Certificate of Graduate Study in Trauma-Informed Counseling

About the Program

"I found the certificate to be extremely helpful. I've been using trauma-informed counseling with all of my clients who have experienced trauma. I believe it is something we are actually not 100 percent prepared for when we go into the field." - Certificate graduate

Our Certificate of Graduate Study in Trauma-Informed Counseling is a fully online program. The certificate is designed to be completed by current practitioners. Each week's lesson module includes material and practical applications you can put to use immediately in your practice. If you're a current student, the instructor will tailor your requirements to meet the needs of your current clinical position.

Program Mode of Delivery

The coursework is 100% online.


The program is composed of four graduate-level courses. The certificate can be completed in one year by taking two courses in the fall and two courses in the spring. Each course runs for eight weeks, allowing you to complete one course at a time throughout the year. You can review the Trauma-Informed Counseling course rotation for curriculum planning purposes.

Information about specific course requirements can be found in the NIU course catalog.

Applying to the Program

First, apply to be a student-at-large (SAL). Once you've been admitted as a SAL, you will receive information on how to register for classes. Second, complete a program application with the CAHE department TIC coordinator. If you have any questions, please contact our counseling programs admissions office at cahc_admissions@niu.edu.


Peitao Zhu, Ph.D.

Why NIU Online?

We know you have responsibilities and commitments. It's just easier if you're able to take classes where you are without the commute. The good news is that with NIU, you're not alone. Your classmates and instructors are available via the same technology that helps deliver your classes. In our classrooms or in your living room, we want you to succeed academically because your future is our focus.

Program Type: Online graduate certificate
College: College of Education, Department of Counseling and Higher Education
Credits Required: 12 credits
Tuition per Credit: $509.75
$878.99 (international)
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Application Deadlines

For applicants residing in the U.S.

Term Deadline
Fall July 15

For international students living abroad

Term Deadline
Fall October 1 the year before application term


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