Covenant Falana

Covie Falana

Photo by Danielle Guerra/Institutional Communications

Hometown: Oyo, Nigeria

Major: Business Management

Transferred From: Joliet Junior College

What was your biggest concern transferring to NIU from another school and how did NIU help?
I was, of course, nervous about the change. I am a unique individual dedicated to my own ways, but I’m also open to positive growth. I was concerned that I would have a hard time finding like-minded people who aren’t partiers but who still like to have a good time. I was relieved to be able to find that in the NIU community.

Why should other students transfer to NIU?
NIU makes the transition easy. Everyone was so helpful in getting my credits transferred and helping me acclimate to my new environment. If you are someone who likes the feeling of independence you find at a community college, NIU is a great campus for you. If you are someone who craves comradery and a sense of community that community colleges lack, then NIU is also a great school for you- it serves all types of students.

What is NIU doing to help you secure a job in the future?
NIU offers various job fairs and internship opportunities, which is something I'm going to take advantage of this semester. Many of my professors have real-world experience. This helps me understand what it is like to be in the world of business before I get there.

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