Activities and Typical Work Week

Doctoral interns work with the student population and NIU community through the following services:

Additionally, professional development opportunities exist in the following areas:

  • Specialization area of clinical focus (see details under Second Program Aim)
  • Supervision, including supervision of a practicum student during the spring semester 
  • Training seminars on a variety of clinical and professional development topics.
  • Intern support (time out of CCS with intern cohort each week).
  • Other professional development opportunities (attending conferences, seminars, workshops, etc.)

Typical Work Week

Some of the activities listed in the chart below, such as specialization activities, outreach presentations and consultation/case management, vary from week to week. The time needed to complete clinical documentation, prepare for outreach presentations and review video of counseling work also varies among interns.

We anticipate that as a doctoral intern, you will work an average of 38-40 hours a week over the course of the internship year. It is important to recognize that at some peak times during the year, interns, like senior staff, may require additional time to complete their various work responsibilities. At peak times, interns may work an average of 40-41 hours a week. The training director and individual supervisors consistently monitor the amount of time interns spend completing their work and efforts are made to assist interns in the management of their schedules. In addition, interns, like senior staff, receive support from the CCS Administrative Staff for assistance with and management of daily responsibilities (e.g., client scheduling, client files and other assistance as needed).

During the summer months, interns tend to have lower client caseload and reduced opportunities for direct service hours. For this reason, interns increase their coverage of walk-in hours and receive top priority to provide summer outreach presentations/programs. Interns also complete their capstone clinical case presentation in the summer, and they must close or transfer all active client files.

The CCS internship is structured so that interns complete 2,000 hours of overall service and 500 direct service hours.

Activity Fall Hours Spring Hours
Individual therapy 12 10-12
Group therapy 2 2
Outreach presentations 1 1
Providing supervision 0 2
Initial consultation/walk-in hours 4 4
Substance use-related services 0-2 0-2
Consultation and case management 2 2
Case notes and report writing 4 4
Staff meeting and case assignment meeting 2 2
Receiving supervision 4-5 4-5
Professional development/specialization 1-2 1-2
Training seminar and intern support 4 4
Total 38-40 38-41

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