Women and Gender Programs

We work in collaboration with other departments to develop workshops, presentations, programs and conference sessions on topics that center women and gender.

Black Women as Activists

What is activism? This interactive program explores the answer to this question. Facilitators will guide students in thinking about what activism, while highlighting the experiences of Black women, and illuminating the ways that this group has been at the forefront of social justice movements.

Feminism 101

What is feminism, and who benefits from it? This engaging presentation answers this question, dispels myths, and helps participants explore different components of feminism. Facilitators will allot time for students to ask their most burning questions.

Intersectionality 101

Intersectionality is a theory that describes how different types of discrimination interact. This engaging workshop is designed to assist students in thinking critically about the various identities that peers may hold, in order to create and sustain spaces on campus where all people feel safe and valued.

Surthrival: Self Care and Identity

Facilitator(s) will employ storytelling and reflection activities designed to help students strengthen their self-care habits, emphasizing how one's gender, sexuality, and other aspects of identity, may impact their self-care routines.

What Happens When We Believe Survivors?

Through open-ended discussion prompts, small group conversations, and coloring, facilitators invite students to imagine with them, and each other, what a culture of affirmative consent at NIU may look like. Facilitators' approach is informed by holistic, survivor-centered frameworks.

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