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The Gender and Sexuality Resource Center offers you a safe space with resources and facilities to support you regardless of gender or sexual identity.

Located on the first floor, the conference room is a functional smart classroom furnished with conference-style tables with chairs and a large, wall-mounted television screen and access to the internet. This is a great space for meetings, study groups or classes and seats up to 15 people comfortably. Call the GSRC front desk at 815-753-4772 to use this space.

Located on the first floor, the computer lab is a quiet, cozy and easily accessible area with three computers with a printer. There is limited free printing in the computer lab.

Located on the first floor, the Lending Library includes a variety of books covering all forms of masculinity and femininity as well as sexual identity and orientation. You can check out books or use the space to relax and read. In addition, the Lending Library offers handbooks and brochures with information on campus and community resources.

We encourage you to visit our center's front terrace, TV/lounge and smart classroom to relax and recharge. You can reserve these areas for up to two hours by calling the GSRC front desk at 815-753-4772. We also offer the following items to help you with your health and wellness routine:

  • CD/MP3 player
  • Yoga DVDs
  • 2 yoga mats
  • Relaxation CDs
  • Health and wellness literature
  • Hand weights
  • Exercise ball
  • Light cardio accessories

Located on the second floor, the lounge is a peaceful, yet large space that can be used for small group meetings or for a single person. The lounge is furnished with three large comfortable couches, 2 comfy oversized chairs, tables, big screen television, DVD player and access to Direct TV general channels. You may reserve the lounge ahead of time online or stop in during office hours to see if it is available.

Located on the first floor, the kitchen includes a microwave, refrigerator, sink, coffee maker, water cooler, plates and eating utensils. You are welcome to store your food and beverages in the refrigerator during class or when using any of the GSRC spaces.

We understand the importance and benefits of providing daily nourishment for infants. Therefore, if you are a nursing parent or infant caretaker on campus in need of a private place to use your breast pump, breast feed, store breast milk/formula for the day or bottle feed your infant; space is available in the GRSC building! We have a dedicated lactation space located on the second floor of the building that provides the following:

  • Privacy with cozy comfort and is in a quiet, clean and secure area of the center.
  • There are two chairs available with pillows, natural lighting as well as a reading lamp, and an end table along with reading materials for your enjoyment.
  • Space where you have the flexibility to use either your battery operated pump or an electronic pump with access to an outlet.

If the dedicated space is reserved for the time you seek or is not to your preference, we have other areas where you can have a private, secure, clean space to relax and nurse, express your breast milk or bottle feed your infant:

  • TV/lounge area - located on the second floor
  • Smart classroom - located on the first floor
  • Kitchen area (for cleaning equipment, warming or storing milk) - located on the first floor

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