Alumni Spotlight

Blake Roeber

Blake Roeber

How did NIU Philosophy help prepare you for your doctoral program/career in philosophy?

My classes were fantastic, but the practical instruction I received outside the classroom, in both formal and informal interaction with my professors, really stood out. I received extremely useful advice on applying to Ph.D. programs, as well as excellent nuts-and-bolts instruction for writing papers, presenting at conferences, interacting with professors and peers, etc. — all things that helped me succeed once I started my Ph.D. program. I even gained valuable teaching experience at NIU.

What do you feel is special about NIU Philosophy?

The professors really know the profession — what it takes to succeed — and graduate students have their full attention. Plus, the professors are outstanding philosophers.  

Why would you recommend NIU Philosophy to applicants to MA programs?

It's the perfect place to prepare for application to a Ph.D. program, or position yourself to get into a better Ph.D. program if you already have admission to one.


Associate Professor of Philosophy, University of Notre Dame, 2020-

Prof. Roeber specializes in epistemology, particularly issues concerning the relationship between knowledge and rational action, the nature of belief, and the value of knowledge.

Previous Appointments

Assistant Professor of Philosophy, University of Notre Dame, 2013-2020


Ph.D., philosophy, Rutgers University, 2013

M.A., philosophy, Northern Illinois University, 2008

B.A., philosophy, Wheaton College, 2002