Installing Citrix Workspace

IT Knowledge Base Article 10494

Citrix Workspace may be used for alternative access to AnywhereApps:

Download Citrix Workspace (to download the Workspace app and installation instructions and get answers to questions)

Server Address  for account setup:


Logging in:

  • Domain\User:  niunt\NIUAccountID  (ex. niunt\Z1234567 or niunt\A4567890)
  • Password: Your NIU Password

PLEASE NOTE: If you receive an Initialization error, please ensure that you have the most recent version of Citrix downloaded for your operating system.

From an NIU computer lab:

  • Go to and click Skip to Log on.
  • You will then be able to access your applications
  • When saving a file choose your H: drive
  • The first time you save to your H: drive, select the “Permit use” setting and “Permit all access”option to allow AnywhereApps access. (Note: Faculty in departments that don’t have IT-maintained home directories don’t have H: drives.)
    • If you previously chose to block access use KA 10607 to re-enable file access.

CitrixWorkspace via Chrome:

  • CitrixWorkspace is available at the Chrome store, distributed by “Citrix” (be careful not to download a similar looking 3rd party app).

Login to AnywhereApps

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