Performance Appraisal Procedures for Supportive Professional Staff

Original Policy Source APPM Section 2. Item 10.
Primary Audience Faculty
Status Active
Effective Adoption Date 11-06-1996
Policy Category/Categories Faculty & Academics
Human Resources / Employment

This appraisal policy applies to all full- or part-time Supportive Professional Staff members regardless of the fund source or appointment type.

Job performance shall be appraised through an individualized process designed to meet the following criteria: (a) clarify the employee's duties and responsibilities as stated in the position description; (b) provide the employee with an understanding of performance expectations with respect to those duties and responsibilities; (c) provide for regular communication between employee and supervisor regarding the employee's performance; (d) enable the employee to be recognized for achievements and improvements in job performance; and (e) provide motivation and facilitation for professional development.

Guidelines for SPS Performance Appraisal Program

  1. Performance evaluations are normally conducted on a fiscal year basis with the appraisal process being completed between March 1 and May 31 of the respective fiscal year.
  2. During the first half of the appraisal cycle, or within the first three months of employment, the supervisor should meet with the employee to review the position description and to communicate her/his job performance expectations.
  3. During the second half of the appraisal cycle (prior to May 31) the supervisor should prepare an annual written appraisal. The appraisal format should be individualized to best meet the preferences of the supervisor and employee. SPS evaluations can be conducted through a variety of formats including a departmental evaluation form, narrative memo, conference, or any combination thereof. The supervisor, in scheduling a meeting regarding the annual appraisal, should provide the employee with sufficient notice to prepare for the conference.
  4. The supervisor(s) who directly supervised the employee during the appraisal period should conduct the conference. The appraisal may contain input from others, including the supervisor's supervisor, and may also contain self-appraisal feedback from the employee.
  5. Following the conference, the employee and supervisor should sign a certification documenting that the conference and evaluation have taken place. This signed certification will be made part of the employee's permanent personnel file at Human Resource Services. Respective evaluation documents should be maintained on file in the employee's home department or office.

Since performance appraisals are based on duties and responsibilities contained in the position description, the supervisor and employee must periodically review the accuracy of position descriptions, updating them as needed.

Approved by Executive Cabinet, November 6, 1996


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