Apply to a Certificate Program

Instructions for Certificate Applications

  • Links to the forms are at the bottom of this page.
  • IMPORTANT: Before beginning the form, ensure you have Adobe Acrobat Reader on your PC. If you do not have it on your PC, download and install it from Adobe. Only use Acrobat Reader to open and fill in the form. Other PDF programs do not support the calculation fields required by the form. 
  1. RIGHT-click on the link for your desired application form to download and save it. Do not open the form before saving it.
    1. For Chrome: right-click > “Save link as…” > save the file to your PC.
    2. For Edge/Internet Explorer: right-click > “Save target as…” > save the file to your PC.
    3. For Firefox: right-click > “Save Link As…” > save the file to your PC.
  2. Go to the saved file on your PC. RIGHT-click on the file name and select “Open with…” > Adobe Reader.
  3. Fill out the form through the GPA page as far as you can in Adobe Reader and save it.
  4. Email the digital version with GPA page included to Julie Mahoney-Krzyzek, Julie will enter any missing grades from courses you may be using from your final term and double check GPAs.
  5. Print out a hard copy of the application without the GPA page, check that the information is correct, then sign and date it.
  6. Give the hard copy to the supervising faculty member for review and signature:
    • Business Law - Professor David Rosenfeld
    • Civil Advocacy - Professor David Taylor
    • Criminal Practice - Professor Daniel McConkie
    • International Law - Professor Heidi Kuehl
    • Public Interest Law - Professor Marc Falkoff
    • Certificate in Law and Women's and Gender Studies - Associate Dean Yolanda King
  7. Associate Dean Yolanda King must also approve and sign all forms.
  8. When all approvals and signatures have been acquired, turn in the hard copy form to Julie Mahoney-Krzyzek (SP285).
  9. Deadline for submitting Certificate Application:
    • December Graduates: September 30 of graduating term
    • May Graduates: March 31 of graduating term

Application Forms

Note: Read the instructions above before downloading and filling out the forms.