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About Ellington's Restaurant

At Ellington’s, we provide students studying hospitality and tourism management the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in a restaurant setting. As part of their course requirements, students are responsible for planning, preparing and serving three-course meals, each centered on a unique theme.

We are committed to giving students a stimulating, realistic experience in a positive, creative learning environment. Students are dedicated to providing the following:

  • High-quality, nutritious food.
  • Excellent and timely service.
  • Compliance with the highest safety and sanitation standards.
  • A pleasant and friendly dining atmosphere.

The Student Experience

Students participate in Ellington’s as part of the coursework in HOSP 320, a required class for hospitality and tourism management majors. Students are divided into teams, and each student assumes a role commonly found in a food service operation, such as general manager or executive chef.

As the semester starts, students learn about running a restaurant. The student teams also begin to develop and test the recipes they will serve. Several weeks into the semester, customers begin arriving for lunch. Each student team prepares their themed meal multiple times a semester.

Students are assessed for their performance in the roles they assume. Team building is a major part of HOSP 320, as each group is evaluated as a whole. Peer assessment is another important part of the class. Students also value customer feedback. Make plans to join us for lunch and let us know what you think of your experience.

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