Center for Research and Computing and Data

The Center for Research Computing and Data is the steward of computationally and data-intensive research at Northern Illinois University.

The center’s mission is to promote and strengthen the role of computation at NIU to promote excellence and engagement in research, scholarship, and instruction. The facilities and other resources are available to all NIU faculty, staff, students and their collaborators. The Center operates under the aegis of the Division of Research and Innovation Partnerships.

The Center’s main high performance computing cluster, Gaea, is a hybrid CPU/GPU cluster with a peak computing performance of more than 30 teraflops. It has opened up opportunities for researchers in a wide of array disciplines and for students interested in supercomputing. The supercomputing initiative also benefited from assistance by Argonne National Laboratory scientists and NIU's Division of Information Technology, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and Division of Research and Innovation Partnerships.

CRCD Compute Cluster front view
CRCD Compute Cluster front view.
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