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Fall Semester 2020

  • Beginning August 19, 2020 the Huskie SafeLine will run a reduced schedule due to COVID-19. The north and south route will be combined into one large route.
  • The van will be shown on the ETA Spot app and will give an estimate of where the van is at and when it will arrive at the next stop.
  • If you have any questions about the service please call 815-753-2222

Hours of Operation

Sunday through Saturday
11 p.m. – 5:30 a.m.
The last route of the night will begin at 4:30 a.m.

Did you know that you have an option for getting around campus when the Huskie Bus Line stops running? The Huskie Safe Line is a free shuttle service that runs from 11 p.m. to 5:30 a.m. (the last route leaves at 4:30 a.m.) during late night hours. This free service is available to NIU students, faculty and staff as well as community members with disabilities.

All you need in order to ride is a valid NIU One Card or Illinois Person with a Disability Identification Card. You can even bring a guest. The shuttle ride service travels a fixed route with 45 pick-up and drop-off locations for your convenience. Look for the signs that say "Huskie Safe Line" and wait for the van at the stop. Please refer to the route schedule below.

The Huskie Safe Line is driven by the Department of Public Safety’s security guards and their goal is to provide you with a safe ride to your destination. Our security guards drive the shuttles and can easily contact the police in case you need emergency assistance.

A handicap accessible shuttle ride service is available for persons with disabilities and individuals with children by calling 815-753-2222 to request the service.

North Route

Route Map

Van goes to each stop approximately every 25 minutes

  1. Holmes Student Center
  2. Barsema Hall
  3. Hillcrest / Normal
  4. Kimberly / Normal
  5. Kimberly / Blackhawk
  6. Edgebrook / Blackhawk
  7. Edgebrook / Normal
  8. Nursing School
  9. 919 Ridge Drive (at Blackhawk)
  10. Ridge / Rushmore
  11. Arcadia east of Annie Glidden
  12. Spiros / Hillcrest
  13. Hillcrest @ Aspen / Fotis
  14. 815 Fotis
  15. Eco Park Drive / Regent
  16. 1212 Varsity (Building 2)
  17. 930 Pappas (behind Jimmy Johns)
  18. Hillcrest / Pappas (1121 W. Hillcrest)
  19. Hillcrest / Blackhawk
  20. 910 Hillcrest
  21. Greenbrier / Normal
  22. Greenbrier / Russell
  23. Crane Drive at entrance to University Plaza
  24. New Hall East (North Side)
  25. New Hall West (North Side)
  26. Grant Towers (East Side)
  27. Lucinda / Stadium (near Rec Center)
  28. Neptune West (pedestrian bridge)
  29. Holmes Student Center

South Route

Route Map

Van goes to each stop approximately every 25 minutes

  1. Holmes Student Center
  2. Neptune West (Pedestrian Bridge)
  3. Lucinda / Stadium Drive East
  4. New Hall Central
  5. Grant North
  6. Stevenson North
  7. Stevenson South
  8. Northern View Building 2
  9. Northern View Building 5
  10. Fatty's Bar and Grill
  11. NIU Lot K (next to Pizza Pros)
  12. 347 Deer Path Lane 1
  13. Molly's Bar
  14. Junction Plaza
  15. Locust and Normal (near Parking Garage)
  16. Tom and Jerry's
  17. John Street and Locust
  18. Gilbert Hall
  19. Holmes Student Center

Contact Us

In case of emergency: Call 911

Non-Emergency Phone Number: 815-753-1212


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