2021-2022 Operating Staff Council Standing Committees

Representatives on all Operating Staff Council (OSC) committees should be status operating staff (civil service) employees. If you are interested in being on an OSC committee, please contact Jeffry Royce at or 815-753-1550.


  • Holly Nicholson, president
  • Jeffry Royce, vice president
  • Linda Yates, treasurer
  • Evan Forbes, secretary
  • Cindy Kozumplik, parliamentarian

Elections and Appointments

  • Jeffry Royce, Chair
  • Jay Monteiro
  • Rave Meyer
  • Karen Smith
  • Stacey Bivens 


  • Evan Forbes, Chair
  • John Hulseberg
  • Natasha Johnson
  • Cindy Kozumplik

Public Relations and Activities

  • Karen Smith
  • Natasha Johnson
  • Angie Gutierrez-Vargas
  • Jay Monteiro
  • Rebekka Ayres
  • Rave Meyer
  • Jim Slagstad

Workplace Guidance

  • Linda Yates, Chair
  • Holly Nicholson
  • Natasha Johnson
  • Jeffry Royce
  • Patricia Gingrich
  • Debbie Williams
  • Karen Smith
  • Rave Meyer
  • Lauren Teso-Warner
  • Kathy Mosher

NIU Committees and Commissions

Operating staff have representatives on a variety of NIU committees and commissions. Detailed descriptions of university committees can be found on the University Council website. These representatives are appointed or nominated by the Operating Staff Council (OSC) based on interest forms submitted by operating staff employees.

As part of the shared governance system at NIU, the OSC has representatives on the University Council and University Advisory Council to the Board of Trustees.

At the state level, NIU operating staff have representatives on the State University Civil Service System Employee Advisory Committee (EAC) and State University Retirement System Member Advisory Committee (SURSMAC).

If you have any questions, contact Elections/Appointments Committee Chair Jeffry Royce at

Committee Interest Form