growth of the scholarship fund. The committee also selects recipients for the annual scholarship.

Committee co-chairs: Karinne Bredberg and Erin Reid

Professional Development Committee

The Professional Development Committee plans, executes and evaluates professional development opportunities for SPS employees. The committee also educates the university on what it means to be an SPS employee.

Committee co-chairs: Tawanda Gipson and Scott Mooberry

Regional Community Relations Committee

The Regional Community Relations Committee connects SPS personnel with local communities to advance the NIU mission. The committee works to:

  • Reach out to the regional area to share information about SPS events.
  • Identify organizations or events that SPS personnel should partner with or attend.

Committee co-chairs: Tedra Mewhirter